100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Raphael Butler - 93.6
2. Brennan Ward - 93.4
3. Neiman Gracie - 92.4
4. Tamdan McCrory - 92.2
5. Liam McGeary - 92.1
6. Paul Daley - 92.1
7. Matt Bessette - 91.9
8. Dean Hancock - 91.8
9. Linton Vassell - 91.3
10. Emanuel Newton - 91.2
Bellator 134: British Invasion
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Liam McGeary vs. Emanuel Newton
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 90.7
     Tugman secured a takedown early in the first round, landing in side control. He beat him up for most of the round on the ground, while controlling him with his wrestling. He really opened up in the final minute with some heavy strikes. Tugman clearly won the first round. Tugman took him down again in the second round, and continued to beat him up for the entire round. He almost had a rear-naked choke late in the round, and then he finished the round in full mount, punching Maldonado in the face. It took Tugman a little longer in the final round, but 90 seconds in, he was able to take Maldonado to the ground, where he grabbed his back, and continued to beat him up. This was a very clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory, with a possible 30-26 score. Solid win for Blair Tugman.
(Neck Crank)
      Bobby Flynn started this fight by running forward while throwing punches, but Gracie ducked under them, got the body lock, and took Flynn to the ground. They wrestled around for a few seconds, before Gracie was able to achieve full back mount. Gracie punched Flynn a few times, while trying to sync his legs in around Flynn's body. He finally locked on the body triangle, while he continued to punch Flynn in the side of the head. Gracie refused to let go of the body triangle, while he wrapped his arms around Flynn's neck, Flynn wouldn't give up his chin, so Gracie just cranked on his neck, forcing Flynn to submit. Awesome Bellator debut for Neiman Gracie.
      McCrory came out swinging, landed some decent punches, and then tried to throw Butcher to the ground, but Butcher was able to sort of scramble out of that, but ended up stuck in a guillotine choke. Butcher slipped his head out of that, but was stuck in McCrory's guard. McCrory then slapped on an armbar, and finished the fight via submission. Solid performance by Tamdan McCrory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Butler was beating up Diekmann with his jab, and a power leg kick, and it looked like Diekmann's reflexes were just half a second to slow on everything, as he failed to defend against any of the punches, and he eventually ran head first into Butler's body, falling neck deep into a guillotine choke, and Butler LIFTED HIM IN THE AIR with the guillotine choke, forcing him to submit. That was a fucking BRUTAL guillotine choke. I'm really starting to like this Raphael Butler guy, he has the potential to be one of the best heavyweights in Bellator.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      These guys traded strikes for the first half of the first round, at a relatively even pace, until Bessette took LaBerge down with 2 minutes left in the round. From there, Bessette beat up LaBerge with some short punches, and then took his back, clearly working toward a rear-naked choke, but he was having trouble wrapping all the way around LaBerge's back, so he spent most of the ground time with LaBerge turtled up, as Bessette pounded on him with punches to the head.
      Bessette started the second round with a front kick to the chin of LaBerge which clearly hurt him. They both threw some wild haymakers, and continued to move forward, but it looked like MAYBE LaBerge's jaw was broken or something, as he was kind of complaining to the referee. Bessette spent the rest of the round beating the living shit out of LaBerge with big punches, and hard knees from the clinch. LaBerge tried to trip him, but fell down, and Bessette was able to mount him, he beat the fuck out of him, grabbed his back, and started working for that choke again. LaBerge was in some serious trouble for most of that round. That was a very clear 10-8 round for Bessette. The doctor stopped the fight in between rounds, as LaBerge's mouth basically exploded. Brutal finish for Matt Bessette.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Dean Hancock is making his pro debut here, and Mike Mangan has never won a fight. This should be good, right? They threw some sloppy strikes, they clinched, and then Mangan threw Hancock to the ground, tried to take his back, and Hancock was able to shake him off. Mangan continued to looking for a takedown, Hancock stuffed him easily with a front choke, Mangan kept trying to drive through for a single leg, and Hancock eventually popped up and took his back, with one leg over his shoulder, so Mangan only had one arm to defend himself with. Hancock locked on the rear-naked choke, Mangan was forced to submit, and there you have it. Hancock looks like he could have some pretty decent potential as a grappler.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was pretty interesting. Millender had a significant reach advantage, so at first, Ward was having trouble getting inside, but he eventually just rushed Millender, knocked him down with some big punches, grabbed his back, and finished him with the rear-naked choke in under 2 minutes of the first round. Nice win for Brennan Ward.
