100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Louis Smolka - 94.2
2. Tom Breese - 93.4
3. Patrick Holohan - 92.6
4. Darren Elkins - 92.3
5. Neil Seery - 91.5
6. Aisling Daly - 91.5
7. Steven Ray - 91.1
8. Darren Till - 90.9
9. Nicolas Dalby - 90.8
10. Krzysztof Jotko - 90.1
UFC Fight Night 76: Holohan vs. Smolka
Location: Leinster, Ireland
Elevation: 387'
-Fight of the Night-
Louis Smolka vs. Patrick Holohan
Fighters & Matches 89.5
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.7
     They traded kicks to start off the first round, and Bush went for a takedown from the clinch, he got McLellan to the ground, but found himself in a guillotine choke, so they stood back up, and got back in the clinch, as Bush continued to try to take the fight to the ground. Halfway through the first round, Bush finally secured an official takedown, and McLellan continued to try to get back to his feet, while defending with loose guillotines. Bush was controlling McLellan, but not really doing much on the ground, and McLellan tried to crank a Kimura, but he didn't have a great position for it. With 20 seconds left, McLellen locked on another guillotine, and Bush barely slipped out at the last second. That was kind of a hard round to score, and it basically comes down to the wrestling & control of Bush, compared to the submission attempts from McLellan. They both looked pretty exhausted coming out for the second round. Bush took the fight to the ground pretty quickly, and went for a wild rear-naked choke, but McLellan wouldn't give up his back, as he got back to his feet. Bush went for another takedown, McLellan blatantly grabbed the fence to defend, and landed on top of Bush, and the referee "sort of" warned him, but in my opinion, he should have stood them back up, and given him a more severe warning. McLellan then spent the rest of the round beating the shit out of Bush with some pretty brutal punches & elbows. McLellan came out strong in the final round, rocking Bush with the first uppercut he threw, and then he shot for a takedown, and slammed Bush to the ground. McLellan was looking for a rear-naked choke, and Bush used that to scramble out, taking McLellan to the ground. Bush took his back, but McLellan was able to shake him off, and then he secured another takedown. From there, McLellan spent the rest of the fight beating up Bush with short punches. That was another piss poor performance for Bush, and I'm sort of holding a grudge against McLellan for the blatant foul in the second round (grabbing the fence), which completely changed the pace of the fight. With 2 seconds left in the final round, McLellan finished off Bush with some brutal punches on the ground. Solid win, but that fence grab was bullshit.
      The first round was a pretty wild boxing match, with both guys throwing caution to the wind, but Elkins eventually secured a takedown, but Whiteford was only on the ground for a few seconds, before popping back up. Whiteford rocked Elkins with an uppercut, and then Elkins took him down again, and beat the shit out of him with some heavy punches. Whiteford eventually got back to his feet with about a minute left in the round. I gave the first round to Elkins based on his grappling control, as well as his aggression. Elkins continued his aggression in the second round, Whiteford clipped him a few times, but Elkins was able to grab Whiteford's back on the ground just 90 seconds into the second round. Whiteford spun out of that, and Elkins punished him with elbows. They continued to scramble like crazy, Whiteford unloaded a Judo throw, but Elkins got right back up and took Whiteford to the ground again, and continued to pound on him with punches, and knees to the body. Elkins also tried to crank a guillotine choke in the final 20 seconds, but he couldn't quite get it locked on. Whiteford landed some sharp punches to start the third round, but again, 90 seconds in, and Elkins had Whiteford on the ground against the cage. They got back up, traded punches, Elkins rocked Whiteford, and took him back down, beating the shit out of him with more punches. Elkins grabbed Whiteford's back with about a minute left in the fight, looking for a rear-naked choke, but he couldn't quite get underneath his chin. The final minute of the fight had some pretty brutal ground & pound being delivered by Elkins though, as he clearly pulled off the clear unanimous decision victory, even nearly finishing it in the final 5 seconds with a tight rear-naked choke. Awesome one-sided performance for Darren Elkins.
