100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Amanda Nunes - 94.2
2. Ray Borg - 93.5
3. Glover Teixeira - 93.2
4. Dustin Ortiz - 93.0
5. Derek Brunson - 92.5
6. Marlon Vera - 92.2
7. Beneil Dariush - 91.6
8. Jonathan Wilson - 91.5
9. Michael Johnson - 91.1
10. Uriah Hall - 90.7
UFC Fight Night 73: Teixeira vs. St. Preux
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Elevation: 597'
-Fight of the Night-
Amanda Nunes vs. Sara McMann
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 91.0
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     We start the night off with one of the worst fights you could possibly imagine. Anthony Christodoulou has to be down there grouped with the worst fighters in the UFC. Holtzman is making his UFC debut here, and they both looked pretty bad. The first round consisted of both guys throwing kicks, and slipping, and falling down, and they both looked sloppy as shit. Holtzman still won the round for landing a few decent shots, but MAN, that was an ugly round.
     If you've ever been curious what it would look like if a no-name local cagefighter, takes on a guy with zero training, then you should be watching the Anthony Christodoulou vs. Scott Holtzman fight. Christodoulou looks like he hasn't trained a day in his life, and for a guy with a record of 7-0, Holtzman isn't making a very good first impression in his UFC debut. This is the sloppiest, most meaningless fight I think I've ever seen in the UFC. Holtzman almost knocked himself out multiple times, by throwing flying elbows (and missing), and throwing leg kicks (and slipping and knocking himself down). WHY are fights like this happening in the UFC?
     Scott Holtzman wins via rear-naked choke in the THIRD ROUND. Why did this fight last 3 rounds? ANYBODY in the UFC, should be able to take out Christodoulou in the first round... I can't honestly say I have any interest in seeing either of these guys fight in the UFC again. That would have been awfully embarrassing if Holtzman would have tapped to the one offensive move that Christodoulou had in the second round, which was a failed attempt at a heel hook? I think? Especially considering Christodoulou was the +1000 underdog or some shit going into this fight.
(Triangle Armbar)
      That was a pretty decent fight. Salazar won the first round with his wrestling, controlling Vera, even though Vera was beating him up with strikes whenever they were standing, so it was a close round, but I still gave it slightly to Salazar. Salazar took the fight to the ground again in the second round, and this time he got caught in a TIGHT triangle choke, but he wasn't tapping, so Vera grabbed his arm and started to crank on that, and forced the submission. Really nice way for Marlon Vera to get his first win in the Octagon.
      BLAM! That was kind of fun I guess. Dempsey danced around a little bit, wasn't really landing anything worth noting, and then about a minute into the first round, Wilson blasted him in the face with a big punch, knocked him on his ass, and then finished him off with hammerfists. That was a really solid UFC debut by Jonathan Wilson.
      That was a pretty boring fight. A very evenly matched fight, but boring. Saenz did a good job grinding his way to a 15 minute decision, AGAIN. Kakai did a good job showing some "solid" wrestling skills, against the guy that is an actual wrestler, but Kakai was never able to turn it up that extra notch into killer instinct mode, which lead to him getting sucked into a boring 15 minute grindfest decision. Congrats to Saenz for continuing his lengthy winning streak, but I mean... Who gives a fuck? This dude needs to learn how to finish some people, instead of grinding out exhausting 15 minute decisions, where he looks like he's going to fall asleep by the end of it. I'm shocked that SOMEONE gave it to Kakai, I mean, it was close, but not close enough to where Saenz wasn't the clear winner.
      Willie Gates did a good job using his 7" reach advantage or whatever, picking apart Ortiz with strikes, but Ortiz's wrestling was too much for Gates, as he would get the clinch, and then take Gates to the ground. Once on the ground, Ortiz pretty much dominated him with his submission attempts & ground & pound. Gates did a great job surviving, and even defending half of the takedown attempts, but Ortiz overwhelmed him in the first two rounds. The third round was more of the same, as Ortiz took him to the ground, got the full mount, and DESTROYED Gates with brutal punches & elbows, and even got the crucifix position from the back mount, and pretty much crushed Gates during every minute of this fight. Really solid showing for Dustin Ortiz. It's worth noting that Willie Gates took this fight on short notice, to replace an injured Ian McCall.
