100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Marcus Davis - 93.6
2. Houston Alexander - 93.2
3. Paul Taylor - 91.5
4. Quinton Jackson - 91.0
5. Dennis Siver - 90.2
6. Dan Henderson - 90.0
7. Naoyuki Kotani - 87.8
8. Thiago Silva - 87.2
9. Alessio Sakara - 87.2
10. Jess Liaudin - 87.0
UFC 75: Champion vs. Champion
Location: London, England
Elevation: 115'
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor
Fighters & Matches 87.4
Top 10 Fighters 89.9
TOTAL 88.7
     This fight didn't do much for me, but it ended with a bit of excitement... Basically, both guys were throwing decent punches, but Liaudin looked like the more capable & aggressive striker... Near the end of the first round, Liaudin really got busy, and basically knocked Torres out on his feet, throwing punches at the face of the bloodied Torres, while Torres tried to keep himself standing by holding on to the cage (he was obviously very dizzy, and his legs were wobbly)... The referee stopped the fight, and Jess Liaudin wins by first round TKO...
      This was a good fight... Dennis Siver basically looks like a German Sean Sherk, short & muscular, etc... The fight started, and it looked at first like Naoyuki Kotani had the advantage in the striking game, because he let loose a solid punch combo at the start of the fight, and eventually, he pulled guard, and locked on a triangle choke, putting Siver in a dangerous position... Siver was able to power out of the triangle, and he spent the last half of the first round throwing brutal elbows at the face of Kotani, which ended the round with Kotani's face a bloody mess... The second round started, and Siver basically outboxed Kotani, until he eventually landed a left hook that knocked out Kotani... He was able to land a few more strikes on the ground to the unconscious Kotani, before the referee was able to stop the fight... Siver looks legit...
      This fight was kind of boring... Silva & Drwal both came out trying to brawl with each other, and they both ended up winded in the first round, leading to a boring fight... They were both still striking the entire time, but neither guy had any energy, so the fight basically consisted of 2 guys trying to swing big heavy punches, and looking like they were in a pillow fight instead... In the end, Thiago Silva basically knocked out Drwal near the end of the second round, with a decent combination of punches, but I think Drwal mostly fell due to his lack of energy, not so much the power behind the punches...
      This fight was basically 3 rounds of Gleison Tibau taking Etim to the ground, and holding him there... Tibau clearly was the better grappler, and he pretty much controlled the fight, only losing points while standing for a minute here & there... Etim wanted to keep the fight on the feet, so they could strike with each other, and Tibau was having none of that... So since Tibau controlled the entire fight (even though he never really got very close to finishing Etim), he still walked away with the unanimous decision victory, handing Terry Etim the first loss of his career... I wouldn't mind seeing Dennis Siver vs. Gleison Tibau next...
(Knee & Punches)
      Holy shit! Houston Alexander is the real deal!!! Or something... Basically, this fight went down in a pretty similar way, as his last fight against Keith Jardine... Houston Alexander got out there, put the pressure on Sakara while standing, Sakara tried to take him down, but Alexander popped up off his back immediately, flinging Sakara across the octagon... Once they stood back up, Houston threw a knee to the chin of Sakara, knocking him down, and he followed it up with some very aggressive, very mean looking, ground & pound... Eventually, after busting up Sakara's face a bit, the referee was forced to stop the fight due to strikes... They said the fight ended via knock out, but it looked like a referee stoppage due to strikes... Either way, Houston Alexander put the whoopin' on Alessio Sakara in one minute, in the first round...
      This was a great fight... Marcus Davis came out, and tried to takedown the kickboxer, Paul Taylor, but was unable to get him to the ground... Taylor threw a high kick which knocked down Davis, and he followed it up with some huge hammerfists to the head of the downed Davis... I honestly thought they'd stop the fight at that point, but Davis did a decent job of protecting himself, and eventually he was able to get the advantage, he finally took Taylor to the ground, and started literally beating the shit out of Taylor's face... I literally saw poo, flying from the face of Taylor... Taylor wasn't ready to quit though, so Davis said "Fuck all this shit", and went for the armbar for the immediate submission victory...
      Holy Christ man... Last time we saw Mirko Cro-Cop, he got absolutely destroyed by Gabriel Gonzaga... Now, for his comeback fight, he gets his ass beat by Cheick Kongo, via decision (and it wasn't even a questionable decision)... Mirko won the first round by taking down Kongo, but he pretty much got beat up for the last 2 rounds... This wasn't a very exciting fight, Mirko kept walking backwards, and Kongo spent the fight just picking away at him with kicks & knees to the body... Boring fight, sort of, and Cheick Kongo moves on up the ladder I guess... Where does this leave Cro-Cop?
      What the hell? You know what, Michael Bisping is one of my favorite fighters, but he pretty much got his ass handed to him in his hometown, against the wrestler, Matt Hamill... BUT, surprisingly enough, two of the judges didn't see it that way, and they gave the fight to Michael Bisping via split-decision... Basically, the entire fight consisted of Matt Hamill outboxing Michael Bisping (which is a sad thing), and also outwrestling him... Hamill definitely won the first two rounds in my opinion, and then Bisping came back to win the third round... But yeah, either way, this fight just made me nervous (because I wanted Bisping to win), I honestly though he should have lost after watching his lackluster performance against the vastly improved Matt Hamill... And that's all there is to say about that I guess... Bisping wins by split-decision...
      You know, the sad thing is, I would have much rather seen Chuck Liddell in there fighting for the undisputed Championship, instead of either of these guys... Liddell vs. Henderson? AWESOME! Liddell vs. Rampage 3? AWESOME! Rampage vs. Henderson? Meh, it was alright I guess... It still doesn't feel like Rampage is the #1 guy in the world though, even though he's now the "undisputed champion"... He's a good fighter and stuff, but I'm still having a hard time taking him seriously... After 5 rounds of semi-back & forth action, Rampage Jackson pulled through winning 3 or 4 of the 5 rounds... It was a good fight, but I would have liked to see it end with a more definitive ending...