(Body Kick & Punches)
      Breese busted up the nose of Pendred early in the first round, and even knocked him down to a knee at one point. Pendred was coming forward though, looking to land some big shots, but he was having trouble getting inside the reach of Breese. The longer the fight lasted, the sharper Breese's boxing looked, as he continued to bust up the face of Pendred, he knocked him to the ground, and brutally destroyed the face & head of Pendred, forcing the referee to step in to save Pendred. Another awesome showing for Tom Breese, handing Pendred his first loss in Ireland, via first round TKO. I appreciate that Pendred at least tried to be more aggressive in this fight, but Breese nearly killed the poor guy.
      Askham threw some hard leg kicks early in the first round, and the Jotko grabbed him, and threw him to the ground. From there, Jotko started to work toward passing the guard. Jotko appears to have a pretty strong base though on the ground, staying close to full mount for several minutes. Jotko punished him with some ground & pound, cutting open his face, but Askham was eventually able to get back to his feet, but Jotko threw him to the ground again. This time Askham went for a triangle choke, transitioned into an armbar, it looked like it was fairly tight, but Jotko was able to stay calm. Askham continued to crank on that armbar, and Jotko slipped out with about 30 seconds left in the round. The submission attempts scored points for Askham, but I still think Jotko probably won that first round with his ground & pound. The second round was basically a kickboxing match, and I gave it to Askham, based on a couple of head kicks that looked like they might have woken up Jotko. Jotko really tried hard to take the fight to the ground in the final round, Askham tried to throw him, and Jotko magically ended up on top, but they just stood back up. They clinched for a while, traded strikes for a while, and in the end, it was a hard fight to score. I kind of wanted Askham to win, but based on the amount of damage done to Askham's face, I'd probably have to give this fight to Jotko. The judges gave him the fight via split-decision, and I think that's a good way for this fight to end, because it was awfully close.
      Daly came out like a ball of fire, with her head down, she was throwing wild punches, trying to take out Almeida early, but Almeida did a decent job using her clinch to get Daly back under control. The fight slowed down pretty quickly though, once Daly got control of the clinch, as she just pressed Almeida up against the cage in a stalemate. Daly eventually took Almeida down with one minute left in the round. Daly was clearly dominating her against the cage, by folding her up, but she didn't really do any damage, as Almeida was able to hold onto her wrists. Daly landed a few hard punches in the final 15 seconds, winning the round, but she wasn't able to get the finish. Daly came out the exact same way in the second round, throwing wild punches, they clinched, and this time Daly got her to the ground in the first minute of the round. Daly sort of went for an arm-triangle, but she was on the wrong side of Almeida, and Almeida did a good job keeping her tied up. Daly gave that up, and beat the living shit out of Almeida with some pretty solid ground & pound. Almeida locked on a triangle for a few seconds, but Daly fought out of it, and then Almeida took her to the ground, ending up in side control. Almeida then went crazy with submission attempts, going for a choke, an armbar, and then another choke. Almeida spent the final minute or so digging for a rear-naked choke, but Daly did a solid job defending. I had the fight all tied up going into the final round. Daly was landing some decent punches while Almeida was on her back though, so that kept things closer than they probably should have been. Daly came out looking for the kill again in the third round, landing some REALLY hard shots, but Almeida went for a flying armbar or SOMETHING, and she ended up kind of hanging on in an awkward position next to the cage. Almeida finally slipped off, and Daly blasted Almeida's knees with some hard elbows to break up the guard. Daly showed some really interesting strikes in the final round, throwing elbows to the legs of Almeida, like she was trying to break her foot off or something. Daly beat the shit out of Almeida in that final round, that was a pretty fantastic performance by Aisling Daly. Awesome fight overall, and strong 29-28 unanimous decision victory for Aisling Daly.
      The first round was a pretty basic boxing match. Lebout landed a few decent shots, but Ray's left hand rocked Lebout a few times, and he also landed some decent kicks. The first round goes to Stevie Ray. The second round was more of the same, with both guys throwing punches & kicks, with Ray delivering more noteworthy shots. They clinched a few times, and Ray did a good job staying on his feet, and keeping Lebout away from him. The first two rounds go to Stevie Ray. The final round was more of the same, Stevie Ray looked like he was playing it kind of safe, and Lebout clearly wanted to finish the fight, but I still think Ray won that final round, especially since in the final 5 seconds, he picked Lebout up in the air, and dumped him on his head. Pretty decent fight, I'm shocked that Ray didn't finish the fight, but a solid performance none-the-less, with the pretty clear cut unanimous decision victory.
