100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. John Lineker - 94.6
2. Anthony Johnson - 92.5
3. Raquel Pennington - 92.1
4. Corey Anderson - 92.1
5. Ross Pearson - 92.1
6. Paige VanZant - 91.8
7. Andrei Arlovski - 90.7
8. Joe Riggs - 90.7
9. Francisco Rivera - 90.6
10. Paul Felder - 90.5
UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
John Lineker vs. Francisco Rivera
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.8
     The first round was a little slow, but it was a pretty decent boxing match, with Malegarie landing several left hooks, and he controlled the first half of the round or so. Silva then started beating him up, so Malegarie shot for a takedown, failed, Silva blocked it with a basic guillotine attempt, landed some knees, broke apart, and by the end of the round, Malegarie had a couple of cuts on his head, and Silva looked like he was still in decent shape. The second round started with Malegarie securing a couple of takedowns. Silva did a good job getting back up, but the takedowns had to count for something, eh? Once they went back to striking, Malegarie seemed to be fighting a little more from "panic mode", where Silva seemed calm & relaxed. Both of the first two rounds seemed pretty close, but I think I'd have to score them for Silva. Silva started to work his kicks & knees more frequently in the third round, but Malegarie pretty clearly out-boxed him for the duration of that final round, so in the end, I'd probably score the fight 29-28 for Silva, but I kind of WANTED Malegarie to win. Silva was moving forward more often, but Malegarie landed more significant strikes, with a lot of great counters... so... The judges gave it to Silva, via split-decision, but... 30-27 on the two scorecards that they gave Silva? That's insane... Malegarie AT LEAST won that last round. Either way, close fight, and decent debut for both guys.
(Illegal Upkick)
      The first round was a pretty wild boxing match, with Stallings hurting Riggs early with a punch to the right eye, maybe a poke, maybe a cut, maybe a broken bone? Not sure... But it weas clearly bothering Riggs, and it almost caused the fight to end, but Riggs started winging wildly, escaping a bad position, as Stallings was destroying him from the clinch. Riggs secured a takedown, Stallings went for a triangle choke, transitioned to an armbar, and then reversed positions, with Stallings ending up in side mount, before standing back up. Nice grappling exchange for both guys, especially Stallings. Riggs secured another takedown, this time trying to work some ground & pound from inside the guard of Stallings, blasting him with some nice heavy elbows. I'm not real sure who won that first round, but Riggs ended up with a giant scratch on his right eye, not a cut, but a big scrape. OH SHIT! Riggs looked like he wasn't going to make it into the second round, and as soon as the round started, Riggs BLASTED Stallings with some heavy punches, knocking him to the ground, where Riggs unloaded some HEAVY ground & pound on him, cutting the left eye of Stallings. Awesome comeback for Riggs. Those were some BRUTAL elbows. Skull crushing / jaw breaking style elbows. Stallings landed an illegal upkick, they paused the fight for a few seconds to check on the eye of Riggs, and the doctor stopped the fight because Riggs said that he couldn't see. The actual INJURY was from the first round, but he sort of used the illegal kick as an excuse to have the fight stopped, and then... Riggs wins via DQ? Meh... That's a questionable call, but... I don't know man... All of the most recent fights of Riggs have ended in questionable fashion (weird injuries, etc...) So.. I feel like he should call it quits at this point... Either that, or maybe go to WSOF? He doesn't belong in the UFC anymore though.
      The first round of this fight was pretty ugly, with ugly boxing, ugly kicks, awkward grappling, a leg lock attempt by Silva, some takedowns by both guys, and Silva ended the round on Collard's back, looking for a rear-naked choke. I assumed Collard was going to win that round, but I feel like with the onslaught from Silva in the final minute, I'm going to score the first round for Silva. The second round was another ugly round of striking, with wild shit being thrown, but not a lot of connecting from either fighter. Collard did his best impression of a helicopter, throwing countless spinning backfists, and missing almost all of them. He finally knocked Silva down, and bashed his face in with big punches for a few seconds, but Silva started to work for more submissions, and once again, ended the round on the back of Collard, looking for another rear-naked choke. With 30 seconds left, Collard got back on top, and beat up Silva with some more ground & pound, leaving the scorecards all tied up going into the third round in my opinion. The third round was the same story, with Collard throwing wild shit, probably winning the round, and the Silva started to work his grappling in the final minute, ending the round in top position, so... I would score this fight, 29-28 for Collard, but I can see it going either way. OH SNAP... The judges gave Silva the split-decision win? Weird... I really thought Collard had that one in the bag.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The opening round of this fight was pretty wild. Pennington pretty much beat the shit out of Andrade with her boxing, and elbows, and knees from the clinch. Andrade on the other hand, took Pennington down 3 times, and pretty much dominated her on the ground. I guess I would have to give the round to Andrade for the takedowns, but... Pennington seemed to land a lot more shots, so...? The second round had Pennington beating up Andrade for most of the round, but Andrade secured a couple of guillotine chokes, so... Who won that round? OOOOPS, nevermind... Pennington choked out Andrade with just a few seconds left in the round, with a really slick rear-naked choke.
(Guillotine Choke)
      OH MY GOD! I knew this fight was going to be awesome, but HOLY FUCK! THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME! Lineker was swinging for the fences, throwing insane bombs, he rocked Rivera, so Rivera tried to defend himself by throwing bombs back at Lineker, Lineker nearly crushed Rivera's skull with brutal punches early in the round, he knocked him down, he fucked him up, Rivera got back up and kept swinging at Lineker, so Lineker locked on a guillotine choke for the submission victory. That was one of the wildest fights I've ever seen. AWESOME first round submission victory for John Lineker.
