100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Anderson Silva - 95.5
2. Matt Grice - 92.6
3. Jason Black - 91.5
4. Alvin Robinson - 90.7
5. Josh Burkman - 90.7
6. Stephan Bonnar - 90.5
7. Rich Franklin - 90.2
8. Alan Belcher - 89.6
9. Demian Maia - 89.6
10. Tim Sylvia - 89.4
UFC 77: Hostile Territory
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Elevation: 482'
-Fight of the Night-
Anderson Silva vs. Rich Franklin
Fighters & Matches 89.4
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 90.2
     If you're into hardcore back & forth action, then this was probably the fight of the night... I still enjoyed Anderson Silva's slaughtering of Rich Franklin a little more, since the fight was more important, and Anderson Silva is just a lot of fun to watch, but this fight between Grice & Black was definitely a more competitive match... The first round consisted of Grice taking Black to the ground with a vicious whip slam, and then he basically controlled black on the ground, but Black had a lot of offense of his own, by throwing submission after submission at Grice...
      The second round started with Grice almost knocking out Black several times in the first minute, to the point where Black was literally rocking back & forth, falling all over himself for about a minute straight... The round ended with Black locking on a triangle choke & a kimura at the same time... So you COULD say that Black got knocked out at the start of the ground, and you COULD say that Grice went unconscious from the choke at the end of the round... BRUTAL round...
      The third round consisted mostly of Grice taking Black to the ground, and controlling him for the entire round, and at the very end of the fight, Grice unleashed some ground & pound, that would have stopped Black if they would have had about 10 more seconds left in the fight... In the end, they gave the fight to Black, but then reversed the decision due to a mathematical error, which lead to a victory for Matt Grice, by decision...
      The first round had Josh Burkman taking Petz down with a few nice slams, he locked on a few REALLY TIGHT guillotine chokes, but Petz was somehow able to escape them, and even the striking game, I thought Burkman won in that area as well... So the first round easily went to Josh Burkman... The second round was mostly a fight on the feet, with both guys just throwing big punches... Forrest Petz seemed to get the better half of the exchanges during the second round, so I gave that round to him (but Burkman's dominance during the first round was worth a little more to me...) The third round was pretty even for the most part, until the end, when Josh Burkman threw a huge punch to the chin of Petz, basically knocking him out, but he didn't follow it up with enough umph, so he locked on a weak guillotine choke, Petz escaped, and the fight eventually went the distance... I gave the third round to Burkman, mostly because of the way he finished... So the fight goes 29-28 for Burkman, but one judge said 29-28 Petz, so Burkman wins by split-decision...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight marks the debut of Damian Maia in the UFC... He's apparently some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu bad ass, and he proved it tonight against Ryan Jensen... Maia started the fight by taking down Jensen with a single leg takedown, and then he basically just grappled with him, until he eventually locked on the rear-naked choke in the last half of the first round... Ryan Jensen did a pretty decent job defending himself, but he wasn't able to stop Maia, and he was eventually forced to tap out... I'll keep my eyes on Damian Maia in his future fights, he could be pretty good...
      There for a while, when Jason MacDonald first came to the UFC, he was instantly one of my favorite fighters, but lately, he hasn't been looking so hot... Yushin Okami on the other hand, I've never liked that guy... He's basically just a great big 185 pound Japanese man, that will take you to the ground, and hold you there, eventually winning the fight by decision... That's BASICALLY what happened here... At one point, during I think the second round, Yushin Okami displayed some pretty solid ground & pound, but that's about it... Boring fight for the most part, but you can't say Yushin Okami isn't a tough challenge for most guys in the weight class, even though he's not exciting AT ALL... Yushin Okami wins by unanimous decision...
(Doctor Stoppage)
      This was a pretty solid kick boxing match... Basically, Kalib Starnes showed some "improved standup", basically hanging with Alan Belcher for the most part... At some point during the first round, Kalib Starnes got smashed in the face, leaving a deep cut above his right eye, which was made even worse, with a huge knee to the head... I was surprised that they didn't stop the fight between the 1st & 2nd rounds, but they covered it with vaseline, and let the second round start... Starnes came out swinging during the second round, but eventually, the referee stopped the fight to show the cut to the doctors, and they stopped the fight, giving the victory due to cut stoppage, to Alan Belcher...
      This was a pretty great fight... The first round was all Eric Schafer... He pulled guard, and unleashed a bit of a Jiu-Jitsu clinic on Stephan Bonnar, which is impressive, since Stephan Bonnar is really good at Jiu-Jitsu as well... By the end of the first round, Schafer had a rear-naked choke locked on Bonnar, but he wasn't able to finish him before the bell... The second round started the same way, with Eric Schafer pulling guard, but once they hit the ground, Stephan Bonnar pounded away at his face with his fists, until the referee stopped the fight due to strikes... Good show...
      This fight was pretty crazy... Jorge Gurgel dominated the first round, by showing his superior Jiu-Jitsu skills (Black Belt vs. Brown Belt), and his superior wrestling... By the end of the first round, Gurgel had full mount, and was dominating Robinson... The crazy thing is, the last 2 rounds were 100% all in favor of Alvin Robinson... His wrestling was better, his Jiu-Jitsu was better, his striking was better, he just beat Gurgel's ass for the last 2 rounds, leading to the unanimous decision victory for Alvin Robinson...
      This fight started off kind of slow, like most of Tim Sylvia's fights... He pinned Vera up against the fence, and held him there... The difference is, I think Vera was holding on more than Sylvia was... Vera didn't want to give Tim the range to strike... It wasn't until the third round that Tim Sylvia was able to get some distance, and he unleashed some great combos on Vera... If he would have done that earlier in the fight, he probably could have knocked out Vera, but as it stands, he just won by unanimous decision...
      WOW... Rich Franklin got fucked up again, pretty much the same way that it happened the first time... He went into this fight looking like he was in better shape than last time (last time he looked sick)... But it didn't have much of an impact on this fight... Anderson Silva unleashed some fury at the end of the first round, basically knocking out Rich Franklin, but Franklin was literally saved by the bell... The second round started up, and it was more of the same... Big punches, elbows, knees, kicks, Anderson Silva destroyed Rich Franklin, in Franklin's home town... Crazy fight, exciting fight, and Anderson Silva is hands down the #1 Middleweight in the world...