100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Brian Rogers - 93.1
2. Daniel Weichel - 91.8
3. Behrang Yousefi - 91.1
4. Raphael Butler - 91.1
5. Stuart Austin - 90.8
6. Marlon Sandro - 90.8
7. Malcolm Gordon - 90.5
8. Marius Zaromskis - 90.4
9. Jason Meisel - 90.3
10. Nick Rossborough - 89.8
Bellator 119: Weichel vs. Green
Location: Ontario, Canada
Elevation: 1,000'
-Fight of the Night-
Brian Rogers vs. Adrian Miles
Fighters & Matches 87.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 89.4
(Triangle Choke)
     Freeman came out with his chin straight up in the air, trying to brawl with Yousefi, which looked like a really ugly way to start the fight. Yousefi punched him a few times, they clinched, they went to the ground, and Freeman got the full mount, where he beat up Yousefi for a few seconds, eventually locking on a rear-naked choke with Yousefi rolled over onto his belly. Freeman tried to transition into an armbar, but that just allowed Yousefi to get back to his feet. Freeman went back into brawling, with his chin straight up in the air, looking even worse than the start of the fight. He shot for an ultra-ugly takedown, Yousefi sprawled, and got on top in Freeman's half guard. Yousefi stood back up, Freeman knocked him down, dove straight into Yousefi's guard, Yousefi locked on the triangle choke, and finished the fight via submission about halfway through the first round. Nice win for Yousefi, and VERY sloppy performance by Chad Freeman.
      This was a fairly competitive fight, with Gordon winning the majority of the wrestling exchanges, securing a couple of takedowns, and showing some nice sweeps on the ground. They both landed some solid strikes throughout the 15 minute fight, but neither really came close to getting finished at all. Gordon mounted Kelades in the third round, beat him up a little bit, and went for a mounted triangle choke, Kelades slipped out and got back to his feet before the end of the round. In the end, I scored the fight 30-27 for Malcolm Gordon, and for the most part, all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      These guys clinched early, and Bussieres tried to take Meisel to the ground. It took a few seconds, but Meisel eventually reversed him, and ended up taking down Bussieres one minute into the first round. Bussieres tried to catch him in a guillotine choke, but Meisel popped his head free, Bussieres went for a guillotine on the other side, Meisel popped his head free, and then he threw a few punches, Bussieres stood back up, Meisel took him down again, landing in side control this time, and he continued to pound on Bussieres from side control & back control, Bussieres worked his way back to his feet, and Meisel beat him up in the clinch, and then scored another takedown, and Bussieres went for another guillotine choke. Round one goes to Meisel based mostly on his grinding pressure.
     The second round was another round full of Meisel grinding the shit out of Bussieres and outworking him from every position. Bussieres was at least able to spent a minute or so on top of Meisel early in the round, but Meisel eventually took his back again, and continued to outgrapple him until the end of the round. Meisel is clearly ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round full of Meisel grinding the shit out of Bussieres from the clinch, as well as a variety of top positions. Neither fighter ever came close to finishing this fight, but it should be a clear cut 30-27 decision across the board, for Jason Meisel, and for the most part, all 3 judges agreed, with only one judge giving a single round to Bussieres.
(Flying Knee)
      These guys both spent the first round trading fast & heavy punches and kicks, while chasing each other around the cage. That was a VERY back & forth violent round of brawling, and I thought Rogers was moving forward more consistently, so for that reason, I scored the round for Rogers. It really was a close round though, that probably could have gone either way. That was a really fun round of fighting, and a nice performance by both fighters.
     The second round started with kind of a slow start, but Rogers threw a nice combination 40 seconds into the round, and Miles just continued to circle around the outside for a little while. Miles eventually dropped to his back, sort of trying to pull guard, showing that he's clearly exhausted after that first round. They eventually made him stand back up a minute into the round, they continued to circle each other for a few seconds, and then Rogers threw a magnificent flying knee, and knocked Miles the fuck out. That was a fantastic KO finish by Brian Rogers, and an awesome performance overall. When Rogers is on point, he's one of my favorite fighters. This dude is a fucking monster.
      Sandro spent most of the first round beating Horodecki up with his boxing, while stuffing his takedown attempts repeatedly. Horodecki was coming forward a lot, but Sandro seemed to be landing the harder strikes. The second round was more of the same, with Sandro outlanding Horodecki, and stuffing his shots, and then Sandro shot for a late takedown, couldn't quite get it, but he almost took Horodecki's back in the process. I have Sandro ahead 20-18 going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, but this time they actually hit the ground for a little while, with Sandro looking to end the fight with an arm-triangle choke. He wasn't able to finish the fight, but he ended the round still trying to rip Horodecki's head off. In the end, I scored the fight 30-27 for Sandro, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, with only one judge giving a single round to Horodecki.