      This was sort of a weird grinding fight. Watson was beating up Camozzi with his boxing, but he wasn't quite as active as I would have liked. Camozzi almost finished him multiple times with submissions on the ground, but Watson shocked me with his ability to escape the chokes. Watson also kicked Camozzi in the balls in the first round, and landed a knee to the groin from the clinch in the second round, which caused the referee to take a point from Watson. If it wasn't for that point, I would have had the fight all tied up going into the third round. The third round was a sloppy boxing match, with both guys looking really tired. I was going to give the third round to Watson, based on his boxing, which would have lead to a draw... BUT... Camozzi secured a takedown, and since there wasn't really that much damage delivered either way in the third round, I ended up scoring this fight 29-27 for Camozzi, with Watson winning the second round, but losing a point for the groin strikes, which dropped his score down to 27. Decent win for Camozzi I guess, but he's still 1-5 in his last 6 fights in the UFC, so why is he even here? To be fair though, Watson probably shouldn't be in the UFC either, he has Cage Warriors written all over him. What? They don't exist anymore? Well neither does Tom Watson as far as I'm concerned. Send him to Bellator or something...
      What the fuck was that? Bamgbose came out strong, landed some solid punches, some nice kicks, he looked good, and then he slipped, Hall fell into his guard, the fight came to a screetching halt as they just kind of laid there. Bamgbose spit out his mouthpiece, so Herb Dean put it back in his mouth, Hall punched him a few times, and that's all she wrote I guess. Congrats to Hall for stopping the Bamgbose hype train dead in it's tracks, but I mean... That was NOT a very impressive victory. That fight very well may be the most disappointing fight, when considering the hype to actual fight ratio, that I've ever seen. Can we hurry up and just move on to the next fight? Thanks...
      Wow, that was a great first round for Ray Borg. He picked Herrera high up in the air, and SLAMMED him down, and then went to town with brutal ground & pound, along with a few submission attempts. Herrera went for a heel hook at one point, but didn't really come close to finishing it, so that first round was 100% Ray Borg. The second round was more of the same, as Borg took Herrera down, and dominated him on the ground with his grappling, going for more chokes, and pressuring Herrera in a way that didn't allow Herrera to get any offense off at all. The third round started the same way, with Borg securing another takedown, but this time, Herrera landed a nice elbow from the guard, which ALMOST stopped the fight due to the cut he opened up on the side of Borg's eye. Borg's face was squirting out blood for the rest of the fight. Herrera won one scramble, which allowed him to get back to the feet, but for some reason Herrera went for a guillotine, which allowed Borg to ended up back in top position. I really would have liked to see Herrera try to unload some ground & pound once he was on top for a few seconds. The fight ended with Borg back on top, going for another guillotine choke, while bleeding all over Herrera. Pretty fun fight overall, but it's hard not to feel frustrated, while watching Herrera totally unabled to do ANYTHING offensive against Borg. Really impressive unanimous decision victory by Borg.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      YEAH! That's my girl! I was shocked to see that Nunes was a huge underdog going into this fight, as I had her ranked higher than McMann. With that being said, Nunes beat her ass while standing, working some great boxing, working the angles, and when McMann tried to get takedowns, Nunes showed tremendous takedown defense. She eventually clipped McMann with a hard shot in the first round, McMann went down, Nunes got on her back and beat the shit out of her, and then finished her off with a rear-naked choke. That was fucking awesome. I would like to see Nunes vs. Alexis Davis next, with the winner getting the next title shot after Miesha Tate. (With the expectation that Nunes would destroy Davis). But yeah, this fight was awesome, and I couldn't be happier about the fact that Nunes looked like a beast out there. AWESOME win for Amanda Nunes.
