100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Rafael dos Anjos - 94.2
2. Charles Oliveira - 93.9
3. Tamdan McCrory - 93.8
4. Alistair Overeem - 93.4
5. Nate Diaz - 92.8
6. Francis Ngannou - 92.1
7. Vicente Luque - 92.1
8. Nate Marquardt - 91.4
9. Nik Lentz - 91.2
10. Karolina Kowalkiewicz - 90.8
UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs. Cerrone 2
Location: Orlando, Florida
Elevation: 82'
-Fight of the Night-
Rafael dos Anjos vs. Donald Cerrone
Fighters & Matches 90.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.3
     Ngannou threw a few nice punches, threw a hard leg kick, and then Oliveira caught the kick and took him to the ground. Ngannou looks like a fucking monster, with his 83" reach. Oliveira was in control on the ground, but wasn't doing enough, so the referee stood them up. Oliveira tried to work his clinch, but Ngannou broke out of it, and blasted him with some hard punches at the end of the round. Even though Oliveira secured a takedown, I gave that round to Ngannou for his striking. The second round was more of the same, with Oliveira struggling for another takedown, while Ngannou was beating the shit out of him on the feet, throwing hard punch combinations, and landing a lot. Oliveira was mostly just stalling with the clinch against the cage, so the referee reset them, and Oliveira continued to try to get that clinch again. Ngannou broke free, blasted Oliveira with some massive punches, and knocked him the fuck out with a big left uppercut. Francis Ngannou looks like a pretty badass striker, and I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes from here. Pretty solid UFC debut for Francis Ngannou.
Technical Submission
(Anaconda Choke)
      Hayder Hassan looked pretty solid in this fight, throwing some nice kicks, solid counters with his boxing, and I had the round going in his favor for the most part, until Luque hurt him with something, Hayder sort of shot for a takedown, Luque locked on a tight anaconda choke, flipped Hassan over his back, tightened the choke, and he put Hassan to sleep. Pretty awesome submission victory for Vicente Luque.
      Edwards landed some solid strikes to start the fight, Usman shot in for the obvious takedown, and Edwards did a great job defending against the takedowns for the first 3 minutes of the first round. Edwards continued to land some really sharp strikes, showing good movement, until Usman finally was able to secure a takedown. Edwards looked like he was setting up a triangle, which I was a little shocked by. Edwards blasted Usman with a hard elbow, and continued to tighten that triangle. He landed another elbow, before Usman was able to finally slip out of the choke. Edwards then worked his way back to his feet. Usman secured a takedown in that round, but other than that, Edwards clearly won that round, so I gave it to Edwards. Edwards landed some solid strikes to start the second round, and then Usman rocked him with a punch, and took him to the ground. Edwards worked his way back to his feet, and Usman clinched the hell out of him, but he really wasn't doing much damage. Edwards was able to reverse positions, taking control of the clinch. The referee eventually broke them up. Edwards landed a knee to the groin, and then when Usman came back from the brief timeout, he took Edwards down again. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round. Usman secured a takedown to start the final round, and continued to basically just lay on Edwards, pressuring him against the cage. Usman threw a few decent knees to the legs of Edwards, as Edwards stood back up. Usman continued to push forward, and took Edwards down again, this time working his way around to the back of Edwards. Usman really started to overwhelm Edwards in the final minute or so of the fight, blasting him with big punches on the ground, as Edwards literally had nowhere to go. Solid decision victory for Usman, 29-28 on my scorecard. His pure wrestling style bores the shit out of me, but he just beat a pretty tough striker in Leon Edwards.
No Contest
(Accidental Eye Poke)
      The first round was a pretty decent kickboxing match, with Miller using his massive reach advantage, and Alers landing the harder shots, but he looked sloppy because he had to shoot in from several feet away just to reach Miller. I didn't think either fighter was a clear winner after that first round. Alers had a small cut on his right eyelid, so I guess maybe I'd give that first round to Miller for doing some damage? The second round started up, Miller continued to use that range, and then he got poked in the eye really badly (Alers pushed off his face, with his index finger inside Cole's eye). After the doctor checked him out, Miller said he couldn't open his eye at all, so the fight was stopped. That really sucks, because it was a decent fight up until that point. Since I have to give the victory points to someone, I'm giving them to Miller, since I thought he won the first round slightly, and then he was winning the second round until he got poked in the eye. Shitty way for the fight to end though.
