100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Sage Northcutt - 94.7
2. Adriano Martins - 93.6
3. Rose Namajunas - 93.4
4. Albert Tumenov - 92.9
5. Yair Rodriguez - 92.7
6. Ryan Bader - 92.2
7. Julianna Pena - 91.2
8. Derrick Lewis - 91.0
9. Daniel Cormier - 91.0
10. Alexander Gustafsson - 91.0
UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson
Location: Houston, Texas
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Sage Northcutt vs. Francisco Trevino
Fighters & Matches 90.4
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 91.4
     It was kind of a cold start in this fight, with Lewis securing an early takedown, but they got right back up, and then Pesta took Lewis down from the clinch, landing in side control. Pesta hit him a few times, went for the mounted crucifix, and Lewis used that to get back to his feet. Pesta kept the clinch though, and once again secured another takedown. Lewis then went for a silly Kimura, while Pesta was practically mounting him. They got back to their feet, and Pesta took him down again from the clinch. Pesta was pretty clearly just trying to wear down the cardio of Lewis, not really delivering any damage, just hanging onto him, and avoiding Lewis's striking game. Lewis landed a few strikes to start the second round, but again, Pesta went straight to the clinch, and then secured another takedown. They got back up, and then Pesta took him down again. After about 9 minutes of boredom, with Pesta dominating the wrestling game, Lewis got back up with about 45 seconds left in the round, and BEAT THE LIVING SHIT out of Pesta, nearly finishing him with some punches on the feet, and then some brutal elbows & punches on the ground. Lewis pretty clearly stole that round in the final 45 seconds. The final round started with Pesta shooting for another takedown, Lewis stuffed it, mounted Pesta, and beat the shit out of him, finishing him with punches early in the third round. GREAT comeback victory for Derrick Lewis.
      Cariaso threw a body kick early, Pettis caught it and took him to the ground. Cariaso got to guard, and then got back to his feet. From there, Cariaso continued to work several hard body kicks. They spent a couple of minutes trading some hard punches, and Pettis knocked Cariaso to the ground, but Cariaso did a decent job defending, to avoid a stoppage. The first round pretty clearly goes to Pettis. The second round had Cariaso looking for a trip takedown, and Pettis just power shoved him to the ground, ending up back in Cariaso's guard. The referee stood them back up after a bit of a stalemate on the ground. Cariaso was taken back to the ground again, and he went for a heel hook, but was unsuccessful. Pettis wins two rounds in a row. Cariaso started the third round, again, throwing hard leg kicks, but Pettis caught one, and took him to the ground again. Cariaso was somehow able to get top position for a second, but again, Pettis sweeped him, ended up on top, and then Cariaso spun him around again, ending up on top. Cariaso was winning the third round, but he REALLY needed a finish, and Cariaso isn't exactly known for being a big finisher. With 30 seconds left in the round, Cariaso fell back looking for a heel hook, COMBINED with an armbar, and really started to crank, and I thought he was going to rip Pettis's arm AND foot off at the same time, but Pettis was able to tough it out. Pretty solid fight overall, but I guess I would have to give the fight to Pettis, 29-28. Cariaso kept it pretty competitive though, and nearly got the finish in that third round. Two of the judges apparently scored the first round as a 10-8 round for Pettis, giving him the clear unanimous decision victory.
(Elbows & Punches)
      FUCK YEAH!!! All aboard the Sage Northcutt hype train!!! He threw a few nice kicks, Trevino slipped, Northcutt attacked him with fast punches against the cage, scooped him up, dumped him on his head, and then battered Trevino with brutal elbows to the head, and big punches to the face, and finished the fight in under a minute, in his UFC debut, by brutal TKO. That was fucking awesome!!!
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      YEAH!!! Namajunas was throwing punches, moving forward, Hill tried to work her clinch game, Namajunas threw a nice punch-to-trip takedown, she got on top of Hill, Hill tried to stand up, Namajunas locked on the rear-naked choke, and put Hill to sleep about halfway through the first round. As a big fan of Namajunas, I'm happy to see her break her 2-Fight losing streak with a slick technical submission victory like this one.
      OOOOOH SHIT! Makhachev looked good in this fight, picking apart Martins with strikes, at sort of a slow methodical pace, and then Martins BLASTED him with a massive right hand, knocking Makhachev the fuck out, causing me to jump out of my chair and scream "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!" So yeah, that was a pretty badass knockout by Adriano Martins. That was fucking awesome.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Tumenov hits HARD. He was landing some serious punches & kicks in the first round, rocking Tumenov with almost everything he threw. Jouban showed some decent speed, and tried to work his counters, but it's hard to counter a head kick that rocks the fuck out of you. It wasn't long before Tumenov was able to put him down with a hard combination of punches. Great KO victory for Albert Tumenov around the halfway mark of the first round.
      The first round started very slow, with Hooker mostly just circling to avoid contact, but Rodriguez started throwing wild spinning kicks, and flying kicks, Hooker shot in for a takedown, Rodriguez sort of went for a guillotine, and then THREW Hooker to the ground with a great hip toss, he got full mount, and then somehow Hooker took his back, and got back in the clinch, where Rodriguez hit Hooker with some knees. The first round goes to Rodriguez. Rodriguez continued to outwork Hooker in the second round, even though Hooker continued to move forward, and started to show some solid takedown defense. Still, Rodriguez was landing some serious shit, and he looked dangerous for the first 10 minutes of this fight. Rodriguez even executed a perfect double leg takedown, where he shot Hooker across the cage with a lot of force. Hooker needs a finish going into the third round. There was a wild tangle in the clinch to start the final round, and then Hooker landed an accidental knee to the groin of Rodriguez. When the fight started back up, Hooker attacked him, and grabbed his back, but Rodriguez worked his dangerous submission grappling on the ground, almost grabbing a leg, and then tangling up Hooker on the ground. Rodriguez then cut open Hooker with a big elbow, and blood started flowing all over the place. Hooker was pounding him kind of hard on the ground with punches, but the entire time, Rodriguez had him tangled up in awkward positions. The referee eventually stood them up, had Hooker's cuts checked out, and then started the fight back up, where they continue to strike for the final 30 seconds. I'd probably give that final round to Hooker? But this was still a pretty clear 29-28 decision victory for Rodriguez, if not all 3 rounds. One judge even gave Rodriguez the fight, 30-26. Really solid fight for both guys, and a great win for Rodriguez.
