100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Mike Richman - 92.3
2. Jesse Juarez - 91.8
3. Joe Riggs - 91.5
4. Cleber Luciano - 91.4
5. Cristiano Souza - 91.3
6. Michael Guymon - 91.2
7. Emanuel Newton - 91.2
8. Eddie Alvarez - 90.9
9. Brandon Halsey - 90.8
10. Michael Chandler - 90.8
Bellator 106: Alvarez vs. Chandler
Location: Long Beach, California
Elevation: 30'
-Fight of the Night-
Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler
Fighters & Matches 88.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 89.9
     They traded a few strikes, and then Darren secured a takedown, 90 seconds into the first round, landing in side control. Josh stood back up, and threw Darren to the ground with a hip toss, landing in his guard. Darren hopped back up, and they reset in the center of the cage. They clinched, and Darren secured another takedown. They stood back up, traded a few punches, and Darren rocked Josh, knocking him on his ass, and then Darren jumped into his guard, and was tied up for the rest of the round. Darren Smith wins the first round. The second round started, Josh tried another hip toss, failed, and Darren landed on top of him. They stood back up, and Darren continued to drive through Josh, taking him to the ground again. Josh grabbed for a Kimura, and used it to sweep Darren, ending up on top in half mount, probably stealing the round. They clinched for the first 2 minutes of the final round, before Josh secured another takedown. This entire fight was just a clinch fest, with a few takedowns here & there. In the end, I gave the fight to Josh Smith, but I don't think anyone really cares about the outcome of this one.
      Luciano clinched early, and scored a takedown 30 seconds into the opening round. He quickly passed to side control, and beat up Camacho with some short punches to the head. Luciano spent the rest of the round beating up Camacho with big punches while pinning him against the fence. Round one clearly goes to Luciano.
      Luciano scored a takedown early in the second round, and continued where he left off in the first round, by working some more ground & pound, this time in the center of the cage. Luciano spent the rest of the round beating up Camacho from a variety of top positions, and he even finished the round riding Camacho's back. This has been a very one-sided fight so far, going into the final round.
      The final round was more of the same, with Luciano scoring an early takedown, he pounded on Camacho with ground & pound for the duration of the round, and even though he had a cut over one of his eyes, Luciano was still able to walk away with the clear cut 30-27 unanimous decision victory. That was a really solid one-sided performance by Cleber Luciano.
(Triangle Choke)
      These guys clinched early in the first round, and then Miller dumped Guymon to the ground against the fence, but they quickly stood back up, continued to clinch, and Miller dropped Guymon with a knee to the groin. When the fight started back up, Miller took down Guymon, he took his back, and started working for a choke with 90 seconds left in the round. He threw a few punches to loosen him up, but that didn't work, so Guymon was able to hang on until the end of the round. Round one goes to Aaron Miller.
     Guymon threw a few strikes to start the second round, but he was nowhere near landing anything. They clinched 45 seconds into the round, Guymon tried to take Miller to the ground, but Miller did a good job staying on his feet. Guymon eventually took down Miller 2 minutes into the round, and tried to take his back, but he got sloppy, so Miller was able to reverse him, and he ended up on top inside Guymon's guard halfway through the second round. Guymon threw up a triangle choke, and Miller wrestled his way out of it, as he passed to side control. Miller went for an armbar, Guymon rolled out of it, and transitioned into one of the slickest triangle chokes I've ever seen, and he finished the fight by submission with 40 seconds remaining in the second round. That was a really nice win for Michael Guymon.
      Halsey has an awkward way of moving while striking, but his wrestling is solid. He took Ramirez down early, mounted his back, punched him in the head repeatedly, and the referee was forced to stop the fight in under one minute of the first round. Solid win for Brandon Halsey.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Souza threw some kicks, Garcia threw some punches, Garcia attempted a takedown, and Souza stuffed the shot. They traded a few strikes, and then Souza scored a takedown with a minute left in the round. Garcia tied him up, and the referee stood them up. They traded a few more strikes before the end of the round. The first round could go either way.
