100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Derek Brunson - 93.1
2. Lauren Murphy - 93.0
3. Cody Garbrandt - 93.0
4. Oluwale Bamgbose - 92.6
5. James Krause - 92.2
6. Donald Cerrone - 91.8
7. Anthony Smith - 91.8
8. Sean Strickland - 91.4
9. Leonardo Guimaraes - 91.3
10. Ashlee Evans-Smith - 91.0
UFC Fight Night 83: Cerrone vs. Oliveira
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Elevation: 1,365'
-Fight of the Night-
Derek Brunson vs. Roan Carneiro
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.7
     Abdurakhimov clipped Hamilton a few times in the first round, at one point knocking him flat on his face in the first minute of the round, where Abdurakhimov was able to blast him with a series of uppercuts on the ground, before he fought his way back to his feet. Hamilton seemed to recover pretty well though. The rest of the round was spent clinching, with Abdurakhimov working some decent dirty boxing. Abdurakhimov wins the first round.
      Abdurakhimov continued to outstrike Hamilton in the second round, blasting him with a wide variety of hard punches, while showing solid footwork. Hamilton tried to get a takedown from the clinch, but failed. Hamilton landed a few decent shots in that round, but nothing compared to what Abdurakhimov was landing. Abdurakhimov goes into the final round with a 2-0 lead.
      Hamilton opened up a cut above Abdurakhimov's right eye with and accidental headbutt to start the final round. Abdurakhimov continued to pick apart Hamilton for the rest of the round, clearly ending the fight with a unanimous decision, 29-28 on two scorecards, and 30-27 on the other (and mine). Decent first UFC win for Shamil Abdurakhimov.
      Oh man! I've never heard of Faszholz, she only has a record of 3-0 coming into this fight, taking the fight with only one week's notice. She came out and basically beat the shit out of Murphy for the first half of the first round, slaughtering her with solid boxing skills, and controlling the clinch, flipping Murphy around whenever she would try to work anything from the clinch. Faszholz even knocked Murphy to the ground at one point with a big punch to the face. The last half of the round had Murphy beating up the lead leg of Faszholz with hard kicks, and she also painted the face of Faszholz with a lot of blood, most of which I think was coming from Faszholz's nose. Really solid opening round for both fighters, and it probably could have been scored in either direction. I'm going to give the round to Murphy, just slightly, based on damage to the leg & face of Faszholz. Faszholz probably won that first round on most scorecards, based on knocking Murphy down, but when they came out for the second round, Faszholz looked like she had been smashed in the face by a baseball bat. Her nose was destroyed.
      The second round was a hell of a kickboxing match, with both girls throwing some hard strikes, mostly punches, Faszholz's face continued to get battered & bloody, and Murphy was absorbing a lot of shots as well. Faszholz sort of slammed Murphy at the end of the round, and showed some strong grappling on the ground, but couldn't do much with it, with only 10 seconds left in the round. To be honest, Faszholz is PROBABLY ahead, 2-0 going into the final round, but I HOPE it's at least tied. This is a great fight so far.
      The final round started, they threw a few strikes, and Murphy secured a takedown 30 seconds into the round. Faszholz tried to tie her up inside the guard, but Murphy was still able to pound on Faszholz with some short punches and elbows. Faszholz looked like she was pretty comfortable in her guard, but Murphy was still beating her ass. Murphy passed the guard with one minute left in the round, she slid into full mount, and continued to hammer on Faszholz with big punches & elbows, BRUTALLY beating the fuck out of her, leaving Faszholz a bloody mess, and the referee stopped the fight JUST before the bell sounded. That was an AMAZING debut for Faszholz, on short notice, and a pretty huge win for Murphy, considering she was well on her way to possibly losing her third decision in a row. AWESOME FIGHT!
      OH SHIT! That first round was pretty wild. Evans-Smith looked like she was bringing some crisp & cleaning striking to the table, moving around nicely, and picking apart Reneau with a variety of strikes. Halfway through the round, Reneau went nuts on her, and nearly finished Smith with some brutal punches, and an extremely violent barrage, pinning her against the cage (standing) and slaughtering her old school Vitor style, but Smith was able to recover pretty well. For the most part, I thought Evans-Smith won about 3-4 minutes of that round, but Reneau came a LOT closer to finishing the fight with that barrage, and she also caught a kick at the end of the round, took Smith to the ground, and nearly finished her on the ground with a guillotine choke. Outstanding round for Marion Reneau. The second round was a little slower paced, but I thought Smith was a little more active, so I gave the second round to her.
