100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Dan Charles - 92.4
2. LaRue Burley - 92.3
3. Mike Richman - 92.3
4. Bubba Jenkins - 92.1
5. Marcin Held - 91.9
6. Brandon Girtz - 91.8
7. Brandon Halsey - 91.6
8. Derek Campos - 91.5
9. Clifford Starks - 91.2
10. Nick Rossborough - 91.2
Bellator 126: Halsey vs. Shlemenko
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Elevation: 1,086'
-Fight of the Night-
LaRue Burley vs. Raymond Pina
Fighters & Matches 88.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.2
     There wasn't a lot happening in this fight, but after 50 seconds or so passed, Girtz BLASTED Madrid in the face with a left hand, followed by a big right hand, knocking Madrid on his ass, where Girtz freaked out, and pounded his face in with huge punches. Really nice TKO victory for Girtz, getting back on the winning side of things, after his tough knockout loss by Derek Anderson 6 months ago.
      This fight was kind of weird. They both threw a few jabs, and then Campos BLASTED Payan with a huge left hand, knocking him the fuck out. I've seen Campos get knocked out, and finished with a guillotine, but I've never seen him actually finish someone else, since all of his wins that I've seen, were by decision. So seeing him knock out a brawler like Payan, in 30 seconds, was pretty amusing. Great win for Campos, and awful performance by Payan.
      This was a pretty good fight. Austin is apparently a Judo guy or something, and he has a strong jab, which he put to use in this fight. Charles is tough as nails though, and he kept up a pretty good pace for the duration of the fight. Austin probably won the first round, but Charles beat his ass in the second round, and also got a really nice slam takedown. The third round started, and Charles went fucking NUTS on Austin, and knocked him the fuck out in 18 seconds. I'm really starting to like this Dan Charles guy.
      These guys traded a couple of punches, and then Taimanglo took Parker to the ground with a front choke a minute into the round, and beat him up with some knees against the cage, before taking him to the ground again. Taimanglo grabbed his back multiple times, and continued to beat up Parker against the cage for the duration of the round. The right side of Parker's face was already bleeding all over the place by the end of the round. Round one clearly goes to Taimanglo.
     Taimanglo spent the second round chasing Parker around the cage while beating him up with punches, kicks & knees. Parker really was just running away the entire time. Parker is a terrible fighter. The final round had Taimanglo beating up Parker for 45 seconds on the feet, before taking him to the ground, where he beat him up for a minute or so against the cage. Parker stood back up, got beat up some more, and Taimanglo finished out the round by picking apart Parker with his strikes. Solid one-sided performance by Joe Taimanglo, and a terrible performance by Parker.
(Arm Injury)
      Rossborough is significantly taller than Martinez. They started this fight by trading some punches & kicks, with Rossborough kind of picking apart Martinez with his range, while Martinez was looking to land some big counters whenever Rossborough would move in on him. They both landed some solid shots throughout the round, but it was a pretty slow paced kickboxing match. Rossborough dropped Martinez in the final 10 seconds of the opening round, but Martinez was saved by the bell. In between rounds, Martinez complained about his left bicep being torn, so the fight was stopped. That was a decent showing for a guy that basically only had one arm. Rossborough looked like he was well on his way to winning this fight anyway though.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      Ortiz started the first round by shooting for a takedown, and Starks caught him in a guillotine, but gave it up quickly in favor of some boxing, where Starks landed some pretty decent punches. By the end of the round, Ortiz was going for another takedown, and Starks made him pay for it by cutting him up with elbows to the head. The second round started the same way, with Ortiz shooting for a takedown, and Starks caught him in a guillotine choke, this time he really cranked it, and fell to the ground, putting Ortiz to sleep, finishing the fight via technical submission. Really decent showing by Clifford Starks.
(Guillotine Choke)
      I'm noticing a pattern here, where Burley loses the first round of every one of his fights, by getting taken to the ground by superior wrestlers. Pina took this fight to the ground, immediately threw an illegal knee to the chin of Burley on the ground, the referee didn't see it, so Pina continued to hammer on Burley. Burley was eventually able to spin out to get back to his feet, and Pina immediately shot in for another takedown. Pina lifted Burley into the air, planted him on the ground, slipped into the full mount, and locked on a tight guillotine choke up against the cage from the mount. Burley looked doomed, but he somehow was able to slip out of it, and scrambled back to his feet. Pina was relentless though, and continued to shoot for takedowns, pretty much dominating Burley for the entire first round with his wrestling. Pina lifted Burley up in the air with about a minute left in the round, but he wasn't really able to do anything with it, ran out of energy, and by the end of the round, Burley was punching the body of Pina on the ground. Burley looked PISSED in between rounds, talking about the illegal knee to the face on the ground, and shots to the back of the head. Burley said he was going to "fuck his ass up now", and that's exactly what he did. Burley came out swinging, Pina shot in for a takedown, Burley continued to try to take his head off, and was able to do so with a guillotine choke. Awesome win for LaRue Burley, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorite fighters in Bellator.
      Richman did a good job pressuring West toward the cage, with some strikes & forward movement. West tried to throw some strikes, but he was having a hard time getting Richman to back off. 2 minutes into the fight, Richman threw an inside leg kick, perfectly legal in my opinion, but West took a few seconds to recover, calling it a groin shot. When the fight started back up, they both started throwing hands, and Richman knocked West the fuck out with a brutal combination. Fantastic first round finish by Mike Richman, against a really experienced opponent.
      Jenkins landed some decent punches and leg kicks to start the fight, and Meller threw a chopping leg kick as well. Jenkins kind of shot for a loose takedown, but Meller backed him off with a missed knee attempt. Jenkins took him down with 2 minutes left in the round, but Meller caught him in a tight guillotine attempt. Jenkins scrambled out of that, and spent the final minute of the round dropping elbows on the face of Meller. Meller has an active guard, but the scrambling of Jenkins was too much for him in that round.
     The second round started with Meller poking Jenkins in the eye. When the fight started back up, they both looked a little slow, until Jenkins took Meller down a couple of minutes into the round, and continued to beat him up bully style against the fence. Meller tried to stand back up, and Jenkins took him down again, continuing to drop punches & elbows until the end of the round. Jenkins is pretty clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Meller's eyes are pretty busted up.
     Meller landed some decent strikes to start the final round, Jenkins took him down again, Meller went for another guillotine attempt, Jenkins escaped, and the fight was paused so Jenkins could pull his pants up. The fight started back up with Jenkins on top in half mount, where he continued to pound on Meller for the rest of the round. Easy to score 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Bubba Jenkins, but it was a hard scrap for the duration of the fight.
      The first round was a close round, with Held securing a takedown, and then Pitbull secured a takedown. It's hard to say who really won that round, but considering Held's main game takes place on the ground, I guess he might have won the round by keeping it where he wanted to be? Held secured a takedown in the second round. Held was able to hold Pitbull down for the entire second round, and even beat the shit out of him with some fairly impressive ground & pound, both punches & elbows. Held took Pitbull down AGAIN to start the third round, dominated him with his grappling for the entire round, beat him up with some more strikes, and that pretty much sealed the deal. All 3 rounds should probably go to Held, other than MAYBE the first round. So yeah, nice win for Marcin Held against another one of the top fighters at 155 in Bellator.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Sooooo... Alexander Shlemenko was pretty tough, but he's not good anymore. After losing to Tito Ortiz 4 months ago, here he is, defending his belt, and he was taken down early in the first round, Halsey immediately grabbed his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight by putting Shlemenko to sleep, in just over 30 seconds into the first round. That was a huge win for Halsey, but a terrible way for Shlemenko to lose his title.