100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Rose Namajunas - 93.5
2. Aljamain Sterling - 92.9
3. Tim Means - 92.6
4. Santiago Ponzinibbio - 92.3
5. Michael Chiesa - 91.2
6. Sage Northcutt - 91.1
7. Thiago Santos - 91.0
8. Sergio Moraes - 90.9
9. Kailin Curran - 90.5
10. Danny Roberts - 90.2
UFC Fight Night 80: Namajunas vs. VanZant
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Rose Namajunas vs. Paige VanZant
Fighters & Matches 89.2
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.4
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Kagan came out swinging, pressuring Curran against the cage, and then Curran threw her to the ground with a head & arm throw, but Kagan got right back up, and continued to pressure Curran. Curran kicked Kagan in the head at one point, and then locked on a triangle choke in the final 10 seconds, leaving the round a 10-10 in my opinion. Kagan looked pretty beat up coming out for the second round, and Curran looked like she was just being patient, waiting to capitalize on something. Kagan was swinging wildly, as if she was just praying for a knockout so she could go take a nap, but Curran wasn't actually getting hit very often, considering the number of punches Kagan was throwing. Kagan clinched with Curran, Curran took her to the ground, hopped on her back, and finished the fight via rear-naked choke near the end of the second round. Solid way for Curran to earn her first win in the UFC.
      The first round was off to a slow start, with both guys sort of trading strikes, but not much was happening, until Tukhugov caught a kick from Nover, threw him to the ground, and then they stood back up. I gave Tukhugov the round, mostly based on that throw. The second round was pretty slow as well, with both guys trading strikes, until Tukhugov blasted Nover with a massive right hand, knocking Nover to the ground, where he flopped around wildly trying to defend himself. They stood back up, and not a lot happened from that point on. Tukhugov is up 2-0 going into the final round. Nover BLASTED Tukhugov in the final round with a kick to the head, but Tukhugov didn't even seem phased by it. They both went to the ground, and Tukhugov controlled the wrestling until they stood back up. In the end, Tukhugov easily won this fight in my opinion, AT LEAST 29-28, if not 30-27. For some reason one judge gave the fight to Nover, but it doesn't matter, because Tukhugov still wins via split-decision.
Technical Submission
(Triangle Choke)
      I was happy to see that Coy shaved his head for this fight. His hair is ridiculous. The first minute passed without much action, they traded some strikes, but nothing noteworthy happened. Halfway through the round, Roberts threw a body kick, Coy caught it, took Roberts to the ground, Roberts slapped on a triangle choke, which wasn't even really that close to being locked on with his legs, but he changed it to an armbar, and finished the fight via submission. I saw Coy tap, but once Roberts let him go, Coy looked slightly unconscious, so I guess they called it a technical submission because he passed out? I don't really know if it was the choke or the armbar that finished that fight to be honest. Either way, it was a solid win for Danny Roberts.
      Stahl shot in for a pretty slick takedown in the first round, but Ponzinibbio did a good job getting back to his feet. From there he continued to pick apart Stahl with his jab. Stahl was trying to counter with bombs, but he wasn't connecting with much of anything, as Ponzinibbio was always one step ahead of him. With 2 minutes left in the first round, Ponzinibbio really started to beat the shit out of Stahl with his boxing, throwing combinations, and landing with almost all of his shots. With a minute left in the round, Stahl finally landed a nice 2 punch combination, and then Ponzinibbio landed a massive right hand, knocking Stahl on his ass against the cage, where Ponzinibbio finished him off with a couple more punches on the ground. Really solid performance by Santiago Ponzinibbio.
(Guillotine Choke)
      In the first round, Sterling showed some GREAT movement, throwing some flashy kicks, and constantly changing levels, but Eduardo was still landing the louder kicks, blasting the legs of Sterling. Sterling shot for a takedown halfway through the first round, and secured it fairly easily. In the final minute of the round, Sterling blasted Eduardo with some really hard punches on the ground, causing Eduardo to tie him up to stall out the round. Really nice round for Sterling. Sterling's movement was still too much for Eduardo, as he was picking him up from all directions, and Eduardo spent the entire round chasing him down. Eduardo continued to score with some really hard leg kicks, but that's really all he was throwing. Sterling shot for a takedown with 2 minutes left in the second round, ending up in Eduardo's guard. From there, Sterling blasted him with some brutal Jon Jones style elbows, chopping his way past that guard. Eduardo flipped around looking for a leg, but Sterling maintained control, eventually locking on a tight guillotine choke, forcing Eduardo to submit. AWESOME performance by Aljamain Sterling.
(Accidental Eye Poke)
      Sooooo... They came out, Carlos threw a couple of strikes (punch & a kick), nothing landed, and then he stuck half of his finger inside the eyeball of Casey's right eye. The fight was then stopped and declared a no contest, because Casey said he can't see at all. That really sucks. Very unfortunate ending to a fight that could have been pretty decent.
      The first round was VERY close, until there were 90 seconds left, where Akhmedov BLASTED Moraes with a massive right hand, knocking him to the ground, where Akhmedov continued to circle around him on the ground, while kicking his legs. That moments was pretty exciting, but it slowed down quickly, as he let Moraes stand back up. Moraes struggled to get a takedown, which Akhmedov defended against nicely. The first round goes to Akhmedov. The second round was mostly just a boxing match, with Akhmedov taking the slight lead there. The final round looked like it was going to be the same story, some basic boxing, pushing us toward a decision victory for Akhmedov, UNTIL!!! Moraes blasted Akhmedov with a hard right hand to the chin, Akhmedov got rocked, and Moraes unloaded on him, causing Akhmedov to crumble into a cloud of dust. That was a pretty shocking comeback finish for Sergio Moraes, against a fairly tough opponent.
