100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Saad Awad - 93.3
2. Marcin Held - 92.0
3. Alexander Sarnavskiy - 91.9
4. Brent Primus - 91.9
5. Joe Warren - 91.7
6. Dave Vitkay - 91.4
7. Austin Springer - 91.4
8. Will Brooks - 91.4
9. Peter Aspenwal - 90.8
10. Nathan Coy - 90.0
Bellator 101: Warren vs. Kirk
Location: Portland, Oregon
Elevation: 50'
-Fight of the Night-
Saad Awad vs. Martin Stapleton
Fighters & Matches 87.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 89.8
     Riggs came out swinging with body shots, but Aspenwal quickly closed the distance and took Riggs to the ground 30 seconds into the first round. Riggs was looking for submissions from his guard, but he didn't get very far with that gameplan, as Aspenwal was beating him up with punches from above. Aspenwal transitioned to back control, and started working for a rear-naked choke a couple of minutes into the round. Riggs spun around, ending up in top position inside Aspenwal's guard around the halfway mark of the opening round. That round ended up being fairly even. I'm calling it a 10-10 round.
     They clashed early in the second round, wrestling around in the clinch, until Aspenwal was finally able to take Riggs down 45 seconds into the round. He beat him up from half mount with some decent punches, while pinning him near the fence. Aspenwal transitioned to back control, started working for a choke, and Riggs spun around again, ending up back on top for the rest of the round. The second round was pretty much a mirror image of the first. I'm scoring it as another 10-10 round, with maybe a SLIGHT advantage going to Aspenwal.
     Riggs came out throwing body shots to start the third round, and Aspenwal tripped him, took him to the ground, and beat him up from side control with some pretty decent punches to the face. Aspenwal spent pretty much the entire round beating the shit out of Riggs, so I thought that was enough to win the fight for Aspenwal, since the rest of the fight was so close. Two of the judges agreed, giving the win to Aspenwal via split-decision in his Bellator debut.
      These guys circled around each other while throwing jabs for a full minute before Springer finally started to throw some combinations. Skinner dropped him with a big right hand 2 minutes into the round, but Springer quickly recovered, clinched, Skinner took control of the clinch, and tried to throw Springer to the ground, but Springer did a decent job avoiding the takedown, until there were 2 minutes left in the round, and Skinner finally got him down and took his back. Springer spun out of that, got on top, Skinner tried to stand up, and Springer punched him in the face a lot on the way up. There was a wild scramble, and the fight turned into a wild brawl for the final minute or so, ending with Skinner on top, looking for some sort of front choke. Decent opening round, and I guess I would give it to Skinner, for ending the round in control.
     They traded strikes at a decent pace in the second round, with Springer winning most of the exchanges as he was picking apart Skinner on the feet with his punches & kicks. He wasn't doing a ton of damage, but he was clearly outboxing Skinner. Skinner shot for a takedown with a minute left in the round, and Springer stuffed the shot and whipped Skinner to the ground, and then let him back up, and then took him down again, and by the end of the round, Skinner's nose was busted up. That was a very clear round for Springer.
     Springer continued to beat up Skinner on the feet for the duration of the third round, taking him down with 2 minutes left, where he continued to bully & beat him up. Skinner stood back up 30 seconds later, only to get his face busted up some more for the final 90 seconds. Really solid Bellator debut for Austin Springer. Mediocre debut for Skinner. I scored the fight 29-28 for Springer, and all 3 judges agreed, giving Springer the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Scott "Tickle Fight" Thometz secured a takedown early in the first round, but Primus was able to transition to wrap around and grab the back of Thometz. After beating up Tickle Fight for a couple of minutes, Primus was able to sink in the rear-naked choke for the first round submission victory. Nice Bellator debut for Brent Primus.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Vitkay rushed out, threw a couple of big kicks & knees, and then they clinched, and Jeffries pressed him against the fence. They traded control of the clinch a few times, and then Jeffries threw Vitkay to the ground 45 seconds into the opening round. Vitkay tried to setup a Kimura, Jeffries pounded on him with some punches, Vitkay tried to scramble back to his feet, and Jeffries took his back and slapped on a rear-naked choke with 90 seconds left in the round. Vitkay was able to roll out of it and get back to his feet just as the bell sounded. Round one goes to Jeffries.