      The first round of this fight was crazy! Pearson blasted Felder with some solid punches, Felder worked a boring clinch game, but landed a few decent elbows & knees. Felder threw a kick, Pearson caught it, and threw Felder to the ground. Felder landed some nice elbows from his guard, they stood back up, and the round eventually ended with Pearson knocking Felder to the ground, and landing some ground & pound before the buzzer. I gave the first round to Pearson, mostly because of the dramatic way the round ended. The second round had Pearson landing a LOT of great punches to the body of Felder, as well as some nice kicks to the body & head. Pearson's footwork was also noteworthy. Felder landed once nice spinning back kick to the body of Pearson, as well as some nice leg kicks. I gave the second round to Pearson, mostly based on his boxing & counter attacks. The third round was more of the same, and It thought Pearson won that round as well, with his counter punching, his great footwork, solid boxing all around, as well as some nice kicks. Felder landed a few hard shots, but ultimately, I feel like Pearson deserved to win this fight 30-27. Two of the judges agreed, giving Ross Pearson the hard fought split-decision victory. That was an AWESOME fight.
      The first round was closer than I think a lot of people would have expected, considering Paige was the 11 to 1 favorite or some ridiculous shit like that. Paige was able to throw Chambers once, and she beat her up inside the clinch quite a bit, but Chambers did a good job pounding away at the chin of Paige with some nice little uppercuts from inside the clinch as well. Good scrappy round for both fighters, but the first round goes to Paige. The second round was another beatdown, with Paige destroying Chambers from inside the clinch, controlling her for the entire round, and she almost finished the fight with some hard punches up against the cage, but Chambers refused to quit, and every time Big John threatened to stop the fight, Chambers would come back swinging. Really good fight so far, even though it's been pretty one-sided going into the third round. The third round was another minute or so of Paige mauling Chambers, taking her to the ground, smothering her, beating her down, she went for a rear-naked choke, Chambers escaped, Paige went for an armbar, and finished the fight via submission. Really nice win for Paige, but 11 to 1 underdog Alex Chambers is tough as hell.
      Blachowicz throws HARD kicks to the body, and he also secured a nice takedown, and also went for an armbar off his back when Anderson took him down. Blachowicz was already running out of energy by the end of the round though, and Anderson started to pick him apart with knees from the clinch. Blachowicz won that first round, but... I don't feel confident about his chances in the next two rounds. The second round started with another hard kick from Blachowicz, Anderson caught it, took him to the ground, and then beat him up from inside Blachowicz's guard for the remainder of the round, pinning him against the cage and landing some hard elbows. The third round was a repeat of the second round, with Anderson taking Blachowicz to the ground, and beating the shit out of him for another 5 minutes. That was a pretty great showing for Corey Anderson, even getting a couple of 30-25 scorecards from two of the judges. Really nice win, and fun fight to watch assuming you enjoy the ground & pound tactics.
      Manuwa landed some really hard kicks, Johnson landed some decent strikes, and Johnson took Manuwa down with a couple of nice scoop slams in the first round, even getting on Manuwa's back for a few seconds, securing the first round for Johnson. The second round started, they exchanged some punches, Johnson blasted Manuwa in the face with a massive right hand, and the fight was stopped by the referee. Really solid win for Anthony Johnson.
      Well... I was really looking forward to this fight, it was a legendary old school matchup, with both guys climbing the heavyweight ladder recently, shocking the world, but coming into this fight, they both looked like old men. I gave the first round to Arlovski, the second round to Mir, mostly for securing a takedown, and the third round goes to Mir, for knocking Arlovski down, and beating him up with a few elbows. For the most part though, Arlovski controlled this fight from the clinch, laying on Mir, and stalling for 15 minutes, against the cage, in a boring ass fight. Going into this fight, they were talking about the winner of this fight maybe getting a title shot, but fuuuuuuuck that. These guys should both retire at this point. Congrats to Arlovski for a boring ass unanimous decision.
      I didn't think there was really a very clear winner in the first round. Johnson was constantly moving forward, and shot for 3 takedowns, but Dodson defended against all 3 takedowns, and also threw a lot of punches to the body of Johnson. It was a close round, but I gave it slightly to Dodson. The second round was pretty clearly Dodson's round, as he caught a kick from Johnson, and then took him to the ground, and smashed him with some punches, before getting back up. Johnson shot for another takedown, and Dodson threw him across the cage. Johnson also tried the flying clinch move thing, and Dodson threw him to the ground again. Johnson was scoring a lot of points by grabbing Dodson's leg, trying to take him down, pushing him against the cage, and punching him in the face a lot, and he even cut his nose with some elbows using this method in the third round. Dodson was keeping things competitive, but as everyone probably expected, Johnson was turning up the pace in the third round, clearly winning that round. The fourth round goes to Johnson for the same reasons, constantly moving forward, and controlling the fight, and landing more shots, and securing takedowns. The fifth round was more of the same. I fully understand that Demetrious Johnson is one of the best fighters in the entire world, pound for pound, etc... but... I agree with the people that are saying he's pretty much killing the division. I don't really enjoy watching him fight, the same way I don't enjoy watching Floyd Mayweather fighter. All they do is run away, and stall. To be fair though, Dodson didn't go in there with the killer instinct that was necessary to get rid of Johnson, so... Congrats to Demetrious Johnson for another long winded 25 minute decision.