      The final round had Smith picking apart Reneau for 90 seconds or so, and then she caught a kick, and threw Reneau to the ground, beat her up for a second, and then gave up on it and stood back up. I'm not sure why she didn't capitalize on that. Smith still continued to beat up Reneau for the rest of the round though, so in my opinion, this fight should go to Evans-Smith, 29-28, but it really could go either way. I just wish that Smith would stop saying "BOP BOP" every time she throws a strike, it makes her striking style seem almost comedic. Two of the judges gave the fight to Smith, which I'm stoked about, but... One judge gave her all 3 rounds? She almost got knocked out in the first round, AND almost got choked out. That first round MIGHT have even been a 10-8 round for Reneau. Either way, like I said, I'm glad Smith won, so... Congrats to Smith for her first UFC victory, after a 15 month layoff.
      OH SHIT! Jonavin Webb was showing some GREAT footwork, moving in and out, and blasting Coy with some hard punches, from a variety of angles. Coy just looks slow & old compared to younger fighters like Webb. Webb shot for a random takedown with one minute left in the round, and he dove straight into a guillotine, but he eventually pulled back out of it and stood back up. Round one goes to Webb, but he was slowing down significantly by the end of the round.
      The second round started, Coy threw a kick, Webb caught it, took him to the ground, grabbed Coy's back, went for an armbar, and they continued to wrestle around for a minute or so on the ground. It looked like Coy MIGHT be looking for a D'Arce choke, but instead of locking it in, he just used it to control Webb, but Webb eventually popped back up to his feet. There was a lot of clinching, Webb looked like he might go for a choke, and then Coy wrestled him to the ground, and grabbed his back. Webb spun around and went for a Kimura, but Coy just kept riding his back. Coy slipped into full mount, with one minute left in the round. He sort of started working for an arm-triangle choke, but the cage was blocking him, so he just held top position until the round ended. Webb also mentioned that Coy bit him? I didn't see anything though. The score is all tied up going into the final round.
      There was a wild scramble in the final round, where Webb grabbed a back crucifix, Gary Goodridge style, and dropped an elbow to the side of Coy's head, but Coy broke out, and took him down. From there, Coy smothered Webb for most of the round, beating him up with short punches against the cage. Coy just smothered his way to a unanimous decision victory, 29-28, after getting schooled on the feet by Webb in the first round. Why didn't Webb try to keep this fight standing? Poor fight IQ, that's why...
      Leonardo "Leleco" Guimaraes is making his UFC debut here, and he's basically shown that he has a hell of a chin, and he throws big power shots. Anthony Smith is a sniper though, and he was picking apart Leleco with punches, and kicks, and knees, and solid footwork, moving around the cage in a flowing fashion, while picking apart Leleco with a wide variety of strikes, and Anthony Smith was a late replacement as well. By the end of the first round, Leleco had a gash on his forehead, and looked exhausted, and Smith was looking like a killer.
      Leleco looked like he was ready to be executed in the second round, just standing there, backing up slowly, and Smith attacked him, hurt him, and then Leleco countered, and clipped Smith, so Smith took him to the ground with a lazy takedown. Smith recovered, and worked his way into a good position by the cage, grabbing Leleco's back, and then transitioning into full mount. Smith continued to grind all over Leleco for most of the round, and then he picked him up, and suplexed him, dumping Leleco to the ground with a solid throw. Anthony Smith looked outstanding in those first two rounds. The referee stood them up with 30 seconds left in the round, and Leleco blasted Smith with some HEAVY punches, and secured a takedown at the end of the round, grabbing Smith's back, but Smith was saved by the bell.
      Leleco came out for the final round, throwing BOMBS, both to the body & head of Smith, and Smith looked exhausted now. Smith shot for a desperate takedown, and Leleco grabbed his back. From there, Leleco beat up Smith for most of the round, and the referee stood them up with 90 seconds left in the fight. They traded a few punches, and Smith shot for another desperate takedown, and Leleco stopped him the same way, grabbing his back, and beating him up for the rest of the round. This fight COULD go either way, I'd like to say Smith won, but I THINK that Leleco might have done enough in those last two rounds to take this fight. The judges all gave the fight to Smith, 29-28. That was a crazy fight, and a hard fought victory. It was also a great debut for Leleco, so I look forward to seeing who he fights next.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight started kind of slow for the first 40 seconds or so, until "The Holy War Angel" kicked Sarafian in the head, knocked him on his ass, and then finished him with a series of punches on the ground, bouncing his head like a basketball off the canvas. That was a really big win for Oluwale Bamgbose, and I'm pretty stoked to see him get this win, since I WANTED his debut to be amazing, but he took it on short notice, and was taken out by Uriah Hall. So yeah, great win for Bamgbose, and congrats for getting back on the winning track.
