100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Michelle Waterson - 93.9
2. Stephen Thompson - 93.8
3. Michael Graves - 93.1
4. Josh Samman - 93.0
5. Maximo Blanco - 92.8
6. Kamaru Usman - 91.9
7. George Sullivan - 91.1
8. Jorge Masvidal - 90.8
9. Jerrod Sanders - 90.8
10. Willie Gates - 90.6
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 21 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Stephen Thompson vs. Jake Ellenberger
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 91.0
(Punches & Elbows)
     Well then... Montague had a lot of hype coming into this fight, considering his 2 losses in the UFC were against the last couple of guys that fought for the title (John Dodson & Horiguchi). With that being said, Gates beat his ass, Montague didn't stand a chance in this fight, he looked like he should be fighting at 115 or something (if that weightclass even exists). Gates looked decent, throwing some really hard strikes for a guy at 125, but I still don't know how he would match up against higher level competition. For Montague, this makes 3 straight losses, so I'm assuming he might be done in the UFC now?
      Well, that was an interesting fight. Waters looked slightly more dangerous in the first round with his striking, until Sullivan got him to the ground and beat his ass, smashing him with elbows, some MIGHT have been illegal with the 12-6 rule (downward pointed elbows). BUT! When the round ended, Sullivan went back to his corner, and Waters looked unconscious, as he sort of moved like a sloth back to his corner. Sullivan should have capitalized on that in the second round, since he probably could have finished him, but it looked like they were both tired already at the start of the second round, so Sullivan got another takedown, and mostly just laid on Waters, while Waters tried to defend himself by locking up Sullivan. The third round had Waters getting on the back of Sullivan for about 3 minutes of the round, looking for a rear-naked choke, but for some reason, even with the tight body triangle, he was never able to really come close to finishing the choke. Sullivan eventually spun out of it, and ended up dropping more punches on Waters at the end of the round, possibly stealing the round. In the end, Sullivan wins the fight via unanimous decision, with some really bizarre scorecards. 30-25, 29-27, 29-28, all in favor of George Sullivan.
      This fight was all about Trevor Smith taking Dan Miller to the ground, trying to beat him with elbows and punches, and just grinding out a decision. Due to Miller's solid defensive guard, Smith wasn't able to really do much damage in this fight, but Miller was clearly exhausted at the end of the second round, where he was barely even able to get back to his corner, mostly just from carrying the weight of Smith for the first two rounds. I kept hoping that maybe Miller would pull of a slick last minute submission or something, but he just had nothing left in his tank, after being pretty much dominated by the wrestling of Smith. Nice win for Trevor Smith, but not a real action packed fight at all, just lots of grinding and getting tired.
      Russell Doane put himself in a lot of good positions in this fight, where he could have possibly finished with submissions, but he kept letting Sanders wrestle his way out of things, and then control the fight on the ground. Sanders landed a few strong punches, but really, Doane was winning the striking on the feet. The problem is, most of the fight took place on the ground, with Sanders squashing Doane, and riding his back looking for chokes that he never came close to finishing. In the end, this was a pretty great grappling match, but the fact that none of the submission attempts from either fighter came any closer than they did, left me feeling somewhat disappointed by the fact that the fight went to a decision. Congrats to Sanders, for a pretty big win.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This was actually a pretty fun fight to watch, as Samman came out throwing fists of stone at Magalhaes, trying to take his head off, breaking the nose of Magalhaes early in the fight, causing blood to pour out of his face. After beating his ass while standing, Samman got on the back of Magalhaes, locked on a standing rear-naked choke, it was fucking TIGHT, and Magalhaes fell backward, and started tapping in panic mode. Really impressive performance by Josh Samman. After the fight, Samman tried to shake hands, and Magalhaes spit blood at him, so that pissed off the crowd. I'm actually starting to feel somewhat impressed by Josh Samman. Is he actually a legit fighter at 185? This fight marks 3 wins in a row for Samman.
