100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Gunnar Nelson - 94.5
2. Robbie Lawler - 94.2
3. Matt Brown - 94.0
4. Conor McGregor - 93.5
5. Thomas Almeida - 93.5
6. Louis Smolka - 93.2
7. Jeremy Stephens - 92.9
8. Tim Means - 92.8
9. Cody Garbrandt - 92.2
10. Chad Mendes - 92.0
UFC 189: McGregor vs. Mendes
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald
Fighters & Matches 91.5
Top 10 Fighters 93.3
TOTAL 92.4
     The first round had Cedeno kicking the shit out of Pfister, leaving the inside of Pfister's lead leg a bloody mess. The second round, Pfister secured a couple of takedowns, and got on Cedeno's back a couple of times, but he wasn't able to really do much with it. The third round had Pfister controlling most of the round with his takedowns. Cedeno went for a couple of guillotine chokes, but didn't come that close to finishing them, and at the end of the round, he landed a few nice punches from Pfister's guard. In the end, I scored the fight 29-28 for Pfister, and all 3 judges agreed.
      The first round was a really good round. Seery had a guillotine early, but Smolka escaped, and went for a TIGHT one-armed guillotine of his own, and he turned that into a D'Arce choke, and he ended up sliding into full mount, where he continued to crank that choke, and then finished the round with some punches from mount. Great round for Smolka. The second round was another round full of wild scrambles & grappling exchanges, with both guys trading dominant positions, but Smolka was able to ride out a good portion of the round on Seery's back, looking for a rear-naked choke. Seery REALLY impressed me with his submission defense in this fight, but not enough to win either of the first two rounds, considering the fact that Smolka was constantly moving forward with his submission offense. Smolka reminded me of Gumby in this fight, he really didn't look like he had any bones, as he was able to just weave his arms & legs around like an octopus. Seery tried to work his boxing to start the third round, but Smolka slid in for a slick takedown. Once they hit the ground, Seery battered Smolka's head with sharp elbows from the guard. They got back to their feet, and shit got wild with the strikes, Seery with his boxing, and Smolka with his knees from the clinch. Seery then went for another guillotine choke, and Smolka escaped by attempting a Von Flue choke, and once he escaped, he went for an arm-triangle choke. He let go of that, and got on Seery's back, looking for another rear-naked choke. The scrambled some more, and Seery locked on ANOTHER tight guillotine choke, but Smolka did an awesome job escaping, transitioning to Seery's back again, where he was able to slam Seery multiple times, finishing the final slam with another arm-triangle choke attempt. Seery tried to escape with some punches to the body, but Smolka held onto the choke until the end of the round. FUCKING AWESOME grappling match. I knew Smolka was a good grappler, but he really showed he's on another level in this fight, and Seery I thought was JUST a striker, but his grappling defense is fucking outstanding too. Great fight by both guys, and I gave the fight to Smolka, 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed. Great fight!
      This was a pretty good fight. There was a lot of "standing around, testing the distance" going on, but when they would start boxing with each other, it was pretty fun to watch, Briones landing some great counters, and Garbrandt landing some really nice combinations, almost finishing Briones in the second round, but then Briones made a comeback with a flying knee, and beat up Garbrandt a little bit. The third round was pretty close, with Briones constantly moving forward, and trying to finish, but I think Garbrandt probably stole the round in the final 20 seconds or so, as he started blasting Briones with heavy punches, securing the fight on all 3 judges scorecards, 30-27. Really solid fight for both fighters.
      I know you're not going to believe this, but... Cathal Pendred just went to another 15 minute decision, in a relatively boring ass fight. There were a few good exchanges, but his clinch work is more or less a "lay & pray" variation of clinching, with a few decent knees to the body thrown in there every once in a while. He's a big strong guy, but he can't secure a takedown to save his life, and the one time that he went for a submission, a guillotine in the third round, he had the PERFECT position to set it up, Howard was basically handing him his head on a platter, and Pendred still couldn't finish it. In the end, he got outworked by Howard, he got beat up in most of the rounds, and he handed Pendred his first loss in the UFC. Congratulations to Howard, but this was a pretty shitty fight overall.
      This was kind of a slow paced fight, which sucks, because I was really hoping Mike "Quick" Swick, would make a big comeback here, and do something... well... "Quick"? But nope... This fight was all about Garcia taking him to the ground, dominating him with his wrestling, laying on him while droping a few strikes here and there, and for the most part, just grinding out a 15 minute decision. Swick landed a few decent jabs, and a couple of halfway decent kicks, but this fight sucked for the most part. Nice "big name" win for Alex Garcia, but I don't know what this fight really says about Swick's future in the UFC. It's been almost 3 years since his last fight, and I'm not sure if this fight really warrants another one for him. (Unless the entire issue was ring rust?) I don't know. But yeah, I hope SOMEBODY tonight gets a finish, because these decisions are boring the shit out of me.
