100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. John Moraga - 94.0
2. Mike Swick - 93.9
3. Rani Yahya - 93.0
4. Joe Lauzon - 92.7
5. Lyoto Machida - 92.1
6. Mauricio Rua - 91.8
7. Jamie Varner - 91.8
8. Manny Gamburyan - 91.6
9. DaMarques Johnson - 91.2
10. Nam Phan - 90.7
UFC on Fox 4: Shogun vs. Vera
Location: Los Angeles, California
Elevation: 233'
-Fight of the Night-
Joe Lauzon vs. Jamie Varner
Fighters & Matches 91.1
Top 10 Fighters 92.3
TOTAL 91.7
(Elbows & Punches)
     Holy shit! John Moraga is like a ball of fire in there. Gomez tried to take the fight to the ground a few times, but he failed pretty miserably. Meanwhile, Moraga used his superior footwork to move around the octagon, and his striking was FAST, HARD, and BRUTAL at the end, finishing the fight with a huge elbow, followed by a series of punches that crumpled Gomez into a ball in the corner. Great start to the event!
      This was a pretty badass fight. The first round I gave to Omigawa, because he seemed SLIGHTLY more active with his striking. Gamburyan won the second round, by completely controlling Omigawa on the ground. The third round I thought I was going to give to Gamburyan, because his striking was crazy at the start of the round, and Omigawa caught back up with some solid grappling of his own, but at the very end, Manny seemed to finish a little stronger, so I gave the fight to Manny Gamburyan, and so did all 3 judges.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was decent I guess. The first round mostly consisted of Phil De Fries leaning against Oli Thompson, against the cage. Thompson got tired, and De Fries got boring. The second round started, and De Fries was a little more active, moving around some more, throwing some DECENT punches (one that knocked Thompson off balance, and he followed that one up with a good punch combination on the ground). Ultimately, the fight ended with a slow paced rear-naked choke.
(North-South Choke)
      This was a pretty badass fight, mostly because I'm a big fan of Jiu-Jitsu, and Rani Yahya is a master of submissions. Grispi looked great at first, while standing, but as soon as Rani took him to the ground, it was just a matter of time before Rani was able to pass his guard, transition smoothly into a north-south choke, and that's all she wrote. Rani Yahya is a badass.
(Accidental Eye Poke)
      This fight sucked. It was basically a standup fight, Prada was scoring more points, Davis (accidentally) poked him in the eye, his eye started to bleed, the doctor asked if he could see, Prada didn't understand, and said "No, I want to continue!" so the fight was stopped, Prada cried, and Davis clearly felt like shit. Shitty freak accident really.
      This was a pretty good fight. It was mostly just a boxing match, Cole Miller using his reach, and Nam Phan using his speed & aggressiveness. I gave the first round to Nam Phan, the second round to Cole Miller, and the third round was all Nam Phan, he even rocked Miller at one point. It's always weird seeing two great grapplers box each other, but this was actually pretty good. Nam Phan wins via split-decision, and to be honest, the only thing that surprised me with that, is that there was one judge that gave it to Miller, how!?!
      Fuck yeah! Mike Swick is back, and with a HUGE comeback. The first round started out pretty close, with both guys showing excellent & very active striking on the feet. DaMarques was able to take Swick down, he beat him up pretty badly (cut both eyes) and nearly locked on a couple of different chokes. The second round started, and again, they were scrapping, but Johnson threw a kick to the body, Swick caught it, slammed him on the ground, followed it up with a divebomb punch to the face (followed by two more HUGE punches after Johnson was already unconscious). Mike Swick is a badass fighter, and he's always exciting, so this was a really cool fight to see. YEAH SWICK!!!
(Triangle Choke)
      Wow! Amazing card so far. This entire fight was a crazy explosion of excitement. The first round I gave slightly to Varner (just barely) for coming out strong, and showing that he was ready to bang. The second round, you could tell Varner was getting tired, and Lauzon turned everything up a notch to try to secure the victory, so he ended up pretty much dominating Varner in the second round (but Varner was still putting up a hell of a fight for a guy that is tired). The third round was more of the same, Varner throwing some awesome elbows while standing, and landing a solid takedown, but Lauzon instantly reversed it, transitioning into top position, Varner transitioned back on top, Lauzon instantly locked on a triangle choke, Varner tried to fight it off, Lauzon threw some heavy elbows to the top of Varner's head, and eventually locked the choke on even tighter, and Varner was forced to tap. AMAZING fight by both guys, and I think they both deserve solid spots in the Top 10 Lightweights list.
      This fight was kind of boring (especially compared to the 2 before it), but it ended up pretty spectacular fashion. The first round consisted of Machida striking from the outside, while Bader just looked confused, taking body kicks repeatedly, and hardly landing anything of his own. Eventually in the second round, Bader got frustrated, and rushed Machida, and as he was running towards him, Machida punched him in the jaw, and BAM... Out like a light. Lyoto Machida is one of the toughest guys in the sport to throw offense at, because his counterattacks are outstanding, and this fight was no exception. Will Machida get the next shot at Jon Jones's title?
      Damnit! This was an awesome fight, but I was really hoping Brandon Vera would pull this one off, he did not though (as usual). It ended up being a pretty brutal 4 round battle, with both guys really pushing themselves as far as they could (both looked to have semi-poor cardio, especially going into a potential 5 round fight). In the end, Rua won at least 3 of the 4 rounds, and he ended up finishing Vera on the ground with some punches to the head. Excellent fight overall.