100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Roger Huerta - 94.4
2. Clay Guida - 93.0
3. Jared Rollins - 91.5
4. War Machine - 91.3
5. Mac Danzig - 90.9
6. George Sotiropoulos - 89.7
7. Troy Mandaloniz - 89.6
8. Ben Saunders - 89.5
9. Matt Arroyo - 89.4
10. Richie Hightower - 88.4
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Roger Huerta vs. Clay Guida
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 90.8
TOTAL 89.8
Technical Submission
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     I don't really like either of these guys, so I didn't are who won this fight... In the end, it wasn't that exciting of a fight... They both displayed sloppy striking skills, and sloppy wrestling, and this just wasn't that fun of a fight to watch... In the end, Jonathan Goulet won the fight via rear-naked choke late in the first round, and Paul Georgieff refused to tap, so he ended up going unconscious forcing the referee to stop the fight... I'm kind of glad that this fight wasn't on the actual telecast, because it wasn't as good as any of the fights that actually aired...
(Achilles Lock)
      Roman Mitichyan got injured before his first fight on the Ultimate Fighter TV show, so we never got to see him fight... Dorian Price on the other hand, fought & lost on the show... So this fight was kind of interesting, because Roman came out, took Price to the ground, locked on an ankle lock, and won the fight by submission in 23 seconds... I like Roman because he hangs with Karo Parisyan & Manny Gamburyan, but I still don't know much about him, so this was a decently impressive, albeit one sided, fight...
      Aw man, I've been a fan of John Kolosci from the beginning, both because he's from Indiana (my hometown), and his last name... With that being said, he pretty much got his ass kicked by Matt Arroyo... Kolosci took the fight to the ground, and then spent the rest of the time trying to defend against the submission attempts by Matt Arroyo, eventually getting caught in an armbar... Matt Arroyo wins by first round submission...
      Yeah! This was a pretty fun fight... Probably not the most technically exciting fight, but it featured two brawlers, they both laid it all out on the line, and they both almost got knocked out... Richie Hightower started the fight like a ball of fire, throwing some huge punches & fast combos, and I was almost ready to believe that Hightower was going to destroy Mandaloniz in the first round, UNTIL, Mandaloniz landed a huge punch that almost knocked out Hightower... And then he landed a huge knee to the chin of Hightower... And then he landed a huge jab, and eventually, even though Hightower threw MORE punches, Mandaloniz easily did more damage, eventually crushing Hightower's face in the first round for the heavy KO victory... Both of these guys are fun fighters to watch, but on a more personal level, I'm definitely a bigger fan of Mandaloniz... Good fight by both fighters...
      This fight was pretty good, although I'm not a fan of Dan Barrera at all... The fight basically consisted of Ben Saunders throwing some really solid kicks both to the head & body of Barrera while standing, and then Barrera would try his damndest to take Saunders to the ground, but once the fight went to the ground, Barrera basically just laid there, and Saunders dominated him with his Jiu-Jitsu defensive skills... Saunders almost knocked out Barrera a couple of times, and he came close to finishing with a few submissions throughout the 3 round fight, leading to the unanimous decision victory for Ben Saunders... I love that guy...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight basically started out the same way as the Saunders vs. Barrera fight... Billy Miles came out swinging, and tried to take Sotiropoulos to the ground, but was entirely unsuccessful... The fight DID go to the ground, but Sotiropoulos immediately showed that he's the better submission grappler, locking on a rear-naked choke for the submission victory somewhat early in the first round... George Sotiropoulos is legit...
      Wow... What an amazing fight... Jon Koppenhaver always has a good performance for the first couple of minutes of each fight he's in, but then he usually gets winded and just loses the rest of the fight... Well, that happened this time, Koppenhaver looked good in the first round, but then Rollins made a comeback, and the entire second round had Rollins dominating Koppenhaver with some brutal elbows (from the bottom) to the top of Koppenhaver's head, leaving a huge cut on the top of Koppenhaver's head... The third round was more of Rollins dominating Koppenhaver, until eventually Koppenhaver was able to sweep Rollins, climbing into full mount, and then he started to rain down huge elbows & punches, knocking out Rollins via ground & pound, leaving Koppenhaver with the KO victory in the third round...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Well, that was impressive... I expected Mac Danzig to win the entire tournament, but once I realized he was going to fight the much larger Tommy Speer in the finals, I started to get concerned... Well, those concerns evidently were meaningless, because Mac Danzig absolutely dominated Tommy Speer... The fight started with Mac Danzig taking Speer to the ground, he beat up on him for a minute or two, and then locked on the rear-naked choke for the quick submission victory... Mac Danzig is a legitimate bad ass, and if he's seriously dropping down to 155 after this fight, then I'm extremely excited to see how he matches up against some of the best fighters in that weight class... This was a good fight, and Mac Danzig is the man, and the official "Ultimate Fighter" in regards to the TV show...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Wow, this fight was another amazing fight by Roger Huerta & Clay Guida... Both of those guys bring it 100% in every fight, and this fight was no exception... They both displayed amazing standup skills while striking with each other, they both displayed great wrestling (although Guida seemed to have the advantage in that department during most of the fight), and they both showed excellent submission skills... This was an all around fast paced, exciting, bad ass fight, and at the start of the third round, Roger Huerta came out (after losing the second round), and completely destroyed Guida, with some heavy punches, and he finished it all with a tight rear-naked choke, forcing Guida to submit... Both of these guys are bad ass, but I feel bad for Guida, because he tends to lose a lot of fights, but he's still VERY exciting, so hopefully the UFC will keep him around for a while... Now, I would like to see Roger Huerta take on someone ranked above him, maybe Kenny Florian or something... Regardless of who they fight next, both of these guys have exciting futures ahead of them...