     They continued to trade some random strikes to start the second round, and then Garcia shot for a takedown, Souza stuffed the shot, and threw a knee to the groin. After a brief timeout, they went back to trading a few strikes, Souza clinched, and blasted Garcia with some big knees. Souza yanked Garcia to the ground, and tried to take his back, but eventually the referee reset them again. Garcia took Souza down as soon as the fight started back up, but Souza scrambled back to his feet, and threw some kicks to Garcia's legs, while Garcia stayed on the ground. Round two goes to Souza.
     Souza threw a flying knee to start the third round, and then clinched and pressed Garcia against the fence. He threw Garcia to the ground, and landed in full mount a minute into the final round. He threw some short punches, dropped some short elbows, Garcia gave up his back, Souza continued to throw some big punches, and then he slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with just under 2 minutes remaining in the final round. That was a solid win for Cristiano Souza.
      These guys spent the first half of the opening round trading heavy punches & kicks, clearly looking to do some damage with every shot they threw. The last half of the round mostly had Richman throwing bombs at Stepanyan, while Stepanyan was moving backward. Stepanyan threw a nice spinning backfist, and tried to hold his own on the feet, but he eventually got clipped by a few too many hard punches. Stepanyan rocked Richman near the end of the fight, and then Richman put him on his ass with a massive left hand, followed by a few punches on the ground before the referee could stop the fight. Great first round stoppage victory by Mike Richman.
      The first round was a fun striking war, with Riggs dishing out a decent amount of damage, even rocking Bronzoulis with some brutal punch combinations, eventually taking the fight to the ground, where he got on the back of Bronzoulis, and tried to finish the fight with the rear-naked choke at the end of the first round. Riggs secured another takedown early in the second round, but he wasn't able to keep him down for very long. They clinched for a couple of minutes, and then broke apart. The fight went back down to the ground for the last half of the round, as Riggs was riding the back of Bronzoulis, trying to open him up for another rear-naked choke attempt. The final 30 seconds had Bronzoulis spinning out of the bad position, ending up in the guard of Riggs. The third round was ANOTHER round of Riggs riding the back of Bronzoulis, looking for the choke. In the end, this was an easy fight to score, 30-27 for Joe Riggs, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      The first round started with Straus shooting for a takedown, and pinning Curran against the fence. Curran worked his way back to his feet, and they reset. They traded a few strikes, and then Curran kicked Straus in the dick. When the fight started back up, Straus clinched, and pressed Curran against the fence, but nothing happened there, so they reset again. Straus shot for one more takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, Curran stood back up, and they traded some short knees from the clinch. Round one goes to Straus based mostly on control.
     Straus plowed forward to start the second round, and continued to pressure Curran with strikes and a few takedown attempts. Straus dropped Curran with a punch (mostly just knocked him off balance) 2 minutes into the round, but Curran popped back up immediately. The second round was more competitive, but I have Straus ahead 20-18 going into the third round.
     The third round had both guys trading strikes for 90 seconds or so, and then Straus shot for a takedown, pressed Curran against the fence for some basic clinching, and then he threw him to the ground halfway through the round, but Curran popped back up immediately. Straus threw Curran down again, and then Curran blasted him with an illegal knee to the head on his way back to his feet. They took a brief timeout, and the referee took a point from Curran. When the fight started back up, Straus took down Curran from the clinch, and passed immediately to side control with 90 seconds left to work. Straus continued to wrestle his way to a 10-8 round. I have Straus ahead 30-26 going into the fourth round.
     Straus threw some hard strikes to start the fourth round, and then he clinched, took Curran down against the fence again, and when they stood back up, Straus took his back, and slammed him, while still holding onto back control. Straus continued to grind all over Curran for the rest of the round, while working some basic ground & pound in the process. Straus is clearly running away with this fight, and Curran needs a finish in the fifth round if he wants any chance of winning. Straus opened up a big cut on Curran's head at the end of the fourth round.
     The final round had Straus beating the shit out of Curran for the first couple of minutes with some big strikes, and then he clinched, and continued to grind away at Curran for the rest of the round, leading to a very clear cut unanimous decision victory for Daniel Straus, as he becomes the new Bellator Featherweight Champion. That was a solid performance by Daniel Straus, and a disappointing end to Curran's reign as Champion.
