100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Sean Sherk - 95.1
2. Stephan Bonnar - 94.5
3. Hermes Franca - 93.2
4. Kenny Florian - 92.8
5. Chris Lytle - 92.6
6. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - 92.1
7. Jorge Gurgel - 91.7
8. Frankie Edgar - 91.4
9. Mike Nickels - 91.1
10. Diego Saraiva - 90.8
UFC 73: Stacked
Location: Sacramento, California
Elevation: 30'
-Fight of the Night-
Stephan Bonnar vs. Mike Nickels
Fighters & Matches 90.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.5
TOTAL 91.6
     This was a pretty solid little scrap between two little dudes... Mark Bocek came into this fight, with a little bit of hype behind his name, something about how he's a great Jiu-Jitsu guy from Canada (I don't think I've ever seen him fight?) Not sure though... Frank Edgar on the other hand, was involved in what a lot of people are considering the fight of the year, against Tyson Griffin a few months back... This fight basically consisted of both fighters striking with each other, Frank Edgar had the upperhand during most of the fight, the fight went to the ground a couple of times, and Edgar mantained control for the majority of the fight... Near the end of the first round, Edgar got on Bocek's back, and started throwing punches to his head & face, causing the referee to stop the fight, giving the first round TKO victory to Frank Edgar...
(Triangle Kimura)
      This fight was pretty much a whole bunch of nuts... The good kind! The fight started with Lytle rushing Gilliam, and knocking him to the ground with a punch to the head... Lytle then mounted Gilliam, and started beating his ass, but Gilliam did a pretty decent job defending himself, and preventing Lytle from doing any real damage... Gilliam was able to reverse the position, getting on top of Lytle, but Lytle quickly reversed that as well, getting back on top of Gilliam... Once on top, Lytle locked on a triangle choke, from the 69 position, and then he also locked on an inverted armbar for the double-submission victory, in the first round... Fucking incredible display of skills by Chris Lytle, and Jason Gilliam looked foolish... Lytle wins by first round submission...
      This fight was basically two small 155 pound fighters, throwing all they had at each other, via furious punch combos... Jorge Gurgel got the upperhand during the first round, Diego Saraiva secured the second round for himself (I'm pretty sure he broke Gurgel's jaw during this round)... The third round started getting really sloppy, but I guess in the end, I'd give that round to Gurgel, because kept coming at Saraiva nonstop, and Saraiva seemed to be backing up a little bit too much... In the end, Jorge Gurgel wins by unanimous decision, 30-27...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      On his way out to the octagon, everybody was talking about how Mike Nickels is a great Jiu-Jitsu fighter... The fight started with Nickels letting loose a few punches via fast combos to the face of Bonnar... Bonnar then attacked back, with some punches of his own... They eventually fell to the ground, and they basically turned into a great big ball of man flesh... Nickels looked like he was going to be able to out-grapple Bonnar, until Bonnar locked on this chicken wing type of maneuver, pulling the arm of Nickels, behind his back... Then Bonnar continued to absolutely school Nickels in the game of Jiu-Jitsu, until he was eventually able to lock on an incredible rear naked choke for the quick submission victory in the first round... Stephan Bonnar makes his UFC return with a BANG!!!
      Nogueira pretty much dominated Herring during the first round, by out-boxing him for the entire round... Near the end of the first round though, Herring threw a headkick that pretty much knocked out Nogueira, which was INSANE... Then, instead of following it up & finishing Nogueira, Herring backed up and let him stand back up... So basically, Herring won the first round, but completely let his one chance to win the fight, slip away, by not being aggressive enough... The second round, Nogueira was still a bit wobbly, but Herring still didn't attack, so Nogueira eventually regained his composure, and continued to outstrike & outgrapple Herring, until the end of the third round, which gave the fight to Nogueira by unanimous decision...
      This fight was basically, 5 rounds, of Sean Sherk showing that he's the 100% perfect wrestler... He spent the entire 5 round fight, slamming Franca, taking him down with double legs, single legs, shooting spears, etc... Franca landed 5 or 6 TREMENDOUS knees to the chin of Sherk, knees that would have knocked out a 10 ton elephant... Sherk just kept coming at him, non-stop, for 5 rounds... FUCKING INCREDIBLE... Sean Sherk never came close to locking on any submissions, or finishing the fight with strikes, or anything like that... Franca DID almost finish the fight with a few knees, and a few guillotine choke attempts... But yeah, overall, even though Franca nearly ended the fight a couple of times, it's impossible not to give the fight to the current Lightweight Champion, Sean Sherk... And the judges agreed, giving the fight to Sean Sherk by unanimous decision...
      Man... I'm half tempted to stop ordering the events with big fights... It seems like the guys who don't have a name, put on GREAT fights... But when it comes to two big guys, fighting for a Top 5 Spot in their division, the fights are ALWAYS boring... So this fight was basically just 3 rounds of Tito trying to takedown Evans, and Evans trying to takedown Ortiz... Not much happened really, and in the end, the fight was declared a DRAW... (mostly because Tito was penalized for holding the fence)... I wanted Rashad to win, but I'll openly agree that it was a draw...
      This fight was kind of sloppy... I predicted that Anderson Silva would win by submission... I was half right... He won by TKO... Nate Marquardt basically started the fight, by catching Silva's flying spinning whirlwind daisy kick, in mid-air, and then fought for the takedown, ending up on the ground on top of Silva... Marquardt looked like he expected to win the fight from that position... He wasn't going to though... The second round started, more of the same mess, Marquardt thinking he'd win by just laying on Silva... Silva did this nice reversal thing, by taking Marquardt to the ground after grabbing his ankle, and then finished the fight with some hard punches to the face of Marquardt... I didn't really enjoy this fight nearly as much as I had hoped... It was still ok though... Glad to see Silva walk away with the belt...
      FUCK... I was wrong about this fight... BUT, Kenny Florian came out looking BAD ASS, and he ended up being the second highest ranked fighter on the card tonight (just underneath Sean Sherk)... When they first fought for the Lightweight title (when Sherk became Champion), I thought it was a joke, since it was obvious at the time, that Sean Sherk was the favorite... NOW, I'm just about ready to ask for a rematch, because I wouldn't mind seeing these two go at it again... (but I'd rather see Sean Sherk fight BJ Penn first)... That's all beside the point though... In Kenny Florian's fight against Alvin Robinson, he came out tough, threw Robinson around for a few minutes, and then ended the fight in the first round with some BRUTAL elbows... Kenny Florian is fuckin' hardcore, NO JOKE... Florian wins by first round TKO...