     The second round started with Vitkay throwing a lot of kicks while circling around the outside edge of the cage. Vitkay eventually took down Jeffries halfway through the round, pinned him against the fence, and unloaded with some short punches, as he continued to grind Jeffries against the fence until the end of the round. Round two definitely goes to Dave Vitkay, both for his striking on the feet, and his ground & pound.
     They clinched to start the third round, and traded control of the clinch again for 45 seconds, before Jeffries caught a knee and slammed Vitkay. Jeffries landed in side control, but Vitkay quickly worked his way back to his feet. Jeffries clinched with his back, threw a few punches, and then tried to drag Vitkay to the ground. Jeffries had back control, and it looked like he was well on his way to working toward a choke, but Vitkay was able to shake him off, and then he pinned Jeffries in half mount, passed to back control, locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with just under 2 minutes remaining in the final round. That was a pretty solid fight, and a really nice win for Dave Vitkay.
      These guys circled around each other for 30 seconds or so, and then Held clipped Healy with some nice punch combinations. Healy sort of plodded forward, and Held blasted him with some slick boxing, clipping him with a lot of clean shots. The fight continued this way for a minute or so, until Held put Healy down with a massive right hand, he jumped on him in full mount, and finished him with some punches on the ground as Healy was clearly already unconscious. Fantastic first round finish for Marcin Held.
      Coy landed some decent punches & knees before taking Uhrich down around 90 seconds into the first round. Uhrich got back to his feet, but Coy kept a tight clinch, and took him to the ground again. Coy tried to land some basic ground & pound, but Uhrich did a decent job keeping him at bay with some bicycle kicks from the ground. Round one goes to Coy. Uhrich came out swinging for the second round, but got clipped early, falling on his ass, where Coy continued to try to pound on him from various top positions. Coy goes into the final round with a 2-0 lead on the scorecards. Coy tried to secure another takedown to start the third round, but Uhrich did a decent job staying on his feet. Coy landed some really hard shots, including a nice head kick, in the first 90 seconds of the final round, but he got sloppy, and allowed Uhrich to take his back. Coy got back to his feet, and clinched with Uhrich against the cage. There was a weird scramble, and Uhrich continued to try to ride Coy's back again, but he was in a really awkward position, so he wasn't really able to make anything happen. It still LOOKED like Uhrich was looking for submissions, with almost a back crucifix, but Coy slipped out of that, and ended up on top with 90 seconds left in the fight. That final round could have gone either way, but it doesn't really matter since Coy was already ahead 2-0, so... I gave the fight to Coy, maybe 30-28, and all 3 judges gave the fight to him, 29-28. Decent fight overall, and this was the first time I've ever seen Nathan Coy win a fight.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Awad dropped Stapleton early in this fight with some punches in the first 10 seconds or so. Stapleton went into zombie mode, and continued to try to come forward, looking for a takedown, pressing Awad up against the cage, until Awad was able to lock on a guillotine choke. Stapleton escaped, ending up in Awad's guard. Awad powered his way up into top position, fighting to get the mount. Stapleton eventually had to give it up, and then he gave Awad his back. Awad beat the shit out of him for a while, looking for a knockout, but Stapleton did a good job wiggling around, preventing Awad from being able to get much power behind the shots, so he went for the rear-naked choke instead, finishing the fight via submission in just under 4 minutes of the first round. Nice submission victory for Saad Awad.
      These guys spent the first 2 minutes of the opening round, hopping around, trading punches, and not really doing anything noteworthy. Brooks threw an ugly head kick, and Alessio caught it, almost tripping Brooks. Alessio eventually caught a kick, dumped Brooks to the ground, and landed in side control. They stood back up, and Alessio continued to press him against the cage, looking for another takedown. Brooks beat up Alessio on the feet with some more punches & kicks, Alessio shot for another takedown, and then tried to pull guard with a guillotine attempt. Once the fight hit the ground, Alessio mostly just held Brooks, while Brooks tried to hit him with short punches. They stood back up, and Brooks scored one more takedown in the final 30 seconds. Round one goes to Brooks.
