100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Holly Holm - 94.5
2. Kyle Noke - 93.2
3. Joanna Jedrzejczyk - 93.1
4. Ben Nguyen - 92.9
5. Jake Matthews - 92.6
6. Robert Whittaker - 91.4
7. Daniel Kelly - 91.3
8. Mark Hunt - 91.0
9. Gian Villante - 90.6
10. James Moontasri - 90.5
UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm
Location: Victoria, Australia
Elevation: 75'
-Fight of the Night-
Holly Holm vs. Ronda Rousey
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.9
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Ben Nguyen came out swinging, rocked Benoit early, knocked him to the ground with punches, and then dropped into full mount, where he continued to pound on Benoit. Benoit rolled onto his stomach, and Nguyen started digging for the rear-naked choke, but Benoit was able to defend himself decently on the ground. Eventually, Nguyen flattened him out again, locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and Benoit was forced to submit a little past the halfway mark of the first round. Very impressive performance for Nguyen with the slick first round submission victory.
(Spinning Back Fist)
      Moontasri came out throwing ultra fast leg kicks, but Zafir was able to slow him down by clinching with him against the cage. Zafir eventually took the fight to the ground, where he landed in Moontasri's half guard. Zafir showed some decent enough wrestling to win most of the round, but Moontasri was able to get back to his feet in the final minute, where he landed a nice spinning back kick to the body, followed by a spinning back fist, which caused Zafir to crumble to the ground. Awesome first round stoppage by James Moontasri.
      Walsh started this fight with some hard leg kicks, and Kennedy stared this fight by sucking. Kennedy looked terrified, and was practically running away, as Walsh continued to hunt him, moving from the brutal leg kicks, up to a general boxing attack. Kennedy REALLY sucks at fighting. Walsh is a pretty bad fighter, and he absolutely dominated Kennedy in the opening round, which means Kennedy is REALLY bad (as in, "not good at fighting"). Kennedy somehow was able to take Walsh to the ground a couple of times, where he did his best to cling to the back of Walsh. Kennedy almost finished the fight with a rear-naked choke at the end of the first round, but Walsh was barely able to spin out of it, and was saved by the bell. That opening round looked like a "really interesting fight, between two amateurs". I'm going to score that first round a draw. The second round was the same thing, with Walsh dominating on the feet, nearly finishing Kennedy with strikes, and whenever the fight went to the ground, Kennedy was looking for submissions. Walsh even sort of pulled guard with one of the worst guillotine attempts I've ever seen. These guys both really suck. I'm going to say the winner is "whoever wins the third round", because those first 2 rounds were just sloppy, and could have gone either way, but I'd PROBABLY lean toward Walsh so far if I had to pick. The final round was a sloppy boxing match, and Walsh ended up grabbing the back of Kennedy. They stood back up, and Walsh continued to beat up Kennedy, but for some reason, he kept allowing Kennedy to fight on the ground, which was a dumb gameplan for Walsh. There was one point where Walsh was beating up Kennedy, Kennedy shot for a takedown, didn't even make contact, fell on his ass, and then Walsh fell down, as he tried to dodge the shot. That fight was fucking ridiculous. It was ENTERTAINING, but it was technically one of the worst fights I've ever seen. Congrats to Walsh for the unanimous decision victory.