      King Mo pretty much dominated Newton in the first round with his wrestling, taking him down, and holding him against the cage for a good portion of the round. Newton landed some decent strikes, but he really was outshined by the wrestling of Lawal. King Mo looked decent in the second round, trying to work his wrestling game some more, but newton did a good job hitting him with strikes, and outscoring him just a little bit, evening out the scorecards going into the third round. The third round was a pretty even round, with Newton working his kicks, and Lawal working his boxing. They were both slowing down significantly by the end of the round, but I thought Newton did enough to win the round. The fourth round was another kind of slow round, with Newton picking apart Lawal with his kicks. He showed a good variety of kicks, which made it hard for Lawal to counter with any takedowns or punches. If I didn't know any better, I might think that King Mo assumed he was winning, because he didn't even really TRY to win the fourth round. So yeah, going into the final round, I had Newton up on the scorecards, 3 rounds to 1. The final round was a pretty decent round, with both guys trading, Newton sticking to his kicks, and King Mo trying to get more aggressive with his boxing. King Mo stole that final round with his wrestling in the final 30 seconds or so, but I still scored the fight in favor of Newton, 48-47. All 3 judges gave the fight to Newton, 49-46, making him the new interim Light Heavyweight Champion.
      The first round was kind of a sloppy boxing match, with both guys throwing some wild punches, and bouncing around a lot, but every time that I could hear a punch land with a lot of power, it seemed like it was being thrown by Chandler. So I scored the first round for Chandler. He also caught a kick in the final minute, grabbed Alvarez's back, and threw him to the ground, staying on his back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Alvarez got back up with 20 seconds left, but yeah, round one should clearly go to Chandler.
     Chandler threw Alvarez around a little bit with his wrestling in the second round, and spent a little bit of time trying to get back control. Alvarez landed some hard elbows to defend against one of the takedowns, but it's hard to score against Chandler here, considering the amount of top control he had, as well as the number of throws & slams he had. They final minute of the round had both guys trying to knock each other's heads off, and then Chandler secured a final takedown with 20 seconds left. I have Chandler ahead, 2-0, going into the third round.
     Alvarez finally started to stuff some takedowns in the third round, and he was also a lot more aggressive on the feet, beating up Chandler with his boxing for a good portion of the round. Chandler's face is looking pretty mauled at this point, and Alvarez is laying on the offense pretty thick. The third round pretty clearly goes to Alvarez. Chandler grabbed his back with a minute left in the round, but that wasn't enough to make up for the damage done to Chandler's bloody face. I have Chandler ahead, 2-1, going into the fourth round.
     The fourth round had Alvarez headhunting, but Chandler was doing a great job with his movement, dodging most of Alvarez's attacks. Chandler also landed a flying knee, as well as some slick punch combinations. Chandler took down Alvarez a minute into the round. He controlled him on the ground for most of the round, and beat the shit out of Alvarez with some pretty brutal punches & elbows. I have Chandler up 3-1 going into the final round.
     Chandler started the final round by taking down Alvarez, he grabbed his back, slapped on the neck crank, and tried to crush Alvarez's jaw. Alvarez broke free from that 90 seconds into the round, and then stood back up, clinching with Chandler's back. There was a wild scramble, and Alvarez stayed on top, while dropping elbows to the side of Chandler's head. They stood back up and continued to brawl at a rapid pace. Chandler's face looks like a fucking bomb exploded on it, and Alvarez spent most of that final round beating the shit out of him. Very good fight, but I thought Chandler won this fight, 48-47, but I'm not completely shocked that Alvarez pulled this one off, via split-decision, considering that he clearly won the final round, and it looks like he did the most damage overall. Crazy ass fight, and congrats to Alvarez for winning that title.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Williams threw a few kicks, Juarez threw some punches, they met in the center of the cage, Juarez slapped on a tight guillotine choke, pulled guard, and finished the fight by submission in under a minute. That was a nice quick finish for Jesse Juarez.