     Brooks started the second round with a couple of heavy kicks, and then Alessio shot for another takedown, but Brooks was able to stuff it. Brooks tried to dump Alessio on his head, there was an awkward wrestling battle, and then Brooks ended up on top, pressing Alessio against the cage. They stood back up, and Brooks continued to use his kicks to pick apart Alessio. Alessio pulled guard with another guillotine attempt, but Brooks slipped out of it, and smothered Alessio for a few seconds. They stood back up, Alessio landed some good punches, and then Brooks took him down again, grabbing his back with a minute left in the round. Brooks mounted Alessio with 30 seconds left, landed a punch, locked on a rear-naked choke, and then Alessio was saved by the bell. Brooks is ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Brooks tripped Alessio to the ground 20 seconds into the third round. He took his back halfway through the round, but Alessio popped back up to his feet. Alessio shot for another takedown, failed miserably, Brooks blasted him with some knees, grabbed his back, Alessio's eyes were bleeding all over the place, and Brooks continued to bully him with some back clinch wrestling on the ground. I feel like Brooks should have been able to finish this fight, like a lot of his fights, but he always seems to rely more on control, instead of going in for the kill. So yeah, 30-27 victory for Brooks in my opinion, but I can't help but feel disappointed that he didn't finish Alessio, as Alessio's face looked like it had been shot by a shotgun by the end of the fight. OH FUCK! When the fight was over, we got a good look at the cut on Alessio's left cheek, and it looked like he had been bitch slapped with a hatchet.
      Clementi started the first round by throwing some solid punches, Tirloni threw a high kick and slipped, stood back up, they clinched, and then reset. The right side of Clementi's head was already bleeding all over the place early in the first round. They continued to trade strikes at a moderate pace for the rest of the round, with both guys landing some solid shots, but neither fighter came close to a finish or anything. That round could have gone either way.
      Tirloni threw some solid shots to start the second round, and Clementi looked like he was slowing down a bit with his output. Clementi started to pick up the pace late in the round, and he even took Tirloni's back for a second and yanked him to the ground late in the round. It was probably too little too late, but this is still a very close fight going into the final round.
      Clementi looked like he was toying with Tirloni at the start of the final round, as he was stalking him, hitting him with hard strikes, and sort of walking with a swagger that almost felt like he was taunting Tirloni. Tirloni took him down 2 minutes into the round though, and worked some light ground & pound to the body of Clementi. They spent most of the round with Tirloni on top, chipping away at Clementi's body with short punches, and then they finally stood back up to finish the round. In the end, Tirloni should probably win this fight 29-28, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, giving Tirloni the unanimous decision victory.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Sarnavskiy dropped Davis with a straight right hand 20 seconds into the opening round. He followed him to the ground, punched him in the face a few times, grabbed his back, locked on the body triangle, continued to punch Davis in the face from behind, Davis's mouth was bleeding, Sarnavskiy slapped on a rear-naked choke 90 seconds into the round, and Davis tapped out moments later. That was a fantastic performance by Alexander Sarnavskiy, and it's probably the last fight I'll ever see featuring Marcus Davis.
      Warren was running forward like a maniac, with his chin high up in the air, winging ugly strikes, doing everything he could to plow through Kirk, but Kirk did a good job avoiding damage, and landed a few decent strikes of his own. When the fight went to the ground, Kirk actually won a scramble and ended up on top for a few seconds. They continued to trade punches & kicks at a moderate pace, until Warren took down Kirk halfway through the round. From there, Warren smothered him, and beat him up with short punches and elbows. They stood back up, traded a few more strikes, and Warren continued to look like he had no idea how to strike, winging wild bullshit. Warren secured another takedown with one minute left in the round, beating up Kirk with some more ground & pound. Round one goes to Warren.
     Warren started the second round with a ridiculous flying knee, followed by a takedown, with Warren on top in half mount. Warren worked some slow ground & pound, mostly just annoying Kirk with short punches. He moved to the mounted crucifix, landed a few more punches, there was a slow scramble, Warren slapped on an awkward triangle armbar, cranked on the arm, and forced the submission with 2 minutes left in the second round. Really solid one-sided performance by Joe Warren, against a guy I've never personally seen win a fight.