      This fight was a pretty even boxing match, until they clinched, and Lentz threw Castillo with an amazing Judo throw, flinging Castillo to the ground. They continued to grapple for a few, until Lentz locked on a tight guillotine choke. That choke looked pretty close, but after a minute or so, Castillo was able to slip his head out of it. Lentz then locked on another guillotine, and Castillo slipped out again. Castillo then jumped into a slick arm-triangle choke, but Lentz kept ahold of him with his legs, keeping Castillo stuck in his guard. They eventually stood back up, and Lentz landed some pretty big punches, while they both looked somewhat exhausted. Castillo landed some really hard looping punches in the final 30 seconds of the round. There was a wild scramble in the final 10 seconds, with Lentz ending up clinching with the back of Castillo. Fun round overall, but I think I'd score it for Lentz. Lentz did a good job picking apart a tired Castillo in the second round with some big punches & kicks, and he even secured another takedown halfway through the round. They stood back up, and Lentz continued to beat up Castillo on the feet, locking on another tight guillotine choke in the final 90 seconds, but he slipped off, and Castillo ended up in side control. Lentz hopped right back to his feet in a matter of seconds though. Castillo's cardio doesn't seem to be holding up these days. I have the fight scored 2-0 for Nik Lentz going into the final round, but it COULD be all tied up, I'm not sure. Lentz flipped Castillo on his head from the clinch again to start the third round. Castillo secured a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but Lentz caught him in a guillotine on the way down. Castillo slipped out, and tried to pass Lentz's guard. They stood back up, and Castillo poked Lentz in the left eye a couple of times. Lentz continued to beat up Castillo on the feet, and Castillo secured another takedown, but Lentz popped right back up. In the end, I scored this fight 30-27 in favor of Nik Lentz, because of his striking, his constant pressure, and his submission attempts, as well as a few throws. Castillo secured some takedowns, showed decent boxing, and decent wrestling control, but in the end, his cardio lost the fight for him in my opinion. WAR NIK LENTZ!!! One dumb judge gave the fight to Castillo, but the other two judges gave it to Lentz, via split-decision.
(Triangle Choke)
      I really liked Tamdan McCrory back when he used to fight in the UFC, so I'm happy to see him make his return here, after a long break from MMA, and a couple of nice wins in Bellator. He started this fight by pressuring Samman to the ground, but Samman flipped him over, ending up on top in McCrory's half guard. They continued to wrestle around for a couple of minutes, until McCrory went for a triangle, then an armbar, then a wild looking triangle, which he used to flip on top of Samman. Samman was able to wrestle his way back into top position though. McCrory then spun around onto the back of Samman, then transitioned into another armbar, and then Samman ended up in top control again. That was a wild round, with Samman controlling the wrestling and ground & pound, and McCrory was all over him with nonstop submission attempts. That round could have gone either way. Samman came out wild in the second round, and took McCrory to the ground again, but got caught in McCrory's guard. McCrory tried to slap another triangle on, while Samman was landing some punches, and McCrory used an omoplata to roll into top position, where he grabbed Samman's back. From there, Samman tried to wrestle his way out, and McCrory ended up on top, where he was able to land some punches & elbows, putting Samman into a brief panic mode. McCrory really started to open up with some massive elbows against the cage, and Samman looked like he was starting to get tired halfway through the second round. McCrory really beat the shit out of Samman there on the ground in that round. McCrory ended the round looking for a Kimura, but Samman was saved by the bell. This fight could be all tied up going into the final round, but I personally have it scored 2-0 for McCrory. There was a wild scramble to start the final round, and McCrory ended up on top, where he unloaded some punches against the cage, and then worked his way around to Samman's back. Samman rolled to his back, and McCrory unloaded some massive punches & elbows. There was a wild scramble, Samman ended up on top, and McCrory locked on a TIGHT triangle choke. He then blasted him with some sharp elbows. That triangle was fucking TIGHT, and Samman eventually tapped out. That was a BADASS fight, and an incredible UFC return for Tamdan McCrory, taking out a REALLY tough fighter in Josh Samman.
      Shevchenko has 17 World Muay Thai titles, and she's also a hell of a grappler. She did a good job striking with Kaufman in the first round, landing some solid shots, and she also threw her to the ground a couple of times, and showed some solid grappling on the ground. Round one goes to Shevchenko. The second round had Shevchenko beating up Kaufman on the feet some more, and she threw her to the ground again. It's also worth noting that Shevchenko accepted this fight on 7 days notice. There was a lot of clinching in this round, and for the most part, I thought Shevchenko won most of the exchanges. Pretty solid debut by Shevchenko so far. Shevchenko threw a couple of ultra fast kicks to start the third round, they clinched, and she yanked Kaufman to the ground again. They stood back up, and clinched again, with Shevchenko staying in control the entire time. Kaufman finally secured a takedown halfway through the final round, landing in side control. She landed some solid elbows, and it looked like she had Shevchenko trapped, which allowed Kaufman to unload quite a few solid elbows to the head & body. Kaufman went for an Americana, it looked like she had a decent chance of getting it, but Shevchenko has solid submission defense. Kaufman got the full mount in the final 10 seconds of fight, landed some punches, and Shevchenko slipped out in the final 5 seconds, and landed a few punches before the buzzer sounded. Really solid debut for Shevchenko, who I had winning the fight, 29-28. Two of the judges agreed, giving the fight to Shevchenko via split-decision.
