100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Tony Ferguson - 93.7
2. Frankie Edgar - 93.2
3. Ryan Hall - 91.8
4. Geane Herrera - 91.7
5. Evan Dunham - 91.3
6. Tatsuya Kawajiri - 91.3
7. Edson Barboza - 91.1
8. Chris Gruetzemacher - 90.5
9. Ryan LaFlare - 90.4
10. Mike Pierce - 89.9
UFC The Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Tony Ferguson vs. Edson Barboza
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.5
TOTAL 90.2
     The first round was pretty decent, with Lloveras kicking the shit out of Gruetzemacher, especially with some big kicks to the body. Lloveras also shot for a couple of takedowns, but for the most part was unsuccessful due to Gruetzemacher's solid takedown defense. Gruetzemacher reminds me a little bit of Chris Leben, with his "constantly moving forward" tank like attitude. I gave the first round to Lloveras though. Gruetzemacher's boxing kept the round close though, so it could have gone either way. Lloveras worked his clinch in the second round, wrapping himself around to Gruetzemacher's back, until he was able to lock on a standing rear-naked choke, but Gruetzemacher did a good job slipping out of it. The last half of the round was a pretty solid back & forth kickboxing match, and I'm not really sure who I have winning this fight at this point. I guess I would leave it up to the third round? Lloveras took the fight tot he ground a couple of times in the final round, so for the first half of the round, I was leaning slightly toward Lloveras for the win. Grutezemacher did a good job standing back up though, and once they were on their feet, he worked his dirty boxing a bit, to gain back some more points. This was a really close fight that probably could have gone either way, but I gave it slightly to Gruetzemacher, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory in his UFC debut.
      Sanchez showed really solid footwork in the first round, circilng around Herrera, and picking him apart with punches, and then getting out of the way when Herrera would try to counter. Herrera took this fight on short notice, and he looked like he was already getting kind of tired by the end of the first round, and he hadn't even really done much of anything yet. The first round goes to Sanchez pretty easily. Herrera grabbed his back in the final 10 seconds, but that wasn't enough to steal the round. Herrera looked a lot better in the second round, landing some solid combinations of his own, and slipping out of the way of some of Sanchez's punches. Sanchez turned into a buzzsaw though, as he worked his way inside, and really started to beat up Herrera with punches in the last half of the round. Herrera threw some wild flying knees and stuff, leaving a trail of blood on the hairline of Sanchez. Sanchez moved in again, and then Herrera knocked him the fuck out with a massive left hook, followed by some fast punches on the ground before the referee could pull him off. Pretty solid fight overall, and great first UFC win for Geane Herrera.
      I've been waiting for Mike Pierce to return for a couple of years, ever since Rousimar Palhares ripped his leg off. Apparently he broke his hand during that time off as well, which contributed to the reason he was gone for so long. LaFlare did a good job picking apart Pierce on the feet in the first round, which caused Pierce to shoot for a takedown, but he wasn't able to finish it. He shot for a second takedown after catching a kick from LaFlare, but LaFlare defended that one as well. LaFlare probably won the second round as well, even though Pierce was more active in this round, and landing some really nice combinations that rocked LaFlare, but it seemed like LaFlare's movement was causing some problems for Pierce. That second round really could have gone either way though. The final round was another pretty close boxing match, with Pierce landing the harder shots, so I hgave that round to Pierce. In the end, this fight could have gone either way, 29-28. I sort of wanted Pierce to win, so I'm disappointed that the judges gave the fight to LaFlare via unanimous decision. Especially since Pierce REALLY won the final 30 seconds of the fight with some hard brawling punch combinations, so he should have AT LEAST won that round, and one judge gave all 3 rounds to LaFlare. Oh well, good fight overall, and solid win for LaFlare.
      Absolutely nothing happened in the first minute of this fight. Gonzaga then landed a leg kick, and then nothing at all happened for another minute or so. Gonzaga threw a head kick, and then nothing happened for another minute or so. The crowd really started to boo around the halfway mark of the first round, as only 2 strikes were thrown so far in the first 2:30 of the fight. Gonzaga then shot in for a takedown, and Erokhin hit him with some punches on his way in, which caused Gonzaga to give up trying. A few punches were thrown going both ways, and then Gonzaga shot for another takedown, and failed again. Gonzaga wins the first round by being more aggressive, but it really wasn't a very eventful round. Gonzaga finally finished a takedown in the final 10 seconds. The second round was another slow shitty round. Gonzaga landed a couple of punches, so I guess he wins the round. I took a nap, and when I woke up, Gonzaga won via unanimous decision. This fight sucked, and even though Gonzaga won, considering he lost his last 3 fights going into this one, and then had a shitty performance here, I think the UFC should fire this dude. As for Erokhin, 0-2 in the UFC now? Eh... I could do without seeing either of these guys again.
      The first round started fairly evenly, until they clinched, and Erosa locked on a guillotine, flipped Wrzosek to the ground, turned it into a D'Arce choke, and it looked like he could finish it at any moment, and then Wrzosek slipped out of it. They traded some strikes on the feet before the end of the round, but I gave the round to Erosa for that submission attempt. Wrzosek took "Juicy J" to the ground in the second round, but couldn't really do anything with it, so they stood back up. Wrzosek landed some decent punches in the second round, including one that spun Erosa like a top. Going into the final round, I had the score all tied up. Erosa kicked Wrzosek in the balls to start the third round, but the timeout didn't last long. Wrzosek was pressing forward in that final round, securing some takedowns, and landing some solid punches, and at one point he locked on a guillotine, but Erosa slipped out of it pretty easily. This fight really could have gone either way, and I don't think either fighter really looked particularly exceptional in this fight. Erosa secured a takedown in the final minute of the fight, but he couldn't really do anything once they were on the ground, other than another D'Arce attempt, which Wrzosek slipped out of easily. Decent fight I guess, but it's another one of those "hard to care about" TUF fights. The judges gave the fight to Erosa, via split-decision.
