100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Georgi Karakhanyan - 93.9
2. Albert Morales - 93.2
3. Patricio Freire - 92.1
4. Steve Kozola - 91.7
5. Derek Anderson - 91.3
6. Chris Herrera - 90.8
7. Fernando Gonzalez - 90.8
8. Daniel Straus - 90.8
9. Bubba Jenkins - 90.4
10. Everett Cummings - 90.1
Bellator 132: Freire vs. Straus
Location: Temecula, California
Elevation: 1,017'
-Fight of the Night-
Georgi Karakhanyan vs. Bubba Jenkins
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.1
     Herrera took Bondole down in the first round, and beat him up for more than half of the round on the ground. Bondole was able to get back to his feet, where he hit Herrera with a few knees to the body & legs in the final minute of the round. Neither fighter did any damage, but I gave the round to Herrera based on control. Bondole looked exhausted at the end of the first round, walking back to his corner, and he looked terrified in the second round. Bondole tried to work his jab in the second round to keep Herrera away, based on Bondole's massive reach advantage,but Herrera did a good job getting inside, where he was able to beat up Bondole's body and head with punches. Herrera eventually put him down with a big left hand, followed by a series of rights before the referee was able to stop him. Nice win for Chris Herrera in his Bellator debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Gonzalez was hopping around a lot in the first round, picking apart Morales with punches & kicks. Meanwhile, Morales was charging him with massive punches & kicks, throwing wild strikes. Gonzalez went for a takedown from the clinch, but it just resulted in a basic clinch battle, and no takedowns. Morales then blasted Gonzalez with some knees from inside the clinch, bloodied up Gonzalez, and then pinned him against the cage in the clinch, finally taking him to the ground. Morales secured full mount against the cage, and slaughtered Gonzalez with sharp elbows. They stood back up, and Gonzalez went for a takedown, while Morales continued to tear him up from inside the clinch. They went into full on brawl mode during the final seconds of the round. Great opening round for both guys, but Gonzalez basically got his ass beat. Gonzalez had a massive gash above his right eye, which his corner was unable to patch up, so he came out for the second round, with a river of blood running down his face. They continued to trade strikes for the first 2 minutes or so of the round. Morales finally shot for a takedown, pinning Gonzalez by the cage. He continued to batter him with elbows, while Gonzalez tried to move into top position, until Morales grabbed his back, and finished him off with a rear-naked choke. That was an outstanding Bellator debut for Albert Morales, and a solid show of heart by Gonzalez.
      Navarro got the body lock early, took Anderson to the ground, and smothered him against the cage, as Anderson tried to walk his way back up the cage to his feet. They spent the last half of the round boxing, and I think Navarro might have landed the better shots. Navarro secured another takedown with a minute left, going straight into full mount, but Anderson didn't have much trouble getting back to his feet by climbing back up the cage. The second round had Anderson picking apart Navarro with his striking, using his reach, and avoiding the ground for 5 minutes. I had the scored all tied up going into the third round. Navarro started the third round with another takedown, they got back up, Anderson scooped him up and slammed him, they got back up. It looked like they were well on their way to a draw, but Navarro's face was busted up pretty badly, with blood completely covering his mouth & nose. Anderson continued to move forward, and Navarro was clearly ready to get out of there, so the referee saved him when Anderson unloaded on Navarro, rocked him, knocking him to his knees, wobbly when he got back up, and it was basically a standing TKO.
      The first round was a standup battle, with both guys landing some solid shots, and both guys moving forward. Rivera really started to beat the fuck out of Kozola around the halfway mark, so Kozola took him to the ground. They wrestled around for a few seconds, and Rivera ended up on top inside Kozola's guard. Round one goes to Rivera. They traded some hard shots to start the second round, Rivera shot for a takedown, Kozola stuffed it, and then a few seconds later, Kozola knocked Rivera the fuck out with some violent right hands. GREAT KO victory for Steve Kozola in his Bellator debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Salter shot for an aggressive takedown one minute into the round, Jacoby tried to stop him with a guillotine, but that didn't work, so Salter ended up on top, trying to pass Jacoby's guard. Salter grabbed Jacoby's back, and punched him in the face from behind to try to open him up for the choke. Salter really started to open up, pounding the shit out of Jacoby, but he was never able to actually lock on the choke. Round one clearly goes to Salter.
     Salter started the second round with an easy takedown, pressing Jacoby against the cage. Salter grabbed his back 90 seconds into the round. After punching Jacoby in the face for another minute or so, Salter finally locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory with 90 seconds left in the second round. Solid one-sided performance by Salter, against a guy that I've only seen win once in five fights.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Glaza started this fight by clinching, and then dumping Cummings to the ground 15 seconds into the opening round. Glaza spent the entire round grinding Cummings against the fence, while working for random arm locks & throwing random punches. Round one clearly goes to Jason Glaza. Glaza shot for a takedown to start the second round, and he dumped Cummings to the ground 25 seconds into the round again. Glaza spent a solid minute pounding on Cummings with big punches, before Cummings finally swept him, Glaza tried to catch Cummings in a guillotine choke, he couldn't finish it, Cummings pulled his head free, took Glaza's back, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and put Glaza to sleep. That was an insane comeback victory for Cummings after getting his ass kicked for almost a solid 7 minutes.
