100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Gray Maynard - 93.5
2. Kurt Pellegrino - 92.6
3. Jeremy Stephens - 92.5
4. Dennis Siver - 92.5
5. Nate Diaz - 91.9
6. Alberto Crane - 90.9
7. Thiago Tavares - 90.6
8. Patrick Cote - 90.5
9. Matt Wiman - 90.3
10. Cole Miller - 90.2
UFC Fight Night 12: Swick vs. Burkman
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Gray Maynard vs. Dennis Siver
Fighters & Matches 89.3
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.5
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     Justin Buchholz (sounded like "Butt Holes" when they announced his name), came out with a flurry of punches directed towards the face of Wiman, but none of them really did much of anything... Matt Wiman then went for the single leg takedown, couldn't quite get it, so he sort of halfway took Buchholz down, and halfway pulled guard, eventually ending up in side control on top of Buchholz... Once they were on the ground, Wiman locked on a rear-naked choke, and after wrestling around for a couple of minutes, Wiman was able to finish the fight with that choke in the first round... Decent show for Wiman, not so decent for Buchholz...
      This Joe Veres guy is RIPPED, but he kind of sucks... Last time I saw him fight, he got knocked out with one punch by Gray Maynard... This time around, he lasted through the first round, but the fight was ended early in the first round, when he was curled up like a turtle on the ground, allowing Corey Hill to punch him repeatedly in the side of the head... Joe Veres should probably call it quits, and leave the UFC... This entire fight consisted of Corey Hill, beating up Joe Veres, and making him look like a midget (since Corey Hill is 6'4", 154 pounds)... Joe Veres is the size of the average lightweight... Corey Hill is the size of a 6'4" straw...
(Punches & Elbows)
      Man, it kind of sucks that this fight wasn't on the main card, it was easily one of the better fights of the night... The fight started with both fighters trying to strike with each other, but after Miller got rocked a few times, he decided to shoot for the takedown, he had zero success with that, and Stephens ended up taking him down instead... Once the fight hit the ground, Miller went for all kinds of crazy submissions, including a D'Arce choke, a few armbars, a wacky inverted triangle choke, a kimura, a heelhook, etc... He just unleashed a barrage of submission attempts, but Stephens was able to escape all of them without TOO much difficulty... The fight ended late in the second round, when Stephens got the dominant position, and started raining down heavy elbows that busted Miller's face up like a balloon full of chicken guts... Don't ask me... The point is, Jeremy Stephens was VERY impressive in this fight, Cole Miller was also very impressive, but once he got that big cut above his eye from one of Jeremy's elbows, Cole Miller just wasn't able to stay in the fight, and the referee was forced to stop the fight due to strikes... Great fight...
      This fight started off pretty kick ass... Gray Maynard went bananas at exploded on Dennis Siver, with a flury of punches, almost knocking Dennis Siver out quickly at the start of the fight... Maynard was then able to take Siver to the ground, and pound away on him with more punches, and he even went for a few submission attempts, with a rear-naked choke, that he transitioned into an armbar attempt, but he couldn't lock that on because Siver quickly rolled out of it... That first round ended with Maynard on top, pretty much dominating Siver...
      The second round started the same way, but with opposite fighters... Dennis Siver exploded on Gray Maynard while standing, with heavy punch combos & heavy kicks... Siver was then able to take Maynard to the ground to pound on him for a minute, but Maynard went for an armbar, and failed... Siver then climbed on Maynard's back to try to lock on the rear-naked choke, but he was way too high, and ended up falling off, giving Maynard the top position... Once Maynard was in Siver's guard, Maynard ended the round with a minute or so of big elbows, cutting open Siver underneath both eyes... Siver made a pretty solid comeback during the second round, but Maynard ended up looking like the better fighter once the round was over...
