100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Kaline Medeiros - 92.6
2. Dean Hancock - 92.6
3. Michael Page - 92.6
4. Brennan Ward - 92.4
5. Paul Daley - 91.7
6. Andrey Koreshkov - 91.5
7. Chris Honeycutt - 91.3
8. Parker Porter - 91.1
9. Ilya Kotau - 90.3
10. Kin Moy - 90.3
Bellator 140: Lima vs. Koreshkov
Location: Uncasville, Connecticut
Elevation: 259'
-Fight of the Night-
Kaline Medeiros vs. Sarah Payant
Fighters & Matches 88.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.0
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     This fight was a little bit awkward. It was Kotau's professional debut, and it was Sergiacomi's second fight, with his first fight being 7 years ago. Why did he come back? Kotau hit him with some awkward punches, and knees, not really looking very sharp at all, and eventually he was able to get hte fight to the ground, where he got on Sergiacomi's back, and locked on the rear-naked choke to finish the fight via submission. Decent win for Kotau, but he has a lot of work before he'll be able to compete with anyone that's actual noteworthy.
      Here we have a couple of big "Roy Nelson"-looking heavyweights, slugging it out for the entire first round, hunting heads, and taking names. I thought Porter won the first round with his striking, but they both landed some pretty heavy punches throughout the first 5 minutes, and Bedard started to pick up the pace near the end of the round. The second round was full of more back & forth sluggin', until Porter secured a nice trip takedown, ending up in Bedard's half guard, where he was able to finish the fight with an easy keylock. Decent debut for Porter, I guess? I'm not really sure how he would fair against more experienced heavyweights though.
(Triangle Choke)
      The first round consisted of Tugman securing a takedown, and hugging the shit out of Moy, and I mean, HUGGING THE SHIT out of him. He grabbed ahold of him, and refused to let go for the duration of the entire 5 minute round. He didn't do any damage, but he hugged the shit out of him. The second round was the same thing, with Tugman securing another takedown, and somehow he cut the shit out of Moy's head with an elbow from the clinch (I didn't notice it when it happened, but saw it in a replay), causing a river of blood to flow, even spurting out a few times. Moy was able to work his guard to avoid too much more damage though. They stood back up to check the cut, and then when the fight started back up, Tugman secured another takedown. The third round was more of the same, with Tugman working for takedowns, and controlling Moy. He got careless though, ending up in a high guard, where Moy was able to lock on a tight triangle choke without much effort at all. Tugman pretty much dove headfirst into that submission. Nice win for Moy, especially considering how he was dominated for the first two rounds.
      Cardarelli took the fight to the ground in the first round, and pretty much beat up Giovanella for most of the fight, but Giovanella also launched some pretty solid upkicks, and had a decent guard, so kind of a close first round, but I gave it to Cararelli for controlling from top position. Giovanella I thought controlled most of the second round, until the last minute, when Cardarelli secured another takedown, but by the end of the round, Giovanella was sort of in control, with a bulldog choke being used to keep Cardarelli's offense at bay. The third round had some back & forth action, with Cardarelli showing some decent boxing, but once they hit the ground, Giovanella was able to work his way into top position, inside Cardarelli's guard, where they were both trying to land shots, but not a lot was really happening. In the end, I gave the fight SLIGHTLY to Remo Cardarelli, and all 3 judges gave him the fight as well.
(Guillotine Choke)
      The first round was a pretty basic boxing match, with Lowe winning most of the exchanges with his short hard punches. He also secured a takedown near the end of the round, so that probably secured the round on the scorecards for Lowe. The second round looked like more of the same, until Quinn shot in for a takedown, and Lowe went for a guillotine choke, sort of, it was mostly just used to control Quinn. Quinn was able to pressure him up against the cage though, and they traded positions back & forth like this for a couple of minutes. After half a round of clinching, Lowe dropped down for a takedown, and Quinn locked on a guillotine choke, finishing the fight via submission. Nice comeback victory for Ryan Quinn.
