100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Andrey Koreshkov - 93.8
2. Sam Oropeza - 93.1
3. Darrion Caldwell - 92.8
4. Pat Curran - 91.8
5. Adam McDonough - 91.3
6. Nathan Coy - 91.3
7. Daniel James - 91.2
8. Anthony Gomez - 90.4
9. Belal Muhammad - 90.4
10. Diego Marlon - 90.1
Bellator 112: Curran vs. Straus
Location: Hammond, Indiana
Elevation: 594'
-Fight of the Night-
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Nah-Shon Burrell
Fighters & Matches 88.1
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 89.9
     This is Daniel James's pro MMA debut. These guys traded some big heavyweight punches, and then James clinched, pressed Correa against the fence, threw some elbows, knees, and then threw Correa to the ground a minute into the opening round. James secured side control, and then pounded on Correa with some punches, before Correa popped back up to his feet 2 minutes into the round. Correa then took down James, and tried to setup a North-South Choke halfway through the round, but he wasn't able to finish it. Correa spent the final minute basically just grinding from side control. That round could have gone to either fighter, since they both basically did the same thing to each other, for half the round.
     James clinched early in the second round, pressed Correa against the fence, and battered him with some knees to the body. The referee split them up one minute into the round. James clinched again, pressed Correa against the fence again, and continued to batter him with knees to the body. Correa spun him around 2 minutes into the round, James took control of the clinch again, and he continued to pound on Correa with some punches, while grinding him against the fence. They both looked tired with a minute to go, James threw Correa to the ground, mounted him, punched him a few times, dropped some heavy elbows, and Correa tapped out due to getting his ass kicked. That was a solid debut for Daniel James.
      Gomez clinched to start this fight, he pressed Guida against the fence, and they both tried to work some dirty boxing. That round was somewhat uneventful, but Gomez controlled most of the round, so I scored the round 10-9 for Gomez. Gomez rushed in for a takedown to start the second round, Guida stuffed the shot, and almost took his back, but they quickly stood back up, Gomez took control of the clinch, and then took down Guida 90 seconds into the round. From there, Gomez pounded on Guida's head with punches until the end of the round while Guida just turtled up against the fence. That round clearly goes to Gomez as well. The final round was another round full of Gomez walking down Guida, and beating him up with some basic boxing. Congrats to Gomez for the unanimous decision victory, but Jason Guida isn't exactly a tough test for most people.
      These guys traded a few random strikes, and then clinched, with Loffer in control, and then they eventually split up. Loffer was picking apart Reardanz with punches & kicks, while Reardanz looked like he was mostly looking to throw counters. Round one goes to Loffer. Reardanz caught a kick early in the second round and took down Loffer, but Loffer worked his way back to his feet a minute into the round. The rest of the round had Loffer picking apart Reardanz on the feet. By the end of the round, Reardanz's face was covered with blood. I have Loffer ahead 20-18 going into the final round. The final round started with Reardanz throwing a flying knee, and Loffer shoved almost his entire finger into Reardanz's right eye. The fight eventually started back up, and Loffer continued to pick apart Reardanz until the end of the round. Reardanz shot for a few takedowns, but Loffer stuffed all of his shots, and even worked a little ground & pound from the top at one point late in the round. In the end, this fight was a clear 30-27 for Loffer, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Caldwell threw a flying knee, Surma took him to the ground, Caldwell locked on a BRUTAL looking guillotine choke, where he nearly ripped Surma's head off, and that resulted in the submission victory in under one minute of the first round. Awesome Bellator debut for Darrion Caldwell.
      The first round had Matthews looking for takedowns, and Muhammad doing a good job defending, while also landing some solid strikes. Muhammad scooped up Matthews at one point, and took him down, and then Matthews finally secured a takedown at the end of the round. The first round goes to Muhammad. Muhammad continued to pick apart Matthews with his striking in the second round, and also secured another takedown. Matthews finally started scoring some decent points in the third round, beating up Muhammad for a good portion of the round, but it wasn't enough to win the fight, resulting in a 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Belal Muhammad.
      Coy was picking apart Bradley with some pretty solid boxing, until he kicked Bradley in the dick, which gave him a break to recover. By the end of the first round, both guys had cuts above their eyes, so clearly they both landed some decent strikes in there somewhere, but Coy walks away ahead after that first round. Coy looked tired coming out for the second round, but he never stopped coming forward with that zombie-like pressure. They spent most of the round trading punches, so it was a pretty even round, but I still scored it slightly in favor of Coy, based on his forward movement, and a nice takedown / supex thing at the end of the round. The final round was similar to the second, with both guys trading punches, and Coy got knocked down (sort of slipped) early in the round, but he was able to get right back to his feet without much of an issue. The continued to trade punches for the rest of the round, and by the end of the fight, Bradley's face looked like it had been put through a meat grinder. Nathan Coy wins, 30-27 on all scorecards, via unanimous decision.