      Means blasted Howard early with a hard right hand, and then a flying knee, and then Means nearly climbed out of the cage. If this was a WWE Cage Match, Means could have won right there. Howard ended up pulling him off the cage, and taking him to the ground, but Means popped right back up, and continued to attack Howard. Howard landed a few solid boxing combinations, but the massive reach advantage that Means had, made it difficult for Howard to get inside for more than a few seconds. Means was clearly beating up Howard with his striking, so Howard shot in for a powerful double leg, but once he got him down, he wasn't really able to do anything with it, before Means stood back up. Howard never let go though, slamming Means again, but Means immediately popped back up to his feet. The first round clearly goes to Means, even though Howard showed some solid wrestling skills. The second round started, they danced around for a few seconds, Means landed a nice leg kick, and then punched Howard in the face with a big left hand, knocking him unconscious, and then once Howard hit the ground, Means threw a final punch to the face, and then walked away. AWESOME KO victory for Tim Means.
      The first round had Theodorou throwing some really hard kicks, to the legs, body & head of Santos, mixing it up nicely, while throwing a few decent punches as well. Santos landed a couple of solid shots, but for the most part, the first round was 100% Theodorou. The second round started with more of the same, but Santos was a little more active, so Theodorou scooped him up, and took him to the ground. Santos stood back up, and Theodorou worked hard for another takedown, but Santos beat him up with elbows to defend. The referee eventually brought them back to the center of the cage. Santos actually secured a takedown in the final 30 seconds, but Theodorou secured two more takedowns in the final 10 seconds, so... I THINK I'm still giving that round to Santos, based on the damage with the elbows, but that round could have gone either way, depending on whether you base it on damage (Santos) or takedowns (Theodorou). Theodorou wasted the entire final round shooting for more takedowns (and failing), and Santos beat the shit out of him with knees from the clinch. The fight was almost stopped halfway through the final round due to a cut above Theodorou's right eye. Theodorou's cardio did NOT hold up in this fight. I ended up giving the fight to Santos, 29-28. It seemed pretty clear to me, even though Theodorou dominated that first round with his striking. I'm just not sure why he gave up on the striking for the final 2 rounds. All 3 judges agreed, giving Santos the unanimous decision victory. Two of them scored it 29-27? I'm not sure how that happened, unless one of those final rounds was a 10-8 round for Santos I guess?
(Guillotine Choke)
      Pfister took Sage to the ground as soon as the first round started, and he stayed in top position for the first half of the round, but Sage locked him up, leading to a stalemate, so the referee stood them up, which basically fisted Pfister. Sage immediately shot for an explosive takedown, and then proceeded to beat the shit out of Pfister for the rest of the round, also locking on an arm-triangle choke, which he messed up, but still easily stole the round. Sage shot for another takedown to start the second round, locked on a guillotine choke, and finished the fight via submission early in the second round. Nice win for Sage, especially considering his legendary status was nearly crushed by Pfister's first round takedown.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round started with some awkward striking from both guys, Chiesa took Miller to the ground, and then got dominated by Miller's grappling, as Miller had his back, with the body triangle, while looking for the rear-naked choke for the last couple of minutes. Chiesa took Miller down again to start the second round. This time, Chiesa was able to batter Miller with some elbows, but Miller went for a kneebar, Chiesa rolled out of it, Miller switched to a heel hook, and Chiesa escaped that, mounted Miller's back, punched him a lot, locked on a tight rear-naked choke, and finished the BJJ Black Belt via submission about halfway through the second round. That was a really impressive win for Michael Chiesa.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      The first round had Namajunas beating the living shit out of VanZant, cutting her up with elbows, pounding her out with punches, grappling the shit out of her, both dominating her with wrestling as well as submission attempts. Namajunas looked like a machine out there. The clinched in the second round, Paige was trying with all of her might to throw Namajunas, but Namajunas showed some awesome takedown defense, and ended up throwing Paige to the ground. They stood back up, and Paige FINALLY took Namajunas to the ground, but Namajunas easily reversed it, ending up on top. Paige's face was ALL fucked up halfway through that second round, as Namajunas continued to rip her apart with elbows & punches. Paige ran in there for the third round, and Namajunas took her down again, without any trouble at all. Paige finally fought her way into top position, but Rose popped right back up. They exchanged some punches, and Rose continued to pick apart VanZant. Rose Namajunas is a fucking animal! They eventually stood back up, Rose jumped on Paige's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, Paige jumped backward to slam Rose, Rose refused to let go, she locked the choke in deeper, as blood 100% completely covered her entire face, and Rose eventually gave it up, mounted Paige, and then slaughtered her with more punches & elbows. The fourth round started the same way, with Rose easily taking Paige to the ground, she locked on an armbar, Paige slipped out, and Rose continued to chop away at her face with sharp little elbows. Rose grabbed Paige's back, and continued to grapple the shit out of her. It LOOKED like Rose snapped Paige's arm with an armbar, and Paige somehow rolled out of it, and fought her way to the top, which was insane, but Rose pretty quickly grabbed her back again. The round ended with another pretty wild back & forth scramble in the clinch, and Rose capped the round off with another takedown. AWESOME fight so far, and both of these girls are beasts, but yeah, this fight has been 100% one-sided for Rose Namajunas so far going into the final round. The final round started with Namajunas beating up VanZant on the feet, and then she took her down again from the clinch. After continuing to dominate VanZant for another minute or so, Rose locked on another rear-naked choke, locked that shit on tight, and VanZant was forced to submit. This was a nearly flawless perormance for Rose Namajunas. HANDS DOWN the #1 contender in my opinion. That fight was fucking awesome.