      This fight started, Garcia shot for a takedown, and Strickland avoided it, and grabbed Garcia's back in the clinch. Strickland threw Garcia to the ground, and then stood above him, got kicked in the chin a couple of times with upkicks, before Strickland tried to pin him, throwing some punches on the ground. Strickland threw a few really hard elbows to the chin of Garcia, that caused his mouth to bleed. Strickland started beating the shit out of him with punches, the referee almost stopped the fight, and Garcia randomly popped up and took Strickland to the ground. Strickland did a good job clinching from the guard, to avoid too much damage, but in the final 10 seconds, Garcia beat his ass. I'm leaning towards Strickland for that round, but Garcia might have done enough at the end of the round to make it a 10-10 round.
      Garcia started the second round with a couple of massive bombs, fueled by forward movement. Strickland busted up Garcia's nose with some jabs, but Garcia was throwing power shots. Strickland landed some HARD leg kicks, that caused Garcia to limp near the end of the round, but Garcia took him down, securing the round for Garcia. The score is probably all tied up going into the final round.
      Garcia clinched with Strickland early in the final round, tripped him, and took him to the ground. The striking was pretty even in the final round, so Garcia kept looking for takedowns, but Strickland was ready for them, so he was able to stay on his feet for most of the round. In the final minute of the round, Garcia got rocked by SOMETHING, (a small left jab?), and Strickland chased him down, finishing off Garcia with a barrage of straight punches to the face. Really solid win for Sean Strickland, over a tough guy.
      These guys spent the start of the first round clinching, and Krause tried to work a trip, but Campbell did a good job staying on his feet. They traded a few strikes, and Krause continued to work for takedowns from the clinch. They spent the last half of the round trading strikes, with Krause landing some nice combinations, picking apart Campbell at a pretty good pace. Campbell landed some hard shots, but he didn't seem to be as technical as Krause. Krause shot for one last takedown with 40 seconds left in the round, and Campbell stayed standing, but Krause hopped on his back, with 20 seconds left in the round. He locked on a rear-naked choke, cranked that squeeze, and Campbell was flailing around wildly, clearly about to tap, and he was 100% saved by the bell. Solid round for Krause.
      Campbell landed some hard kicks to start the second round, and they scrambled around for a second, with Campbell ending up on top, and Krause was working from his guard. They stood up, Campbell threw a head kick, Krause caught it, and threw him across the cage. They clinched, and Krause hopped on Campbell's back, sort of around his waist, and he just kind of held on, until Campbell was forced to sink down into the ground. From there, Krause grabbed his back again, locked on another rear-naked choke, this time with 2 minutes left in the round, but Campbell somehow fought his way out of it, and got back to his feet, threw a knee to Krause's chest on the ground, and they scrambled back to their feet, with Campbell grabbing Krause's back this time. They split up with a minute left in the round. Krause took Campbell down again, they popped right back up, and Krause blasted Campbell with some punches & a knee, before securing another takedown. Krause is up 2-0 going into the final round.
      The second round was another clinch battle, with Krause controlling Campbell for the most part. Campbell continued to land some decent strikes here & there, but for the most part, Krause was in charge, until 90 seconds were left in the round, and Campbell threw Krause to the ground, grabbed his back, and went for a rear-naked choke. Krause tried to roll out of it, and Campbell held onto top position. Campbell spent the last 30 seconds of the fight throwing short shoulder strikes to the face of Krause on the ground. He postured up with a few seconds left, and blasted Krause with some hard punches, clearly stealing that round from Krause, but Krause still should win this fight with a clear 29-28. All 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision.
      Sooooo... PLEASE Joe Riggs... PLEASE retire... That's all I really have to say about this... All of his fights have ended in terrible ways as of late, and here he is, fighting a guy that hasn't really had a proper place in the UFC in quite some time, and Chris Camozzi fucking DEMOLISHED Joe Riggs, with some brutal knees, early in the first round, blasting him repeatedly in the face, as Riggs just covered up with both hands. Apparently those knees broke Joe's forearm. People always joke about how they expect to see bizarre injuries whenever Riggs gets in the Octagon, but I mean... It's legit man, it really happens... I don't know why Joe Riggs even showed up tonight. I've been saying for a while that he shouldn't be doing this anymore, at least not against UFC level competition, and the way Camozzi just destroyed him, I think proves that. I have to give Camozzi some props though, as he's finally starting to build some sort of winning streak here, after a 5-Fight losing streak in the UFC. WHY IS JOE STILL HERE!?!