      Zaromskis came out throwing wild strikes, and Gonzalez met him in the middle, and fired back with some wild strikes of his own. Zaromskis started to slow down 90 seconds into the opening round, and Gonzalez was able to unload on him with some big shots. He knocked him down, and then slapped on a standing guillotine choke, but gave it up, in favor of working some more boxing. That was an ugly round of back & forth brawling, but it was pretty fun to watch. Round one goes to Gonzalez.
     The second round was more of the same, but at a slightly slower pace, with Gonzalez still winning the round with his striking, giving him a 20-18 lead going into the final round. The final round was more of the same, until Gonzalez went for a standing guillotine choke 2 minutes into the round. That went nowhere, so they split up again, went back to trading strikes, and Gonzalez ended up winning the unanimous decision victory over another tough opponent.
      Alexander took down Zwicker early in this fight, and beat up Zwicker against the fence with some pretty solid ground & pound. Zwicker tried to stand back up, but Alexander just whipped him back down to the ground. This fight is looking like it's going to be a repeat of their first fight from 3 months ago. Zwicker bucked out and stood back up with 2 minutes left in the round, and they went into a basic boxing match for the rest of the round. Round one goes to Alexander, but Zwicker rocked him with some big punches & knees in the final seconds, so that was exciting.
     The second round started where they left off in the first, with Zwicker dancing around and picking apart an exhausted Alexander with some clean punches. He even knocked him down, and blasted him with a flying knee before taking Alexander to the ground one minute into the round. They stood back up, and continued to trade strikes, but Alexander was so gassed that he could barely lift his arms to his chest, so he was throwing punches by just jumping forward and hoping that his hands by his hips would be high enough to land as punches. Zwicker slipped with 90 seconds left in the second round, so Alexander ended the round laying on top of him, but Zwicker pretty clearly won that round. I have this fight all tied up going into the final round, with maybe a slight advantage going to Zwicker.
     The final round was pretty boring, with Zwicker dancing around Alexander while throwing one strike per 20 seconds or so. Alexander wasn't really throwing much more often though, as he still looked exhausted. Alexander seriously has one of the worst gas tanks in the sport. Just based on movement & energy, I gave that final round to Zwicker, so I was happy to see that two of the judges agreed with me, in giving Zwicker the split-decision victory.
Technical Submission
(Guillotine Choke)
      These guys came out looking really wild, Karakhanyan locked on a guillotine, and Jenkins picked him up over his head and slammed him to the ground, but Karakhanyan refused to let go, and even started to crank harder as they rolled around on the ground. Jenkins fought his way out of it, which was really impressive, as it looked like he could tap at any point in that first minute. They traded a few punches while standing, Jenkins shot for another takedown, Karakhanyan locked on another guillotine choke, and he put Jenkins to sleep, so Karakhanyan started shouting "He's out! He's out!" and Herb Dean looked confused, because the arm of Jenkins was caught in a way that made it look stiff, so the referee thought he was still fighting, but then he saw his eyes, and could tell he was clearly unconscious. That was a brutal guillotine finish by Karakhanyan, against a really tough opponent in Bubba Jenkins.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round had Straus picking apart Pitbull with some pretty brutal brawling style punches, and a lot of aggression. They accidentally clashed heads at one point. Pitbull landed a few decent shots, especially in the final minute, but for the most part, Straus clearly won the first round.
     They traded a few strikes in the second round, until Straus kicked Pitbull in the dick, twice, within a 10 second period. When the fight started back up, Pitbull tried to kill Straus, attacking him with brutal punches and some aggressive clinch work. Straus continued to work his boxing at a decent pace, and then Straus poked Pitbull in the eye, and then kicked him in the dick again. The referee finally took a point away from Straus for the fouls. When the fight started back up, Pitbull grabbed Straus's leg, and threw him across the cage. He then moved into a front choke position, slowing Straus down significantly. They clinched, and Straus pressed Pitbull against the cage. Pitbull sort of took him to the ground, and bullied him for the final 30 seconds or so. 10-8 round for Pitbull.
     The third round was basically a repeat of the first round, with Straus picking apart Pitbull with his punches & kicks, constantly moving forward. Pitbull took him down with 90 seconds left in the round, but Straus hopped right back up before any damage was done, and he continued to beat up Pitbull on the feet. Round 3 goes to Straus, leaving the score all tied up going into the fourth round.
     Straus continued to beat the shit out of Pitbull in the fourth round with his striking. I really thought Straus was well on his way to winning this fight by decision, until Pitbull threw a knee to Straus's stomach, his shin hit Straus's nuts, Straus fell down, and Pitbull hit him a few times before the referee could pull him off to give Straus a break. Once the fight started back up, they went back to trading punches at a relatively even pace. Pitbull took Straus down with a body lock with 70 seconds left in the round. He slowly worked his way around to Straus's back, he hammered him with elbows and punches to the body, slapped on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight via submission with 11 seconds left in the fourth round. That was an outstanding win for Patricio "Pitbull" Freire.