(Guillotine Choke)
      Holy shit man... That was a fucking fight! Both guys were throwing crazy strikes, Means was doing a great job working angles, and rocked Brown a few times. He landed some excellent knees, elbows, and punches, and even threw Brown across the octagon a few times. Brown though, as usual, when he gets in trouble, he comes back and fucks people up, and he did some damage to Means, rocking him a few times as well, and eventually, near the end of the first round, Brown locked on a DESTRUCTIVE guillotine choke, forcing Means to tap pretty quickly once it hit the ground. Awesome win for Matt Brown, and great fight overall, and a disappointing way for Means to end his 4-Fight winning streak. It's good to see Brown back on the winning side of things though.
(Flying Knee)
      Holy shit man, that was a fucking brawl. Pickett beat up Almeida in the first round, rocking him several times, and leaving his face a bloody mess with multiple cuts, and a broken nose due to a big heavy knee. Almeida rocked Pickett too though with an elbow, so it was a solid round going both ways. The second round started, and Almeida launched a huge knee at the face of Pickett, and knocked him 100% unconscious, ending the fight immediately. That was an outstanding fight for both fighters, and I'm shocked that Almeida was able to finish the fight like that, after basically getting his ass beat for the entire first round. Awesome fight overall.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, that was impressive! Thatch landed some great knees to the body from the clinch, early in the fight, but then Nelson blasted him in the face with a couple of punches, and it looked like Thatch was about to get knocked out, but instead of rushing things for a KO victory, Nelson got the full mount, and completely dominated Thatch on the ground, beating him up, and eventually finishing him with a rear-naked choke when Thatch tried to get back to his feet. Really impressive victory for Gunnar Nelson, against a scary opponent in Brandon Thatch.
(Flying Knee & Punches)
      HOLY SHIT! That was fucking awesome. I kind of wanted Bermudez to win this fight, mostly because Stephens missed weight by 4 pounds, which is sort of irritating, but holy shit, this was a hard fought victory. There was an accidental headbutt in the first round, that cut the right eye of Stephens, causing blood to go EVERYWHERE for the rest of the fight. They both rocked each other with brutal punches, on several occasions, and I ended up giving the first round to Bermudez, for having similar striking to Stephens, and superior grappling. The second round goes to Stephens, for nearly finishing Bermudez multiple times. The third round started up, and Bermudez shot in for a takedown (sort of, he was ABOUT to anyway), and Stephens landed a PERFECT flying knee, followed by some brutal punches on the ground, finishing the fight. Awesome highlight reel actions in this fight by both guys. Fucking amazing fight!
      That was some of the craziest shit I've ever seen. Hands down one of the best title fights I've ever seen. Lawler broke MacDonald's nose early in the fight, and caused MacDonald's face to bleed like I've never seen, an actual river of blood was pouring out of his nose & mouth for the duration of this fight. MacDonald started to make a comeback late in round 3, throwing head kicks, and nearly knocking out Lawler. The fourth round was fucking wild, both guys blasting each other, looking for the kill, Lawler's upper lip nearly fell off, due to a brutal cut, and both guys looked like they had been shot in the face by the end of the fight. Fortunately for Lawler, he was able to finish the fight early in the fifth round, with a big punch to the face, I'm not really sure EXACTLY what happened, all I know is MacDonald fell backwards, and kind of waved off the fight, clearly he was finished. That fight was fucking amazing, and should go down in history as one of the greatest fights of all time. I am so fucking impressed right now, by both of these fighters, ESPECIALLY Robbie Lawler, for an insanely hard fought title defense.
      HOLY SHIT! That was fucking oustanding! McGregor started this fight by running at Mendes, and throwing spinning kicks, and violent punches, and all kinds of wild Nick Diaz style shit. Mendes was able to take him down a few times, but McGregor also did a good job getting back to his feet, and landing elbows from his guard throughout the fight. Mendes ended up cutting McGregor's eye, and kept digging into the cut with his fingers, with the referee warned him about. I thought Mendes might finished McGregor in the second round, since he was on top, pounding on McGregor with elbows, but then he made the mistake of going for a guillotine choke, which McGregor slipped out of, and he finished Mendes with punches, causing him to turtle up against the cage. AWESOME win for Conor McGregor, and this is one of the biggest wins ever, for the UFC, as a company. This entire card was pretty outstanding, other than some of the shitty undercard fights.