      Kawajiri started the fight by throwing some wacky kicks, but he wasn't landing with much of anything noteworthy. Bermudez eventually grabbed him, threw him to the ground, and grabbed his back, but he got a little too high, which allowed Kawajiri to sneak out the back door. Bermudez transitioned into an armbar attempt, but his back was against the cage, so he couldn't snap back with it. Kawajiri broke free, and then tied up Bermudez in a cradle, throwing knees to his body on the ground. Bermudez stood back up, and Kawajiri continued to plow him against the cage. Kawajiri was grinding the shit out of Bermudez, as Bermudez looked like he was struggling to stand up out of quicksand. Kawajiri took him down repeatedly against the cage. Round one goes to Kawajiri.
      Bermudez came out swinging for the second round, and then he initiated the clinch, which Kawajiri used to work for another takedown, but Bermudez scared him off with a tight guillotine choke, which allowed Bermudez to get back on top. They stood back up and separated. Kawajiri threw some more wacky kicks, before shooting in for some more grinding takedown attempts. Kawajiri continued to try to drive through some takedowns, while Bermudez just kind of sat there, hammering him with punches to the side & back of the head. Even though it looked like Kawajiri was in control, it was pretty clear that Bermudez was doing a lot more damage. Bermudez eventually broke free, and hopped on Kawajiri's back, where he blasted him in the head with nonstop "softish" punches until the round ended. Kawajiri really needs to rethink his strategy here. I have the score all tied up going into the final round.
      The final round was the same grinding battle against the cage, with both guys swapping positions for a while, but Bermudez looked like he was in control for the most part. This fight was more boring than I expected it to be. Bermudez dumped Kawajiri to the ground with about 90 seconds left in the fight, and grabbed his back, but didn't really do anything with it. Bermudez landed a LOT of strikes in this fight, but they all looked like soft padded punches. I scored this fight 29-28 for Dennis Bermudez, and all 3 judges agreed, giving him the unanimous decision victory, in a slow paced grind fest.
      This fight was a clear Boxer vs. Grappler fight. Garbrandt was picking apart Mendes while standing, and then he knocked him down at one point, and as soon as he got near him, Mendes slapped on an omoplata, and started looking for submissions, but Garbrandt yanked his arm out of there, and they went back to their feet. Garbrandt continued to pick apart Mendes with punches & kicks, eventually knocking him down with a hard shot, the referee got between them, shit looked awkward for a second because it wasn't clear if the fight was stopped or not, so after doing the walk away KO thing, Garbrandt walked back over there, punched Mendes with two more hammerfists, and then the referee stopped the fight. Solid performance by Garbrandt, against a no-name guy that took the fight on short notice. This was the first loss for Mendes though, so that has to be worth something at least. It really sucks that Lineker had to pull out of this fight though, because I would have loved to see Garbrandt vs. Lineker.
      Brunson was a pretty big favorite going into this fight, and he basically came out, beat up Carneiro on the feet with some random punches, he eventually knocked him down, pinned him against the cage, and then turned into a helicopter blade, swinging both arms wildly, with nonstop punches, landing directly on the head of Carneiro, as Carneiro was pinned against the cage so he couldn't really do anything to defend himself. The referee gave him plenty of time to defend himself, but eventually, Carneiro went out for a second, and the fight was stopped. Really big win for Derek Brunson, in impressive fashion.
(Triangle Choke)
      Oliveira spent the first two minutes of the first round, beating up Cerrone with his boxing and some nice kicks, and he also clearly overpowered him in the clinch. Cerrone finally shot for a takedown, and locked on a mounted triangle choke, rolled over onto his back, and Oliveira tapped out. That was a weird tap in my opinion, it didn't look tight at all, but... yeah... so... I'm happy that Cerrone is back on the winning track, but... I mean... I have to admit, something about this fight felt like a setup to me. Oliveira was WAY too happy to be there, even after tapping, he was just smiling like a maniac, and Cerrone looked like he had no interest in being there at all, and even after winning, he just looked bored & depressed. I've been a huge Cerrone fan for a long time, and generally pick him against everybody, but... After those first two minutes, I have to admit, I kind of wanted Oliveira to get the KO win here. Oh well... Somewhat lackluster ending to a pretty decent card. Oliveira just seemed to act like he knew he didn't have a chance, so he just tapped as soon as he saw a way out... but... I mean... He was beating Cerrone's ass for two minutes straight... To be fair, the ONE thing I want to see happen after this, is Oliveira vs. Sage Northcutt. They both tapped from super slow submissions, and they both have exciting striking styles, and they both sort of fight somewhere between 155-170... so... Why not?