      Hahaha... I don't know how I feel about this one. I really wanted Blanco to win this fight, but I was concerned when he missed weight by several pounds. The fight started, and he blasted Torre with hard punches & kicks, including a nice kick to the head, and then he rocked him with a big punch, Torre's legs got floppy, and he wobbled backwards, Blanco punched him again on the way down, and the referee jumped in to stop the fight, pulling Blanco off of him, and immediately, Torre started going for a single leg takedown, so he clearly wasn't QUITE out, but I honestly didn't think it was a terrible stoppage. It was a close call, maybe a LITTLE bit early, but if the referee wouldn't have stopped the fight, then Blanco would have smashed Torre, so... Good fight overall, I enjoyed it, and Blanco looked like a maniac, just like the good ol' days.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was pretty fantastic. Throughout the fight, Waterson pretty much destroyed Magana with kicks and punches, rocking her several times, and knocking the wind out of her with kicks to the body. Waterson also had a couple of BRILLIANT Judo throws in the first round, as well as a big suplex in the third round where she dropped Magana on her head. On the ground, Magana LOCKED ON an armbar in the first round, and I honestly thought Waterson was done, but somehow she escaped one of the tightest armbars I've seen in a while, and then continued to put Magana into bad positions, locking on an armbar of her own. There was some nice ground & pound being delivered by Waterson throughout the fight, some amazing wrestling, and she spent most of the third round after that suplex, in full mount on Magana's back, where she eventually finished the fight with a rear-naked choke. This was a really amazing UFC debut by the Karate Hottie, and I couldn't be happier with the fact that she's made it into the UFC. Michelle Waterson is a badass.
(Elbows & Punches)
      Ferreira dropped from 185 for this fight, and Masvidal came up from 155. Ferreira looked pretty massive in there, and he pushed Masvidal around a little bit, and landed a few nice kicks to the head, and some decent punches, but for the most part, was relatively ineffective with his offense, but I still had him winning on the scorecards in the first round, until... Masvidal touched his chin, and finished him off with punches, as Ferreira fell back, somewhat unconscious. He really does look like a beast, but his chin is weak as shit. He needs to either start fighting pure grapplers, or else just stop fighting, because anytime that someone with decent hands touches him, he's done for. Really nice win for Jorge Masvidal, with the first round knockout.
      That fight was shockingly good! Michael Graves is a wild wrestler, full of slams, and driving takedowns, and great ground control. He also showed some really solid striking skills, both elbows on the ground, as well as punches & interesting kick variations while standing. Graves dominated the first two rounds, maybe even 10-8 on one or both of them, and the third round was a close call, because Vicente spent most of the round looking for an anaconda choke, and he was in the perfect position to finish it, but Graves had excellent technique to defend it, keeping his arm down close to his waist to prevent Vicente from sucking it into the choke. Awesome fight overall, and I ended up scoring the fight 30-26 for Michael Graves. I almost gave that last round to Vicente, but by the end of the round, Graves was slamming him again, and smashed him with a hard elbow & a wild punch at the very end of the round, and if it would have continued for another 20 seconds or so, I think Graves could have finished him. Awesome fight by both guys, especially Michael Graves in his UFC debut. All 3 judges gave him the fight, 29-28.
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      This was a pretty shitty performance for Hassan. He landed a few solid punches, and even rocked Usman at the start of the second round, but this fight was all about Usman taking him to the ground, and laying on him, in a tactic that looked like he was just going to grind out a decision, but after he secured his takedown in the second round, he was able to lock on a tight arm-triangle choke for the submission victory. I'll give Hassan credit for not tapping when the choke was first locked on, he fought it for a long time, but eventually he had to tap. Really nice win for Usman.
(Spinning Heel Kick)
      HOLY SHIT! That was fucking awesome. I wanted Thompson to win this fight, and I got nervous for a second, because Ellenberger rocked him, and it looked like the fight was almost over, but Thompson was able to clinch with him, and then slammed Ellenberger, beat him up, controlled him, got back to his feet, and then rocked him several times with some straight punches to the jaw, and then landed a spinning heel kick, nearly finishing Ellenberger, but Thompson was patient, and waited for Ellenberger to stand back up, and then he landed the exact same kick, and knocked Ellenberger the fuck out. Just in case it wasn't over though, Thompson landed some hands on him for good measure. That was another awesome highlight reel KO victory for Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson. THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME!