100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Erik Perez - 91.9
2. Jake Ellenberger - 91.6
3. Sam Sicilia - 91.1
4. Daron Cruickshank - 90.8
5. John Albert - 90.4
6. Martin Kampmann - 90.3
7. Myles Jury - 90.2
8. Max Holloway - 90.1
9. Joe Proctor - 89.8
10. Charles Oliveira - 89.6
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Jake Ellenberger vs. Martin Kampmann
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 90.6
TOTAL 90.0
Technical Submission
     Well, that was a pretty awesome fight, but it literally ended for no reason. John Albert was pretty much kicking Perez's ass for most of the fight, going after a plethora of submissions, and it looked like he was controlling most of the first round. Perez started pounding on Albert's face though (to defend a triangle choke), and somehow ended up on top (outside of the triangle), and he went for an armbar, which Albert was doing a great job defending. The referee then stopped the fight due to submission, even though CLEARLY Albert didn't tapout or anything. Kind of a fucked up way to end an otherwise excellent fight.
(Knee & Punches)
      These are 2 more guys that I didn't care about from this season. I didn't like the look on Larsen's face, so I was cheering for Proctor here, so I was happy to see him land the knee to the chin of Larsen, followed by some brutal hammerfists on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight early in the first round. Good quick fight.
      This fight basically consisted of Sam Sicilia throwing huge bombs, and just winging away like a madman, and Marcello sort of butt scooting around, hoping the fight would end up on the ground. Well, eventually the fight DID end up on the ground, after Marcello got punched in the head, and Sicilia was able to finish him off with some punches.
(Guillotine Choke)
      I always wanted Chris Saunders to win his fights, but he's done nothing but disappoint me so far. As for Myles Jury, I don't really remember him much from this season, so he must not have been much of a character eh? With that being said, Chris Saunders was too short to do any damage on the feet against Jury (maybe Saunders should cut to a lower weight class?), and Jury eventually threw a flying knee, followed by the guillotine choke for the submission victory. Kind of a pointless fight really.
      This was a pretty good fight overall. Cruickshank won the first & third rounds, while Tickle won the second round on the judge's scorecards. Tickle also fouled Cruickshank in the first round with an upkick to a downed opponent, so Cruickshank scored a 10-8 round there. Overall, solid fight, I just wish somebody would have finished it.
(Head Kick)
      This fight was pretty good for the most part, Cofer gave it a shot, and held his own for 2 rounds, even though Lawrence proved to be the more successful striker, winning both of the first 2 rounds. Early in the third round, Lawrence threw a kick to the head of Cofer, and knocked him the fuck out. Lawrence looked pretty solid, but clearly his weakness in the future is going to be his ground game, luckily for him, Cofer wasn't able to really do much on the ground, as a wrestler without many submission skills.
      This was a pretty decent 3 round fight. Max Hollaway basically beat the shit out of Schilling for all 3 rounds, using his insane reach advantage to dominate the fight. There were a few moments where Schilling jumped in for flying kneebars and crazy shit like that, but none of it worked, because Hollaway kept walking away from the submissions. In the end, I have to give credit to Schilling for displaying an insane amount of heart, but he still ultimately got his ass kicked.
(Guillotine Choke)
      I've always been a fan of Jonathan Brookins, but after watching this fight, I can't really remember why. Charles Oliveira proved to have the better striking skills during the entire fight, and I thought Brookins was going to break out a solid submission in the second round, but Oliveira reversed it pretty quickly, and locked on a crazy solid guillotine / D'Arce choke. Charles Oliveira is a solid fighter, Brookins on the other hand, I'm not sure how long he'll be sticking around in the UFC, even though he was the winner of a previous season.
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Yes! From the start of the season, I was pushing for Michael Chiesa to win the entire tournament, and he won tonight! BAM! TAKE THAT! VICTORY! The downside is, he looks SO AWKWARD in the octagon! Hahaha... His striking is weird, he always looks so timid, I feel like a more ferocious fighter would destroy Chiesa, but Iaquinta didn't have it in him today. Chiesa wins by putting Iaquinta to sleep around the halfway point in the first round. Great job by Chiesa, but it wasn't much of a fight.
      This was a pretty badass main event to an otherwise lackluster card. The first round started with Ellenberger running over Kampmann like a train, reminding me of Vitor Belfort vs. Wanderlei Silva's highlight reel from back in the day. Once it got to the ground though, Kampmann was able to defend himself pretty well, and the fight slowed down quite a bit. The second round looked like it'd be more of the same, but Ellenberger got sloppy, Kampmann caught him with a knee, and BAM! Fight is over, due to referee stoppage. Great fight overall!