      Kelly came out applying some pressure, he blasted Montgomery in the face with a big punch, but Montgomery countered with a knee to the body. They clinched, and Kelly threw Montgomery to the ground with a quick little Judo throw, and then slaughtered his face with a series of quick elbows. Kelly went for a rear-naked choke, Montgomery rolled out of it, and Kelly continued to beat the shit out of him from various top positions. Montgomery got back to his feet for a few seconds, but was thrown to the ground again. Kelly went for a D'Arce choke with 20 seconds left in the round, but Montgomery escaped, and was saved by the bell. That might have been a 10-8 round for Kelly. Montgomery looked a lot better in the second round, as he was blasting Kelly with some hard punches, and some solid knees, but Kelly continued to pressure him, looking to work his clinch again. Kelly eventually brought him back to the ground, went for a D'Arce choke again, and Montgomery slipped out to get back to his feet. I'd say this fight was probably all tied up going into the final round. The final round had both guys trading strikes, and it was pretty even for the most part. Kelly took Montgomery to the ground again in the final couple of minutes of the round, and was looking for submissions. He mounted Montgomery with about 40 seconds left in the fight, and continued to beat the shit out of him with strikes, clearly pushing the cards in his favor, and then almost finished Montgomery in the final 20 seconds with an arm-triangle choke. Solid win for Daniel Kelly.
      These guys have a combined record of 1-5 in the UFC, if that sort of puts into perspective the level of fighters we have here. Granted, most of their losses are against tough fighters, like Jorgsensen, Cariaso, Smolka & Scoggins. Martinez was winging huge punches in the first round, ducking down, and throwing wildly, but Vaculik was able to get the fight to the ground, where Martinez ended up on top anyway. Martinez wins the first round. Martinez continued to throw bombs at the head of Vaculik to start the second round, and was winning most of the round with his striking, as well as his wrestling. Vaculik grabbed his back at one point, but for the most part, I still think Martinez is ahead, 2-0. The final round was more of the same, with Martinez throwing bombs, and a little bit of grappling, that didn't really lead to anything noteworthy. Vaculik tried to make it a fight in that final round, but as soon as he started doing some damage, Martinez took him back to the ground and got him back under control. Congrats to Martinez for earning his first UFC victory, via unanimous decision, leaving him with a record of 1-3 in the UFC.
      Well, that fight kind of sucked... Villante was picking apart Perosh, landing some solid leg kicks, landed a head kick, rocked him with a few punches here & there. After several minutes of beating up Perosh with some pretty standard striking, Perosh got blasted with a right hand, which caused Perosh to land face first on the canvas. Solid first round KO victory for Gian Villante, but yeah, that was kind of awkward watching the 43 year old Perosh hobble around in there, without much in the way of offense at all.
(Body Kick & Punches)
      OH MY GOD! That was fucking violent. It started out with Noke picking apart Sobotta with strikes from distance, but then he landed a straight kick to the body of Sobotta, which caused him to scream out in pain as he collapsed. From there, Noke jumped on him, and hammer-fisted the fuck out of his face, until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Really awesome finish for Kyle Noke in Australia.
(Doctor Stoppage)
      OH SHIT! That was wild. Akbarh rocked Matthews with a head kick in the first round, beat his ass, got on his back, and almost finished him with a rear-naked choke, and with about 30 seconds left, Matthews slipped out of it, got on top, and beat the living fuck out of Akbarh for the final few seconds. I feel like Akbarh won that round, but that explosion at the end from Matthews was fucking violent! The second round started with Matthews driving through for a takedown, he ended up in Akbarh's guard, where Matthews chopped his face up with brutal elbows. That round was basically 4:30 of Matthews slaughtering Akbarh on the ground. In between rounds, Akbarh's right eye was swelling shut, as his eye lid looked like a fucking grape (with a cut on top of it). So yeah, the doctor stopped the fight, and Matthews wins via TKO after 10 minutes of awesome action.
      Struve looked like a giant compared to Rosholt. Rosholt started the fight trying to throw bombs, but he couldn't get inside the reach of Struve, so he shot for a takedown, and pinned Struve to the ground. He had trouble passing the long legs of Struve, but eventually he moved into side control. Struve sort of slipped out, but Rosholt's wrestling pretty clearly won the first round for him. Rosholt tried to take down Struve again in the second round, but Struve was able to stay standing. He finally secured a trip takedown about halfway through the second round. Rosholt did a decent job controlling Struve on the ground, but he wasn't really doing much damage, other than a few diving punches. Rosholt got sloppy at the end of the round, and got BLASTED to the side of the head with some pointed elbows from Struve on the ground, but Rosholt was saved by the bell. Rosholt spent the entire third round trying to take Struve to the ground, while Struve picked him apart with his striking. With about 90 seconds left in the round, Struve started swinging wildly, but Rosholt was able to keep him under control with the clinch. That was boring as shit. I kept thinking Struve might let loose with something, but he was too timid, and Rosholt did the lay & pray thing. Fuck that fight. Rosholt wins, 29-28 via unanimous decision.
