100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Quinton Jackson - 92.5
2. Rico DiSciullo - 92.4
3. Daniel Weichel - 92.2
4. Matt Bessette - 91.4
5. Will Martinez - 91.3
6. Desmond Green - 91.2
7. Diego Nunes - 91.2
8. Egidijus Valavicius - 90.4
9. Muhammed Lawal - 90.2
10. Ryan Quinn - 90.2
Bellator 110: Rampage vs. M'Pumbu
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Matt Bessette vs. Diego Nunes
Fighters & Matches 87.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.3
TOTAL 89.6
(Knees to Head of Grounded Fighter)
     DiSciullo started this fight by dropping Maldonado with a leg kick. He let him stand back up, and they traded a few random strikes, while circling around each other. DiSciullo dropped Maldonado again with another kick 45 seconds into the round. He let him stand back up, and they continued to circle around each other. DiSciullo eventually ended up on the ground, on top of Maldonado, and then he let him stand back up again. DiSciullo has been in control of this fight for the entire first 90 seconds. He unloaded on Maldonado with some big punches & knees, Maldonado collapsed against the fence, DiSciullo continued to work for the kill by blasting him with huge knees, and then the referee paused the fight, because Maldonado eventually dropped his hand to the ground, making the knees illegal. He wasn't able to continue, so they declared this fight a no contest. Fuck that, DiSciullo destroyed Maldonado, so I'm going to give the TKO victory points to DiSciullo for this one, because without that bullshit "touch the ground with one hand" rule, DiSciullo would have officially won this fight by KO.
(Accidental Eye Poke)
      This fight started, they touched gloves, Diekmann landed a hard leg kick, Lara threw a punch, missed, Diekmann threw a front kick, and Lara went to the ground due to an apparent eye poke. I didn't see anything at all, but Lara is CLEARLY in some horrible pain. He had a very delayed reaction, which made it look really silly, but... I mean... I don't think any fighter would fake this kind of pain, but Lara is on the ground, face first, holding an ice pack up to his face. They showed the replay, and it looked like Diekmann MIGHT have scraped his eye? MAYBE? But it wasn't a clear "poke" at all or anything. I hate no contests, so I'm giving the victory points to Diekmann here, since he's the only fighter that really had any offense at all in this fight.
      The first round mostly consisted of Quinn chasing Calandrelli, while picking him apart with jabs, and leg kicks. Calandrelli clinched at the end of the round, but he wasn't able to do anything with it. Round one clearly goes to Quinn. The second round started with Calandrelli clinching, and pressing Quinn against the fence for a minute, but he still wasn't doing anything with the position. They split up, and went back to trading punches, with Quinn bloodying Calandrelli's nose, so I have Quinn ahead 20-18 going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, with Quinn walking forward for the most part, picking apart Calandrelli with jabs & leg kicks. This wasn't the most action packed fight I've ever seen, but it was another solid win for Ryan Quinn, as he continues his 6-Fight winning streak in Bellator. He's lost a few times outside of Bellator during that time period, but as far as Bellator is concerned, he has to be one of their top prospects at 155.
(Knee and Punch)
      These guys threw some strikes, Valavicius stuffed a takedown attempt, and then landed a knee. They continued to trade for a few seconds, Djambazov got rocked, Valavicius planted him with a knee, and a massive bomb from the sky, forcing the referee to step in and stop the fight. Solid finish for Valavicius, in under one minute of the first round.
      The first round had a whole lot of grinding, a lot of clinching, a lot of attempts at takedowns, with Almeida eventually getting Fisher to the ground halfway through the round, he grabbed his back, kicked off the fence in style, and spent the final 2 minutes or so looking for a rear-naked choke. Round one goes to Almeida, even though his right cheek was swelling in horrific fashion.
     The second round was another round full of clinch grinding, with Almeida grabbing Fisher's back again halfway through the round. He spent the rest of the round looking for a rear-naked choke, which never happened. So far, Almeida is clearly ahead, 2-0, going into the final round. It's a little disappointing that he hasn't been able to finish the choke after riding Fisher's back for almost 2 full rounds at this point.
     Fisher was finally able to stuff some takedowns in the final round, and he beat up Almeida with some decent punch combinations. 90 seconds in, Almeida decided to pull guard. He swept Fisher, and went for a D'Arce choke, but that just allowed Fisher to get back on top, where he beat the bloody shit out of Almeida for the rest of the round. To be honest, I'd like to give this fight to Fisher for doing significantly more damage, but it's hard to score against Almeida, after he spent 2 rounds riding Fisher's back. In the end, all 3 judges give the fight to Almeida, 29-28.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was mostly a boxing match while it lasted, with both guys trying to pick each other apart with punches, and neither guy really seemed to be significantly better than the other for the first 3 minutes or so. 30 seconds later, Weichel rocked Cleve, knocked him on his ass, jumped on his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and nearly decapitated Cleve with that choke, his head literally looked like it was about to roll off. So yeah, awesome submission victory by Daniel Weichel in his Bellator debut.
