100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Lorenz Larkin - 93.4
2. Thiago Santos - 93.4
3. Yoel Romero - 93.1
4. Alex Oliveira - 91.3
5. Sirwan Kakai - 91.3
6. Antonio Carlos Jr. - 90.9
7. Leandro Silva - 90.9
8. Tony Sims - 90.1
9. Hacran Dias - 90.1
10. Lewis Gonzalez - 89.9
UFC Fight Night 70: Machida vs. Romero
Location: Hollywood, Florida
Elevation: 10'
-Fight of the Night-
Yoel Romero vs. Lyoto Machida
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 90.4
     The first round was a pretty awesome debut for Sirwan Kakai, as he pretty much beat the shit out of Martinez with hard punches, and nice knees from the clinch, and he even secured a nice takedown. Martinez landed some nice shots of his own, but the first round clearly goes to Kakai. The second round went to Kakai as well, as he continued to beat up Martinez, and took him down again. The third round, Martinez started off looking pretty decent, but Kakai took him back down, and was looking for a rear-naked choke, and beat up Martinez for most of the round. So yeah, pretty clear 30-27 decision for Sirwan Kakai in his UFC debut.
      Ouch. Montgomery just got blasted in his UFC debut. After some halfway decent back & forth action, Montgomery rocked Sims with a knee, but refused to follow it up with anything, and then Sims launched a huge left hand, knocking The Creepy Weasel flat on his face. Pretty nice UFC debut by Tony Sims, and this just continues the horrible string of luck for Steve Montgomery in the UFC. (He got booted from The Ultimate Fighter for having a seizure, remember him?)
      This was a pretty close fight. Silva showed some great wrestling, as well as some fantastic kicks, especially to the body, that sounded like a baseball bat. Silva also showed some solid Jiu-Jitsu skills, going for a few submissions, but he never really came close to finishing any of them. I scored the first two rounds for Silva. The third round SHOULD have been all Silva, since Gonzalez was clearly exhausted going into the third round, but by the end of the round, Gonzalez had wrestled his way into top position, and was beating up Silva on the ground. So in the end, I scored this fight 29-28 for Leandro Silva, and all 3 judges agreed, two of them giving him all 3 rounds. Nice win for Silva, but I would have really liked to see him finish Gonzalez.
      This fight consisted of an awful lot of Oliveira riding the back of Merritt like the Cowboy that he is, as he was looking for the rear-naked choke, but Merritt has an outstanding defense against the rear-naked choke. Merritt's game is all about the striking, but Oliveira just applied too much pressure to him throughout the fight, and eventually, after 15 minutes of more or less dominating him on the ground, Oliveira pulls off the unanimous decision victory. I have to give credit to Merritt for his takedown defense, as well as his ability to avoid damage on the ground, but yeah, this fight was all Oliveira.
      This was a pretty decent grappling match for the first two rounds, with Dias taking the fight to the ground, and looking for various submissions, including a couple of armlocks, and one triangle that he SHOULD have been able to finish, but he failed to lock it on properly, and Makashvili slammed his way out of it. Makashvili landed the better punches while standing, but for the most part, Dias controlled the pace of the fight, so I gave the fight to Dias, 29-28, and two of the judges agreed, giving him the split-decision victory.
(Head Kick)
      BOOM! I love this shit. This card has been pretty boring so far, and the big badass looking Steve Bosse makes his UFC debut here, against Thiago Santos, which is someone I'm becoming a fan of. And uh... Santos landed a huge kick to the body, followed by an INSANE kick to the head, 100% shin, nearly ripping Bosse's head off his shoulders. That was one of the best knockouts I've seen in quite some time. That was fucking BRUTAL!!!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight kind of sucked. Carlos looks WAY too big to be at 185, I have no idea how he made that weight. Gordon on the other hand, came in, in the best shape of his life, 100% ripped. And Gordon had ZERO offense in this fight, as Carlos was able to just overpower him, drag him to the ground, lay on him, get him tired, and then eventually in the third round, Carlos locked on a rear-naked choke for the submission victory. In my opinion, Gordon's job with the UFC was on the line in this fight, and this marks 3 straight losses, so as far as I'm concerned, he's done here. Nice win for Carlos.
      This was an ass beating. I was hoping Ponzinibbio would have a decent performance here, but Larkin pretty much destroyed his lead leg with kicks in the first round, destroyed his face with punches in the second round, knocked him to the ground with a wild onslaught, and finished him off with brutal punches on the ground. Welcome back to the UFC Lorenz Larkin! That's a disappointing loss for Ponzinibbio though.
      This was a HUGE fight in my opinion. I've been saying that Romero should be close to next in line for a title shot, for a while now. I had Ronaldo Souza ranked above him, and of course Chris Weidman, but that's it. And here comes Machida, after getting his face smashed in 2 months ago, trying to continue to climb that ladder, still officially ranked above Romero, which in my opinion, was ridiculous. So the fight starts, and Machida probably won the first round by working the distance, and picking apart Romero with jabs. The second round went to Romero, for doing the same thing back to Machida, and then going wild on him in the final 5 seconds or so, throwing a superman punch off the cage, grabbing Machida, and throwing him to the ground. The third round had Romero rocking Machida, grabbing him in the clinch, throwing him violently to the ground, and then smashing his face in with giant elbows, knocking Machida out cold. That was a BRILLIANT KO victory for Yoel Romero, against probably one of his toughest opponents to date.