      Vassell played this fight really smart. He took Sokoudjou down immediately, and mounted his back to start the first round. Sokoudjou got handled in that first round, with Vassell spending the entire fight either in back mount, or else in the mounted crucifix position. Strong opening round for Linton Vassell. Vassell stood toe to toe with Sokoudjou in the second round, but it wasn't nearly as exciting as that might sound, since Sokoudjou already looked winded from getting smothered for the first 5 minutes of the fight. Vassell sort of rocked Sokoudjou, so he went in for the kill, but his striking is pretty slow, so it was easy for Sokoudjou to get out of the way. Vassell finally got Sokoudjou back down against the cage, where he went for his rear-naked choke, Sokoudjou tucked himself in to avoid it, so Vassell finished him with a series of slow plodding, but unanswered punches & elbows from back mount. Decent win for Vassell, but it really wasn't a very explosive win at all.
      This fight started kind of slow for the first 3 minutes or so, but once Daley started swinging, he beat the shit out of Santos for the last couple of minutes of the first round. Daley continued to beat the shit out of Santos in the second round, until Santos started working his grappling, taking Daley down about halfway through the round. As he was looking for a D'Arce choke, Daley was able to slip out of it, and stand back up against the fence. Santos tried with all of his might, to take Daley down again near the end of the round, and he was barely successful in the final 10 seconds or so. Daley nearly knocked out Santos to start the third round, blasting him with some big punches, knocking him to the ground, and then he smashed him with punches & elbows on the ground for the first half of the round, until Santos got back to his feet. Daley slammed a huge knee into his face, knocking Santos down, where he continued to pound on him with more punches & knees to the body, finishing the fight with a bloody mask covering the face of Santos. Santos tried to secure a takedown at the very end of the round, but it was futile, and there was no way it was going to win the round, after the ass beating he took. He did a decent job in the final 20 seconds or so, beating up Daley though. Solid 15 minute performance for Paul Daley, and nice show of heart by Santos for not giving up.
      The first round was pretty boring, until King Mo secured a takedown, and wrestled Kongo around for a couple of minutes. Kongo started the second round by chasing King Mo, and looked really sloppy in the process, eventually resulting in Kongo getting pressed up against the cage, and eventually taken back down to the ground. King Mo is the King of Lay & Pray. This fight had the potential to be fun, but Kongo has lost his magic as of late, and King Mo is boring as shit. Kongo beat up Lawal a little bit in the final round, chasing him down and throwing slow strikes, but Mo was able to take him to the ground again, where he laid on top of Kongo for the rest of the round. This was an easy fight to score in my opinion. 30-27 in favor of King Mo. I have absolutely no idea how anyone scored this fight for Kongo, unless they just confused the two fighters, since they look somewhat similar from a distance.
      Newton secured a takedown in the first round, and landed inside a triangle choke, and it looked like McGeary was just moments away from finishing it, also offering up an armbar to try to lock on some sort of combination submission, but Newton has some serious heart, and he was able to power his way out of it, and beat up McGeary for a little bit on the ground. McGeary's ground game looked sharp in that first round, pretty much dominating Newton, by almost finishing him with maybe 7-8 different submissions. Newton as usual, was able to finish the round in top position, for the final 30 seconds, where he went for an arm-triangle, and a little bit of ground & pound.
     The second round had Newton securing another takedown, he got caught up in McGeary's guard again, but it was far less active this time around, so Newton was able to open up with a little more ground & pound. It was a close round, but I guess I would give it to Newton, based on holding top position. McGeary went for another triangle armbar at the end of the round, and landed some elbows, so I guess I've changed my mind, and the second round goes to McGeary.
     Newton did a decent job in the third round, landing some decent strikes, and once again, keeping top position on the ground, BUT AGAIN, McGeary has a very active guard, and Newton was stuck in it until there were 90 seconds left in the round. McGeary locked on a triangle choke with about 10 seconds left, slipped it into full mount, and pounded on the head of Newton for the final 10 seconds, so I think that was enough to win the round for McGeary.
     The second round mostly took place standing, with Newton moving forward, and landing kicks, and he eventually scored a takedown at the end of the round. Once again, McGeary was looking to work his wild guard game, but Newton was able to slip into half guard, where he seemed a little safer, and even hopped over into an arm-triangle attempt, which was enough to secure Newton's first round of the fight.
     Newton secured a nice trip takedown from the clinch to start the final round, but once again, got tangled up in McGeary's guard. McGeary went for an armbar, and Newton powerbombed his way out of it. Newton kept top position for the rest of the round, and ended up winning the round. In the end, I could have easily seen this fight being scored a draw, but I think McGeary's guard game won him this fight, 48-47, and all 3 judges gave him the fight, so yeah... Really good fight overall, and congrats to McGeary for becoming the new Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion!