100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Brandon Girtz - 92.6
2. Brennan Ward - 92.4
3. Javy Ayala - 92.4
4. Vinicius Kappke de Queiroz - 92.2
5. Cheick Kongo - 92.0
6. Mikkel Parlo - 91.8
7. Scott Cleve - 91.2
8. Brandon Cash - 90.8
9. Cain Carrizosa - 90.8
10. Rafael Silva - 90.8
Bellator 102: Kongo vs. Godbeer
Location: Visalia, California
Elevation: 331'
-Fight of the Night-
Brennan Ward vs. Joe Pacheco
Fighters & Matches 88.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.7
TOTAL 90.1
     Cash came out throwing bombs, they clinched for a second, and Cash threw Richey to the ground in the first 15 seconds of the opening round. They stood up a few seconds later, Cash continued to throw big punches, they clinched again, and Cash pressed Richey against the fence, where they both tried to catch their breath. Things slowed down significantly in the last half of the round, but Cash was still coming forward, throwing bombs, and Richey looked like he had already had his ass kicked, and he was just hoping the fight would end sooner than later. Round one goes to Brandon Cash. The second round was 5 more minutes of Cash pounding on Richey with big punches. Richey went for a nice kneebar at one point, and a triangle choke at one point, but he was too tired to finish either one of them. The round ended with Cash still on top, grinding all over Richey. Richey ended up giving up in between rounds, as he was exhausted and wasn't able to continue. Congrats to Brandon Cash for his first win on a big stage.
(Triangle Choke)
      Carrizosa came out swinging, he landed a pair of hard punches, and then Quesada clinched and pressed him against the fence. Quesada took Carrizosa down one minute into the opening round, and worked to pass his guard. Carrizosa has a decent defensive guard, so he was able to avoid taking too much damage, but he wasn't really on offense at all from his back. Quesada worked a little bit of ground & pound from the top, but not a lot of damage was done before the end of the round. Round one goes to Quesada based on his top control, but it wasn't a dominant round for either fighter.
      Carrizosa continued to wing some big bombs in the second round, he landed some wild knees, and then Quesada took him down halfway through the round. Quesada tried to work some ground & pound, but Carrizosa continued to tie him up with his defensive guard. I thought Quesada was well on his way to taking a 20-18 lead going into the final round, but Carrizosa slapped on a tight triangle choke with 30 seconds left in the round, and forced Quesada to submit with 9 seconds left in the round. That was a pretty decent fight, and a really solid comeback finish for Cain Carrizosa.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys looked a bit clunky at the start of the fight, as they clinched against the cage, with Travers pushing Martinez against the wall. Martinez locked on a guillotine choke, and he put Travers to sleep. Really solid submission victory for Stephen Martinez, but that really wasn't much of a fight at all.
      This fight started kind of slow, and then Girtz unloaded on Martinez, throwing bombs with both hands, knocking him to the ground, he jumped on him, started looking for a Kimura, turning it into an armbar, and he finished the fight in just over one minute of the first round. Really impressive finish for Brandon Girtz against the WEC veteran, as he clearly didn't want to let the fight go to decision again, since he lost his last fight with a somewhat questionable decision.
      Here we have a couple of big heavyweights, throwing big sloppy shots at each other for 5 minutes. Ayala looked like he was having some fun, smiling, throwing flying knees, and some other wacky shit, and Santos looked like he was all business. These guys both looked exhausted halfway through the first round, but they kept throwing bombs. Santos rocked Ayala late in the round, and it looked like he had him in some serious trouble up against the cage with about a minute left in the round. Ayala circled out of that, got the clinch, landed some knees, and then backed away again. With 10 seconds left in the round, Ayala unloaded on Santos's face, with some big heavy punches, and right as the bell sounded, Santos fell flat on his face, as Ayala got the knockout at the 5 minute mark. Decent debut for Javy Ayala, but he seems a bit reckless, so I'm not sure what to expect from him in the future.