      Butler absolutely dominated Rossborough for the first half of the first round, taking him down by the cage, and beating his ass. They stood back up, and then Butler randomly got knocked down, and Rossborough got his back, and spent the last half of the round looking for the rear-naked choke. It's hard to score that first round as anything OTHER than a draw. The problem is, near the end of the round, Butler threw a headbutt (backwards) to escape the rear-naked choke, causing a stop in the action, and a point deduction from Butler. So I guess I would score the first round 9-8 for Rossborough? I think? When they started the fight back up, they started them back on their feet, even though Rossborough was close to finishing with a rear-naked choke when the fight was stopped. Awkward first round. Rossborough nearly knocked out Butler with about 10 seconds left in the first round. I'm going to change my mind, and score that first round, 10-8 for Rossborough. Butler spent the last two rounds, dominating Rossborough, with a mounted crucifix and ground & pound in the second round, along with a Kimura attempt. The third round had a failed takedown attempt by Rossborough, which allowed Butler to beat him up for another 5 minutes. In the end, I think that Butler clearly won this fight, even though it was technically scored as a draw, but I'm going to give the victory points to Butler, because I think he proved that he's the better fighter, for at LEAST 12 minutes of this fight.
      The first round had both guys boxing with each other at a decent pace, and the first half of the round had Anderson moving forward, pressuring Zaromskis, but Zaromskis was still firing back with some decent shots of his own. Zaromskis knocked down Anderson with a minute left in the round, and then stood above him, throwing kicks at his legs while Anderson stayed laying on the ground. That one exchange was enough for me to score the round for Zaromskis.
     The second round had both guys random trading punches, and then Zaromskis kicked Anderson in the dick. When the fight started back up, they went back to trading punches & leg kicks, with Zaromskis outworking Anderson for most of the round. Anderson shot for a takedown late in the round, Zaromskis easily shrugged him off to the side, and then continued to pick him apart. I have Zaromskis ahead 20-18 going into the final round.
     Anderson shot for a takedown early in the third round, Zaromskis stuffed his shot, punched him a few times, and then told him to stand back up. Zaromskis stuffed another shot, and continued to chip away at Anderson on the feet with his punches. In the end, this fight was a clear 30-27 decision for Zaromskis, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory.
      Alessio scored a takedown a minute into the first round, and he spent the rest of the round on top of Wisely, beating him up with punches & elbows from inside his guard. Round one clearly goes to John Alessio. Wisely danced around the outside to start the second round, he threw a leg kick, and then continued to circle around Alessio. The first 3 minutes of the round had almost zero action from either fighter. Alessio was walking toward Wisely, and Wisely was literally running away. Alessio finally landed some decent kicks in the final 90 seconds, while Wisely continued to run away. That round was terrible, but I scored it for Alessio, based mostly on forward movement. Alessio continued to chase Wisely in the final round, and he scored another takedown a minute into the round. He spent the rest of the round beating up Wisely on the ground, leading to a 30-27 unanimous decision victory for John Alessio. That fight was garbage though, and neither of these guys have much future potential, as Alessio seems to have lost most of his magic, and Wisely just seems somewhat mediocre in general.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round of this fight was mostly just a striking match, with Weichel landing the majority of the hard shots, and both guys looking full of energy, but yeah, the first round goes to Weichel for sure. Green secured a decent takedown in the final minute, but it only took Weichel a few seconds to stand back up, so I didn't think it was enough to change the way I scored the round. Weichel landed a monsterous right hand in the second round, which caused Green's legs to go wobbly, so Weichel chased him to the ground, but Green recovered and ended up on top for a few seconds before they stood back up. They continued to trade, and Weichel rocked Green again, this time grabbing his back, where he finished Green with the rear-naked choke submission victory. REALLY solid performance by Daniel Weichel, winning the Featherweight Tournament, along with a title shot.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Austin threw a big right hand, and took Hudson down. Hudson popped back up to his feet, and Austin continued to outwork him for most of the round. With around 90 seconds left in the opening round, Austin shot for another takedown, and landed in side control. He worked some ground & pound, he passed to full mount, Hudson gave up his back, and Austin put him away with a rear-naked choke. That was a solid finish by Austin with only 4 seconds remaining in the first round.