      This fight started with both guys clinching, and Johnson surprisingly took Rosholt to the ground, sort of, but it didn't take him long to get back to his feet. There was a decent little scramble, where Rosholt took Johnson to the ground, went straight into the full mount, started looking for an arm-triangle choke, but Johnson was defending with a guillotine? Rosholt eventually got side control, and pinned Johnson up against the cage, where he hit him with some heavy shots, but Johnson was saved by the bell before anything significant happened. Hahaha... Between rounds, Rosholt's corner broke a bag of ice, which poured out next to Rosholt's stool. Luckily, Joe Rogan wasn't a commentator tonight, otherwise he would have ripped them a new asshole. The second round started with Johnson swinging for the fences, but Rosholt was able to get him back under control in the clinch, where they traded positions a few times. Shit got boring for a few minutes, but shit eventually got wild, with Rosholt slipping, and Johnson tried to attack him, putting all 265 pounds on the back of Rosholt, but Rosholt was able to get him to slip off his head, leaving Rosholt in top position. Rosholt went for an Americana, and I thought he was going to finish the fight with that, but Johnson somehow survived, so Rosholt just finished the round beating up Johnson on the ground. The third round started with Johnson throwing bombs, and maybe even rocking Rosholt, but Rosholt went back to the clinch, with every intention of grinding out a decision. So yeah, I'm getting pretty sick of this heavyweight division. There are maybe 10 guys that I get excited to watch, but everyone outside of the Top 10, makes it almost painful to watch, especially when the fights last all 3 rounds. Johnson really turned it up at the end of this fight, nearly knocking out Rosholt with some big looping punches, but then instead of finishing, he took Rosholt back to the ground, giving him time to recover. So in the end, I scored this fight 29-28 for Rosholt, and I think most people would probably agree with that decision.
      Well, that was kind of hard to watch, since I wanted Alvey to win this one. But yeah, Derek Brunson is a beast, and I figured he'd probably be too much for Alvey. Brunson was way more active, his pressure was too much for Alvey, he closed the distance early, and then destroyed Alvey with big punches, throwing all of his body weight into each one, rocking Alvey a few times, knocking him flat on his face, and then he finished him with some ground & pound. You could argue that the stoppage was a LITTLE bit premature, especially since Alvey has a reputation for great comebacks, but I mean... He was getting fucked up, so... I'm not going to complain too much about the stoppage. Really nice TKO victory for Derek Brunson against a tough opponent.
      This was a pretty good fight I guess, but I can't help but be a little disappointed with Dariush's lack of a killer instinct in this fight. He kicked the shit out of the legs & body of Johnson, and Johnson rocked him a few times with some nice punch combinations. So really, this fight was all about Dariush's kicks & counters, against Johnson's speed and boxing. In the end, I scored this fight 29-28 for Michael Johnson, even though I WANTED Dariush to win... and uh... Dariush somehow won, via split-decision? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! Hey, I'm fine with that... I'm not going to complain, but holy shit, Johnson got screwed.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round of this fight was pretty wild, with Teixeira showing some outstanding wrestling, taking St. Preux to the ground multiple times, and completely controlling him on the ground. St. Preux threw a knee to the groin that slowed down Teixeira though. Once the fight started back up, St. Preux almost finished Teixeira with big punches, but Teixeira took him down again, and dominated him for most of the round. St. Preux almost got a Von Flue choke, but Teixeira still won the round in my opinion. The second round was more of the same, with Teixeira picking up St. Preux, dropping him to the ground, and dominating him from St. Preux's half guard, beating him up with heavy elbows and punches. The third round was the same thing, with Teixeira taking him down, beating the shit out of him, and then he finished the fight with a tight rear-naked choke. That was a pretty great performance by Glover Teixeira, proving that he still has some contender in him! Really solid fight, I'm glad it ended when it did though, because two more rounds could have looked pretty sleepy.