100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Thiago Alves - 93.7
2. Nate Diaz - 93.6
3. Cole Miller - 92.5
4. Dustin Hazelett - 92.3
5. Kenny Florian - 91.2
6. Junior Assuncao - 91.1
7. Leonard Garcia - 89.3
8. Kuniyoshi Hironaka - 88.8
9. Gray Maynard - 88.7
10. Nate Quarry - 87.8
UFC Fight Night 11: Thomas vs. Florian
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Nate Diaz vs. Junior Assuncao
Fighters & Matches 89.1
Top 10 Fighters 90.9
TOTAL 90.0
     Ok, so what's the deal with this Dustin Hazelett guy? Everytime I see him, he impresses the shit out of my with his sick Jiu-Jitsu skills... Is this guy a Top 10 Fighter in the welterweight division? I'm not 100% sure yet, but he has GOT to be getting close... This fight basically consisted of Jonathan Goulet taking Hazelett to the ground early in the first round, and then from that point forward, Hazelett Expert-Jiu-Jitsu'd his ass, leading to the early first round verbal submission due to an armbar that just about ripped Goulet's arm off... Dustin Hazelett is a bad ass...
(Punch & Knee)
      This fight was awesome... It was 100% one-sided, but it was still fun to watch... Basically Thiago Alves kicked the shit out of Hironaka for 9 minutes... Literally, kicked the shit out of him... He chopped away at Hironaka's legs with huge kicks, he almost chopped him in half with body kicks, he threw a few head kicks, he threw some punch combos mixed with knees, reminding me of Wanderlei Silva in his prime... etc... This fight was just awesome... By the end of it, Hironaka's face was all cut up & bloody, and his legs looked like roast beef... Thiago Alves wins due to referee stoppage, while he was kicking & kneeing Hironaka while standing in the corner... GREAT SHOW by Thiago Alves... Probably fighter of the night, as far as I'm concerned, and this fight didn't even get shown on live TV!!!
      That's always fun... This fight started with both fighters touching gloves, to show their respect for each other, but Veres missed, so he tried to do it again, and I think they connected gloves the second time? Anyways... Maynard then punched him in the face, knocking him the fuck out... Once Veres fell backwards against the cage, Maynard threw 3 more HUGE punches, sealing the deal, and he did it all in 9 seconds... If he would have skipped the second "glove touch" or whatever, he could have pulled off the fastest knock out in UFC history... Gray Maynard is a bad ass though, I don't see Veres having a very bright future in the UFC after this though...
      This was a pretty solid fight, even though it was one sided like a lot of these undercard fights seemed to be... Basically, Cole Miller executed his superior Jiu-Jitsu skills, for a 3 round war, where he basically had the advantage the entire time... The only time that Garcia made any sort of comeback, was at the start of the third round, where he rocked Miller with a punch, but other than that, this fight was basically Cole Miller throwing submission attempts, and Garcia trying his best to escape them... Good fight by both guys, but Cole Miller wins the obvious unanimous decision...
      This fight was weird... Edilberto de Oliveira looks weird... He just spent then entire fight (all 2 minutes of it), taunting Luke Cummo, while Cummo threw some punches, eventually knocking Oliveira to the ground... Cummo taunted back, threw one more heavy punch to the face of the downed Oliveira, and walked away with the TKO victory early in the first round...
      This was an ugly, sloppy fight... Most of the fight was spent with both guys winging sloppy punches, and a few solid kicks here & there, both guys ended up with bloody lips, and bruised faces, and it was just ugly looking... It was not a graceful fight at all, the boxing was sloppy from both fights... Sloppy, bloppy, bloopy, something something... In the end, after Pete Sell (in my opinion) won the first 2 rounds, Nate Quarry came back in the third round, with a knock out punch... Sell dropped to the ground, the referee ALMOST stopped the fight, but didn't, so Quarry dove in like a missle, landing one last straight punch to he downed Sell, forcing the referee to stop the fight... Nate Quarry wins by KO in the third round... Awesome comeback after his dangerous back surgery, but I still don't like the guy...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight was awesome... The fight started off with a couple of devastating leg kicks from Assuncao to Diaz, almost knocking Diaz off his feet... Then they got in the clinch, wrestled around (on their feet) for a minute, and then Diaz tried to lock on a standing kimura, following it up with a nice Judo throw... Once they were on the ground, Diaz continued to try for that kimura, but couldn't lock it on... So the ground game escalated, both guys started breaking out incredible Jiu-Jitsu skills, both offensively & defensively, they were rolling all over the place, scrambling like crazy, and then stood back up, Diaz landed a nice punch combo to Assuncao, and then followed it up with a very technical guillotine choke, for the submission victory in the first round... Nate Diaz seems legit...
      This was another ugly brawlfest, a lot like the Quarry vs. Sell fight earlier in the night... The first round was close, until Terry Martin picked up Leben for a big slam (but Leben grabbed the fence to prevent the slam) which caused him to lose a point, giving the first round to Terry Martin... The second round was more of the same, until Leben locked on a triangle choke, but he couldn't get Martin to tap, and Martin was saved by the bell... They were both obviously exhausted during the third round, and this was some of the sloppiest striking I've ever seen, until Martin landed a good combo & almost knocked out Leben, but Leben came back with a combo of his own, to drop Terry Martin with a big left hook, and then one last punch while Martin was on the ground, and the referee stopped the fight... This would have been a great fight if it wouldn't have been so ugly...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight basically started with Kenny Florian kicking Din Thomas in the balls... After Thomas was given some time by the referee to recover, he came back out, and try to chase Florian, but Florian was running away... So Thomas eventually started taunting Florian, which pissed him off, so Florian got super aggressive, and started putting the hurtin' on Thomas... Din Thomas eventually shot in for the takedown, but hurt his knee in the process, which allowed Florian to jump on his back & lock on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory in the first round...