      Juarez shot in for a takedown a minute into the first round, McDonough blasted him with a knee, but Juarez plowed through it, and eventually was able to get McDonough on the ground around the 2 minute mark. He quickly took mount, slapped on an arm-triangle choke, and McDonough did a fantastic job scrambling out of it and resetting back on his feet with 2 minutes left in the round. Juarez continued to clinch, he tried to take McDonough's back, and then they fell to the ground, with McDonough in full mount with a minute left in the round. He worked a little bit of ground & pound, and then the round ended. That was a good round, and I scored it for Jesse Juarez, even though McDonough took control in the last minute of the round.
      Juarez shot for a takedown to start the second round, and McDonough stuffed the shot in the center of the cage. McDonough then took down Juarez, and beat him up with some basic ground & pound, until they reset back on their feet halfway through the round. They traded a few strikes, and then Juarez shot for another takedown, but McDonough stuffed the shot and pounded on Juarez until the end of the round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round.
      McDonough dropped Juarez early in the final round, and almost immediately took his back on the ground. McDonough controlled Juarez's back for 3 minutes, before they finally stood back up. Juarez then clinched with McDonough's back, and dumped him to the ground, and spent the last 2 minutes pounding on McDonough. This fight really could go either way, as both fighters won a round, and the final round was basically split down the middle. In the end, all 3 judges scored the fight 29-28 for Adam McDonough, who remains undefeated with a record of 10-0.
      These guys threw a few strikes, clinched, Oropeza threw some nice knees from the clinch, and he pressed Souza against the fence a minute into the round. They traded control of the clinch a few times, and then they split up 90 seconds into the round, and Souza threw some bombs while Oropeza was trying to create some distance. They traded a few more strikes, Souza tried to trip Oropeza, but Oropeza reversed it and landed on top of Souza around the halfway mark. He took Souza's back, and then Souza stood back up for some more clinching. Souza was pressing Oropeza against the fence, and then Oropeza broke free and reset. Oropeza threw a brutal body kick, and then dropped Souza with a massive right hand, Souza collapsed against the fence, Oropeza blasted him with some more punches, and the fight was stopped. That was a fantastic KO by Sam Oropeza.
(Knee and Punches)
      Koreshkov looked sharp in this fight, with both guys trading strikes for the first 30 seconds or so, Burrell sort of ducked in to throw a left hand, and Koreshkov threw a perfect counter knee, slamming into the chin of Burrell, knocking him to the ground, where Koreshkov finished him off with punches. Awesome win for Koreshkov, after losing his last fight against Ben Askren in their title fight 7 months ago. THIS is how you make a comeback!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys traded a few strikes, and then Straus shot for a takedown a minute into the first round, but Curran stuffed the shot, and worked some strikes from the clinch. Curran tripped Straus 90 seconds in, and settled into his guard. Straus scrambled around for a few submission attempts, but Curran was able to keep him under control, and he went for some sort of front choke around the halfway mark of the opening round. Straus scrambled around, and locked on a tight choke with 30 seconds left in the round, but Curran was able to avoid too much danger, as the bell sounded. Round one was close, but probably goes to Curran.
     Straus knocked down Curran 30 seconds into the second round, jumped into his guard, and started working some ground & pound, but Curran quickly popped back up to his feet before taking too much damage. The traded some random strikes until the end of the round, but not a lot happened. Round two goes to Straus.
     The third round had both guys trading a few strikes, and then Curran beat up Straus with some knees from the clinch while pressing him against the fence. The round ended with a wild scramble where Straus knocked down Curran and jumped into his guard to beat him up for the final 30 seconds or so. Not a lot of damage was done, but Straus probably did enough at the end of the round to steal the round on the scorecards. I have Straus ahead 29-28 going into the fourth round.
     The fourth round had both guys trading some strikes, and then Curran kicked Straus in the dick 2 minutes into the round. When the fight continued, Straus pressured Curran with some strikes, they mostly met in the middle, and they traded some random punches & leg kicks. That was another back & forth round, but Straus is probably well on his way to a decision as far as the scorecards are concerned, going into the final round.
     Straus shot for an early takedown in the final round, but Curran was able to stuff the shot, so Straus just pressed him against the fence for some basic clinching. The referee reset them 90 seconds into the round, and wiped some "excessive Vaseline" off the right eye of Curran, which looked like it was on it's way to swelling shut. They both continued to trade some hard punches at a decent pace, and then Curran clinched, and tried to take Straus down against the fence again. He finally completed the takedown with 90 seconds left to work, and he almost immediately took his back. He locked on a rear-naked choke, and Straus was able to hold on for a minute or so, but he eventually decided to submit, with FOURTEEN SECONDS left in the 25 minute fight. That has to be the most disappointing loss of Daniel Straus's career, and it was an awesome comeback victory for Pat Curran.
(Triangle Choke)
      The first round had both guys trading some strikes, until Marlon took Carter to the ground. Carter swept him, Marlon was active from his guard, trying to setup a submission, but he wasn't able to secure anything, so they stood back up and finished the round trading random strikes again. I scored the first round for Marlon. Marlon looks a bit beat up going into the second round. They traded a few punches, Carter took down Marlon, and worked some ground & pound. Marlon tried for the triangle choke, and this time he locked it on, forcing Carter to submit around the halfway mark of the second round. That was a solid win for Diego Marlon.