      Eye was working hard in this fight, but Pena took her down a couple of times, kind of violently, and beat her up with some hard elbows in the first round. They both traded some hard punches to start the second round, and then Pena pulled guard. After some wrestling around on the ground, Eye went for an arm-triangle choke, but she ended up stuck back in Pena's guard. Eye was also landing some pretty brutal elbows to the body of Pena. Eye ended up going for an inverted triangle or something, but Pena slipped out of it. Eye was on her back, and landed a hard knee to the face of Pena, so that ended up being a foul, so the referee took a point away from Eye, making that round an even 9-9 round. Pena secured a takedown in the final round, landing in Eye's guard. Eye went for another inverted triangle, Pena scrambled out of it, ended up on Eye's back, locked on a TIGHT rear-naked choke, and somehow Eye slipped out of it. Eye then went for a regular triangle, but Pena passed that as well. Pena then locked on a mounted guillotine choke to finish out the round. In the end, I gave the fight to Pena, 29-27. All 3 judges agreed, giving her the fight via unanimous decision.
      The first round was pretty competitive, with Benavidez showing off his speed, and throwing a few too many overhand rights, becoming a little predictable. Bagautinov on the other hand, was just swinging for the fences, and throwing HARD leg kicks. Close round, but I'd probably give it to Benavidez based on the amount of strikes landed, even though Benavidez's left eye was bleeding pretty badly by the end of the round. The second round was another round where they were both trading punches & kicks pretty evenly. I was going to give the round to Benavidez, but Bagautinov dropped him on his head near the end of the round, so... I don't know... That second round could have maybe gone either way. The third round was another close round, where Bagautinov looked a little more aggressive, and even sort of secured a takedown near the end of the round. This fight probably could have gone either way, I really have no idea how to score it. All 3 judges gave the fight to Benavidez via unanimous decision.
      Shawn Jordan is very short, and big around. With that being said, he used his weight & low center of gravity to drag Magomedov to the ground from the clinch. He continued to pressure Magomedov, and Magomedov started looking for a Kimura. Jordan started working his strikes near the end of the round. I'd still probably score the round for Jordan, based on his pressure. Jordan mentioned that he might possibly have a broken rib after that first round. He came out swinging though, and had Magomedov a little bit rocked with some hard kicks, and some wild punch combinations. He then really started to put some effort into another takedown attempt against the cage. Magomedov was landing some decent shots from inside the clinch, but for the most part, this fight was all about the clinch game, and trying to wear each other down with body weight. Magomedov also poked Jordan's eye with his toe. I guess I would probably have the fight all tied up going into the third round, but I don't really know how anyone is scoring this one. Jordan really needed that takedown in the third round, but Magomedov showed solid takedown defense, and blasted Jordan with some nice technical kicks. This fight was pretty boring. Magomedov has some pretty decent striking skills, and some solid takedown defense, but his killer instinct appears to be lacking. Jordan looked decent, other than that broken rib or whatever it was. Congrats to Magomedov for another decision victory.
      The first two rounds showed some outstanding footwork from Bader, as he was picking apart Evans with slick punch combinations, and hard kicks. He also secured a takedown in the second round, and caused the right eye of Evans to swell shut. The third round had Bader continuing to work his feet, throwing some hard body kicks, landing some solid punches, every time they would clinch, Bader would break out with a brutal elbow, and he even took Evans down again. Great 30-27 victory for Ryan Bader.
      Cormier grabbed Gustafsson early, lifted him in the air, Gustafsson did a front flip, and got slammed to the ground, where he was able to recover guard pretty quickly. Cormier continued to bully him on the ground, completely smothering him, while Gustafsson was trying to find something from his guard, but Cormier pretty clearly won that first round. The second round featured Gustafsson's superior striking, as he really started to work over Cormier with his boxing, cutting Cormier's right eye. Cormier also started to show that his only plan was to take Gustafsson down, so when that failed in the second round, it really started to look like the fight was going to swing wildly in Gustafsson's favor. Cormier showed some solid dirty boxing, but Gustafsson took him down at the end of the round, and even got Cormier's back. Cool fight so far. Cormier appeared to break Gustafsson's nose early in the third round. He also continued to batter him with that dirty boxing, throwing some big uppercuts from inside the clinch. Gustafsson sort of started to make a comeback, but Cormier started focussing on that nose, and brutally battered Gustafsson's face for the last couple of minutes of the round. With 30 seconds left, Gustafsson dropped Cormier with a knee, stealing the round by nearly finishing him with punches on the ground. The third round was another close round, with Cormier working his uppercuts, and Gustfasson moving around, and picking Cormier apart, while looking for knees. The rest of the fight was basically just a big brawl, and it probably could have gone either way, depending on which aspects you would give the most points toward. The judges ended up giving the fight to Cormier via split-decision. Good fight overall.