100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Georges St. Pierre - 94.4
2. Chuck Liddell - 93.9
3. Roan Carneiro - 92.0
4. Wanderlei Silva - 91.8
5. Manny Gamburyan - 91.6
6. Rich Clementi - 90.4
7. Tony DeSouza - 89.6
8. Matt Hughes - 89.4
9. Mark Bocek - 88.7
10. Lyoto Machida - 88.5
UFC 79: Nemesis
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes
Fighters & Matches 87.0
Top 10 Fighters 91.0
TOTAL 89.0
     This was sort of a back & forth fight, between 2 guys that I couldn't really care less about... From the looks of things, Douglas Evans is the better boxer, and Mark Bocek is the better grappler... I gave the first round to Douglas Evans due to the fact that he had better striking, and he seemed to be able to completely nullify Bocek's ground attack... The other 2 rounds went to Bocek for completely controlling Evans & working his elbow strikes while on the ground, etc... So in the end, it was a very close fight, especially since Evans locked on a kimura during the last couple of seconds of the fight, but Bocek was saved by the bell, and won the unanimous decision, out-scoring Evans 2 out of the 3 rounds...
      This fight was kind of an action packed, yet slow paced, chess match... The first round had Roan Carneiro taking DeSouza to the ground, but once they were on the ground, DeSouza had a chance to shine, by showing some nice Jiu-Jitsu transitions & submission attempts... Carneiro's submission skills were good enough to keep him out of trouble though, so I gave him the first round, since he was basically able to control DeSouza for the majority of that round... The second round was more of the same, with Carneiro taking DeSouza to the ground again, but this time, Carneiro got on DeSouza's back, and punched him in the back of the head until eventually the referee had to stop the fight due to strikes... Solid victory for Roan Carneiro... Tony DeSouza's ground game is pretty cool, but he's kind of slow, and I'm not really sure how much of a chance he would have against the top fighters in the welterweight division... Carneiro looks semi-impressive though...
      Wow... What a hell of a fight... And by "hell of a fight", I mean "It was hell, watching this fight..." It was 3 rounds of standup fighting, between a wrestler & a submission expert... So basically what we're left with, is a fight between 2 guys that don't know how to punch, don't know how to kick, don't know how to throw knees, don't really know how to takedown anybody, etc... What a crap fight... In the end, Dean Lister wins by unanimous decision, because he took Radev down twice (in 15 minutes)... Lame as fight, and if Lister doesn't learn how to strike soon, then he needs to go back to King of the Cage or something, and forget about the UFC for now...
(Achilles Lock)
      That was quick... Manny is a scrappy little dude, and he probably belongs down around 145 pounds, but he's fighting at 155 for now... The fight basically starts with Manny taking Mohr to the ground, and then locking on an ankle lock for the submission victory... The fight lasts a minute & a half, and Gamburyan walks away proud, and Mohr walks away injured... It's as simple as that...
(Illegal Knee to the Head)
      This was lame... I've seen guys in Pride take huge knees to the head, several times, and still keep fighting... In this fight, it was kind of slow from the start, both guys had "meh, ok" standup skills, but once the fight went to the ground, Cane threw a knee to the eye of Irvin (which apparently was illegal) and Irvin fell backwards as if he had been shot in the face with a shotgun, in my opinion, over-reacting... Maybe it was a harder shot that I thought, or maybe it hit him JUST in the right spot, but I've seen guys take harder knees to the face before, and not give a shit... So whatever... Cane gets disqualified for the illegal knee to the face of Irvin while on the ground... Lame fight...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was some sort of hardcore Louisiana grudge match... I guess Clementi already beat Melvin in a kickboxing match at some point, and now they're finally fighting in an official MMA match... The fight started with Clementi dancing around the octagon, throwing quick punches & hard kicks, and Guillard wasn't really able to land much of anything... Eventually, Melvin had a nice punch combo that rocked Clementi, but then he slipped & fell on his ass, allowing Clementi to get on top of him, 100% out grapple him, and eventually after schooling Melvin Guillard, Rich Clementi won the fight via submission due to a rear naked choke at the end of the first round... GREAT fight...
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
      Man... That sucks... I was riding the hype of the African Assassin, SOKOUDJOU!!! After he dominated Nogueira & Ricardo Arona in Pride earlier this year, I was thinking his UFC debut would be pretty spectacular... Instead, he got dominated by one of my least favorite 205 pound fighters in the world, Lyoto "Karate Man" Machida... So Lyoto Machida continues his 12 fight (undefeated) winning streak, and Sokoudjou gets completely dominated on the ground by Machida's Jiu-Jitsu... The end of round 2 arrived, the arm triangle was locked on, and Machida walks away with the victory, probably securing a title shot, which will suck...
      This was a boring fight that featured 2 big heavyweights... Eddie Sanchez is a pretty solid striker, so I guess even though I hated him when I first saw him fight, he's starting to sort of grow on me... Sao Palelei on the other hand, had a terrible UFC debut tonight, and he pretty much got his ass handed to him for 3 rounds by Eddie Sanchez... Palelei is supposed to be known as a bad ass kickboxer or something, but yeah, he was pretty terrible... Eddie Sanchez wins halfway through the third round, because Palelei basically just gave up for no real reason... I guess his nose was broken or something? Meh, whatever... Lame fight, no idea why this was on the PPV...
      FINALLY, Chuck Liddell gets to fight Wanderlei Silva... FINALLY, I got to see it all unfold... And as great as the fight was, I still can't help but feel disappointed that it went to a decision, and neither guy got knocked out... Still, it was a pretty awesome fight, Chuck looked sharp with his punches, Wanderlei showed some nice tactical leg kicks, and some solid punching, even though he didn't get off nearly as often as Chuck did during the exchanges... In the end, Chuck Liddell won at least 2 of the rounds, MAYBE all 3, and the judges agreed, giving the unanimous decision victory to Chuck Liddell... Good show by both fighters, and I REALLY hope Wanderlei stays in the UFC to fight some more, even though he now has 3 losses in a row... Both guys are fun to watch, good stuff...
      Aw hellz yeah! GSP is back, and he put a hurtin' on the farmboy, Matt Hughes... In their last fight, Georges St. Pierre showed that his striking game was 1,000x's better than the striking of Hughes, by knocking him the fuck out... In this fight, GSP took down the wrestler (Hughes), multiple times, he threw him around showing off some solid Judo skills, and he eventually submitted Hughes near the end of the second round, via a BAD ASS brutal looking armbar... GREAT fight, GSP is the man, and hopefully he'll get his shot against Matt Serra in the near future... As for Hughes, I can't imagine he'll be fighting much after this one... He looks like he's ready to retire, so we'll see what happens with that...