      YEAH! That was awesome. Kaline Medeiros is a beast. Payant landed some decent punches early on, utilizing her reach advantage, but Medeiros shot in on her, took her to the ground somewhat violently, and once they were on the ground, Medeiros beat the shit out of her with punches & elbows, eventually finishing the fight with an awesome Kimura from side mount. Really nice Bellator debut by Kaline Medeiros. She might be my new favorite fighter at 125.
(Corner Stoppage)
      This was a good fight, both guys came out swinging violently, trying to end the fight early, and both guys landed some really good punches. By the end of the first round, they were both bleeding from their noses, and I scored that first round for Hancock, for being slightly more aggressive, as well as securing a couple of takedowns, and getting on Dunworth's back at the end of the round, looking for the rear-naked choke. Coming into the second round, Dunworth looked pretty done, and Hancock picked him apart for a couple of minutes, eventually blasting him with a leg kick that knocked out Dunworth's mouthpiece, and then he blasted him with an elbow, a few more punches, Dunworth was clearly done. The referee stopped the fight for a second to wash off the mouthpiece, but Dunworth's corner threw in the towel during that stoppage, so yeah... Really solid performance by Dean Hancock.
      Michael Page's personality is basically that of a Pro Wrestling character or something, but his striking skills are a lot like Anderson Silva, with very sharp strikes, great head movement, and angles that most guys can't hang with. Page beat up Bears for the first minute, with random punches and knees, and random strikes, and then he did some weird snake dance thing, and then knocked Bears out with a big diving snake punch. Great highlight reel performance for Michael Page.
(Accidental Clash of Heads)
      The first round was mostly just a test of strength, with Honeycutt pressuring Bradley up against the cage for most of the round. A few punches landed, but not a lot of damage was done, other than a small cut to the side of the right eye of Bradley, due to an accidental clash of heads. Honeycutt started the second round with some decent punches and kicks, as he moved in for a takedown. They got back to their feet quickly though, and Honeycutt threw a knee to the body of Bradley. Bradley accidentally poked Honeycutt in the eye with an open palm. They clinched, they pulled apart, Honeycutt landed some solid punch combinations, and then they went in to clinch again, there was an accidental clash of heads, Honeycutt was fine, but it opened up a big gash on Bradley's head. The fight was stopped, and declared a no contest, due to an accidental clash of heads. That really sucks man, I was hoping Honeycutt would win this fight, but that was a shitty way to end the fight. Since I thought Honeycutt was pretty clearly winning the fight up until that point, I'm going to go ahead and give him the victory points, just for the hell of it. Bradley was in no way winning this fight, so there is no way it should be scored as "even".
      This fight was ridiculous. Carroll spent the entire fight trying to pull guard, and doing the butt scoot thing, waiting for Ward to come to the ground with him. Ward kept the fight standing though, where he beat the shit out of Carroll, for the first minute & a half, until Carroll kicked Ward in the Jimmy. Once the fight started back up, Ward boxed the shit out of Carroll, knocking him out in just over 2 minutes, with a massive right hand. Nice win for Brennan Ward.
      Daley beat up Olson for the first half of the first round with his striking, but Olson was able to secure a takedown with about 2 minutes left, where he tried to do the whole ground & pound thing, but Daley's guard was decent, and he was able to avoid absorbing too much damage. About a minute later, Daley was able to spin out of it, getting back to his feet, where he did the standing ground & pound thing, beating up Olson on the ground, and securing the round for Daley. With 10 seconds left, Olson went for an armbar, but Daley was able to wait it out. It only took about a minute in the second round, for Daley to beat the shit out of Olson with brutal punches, putting him down early, and finishing him off with some vicious ground & pound. Decent second round TKO stoppage for Paul Daley.
      These guys are two of the best welterweight strikers in the world, so I really expected this fight to take place standing. Lima also has a great Jiu-Jitsu game, so I figured if the fight went to the ground, it would be because he took it there. Koreshkov has apparently been training with Ben Askren though, so he basically used the Askren formula to take Lima to the ground in every round, beating him up a little bit, and grinding out a 25 minute decision. Smart gameplan I guess? But I REALLY wanted to see a KO stoppage in this fight. Congrats to Koreshkov for winning the Championship though, I guess.