      Cleve started the fight with a single leg takedown, which he used to get side control up against the cage. A minute or so later, DeJesus rolled him over, and ended up on top. Cleve was looking for submissions, they stood up, and Cleve went for an interesting inverted full nelson neck crank thing or some shit, which he used to push DeJesus back to the ground, but he wasn't able to do anything from there, so they popped back up into the clinch. Cleve took DeJesus down AGAIN, this time landing in full mount, where he beat up DeJesus with some elbows and punches, clearly pulling Cleve ahead in the first round on the scorecards. He went for an armbar at the end of the round, and got sloppy, so DeJesus slipped out and went for a heel hook, but Cleve escaped, and ended up back on top for the final 20 seconds. The second round started with Cleve taking DeJesus to the ground again, and this time he pretty much dominated him, switching between a variety of dominant positions, he went for an armbar, DeJesus escaped, Cleve took him right back down, mounted him, got the back mount, and then punched him in the face until the referee stopped the fight. Solid Bellator debut for Scott Cleve.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Brennan Ward reminds me a little bit of Robbie Lawler, with the way he throws punches. He blasted Pacheco with some heavy punches to start this fight, and then threw Pacheco to the ground. They got back up, and Pacheco picked up Ward, and dumped him on the ground, From there, Pacheco controlled the rest of the round, without doing much damage, but he basically just outwrestled Ward. I guess Pacheco probably wins that first round, based on top control. They were both coming forward 100% in the second round, with Pacheco looking for a takedown, and Ward looking to drill holes into the head of Pacheco with massive punches. Ward grabbed Pacheco's head in a guillotine, dropped a straight up DDT, got side control, worked his way around to the back mount, he tried to secure a rear-naked choke, and then just stood up and walked away. Ward continued to beat up Pacheco, eventually locking on a guillotine choke, which put Pacheco to sleep. Awesome submission victory for Brennan Ward.
      Jason Butcher scored a takedown halfway through the first round, but Parlo got back to his feet almost immediately. They spent the rest of the round trading punches, and Parlo knocked Butcher down a couple of times, with counter punches after catching kicks. Round one was a decent little scrap, and I scored it for Parlo, based on the repeated use of the "catch kick and counter punch".
     Butcher landed a lot of solid strikes in the second round, but for all the punches he was landing, Parlo was still knocking him down with single big punches. Plus, Butcher's nose was bleeding, and his eyes looked like they were in panic mode. By the end of the round, Parlo was basically beating Butcher's ass with his boxing, and he nearly finished him in the final 10 seconds, but Butcher was saved by the bell.
     The final round was another round full of Butcher shooting for sloppy takedowns, while Parlo was backing him up, landing with heavy punches, and rocking the shit out of Butcher with combinations. Parlo knocked Butcher down multiple times, and by the end of the round, he had him looking pretty foolish. This was another very clear decision for Parlo in my opinion, 30-27 on my card, and all 3 judges agreed for the most part, with a couple of them scoring it 29-28.
      The first half of the opening round was a boxing match, with Silva showing the better hands. He then took down Leone and controlled him on the ground for the rest of the round. Silva clearly wins round one. The second round was the same thing, with half a round of boxing, followed by Silva taking down Leone, and beating him up for the rest of the round. The round ended with Silva riding Leone's back, looking for a choke. The final round was the same thing, leading to Silva walking away with the clear 30-27 unanimous decision.
      Johnson was stalking Queiroz in this fight, slowly moving forward, nobody was really throwing anything, and then Queiroz BLASTED Johnson in the face, knocking him to the ground, and the referee stopped the fight via knockout. That's probably the biggest win of Queiroz's career so far.
(Knees and Punches)
      Kongo secured a takedown to start this fight, but he wasn't able to do anything with it, as Godbeer crawled up the fence, into a clinch, where he landed a groin shot which paused the fight. Once the fight started again, Godbeer came out swinging, and Kongo took him back down to the ground. They clinched some more, there were a couple more "near-groin shots" delivered by Godbeer. Overall, the first round was kind of boring, but I'd give it to Kongo, especially since he stamped Godbeer's forehead with a giant knee at the very end of the round. The second round started with another clinch, this time Kongo was behind Godbeer, launching big knees to the back of Godbeer's thighs. Godbeer spun around to face Kongo, and then Kongo started blasting Godbeer's body with brutal knees, Godbeer shot for a takedown, and Kongo finished him with more brutal knees & uppercuts. Really nice win for Cheick Kongo.