      Marquardt was chopping away at Dollaway's legs in the first round, until Dollaway rocked Marquardt with a big punch, but he wasn't able to follow it up with much. Marquardt rocked Dollaway later in the round. That round was kind of slow paced, but had a few decent exchanges, and could have probably been scored for either fighter. The second round started up with some decent striking exchanges, and then Dollaway moved in, and Marquardt knocked him the fuck out with a slick right hand counter. Really important win for Nate Marquardt who lost his previous 2 fights, and now he put Dollaway in a position where he's on a 3 fight losing streak. Decent fight overall, and GREAT win for Marquardt.
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight started with some exchanges of strikes, with Oliveira kicking the shit out of the legs of Jury. He then clinched, lifted Jury, and took him to the ground. Jury sort of went for an armbar, Oliveira easily slipped passed that and grabbed Jury's back, looking for the rear-naked choke. Oliveira showed some excellent grappling, and then spun around to lock on a guillotine choke, Jury tried to stand out of it, and was forced to submit as Oliveira was hanging from Jury's neck. That was a pretty brutal guillotine, and not a very warm welcome for Jury in his first fight at featherweight. Awesome win for Oliveira though, especially considering that Jury has never been finished in his entire career, and has only lost once by decision to Donald Cerrone. This was a pretty fun fight while it lasted, and I'm happy to see Oliveira get back on the winning road.
      Markos came out aggressively swinging for the fences, and she also worked a decent clinch game, which looked like she was mostly just trying to wear down Kowalkiewicz. The fight turned into a wild brawl by the end of the first round. The second round had Markos aggressively taking Kowalkiewicz to the ground, where she ended up grabbing her back, locking on the body triangle, and ridding out the round while sort of looking for submissions, but mostly just wearing down the body of Kowalkiewicz. Kowalkiewicz came out for the final round, looking for the kill, throwing wild & sharp punch combinations, while constantly moving forward. At one point she landed a spinning backfist, but Markos countered with a barrage of right hands, which allowed her to move in and work her clinch game again. Markos ran in, secured a nice takedown, but Kowalkiewicz rolled with it, which allowed her to end up in side control on top of Markos. Kowalkiewicz moved into full mount, and battered Markos with some pretty hard elbows & punches. Markos was able to escape and stand back up with 20 seconds left in the fight, which allowed them to wildly brawl for the final 20 seconds. Pretty great fight overall, and I scored it for Markos, 29-28, based on the first two rounds, but if this was Pride, Kowalkiewicz would have won for sure, based on the way she finished strong in that final round. All 3 judges ended up giving the fight to Kowalkiewicz, and one judge even gave her all 3 rounds? HOW THE FUCK DID SHE WIN ROUND 2!?! But yeah, good fight overall, Markos kind of got screwed though I think.
      Holy shit... The first round was really close, with Diaz showing solid boxing skills, and Johnson was kicking the shit out of Nate's lead leg. That round could have gone either way. The second round was 100% Nate Diaz, as he boxed the living shit out of Johnson, punching him a million times in the face, while taunting him, and the crowd was chanting DIAZ, DIAZ, DIAZ!!! This fight is insane!!! The final round was another round for Diaz in my opinion, as he pretty much dominated Johnson with his boxing again, until the very end, when Johnson took him down, Johnson grabbed his back, the bell rang, Diaz rolled for a heel hook, Johnson started kicking at Diaz while on the ground, all the while the referee was trying to stop the fight. VERY interesting end to a wild fight, and in my opinion, Diaz deserves to win this one with a very clear 29-28 decision, if not 30-27. All 3 judges agreed, giving Diaz the win, 29-28 across the board.
      That first round was kind of slow at first, but it really started to pick up in the last half. I thought Santos won the slow half of the round, but by the end of the round, Overeem had blasted Santos in the face with some HARD punches, possibly breaking his newly constructed nose, and he also blasted him with some hard kicks to the body, and was well on his way to a takedown when the round ended. I gave the first round to Overeem. The second round was the same deal, sort of slow to start, but as the fight progressed, the pace picked up, dos Santos showed some solid boxing, but Overeem fucked him up with his kickboxing, blasting that body with kicks, and blasting dos Santos in the face with massive punches, cutting him open in several spots, and then Overeem finished the fight with a perfectly placed left hook, which knocked dos Santos to the ground, Overeem them hammered his face on the ground a few times before the referee decided to stop the fight. Awesome TKO victory for Alistair Overeem, moving significantly closer to a title shot.
      Well then... As a fan of Cerrone, this was extremely disappointing. He threw a couple of leg kicks, and then got fucking DESTROYED by dos Anjos. Cerrone got punched in the face a million times, took a hard knee to the body, the fight was almost stopped several times, and at the 1:06 mark, Cerrone was turtled up on the ground, as dos Anjos continued to unload punches on him, until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Great win for dos Anjos, but that was a HORRIBLE performance by Donald Cerrone.