100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Alexander Volkov - 93.6
2. Abdul Razak Alhassan - 92.3
3. Brent Primus - 92.0
4. Javy Ayala - 91.4
5. Lavar Johnson - 91.4
6. Eduardo Dantas - 91.3
7. Chris Gutierrez - 91.2
8. Cortez Coleman - 90.9
9. Blagoy Ivanov - 90.8
10. Mark Holata - 90.8
Bellator 111: Dantas vs. Leone
Location: Thackerville, Oklahoma
Elevation: 866'
-Fight of the Night-
Alexander Volkov vs. Mark Holata
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.2
     These guys clinched early, and Gutierrez threw McNally to the ground with a nice little Judo throw. McNally was looking for a leg from the bottom position, but Gutierrez was able to comfortably secure the top position from McNally's half guard. They got back to their feet, continued to clinch, Gutierrez landed a nice knee, knocked McNally to the ground, and then Gutierrez finished him off with a series of punches on the ground. Solid win for Gutierrez in his Bellator debut.
      Both of these guys landed some decent shots, but not a lot was happening, until Primus got Jones to the ground, where Primus unloaded some Fedor style ground & pound, standing above Jones, while blasting him in the head with big punches, rocking Jones on the ground, and forcing the referee to stop the fight. Really nice first round stoppage, third in a row inside the Bellator cage, for Brent Primus.
      I've never seen Matt Jones win a fight, so I wasn't expecting much out of him in this fight. Jones was looking for a takedown early, but Razak was able to punish him with strikes to avoid the ground. After a minute or so, Razak opened up on Jones, rocking him with heavy punches, knocking him to the ground, where Razak was able to finish him with punches. Awesome win for Razak's Bellator debut.
      The first round started with Ayala pressing Prindle against the cage in the clinch. Ayala secured a takedown 90 seconds into the round. He moved into full mount, and tried to land some ground & pound, but he wasn't able to keep his balance very well, so he eventually slipped back into half guard, and then landed some shots. Ayala clearly won the first round. The second round started with another takedown, and as Ayala forced Prindle against the cage on the ground, he was able to beat the shit out of him with big punches for most of the round. Prindle landed a few decent shots in the final round, but was quickly taken to the ground again. From there, Ayala pounded on him while looking for an Americana, and eventually Prindle had the fight stopped, because his right eye was completely swollen shut, and it looked like his skull was ripped to pieces. The doctor checked out his eyes, Prindle clearly couldn't see out of his right eye, so the fight was stopped. Solid win for Javy Ayala. Prindle tried to call it an eye poke, but really, he just got his ass beat.
      Coleman threw a few punches, and then Miller clinched. Miller shot in for a wild takedown attempt one minute into the opening round, and Coleman just threw him to the ground. A few seconds later it happened again, and it became clear that Miller was sort of just trying to pull guard, and he looked like an idiot in the process. Coleman finally went to the ground with Miller halfway through the round, and then beat the shit out of him from inside his guard, before passing to full mount, and then half mount, where he continued to chip away at Miller with big punches & elbows. Coleman tried to setup an arm-triangle choke with a minute left in the round, but they were to close to the fence, so he couldn't get the proper position, so he ended the round by beating up Miller with some more punches. Round one clearly goes to Cortez Coleman.
     Miller looked exhausted already at the start of the second round, and Coleman looked like he was sort of bored. Miller pulled guard again, 90 seconds into the round, and Coleman gladly went to the ground with him, where he beat the shit out of Miller with some big punches again. Cortez continued to outwrestle Miller for the duration of the round, while beating him up from a variety of top positions, as Daniel Miller continued to look like one of the worst fighters I've ever seen, with almost zero offense during this entire fight, other than pulling guard, just to get his ass kicked. Coleman passed to full mount with 30 seconds left in the round, he unloaded with some bombs, and the referee finally stopped the fight. Congrats to Coleman for the finish, but Miller is really bad.
      The opening round was kind of a clunky brawl, with neither fighter really showing much of a gameplan, as they just kind of threw their weight at each other, and tried to land a few punches here & there. I didn't think either fighter really won that first round very clearly. The second round had Ivanov wobbling Hale with some punches, causing him to collapse, which allowed Ivanov to get on top of him, smothering him from side control, while unloading big heavy left hands on his face. Ivanov then stood up and cranked on a guillotine choke, looking to finish the fight, but Hale tucked his chin, and tried to tough it out. They eventually stood back up, and they both just kind of stood there for the last half of the round, both clearly exhausted. Ivanov tripped Hale to the ground early in the final round, and laid on top of him for most of the round, landing a few punches, but not really doing much of anything, other than waiting for time to expire. Nice win for Ivanov, and an especially solid second round, but I can't help but be curious what Ivanov would look like, if he could drop down to 205.
      Holata started this fight with some big punches, he rocked the shit out of Volkov, knocking him back a bit, but never knocking him down. Holata clinched and pressed Volkov against the fence, but Volkov quickly dropped him with some punches, he mounted him, unloaded with some massive punches from the sky, and the fight was stopped in under 90 seconds. Fantastic finish for Volkov, after struggling in the opening seconds with Holata's power. Fun fight overall for both fighters.
(Scarf Hold)
      The first round started with a lot of clinching, but once Graham broke free, he was able to rock the shit out of Mo with his big heavy strikes. The first round goes to Graham for picking apart Mo with his punches & sloppy kicks. Mo seemed to be having trouble getting inside the range of Graham. Mo took him down early in the second round, and beat up Graham for a little while from inside his guard. Graham stood back up haflway through the round, and spent the last half of the round picking apart Mo on the feet. That round could have maybe gone either way, but I gave it to Mo for taking Graham back down in the final seconds. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
     Mo pressed Graham against the cage in the clinch to start the third round. Mo then took him to the ground with a single leg, landing in side control. After a slow 2 minutes of grinding him into the ground, Mo eventually slapped on a scarf hold, finishing the fight by submission halfway through the final round. That was a really solid win for Mighty Mo Siliga, and another disappointing loss for Graham.
      They started out clinching, and there was an interesting wrestling throw takedown thing, where Martinez sort of pulled Johnson to the ground, and then flipped him over so that Martinez could end up on top in Johnson's half guard. Martinez landed a few solid punches, but didn't really do any damage. Johnson eventually tried to power his way back to his feet, and was successful. Once they were on their feet, Johnson tried to take Martinez's head off with big looping punches, eventually connecting with a nice combination, knocking Martinez to the ground, where Johnson finished him off with a couple more punches.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Dantas threw a couple of kicks, trying to use his range, and Leone caught one of them, taking Dantas down almost immediately. Leone spent the rest of the round beating up Dantas on the ground, while Dantas was looking for submissions from his guard. I scored the first round for Leone, but it wasn't really a great round for either fighter. They traded strikes at a very slow pace to start the second round. Dantas was landing most of the better shots, but he wasn't very aggressive for most of the round. Leone shot for a desperate takedown with 90 seconds left in the second round, but he couldn't get Dantas to the ground. Instead, Dantas grabbed his back, they scrambled around for a few seconds, Dantas slapped on an ultrafast rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by submission with one minute left in the second round. Outstanding finish by Eduardo Dantas.