      Kawajiri shot for a takedown to start the fight, and he landed in Knight's rubber guard, where Knight destroyed his head with sharp elbows, but Kawajiri eventually slipped out of the triangle, and tried to pass Knight's guard. Kawajiri couldn't pass the guard, but he landed some solid punches & elbows to score some points from inside Knight's guard. Kawajiri really started to hammer the head of Knight with heavy elbows & punches in the last half of the round, which I thought was enough to steal the round for Kawajiri. Knight left that round with a pretty bad cut under his left eye. The second round started the same way, with a spinning backfist from Kawajiri, followed by a takedown, while Knight was pulling guard, so they ended up in the same position they were at the start of the first round. Knight continued to work that rubber guard, and Kawajiri continued to work those elbows & punches. The referee stood them up, and then Kawajiri took Knight right back down again. Kawajiri sort of passed the guard of Knight, into full mount, sort of, but Knight did a good job constantly pulling him into half guard again. Knight looks dangerous off his back, but not as dangerous as Kawajiri's top game ground & pound. Kawajiri came out into the third round, threw a hard spinning side kick, threw some punches, and took Knight right back to the ground again. The referee stood them back up, and Kawajiri took Knight right back down again, this time landing in side control. There was a weird position where Knight tied up Kawajiri's arm behind his back with his legs, and Kawajiri had Knight's arm pinned with his knee, so it ended up as a stalemate, so the referee stood them back up again. Kawajiri shot in for another takedown, and once again kept Knight under control. Pretty solid showing by Tatsuya Kawajiri, and a decent debut by Jason Knight. I gave the fight to Kawajiri, 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed.
      For every couple of punches Lauzon would throw, Dunham was returning fire with 3 or 4 punches. Dunham's boxing was on point in that first round, as he basically picked apart Lauzon. Lauzon landed a handful of decent shots, but it seemed like he was having a hard time getting close enough to Dunham, because he had to walk through a chainsaw blade of punches just to get within range. Lauzon shot for a takedown at the end of the round, and Dunham just shrugged it off, and then he even secured a takedown of his own from the clinch in the final seconds. Round one goes to Dunham. The second round was more of the same, with Dunham landing WAY more shots than Lauzon, leading to a 2-0 scorecard for Dunham going into the final round. It's worth noting that Dunham looked a full weight class above Lauzon in this fight, which allowed him to pretty much bully Lauzon for the duration of the fight. Dunham also landed 3x's as many significant strikes as Lauzon throughout the fight, so yeah, this fight was 30-27, Evan Dunham all day long. Joe Lauzon looked like shit in this fight.
(D'Arce Choke)
      That first round was fucking insane! Ferguson went for a flying kneebar, 2-3 different times in that round, and one of those times, as he was trying to unlock Barboza's legs, Ferguson (from his back) blasted Barboza in the face with some hard punches & elbows. Ferguson kicked Barboza in the face though (while both were on the ground), so the referee took a point away from Ferguson. Both guys also landed some pretty hard shots on the feet, so it could have gone either way really, but I think I'm going to score the round for Ferguson, but with him losing that point, it leaves the first round as a 9-9 round. Ferguson chopped Barboza's face off with an elbow in the second round, that left him looking like DC's Two-Face, but Ferguson's left eye was also cut pretty badly. Shit got crazy, Barboza shot for a takedown, Ferguson threw him away, went for a guillotine, then locked on the D'Arce, and Barboza was forced to submit. That fight was fucking insane, with both guys doing a lot of damage, and Ferguson just won probably the biggest fight of his life so far. That fight was AWESOME, and in my opinion, it should put Ferguson VERY close to a title shot, if not next in line after Cerrone. Fight of the Night, for sure...
      Ryan Hall started this fight by shooting for a flying heel hook, he used that to get into top position, and then he went for some sort of wild rolling rear-naked choke, where he flipped over the head of Lobov, grabbed his neck, and then wrapped around him like a snake. Ryan Hall's grappling is fucking wild! He spent the rest of the round with the body triangle locked on, as he punched & elbowed the sides of Lobo's head. You could potentially argue that this was a 10-8 round for Hall. Lobov had ZERO offense. The second round was very different, with Hall's grappling looking desperate, and Lobov landed a few decent punches. The last half of the round had Lobov on top, insdie Hall's guard, but not a lot was actually happening. Lobov tried to stand up, and Hall went for another heel hook. I think I'm going to have to give that round to Hall as well, but it was a lot closer than the first. The final round started the same way, with Hall shooting for a flying heel hook, he then took Lobov down with a double leg, tried to go for a rear-naked choke, ended up pulling guard. From there, Hall went for another leg lock, Lobov ran away from it, and Hall pounced on his back again, looking for another rear-naked choke. He spent the rest of the fight, riding Lobov's back (while Lobov was standing). Hall was digging for that rear-naked choke, while punching Lobov in the face from behind, and Lobov basically just stood there and took it, never even really TRYING to escape at all. Really solid performance for Ryan Hall, 30-26 in my opinion.
      Mendes landed some hard leg kicks in the opening round, and Edgar was pressuring him with punches, and everything felt pretty even for the most part, for 3 minutes or so. AND THEN! Edgar landed a slick punch combination, a big right hand, followed by a big left hand, Mendes fell on his face, and almost immediately rolled back to his feet, but the fight was stopped by the referee, declaring it a knockout, and Mendes didn't seem to be trying too hard to dispute it. That was a pretty big win for Frankie Edgar.