(Guillotine Choke)
      That first round was close. Both guys were swinging for the fences, Seery rocked Reyes a couple of times, and the grappling seemed to be fairly even. At one point, Seery threw Reyes to the ground, and Reyes ended up on top, switching positions in midair. The second round started the same way, and this time, Seery locked on a tight guillotine early on, but Reyes was able to slip out of it, and then transitioned around to the back of Seery. Seery was able to slip out of that, and they stood back up and clinched against the fence. Reyes turned it up a notch, blasted Seery with some hard punches, Seery locked on another guillotine choke, Reyes picked him up in the air and slammed him, and then tapped out to the choke. Really nice win for Neil Seery.
(Majority Draw)
      The first round was pretty decent, Till seemed to be picking apart Dalby a little bit, and then he blasted him with a massive uppercut at the end of the first round, nearly finishing Dalby with the ground & pound that followed, but Dalby was saved by the bell. The second round also goes to Till for landing some hard punches, and knocking Dalby to the ground again at the very end of the round. Dalby knew he had to finish the fight going into the third round, so he took Till down, beat him up, they stood up, and Dalby did everything he possibly could to knock Till's head off his shoulders. Dalby scored another takedown with 2 minutes left in the fight, as he battered Till's face with heavy punches, and Till didn't look like he had anything left at all. That final round was close to a 10-8 round for Dalby, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone ended up scoring the fight a draw because of it. Technically I think Till won, based on the 29-28 scoring system, but if you just pay attention to who was beating the shit out of the other guy for the final 3 minutes of the fight, then this fight should easily go to Dalby. In the end, one judge gave the fight to Till, 29-28, and the other two judges scored the fight a draw, which leaves it as a "Majority Draw", which I think fits the action well, and since we don't do draws here, I'm giving the victory points to Till, since he scored more points overall.
      The first round wasn't quite as eventful as I was hoping it would be. Madadi came out looking pissed, but once they clinched, the action slowed down quite a bit. Madadi was trying hard for single leg takedowns, but Parke did a good job staying on his feet. I gave the first round to Parke. Parke spent most of the second round avoiding the fight, and Madadi was eventually able ot take him to the ground. They stood back up before anything significant happened though. Madadi was kind of trying to fight, but he looked like he was slowing down pretty quickly. I guess Parke won the first two rounds, but to be honest, this fight is putting me to sleep. Neither fighter is giving the impression that they'd like to finish the fight with any sort of style points. I guess I'm going to score this fight 30-27 for Parke, and all 3 judges agreed. This fight kind of sucked though.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Holohan came out, got the body clinch, and pulled Smolka to the ground, with Holohan ending up in side control, but Smolka locked on a D'Arce choke from bottom position. Holohan cleared the submission with some knees to the body, and then went for a guillotine of his own, and there was a wild scramble were tons of crazy shit happened, and Holohan sort of went for a twister. There was more wild scrambling, and Holohand went for a heel hook. Smolka escaped, got on top, and then went for an ankle lock of his own. Holohan kept coming forward though, and drove Smolka's back down to the mat again. After an insane 5 minutes of grappling, Smolka blasted Holohan with some hard punches & elbows while standing to cap off the round. I'm not even going to begin trying to score that round. The second round was a wild brawl, followed by another wild scramble, and Holohan hopped on the back of Smolka, tied him up in a crazy position, while looking for the choke. Holohan locked on the body triangle, and was digging for the rear-naked choke, with 4 minutes left in the round. After 90 seconds of that, Smolka finally rolled into top position, and battered Holohan's body with elbows, and then locked on a painful looking guillotine choke, but Holohan fell back to escape. From there, Smolka beat the shit out of Holohan with hard elbows on the ground. There was some more wild scrambling, Smolka mounted Holohan, punched the living fuck out of his face, nearly finished the fight with strikes, and then he took Holohan's back, and finished the fight with a rear-naked choke. That fight was fucking insane, and both of these guys are fucking monsters at 125. They both really stepped up and saved this event in my opinion.