      The third round was a pretty close round, with both fighters taking it to the ground, and grappling their hearts out, both giving a solid performance, but in the end, Maynard had top position more often, so I guess he won the round... Pretty close though... And in the end, Gray Maynard walked away with the unanimous decision victory... Pretty great fight overall... After what I saw on this undercard, I wouldn't mind seeing Gray Maynard vs. Jeremy Stephens sometime in the near future... MAKE IT HAPPEN UFC!!!
      This was a hell of a fight... It was on the undercard, but they played it on the live show, right before the main event... Kurt Pellegrino has always been impressive in my eyes, and this fight really cements his spot as a lightweight contender in the UFC... The fight started with Alberto Crane (Jiu-Jitsu bad ass) hitting Pellegrino in the head with a heavy kick, and I thought Pellegrino was done at that point... Crane locked on the guillotine, I was waiting for Pellegrino to tap, and then he escaped, and then started destroying Crane for the remainder of the first round, mostly with strikes, but also showing some great grappling skills... In the second round, Pellegrino seemed pissed, he knocked Crane to the ground, threw a bomb from the sky smashing into Crane's face, and Crane rolled over onto his stomach, and Pellegrino jumped on him to attack, but the referee stopped the fight, due to the fact that Crane didn't seem like he was going to defend himself (even though it almost looked like he was going for a leglock)... Either way, great show for Pellegrino, and solid show for Crane as well... Pellegrino gets the TKO victory in the second round, and starts climbing the ladder towards the championship... To be honest though, I'd like to see his next fight be against Nate Diaz... Anybody else want to see that?
(Triangle Choke)
      This was a decent fight... The fight basically started with Diaz lifting Robinson off the ground, he carried him across the octagon, and then kind of slammed him... Once they were on the ground, the fight became a solid Jiu-Jitsu competition, with both guys throwing submissions at each other... Robinson's main offensive tool, was the simple guillotine choke... Nate Diaz brought a whole arsenal, including the omoplata for the sweep, armbar attempts, and eventually he ended the fight with the triangle choke, forcing Robinson to tap out in the first round... Nate Diaz is definitely a legit lightweight contender... Alvin Robinson on the other hand, I THOUGHT would be a bad ass, because of some highlight reels I watched before he joined the UFC, but so far, he's kind of disappointing... But yeah, solid submission win for Nate Diaz...
      The first round was pretty awesome, with Tavares picking up Omigawa, and slamming him all over the places, and shooting for all kinds of great submission holds... Tavares spent half the round pouncing on Omigawa's back, for rear-naked choke attempts, and things of that nature... The problem is, Omigawa was JUST skilled enough to escape all of those submissions... At one point in the first round, Omigawa locked on an interesting armbar for a few seconds, but Tavares escaped & them dominated him... The last 2 rounds were closer, but Tavares still pulled away with the unanimous decision victory... Tavares is a bad ass, but this wasn't his best showing in the UFC... I still don't have much of an opinion on Omigawa...
      So this fight pit two great strikers in there against each other, and to be honest, I was kind of cheering for McFedries, because when he wins a fight, it's generally super exciting... This time around, McFedries just couldn't handle the onslaught delivered by the uppercuts from Cote, and after getting rocked, he curled up like a ball on the ground, and Cote pounded away with huge right hooks, until the downed McFedries was eventually saved by the referee... Great showing by Cote, but I still don't think he can hang with the Top 5 in the 185 division though... As for McFedries, better luck next time...
      This was a close fight... Not nearly as exciting as I was hoping it'd be (for Mike Swick's debut at 170)... But yeah, it was a good fight none-the-less I guess... The first round went to Josh Burkman, for basically being more aggressive... The second round went to Mike Swick, for throwing better kicks... And the third round was PRETTY MUCH a draw, so I have no idea who should have won this fight... I was SORT of leaning towards Burkman, but Mike Swick pulled the majority decision from the judges, giving him his first victory at 170 pounds... Decent fight, and I guess I don't have much else to say about it...