100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. B.J. Penn - 96.7
2. Paul Kelly - 94.3
3. Paul Taylor - 92.9
4. Joe Stevenson - 92.5
5. Fabricio Werdum - 91.5
6. Sam Stout - 91.5
7. Alessio Sakara - 91.2
8. Gabriel Gonzaga - 90.4
9. Wilson Gouveia - 89.7
10. Jason Lambert - 88.8
UFC 80: Rapid Fire
Location: Tyne and Wear, England
Elevation: 185'
-Fight of the Night-
B.J. Penn vs. Joe Stevenson
Fighters & Matches 89.0
Top 10 Fighters 92.0
TOTAL 90.5
     Wow... Swedish fighter Per Eklund kind of sucks, eh? He looks like he probably has some decent Jiu-Jitsu skills, but the problem is, his wrestling pretty much sucks, and his striking is no good either... Sam Stout made him look absolutely foolish in this undercard fight... The entire 3 round fight consisted of Sam Stout beating up Eklund with long distance striking, and everytime Eklund went for the takedown, Stout would sprawl, throw Eklund across the octagon, and then return to punching & kicking his way to victory... At the end of 3 rounds, Sam Stout wins fairly easily, via unanimous decision... Sam Stout looked REALLY GOOD in this fight, so finally, I'm at a point where I'm looking forward to Sam Stout's next fight... As for Per Eklund, meh, whatever...
      This was a fun fight to watch... James Lee came charging out, and spent the entire fight with his entire body wrapped around Sakara's leg, trying to take him down... He was successful a couple of times, but everytime the fight went to the ground, Sakara jumped right back up and got free... The final time Lee hooked onto the leg of Sakara, Sakara kind of jumped backwards several times, and then eventually got tired of Lee's pitbull antics, and he started throwing standing hammerfists to the left ear of Lee, until eventually the referee had to stop the fight since Lee wasn't protecting himself at all... Was it a GOOD fight? No... But it sure as hell was entertaining... Afterwards, Alessio Sakara claimed he's dropping to 185, and I'm honestly pretty excited about that concept... He should make a good 185 pound fighter if he can make the weight...
      Fuck yeah! The first 30 seconds or so, consisted of both guys throwing a million punches, swinging for the fences, etc... At first, it looked like Paul Taylor MIGHT have the advantage while striking on the feet, but Paul Kelly was able to take Taylor to the ground, and ground & pound him for the rest of the round... And all 3 rounds basically ended up the same way, with Paul Kelly taking Paul Taylor to the ground, and pounding away at his face, cutting him up with elbows, and bruising him with hammerfists... In the end, after a GREAT battle, a huge war, etc... Paul Kelly wins by unanimous decision...
      Ha, this was kind of a funny fight... Antoni Hardonk came out, and kicked Robinson a couple of times in the left thigh (REALLY FUCKIN' HARD), and then punched him in the face with a left hook, and Robinson fell to the ground... Colin Robinson then tried to stand back up to show that he was still in the fight, but his leg gave out, and he fell flat on his face, so the referee was forced to stop the fight... Good show by Antoni Hardonk, but Colin Robinson ended up looking ridiculous, getting taken out in 17 seconds...
      They called the end to this fight a TKO, but in my mind it was an obvious KO... Jorge Rivera basically started the fight by taking Grove to the ground, without any trouble at all, and then he just started pounding away at the head of Kendall Grove, until eventually, Kendall tried to stand back up... At that point, Rivera just kept throwing these hard hooks with his right hand to the face of Grove, eventually knocking him out with a huge punch from his left... Grove was 100% unconscious, and he collapsed against the cage, looking like he basically died... Jorge Rivera had a good showing here, but Kendall Grove was a HUGE disappointment, he didn't even put up a fight... Worst showing ever for Kendall Grove... Jorge Rivera is finally starting to climb the mountain though...
      The first round of this fight had Jason Lambert outstriking Gouveia on the feet, and overpowering him on the ground... At one point, Gouveia was able to basically lock on a triangle choke, and he had a decent little string of Jiu-Jitsu offense, but Lambert powered out of all of that, securing the first round for himself... The second round started the same way, with Lambert pushing Gouveia up against the fence, while throwing punches, etc... And somehow, out of nowhere, Gouveia landed a 1-2 punch combo, knocking Lambert the fuck out... Lambert looked like the better fighter duing this entire fight, but he got careless, and got knocked the fuck out...
      They both came out, they both danced around in weird looking boxing stances, and then Marcus Davis threw a heavy kick to the midsection of Jess Liaudin, and then followed it up with a couple of punches to the face of Liaudin, knocking him out... This minute lasted only a few seconds past the one minute mark, so I guess it was an impressive showing by Marcus Davis, but I'd still like to see how he handles some tougher competition... I wouldn't mind seeing him take on one of the top 5 guys next... Anybody else want to see this fight?
      Wow man, this was a surprisingly exciting fight... The first round basically had Gabriel Gonzaga throwing INSANE leg kicks, one after the other, repeatedly knocking Fabricio Werdum off his feet... From the first round, it looked like Gonzaga was going to absolutely destroy Werdum... The second round started, and it looked like more of the same, with the addition of several nice throws & slams delivered by Gonzaga, making Werdum look like his bitch, until Werdum broke out the Chute Boxe clinch, and landed a handful of knees to the chin of Gonzaga, he took him to the ground, and then finished the fight by repeatedly punching Gonzaga's head while it was pinned up against the cage... Good show by both fighters, and Werdum pulled out the TKO victory near the end of the second round...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      MAN... What a hell of a main event... Joe Stevenson came out to the octagon, looking like he was scared to death... BJ Penn came out fairly calm, as usual... The first round consisted of BJ Penn attacking Stevenson like a fucking trantula or something, just absolutely crushing the guy against the ground, his Jiu-Jitsu is far superior than Stevenson's, his striking is better, his wrestling is better... I've never been a BJ Penn fan, but after watching this fight, he's definitely one of the best fighters I've ever seen... That dude is fucking insane... He opened up a HUGE hole in the forehead of Stevenson with an elbow in the first round, which caused a fountain of blood to gush out of Stevenson's head during the entire fight... Near the end of the second round, BJ Penn locked on the rear-naked choke for the submission victory... Stevenson cried, Penn won... TERRIFIC fight, and BJ Penn is the fucking man... I really can't wait to see this fight between BJ Penn & Sean Sherk... That should be a terrific lightweight title fight...