      Martinez took Yamauchi down in the first round, beating him up for most of the round, bully style. Yamauchi was trying to work his submission game from various bottom positions, but Martinez was just too aggressive for him. The second round was more of the same, with Yamauchi struggling to get something to happen from his guard, while Martinez just kept him on the ground, while beating him up with random punches. They ended up spending the last half of the second round, on their feet, trading punches, and Martinez appeared to be delivering more damage, securing two rounds in a row. The final round was a pretty competitive 5 minutes worth of scrambling, and back & forth grappling exchanges, but in the end, Yamauchi just wasn't able to do much of anything, as Martinez continued to bully him. 30-27 for Martinez on all scorecards, and a huge victory for Martinez, who was a pretty big underdog going into this fight.
      These guys traded punches for a minute or so, before Richman got poked in the eye. Once the fight started back up, Richman controlled the center of the cage, while he was picking apart Green with punches & kicks. Green took him down halfway through the round, and landed some decent ground & pound, but Richman got right back up and went back to picking apart Green on the feet. The first round could have maybe gone either way, with Green controlling a few seconds on the ground, and Richman controlling most of the round on the feet.
     They traded strikes for a minute to start the second round, and then Green grabbed Richman's back, and threw a lot of knees to his thighs. This seems to be a pretty common tactic used by Green at this point. He's not going to finish many fights with his back control, but he at least controls rounds with those tactics. He threw Richman to the ground halfway through the round, landed in side control, and beat him up with some knees to the body. Round two clearly goes to Green. This fight could be all tied up going into the final round.
     Richman stuffed a couple of takedowns in the third round, but Green was able to pick him apart on the feet a little bit with his boxing & movement. They both had their moments in the final round, landing some pretty solid shots both ways, and that round could probably go either way, but I scored this fight 29-28 in favor of Desmond Green, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      The first 90 seconds had both guys trading strikes, with Bessette maybe landing the better shots, but Nunes tripped him up 2 minutes in, and then pinned him on the ground, while battling to pass Bessette's guard. Bessette was able to work a fairly active guard, while looking for triangles, and various things, but for the most part, I think Nunes won that round with his top control. It was a really close round though. They stood back up, clinched for a little while, and Bessette got a bit reckless, running in, and getting blasted with a flying knee. The round ended with Nunes back inside Bessette's guard.
     The second round too place standing, with both guys landing some solid punches & kicks. 2 minutes in, Bessette blasted Nunes with a big right hand that put him on his ass. Nunes was clearly rocked, but stood back up, and wobbled around, but Bessette wasn't able to follow it up with enough to finish him. Nunes eventually recovered and they clinched for the rest of the round, but I still think Bessette did enough early to win the round. I have the score all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was another great round of brawling, with both guys throwing lethal kicks & punches, clearly looking for the finish, but both fighters proved to be pretty fucking tough. That last round really could have gone either way, with both guys moving forward, both guys landing some great combinations, and both guys really pouring everything they had into the fight. This was a really great fight overall, and it easily could have gone either way. Personally, I PROBABLY would have scored this fight for Nunes, but two of the judges disagreed, with one judge even giving Bessette all 3 rounds. Nice win for Bessette.
      I didn't really enjoy this fight at all. I thought King Mo won most of the rounds, by pressuring Zayats, landing a few decent shots, and grinding out the decision. Zayats landed a few decent strikes, but for the most part, this fight was kind of boring, and even had the crowd booing for a good portion of it. I know a lot of people think this fight was closer than I thought it was, but I agreed with all 3 judges, giving the fight to King Mo, 30-27.
      These guys were both looking to counter each other in this fight, meaning that absolutely nothing happened in the first half of the opening round. Rampage held the center of the cage, and M'Pumbu was circling around the outside, but neither fighter wanted to attack. 90 seconds in, Rampage attacked M'Pumbu, hammering him with several hard punches, before M'Pumbu clinched with him. We had a minute or so of hugging with no action, before the referee decided to break them up. They circled around the outside again, Rampage blasted M'Pumbu with a big left hand, knocked M'Pumbu to the ground, but it was a bit of a slip, that didn't stop Rampage from pouncing on him though. Once the fight hit the ground, Rampage absolutely slaughtered M'Pumbu, putting him to sleep. Awesome finish for Rampage, in a fight that was otherwise boring as fuck.