      Whittaker looked like a monster in that first round, throwing MASSIVE bombs, hard leg kicks, he rocked Hall, and then after Hall went crazy with some ninja kicks, Whittaker caught him, and took him to the ground, where he controlled him, and beat him up with elbows for most of the round. The first round definitely goes to Robert Whittaker. The second round was a pretty decent scrap, with both guys landing some hard shots, but Hall was still having trouble really getting aggressive, and Whittaker's nose was fucked up, so he was clearly breathing out of his mouth by the end of the round. They came out swinging in the final round, and Hall got rocked, and it looked like maybe his eye was fucked up, so he grabbed ahold of Whittaker's arm in a panic, but Whittaker was behind him, so he was able to maintain control pretty easily, pressing Hall up against the cage. I thought Hall was about to get stopped, but then he broke free, and started beating the shit out of Whittaker, landing multiple head kicks, and working some knees from the clinch. By the end of the fight, they were both just going for it, trying to run over each other, but they were both hurt enough to where it became unclear who was really winning in my opinion. In the end, I guess you'd have to give the fight to Whittaker, but MAN, Hall put up a good fight. All 3 judges gave the fight to Whittaker, and two of them gave him all 3 rounds.
      Well then... There you have it... A couple of heavyweights that always make me nervous, because you SORT OF get that feeling that they shouldn't be fighting anymore, but once they start throwing bombs & kicks at each other, it starts to make a little more sense. Both guys landed some solid shots in this fight, but in the end, Bigfoot tripped over his big foot, and as he was trying to regain his balance, Hunt punched him in the ear, Silva fell to the ground, and Hunt finished him off with a few more punches. Solid win for Mark Hunt, the (sort of) hometown hero.
      I was going to give the first round to Letourneau, based on a takedown, and some decent clinch work, but by the end of the round, Joanna was opening up on her, blasting her with hard kicks to the face, as well as some violent punch combinations. The second round was more of the same, with Letourneau trying to work her clinch, while landing some solid shots here & there, and Joanna was unloading on her at every opening. Both of the first two rounds were close, and I'm not entirely sure how to score them. The third round I thought was pretty clearly Joanna's, as she beat the shit out of the lead leg of Letourneau, while continuing to pick her apart with punches. By the fourth round, it was really starting to look one-sided, as Joanna was throwing insane combinations, constantly moving forward, blasting those leg kicks, and controlling the pace of the fight. The final round was more of the same, with every punch Letourneau would land, Joanna would return 7 or 8 strikes, in violent combinations. That was a pretty awesome fight, a 25 minute war, I gained a lot of respect for Letourneau here, but yeah, Joanna Jedrzejczyk is a badass champion!
(Head Kick & Punches)
      OH MY GOD!!! Ronda Rousey looked really terrible in this fight. He came out swinging, missing almost all of her punches, her face was bloodied up in the first round, as I think Holm broke her nose or something. Rousey tried to take her to the ground a few times, and Holm slammed Ronda to the ground, and then got back up. By the second round, Ronda looked exhausted, and Holm continued to pick her apart with her boxing, and then she BLASTED her with a massive head kick, followed by some brutal punches on the ground, forcing the referee to jump in, and Ronda Rousey was OUT COLD. That was fucking insane, I believe that's the biggest upset in MMA history, and Holly Holm is the new UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. HOLY SHIT that was good. Ronda looked REALLY bad though.