100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (18 Total):
1. Brock Lesnar - 94.1
2. Frank Mir - 93.0
3. Nate Marquardt - 92.6
4. Tim Boetsch - 92.6
5. Ricardo Almeida - 91.3
6. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira - 91.1
7. Jeremy Horn - 90.9
8. Tyson Griffin - 89.6
9. Tim Sylvia - 89.5
10. Gleison Tibau - 89.3
UFC 81: Breaking Point
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.4
TOTAL 90.2
     This was kind of a boring fight... Both guys had decent striking skills while standing, and there were a few moments where Nakamura took Emerson to the ground, but Emerson was usually able to escape... In the end, it was a very close fight, it definitely deserved the split-decision, but I personally gave the fight to Nakamura... It could have gone either way I guess... Rob Emerson gets his first UFC win...
      This fight sucked, and luckily, it didn't air on the live PPV broadcast... Both guys are known for their knockout power (Marvin Eastman more known for his weak chin)... But in the end, they hugged for 15 minutes, while standing clinched against the cage, and Marvin Eastman pulled away with a unanimous decision victory... I agree, Marvin Eastman deserved to win 29-28 (Martin won the first round)... But in the end, it was still a shit fight...
(Slam & Punches)
      FUCK YEAH! TIM BOESCH! TIM BOESCH!!! Come on! Everybody say it with me now! TIM BOESCH!!! Ha ha ha... Yeah, that guy is the man... He stared off showing ok strikes... Then pretty decent strikes... Then really good strikes... And eventually, he just started throwing huge punches & kicks & knees, and crazy shit all over the body & head of David Heath, until he eventually had him rocked, so he grabbed the head of David Heath, and flung him across the octagon like a rag doll, and then followed up with some punches to the head of Heath while he was sort of laying face first on the ground... The referee had to stop the fight, and I shit my pants... Tim Boesch is the man... INCREDIBLE debut for another UFC newcomer...
      This fight was awesome! Props to my boy from Indiana, Chris Lytle... The fight started, and Chris Lytle started punching Kyle Bradley... A LOT... Sort of giving him a warm welcome to the UFC... Eventually, Kyle Bradley got hit too many times, and fell to the ground, covered his face, and the referee got in between the two fighters, giving the KO victory to Chris Lytle... In the meantime, Kyle Bradley pulled guard (with the referee) and held on to him, thinking the fight was still going to continue, eventually realizing where he was... Chris Lytle is the man... He's not a Top 5 Welterweight, but he sure is exciting as hell to watch... 33 second KO stoppage, Chris Lytle climbs back up the ladder!!! Kyle Bradley on the other hand, seems to have no business fighting in the UFC...
      Man, that was a lame fight... I spent all night telling friends about how I wish the Tyson Griffin fight would be on the main card, so we could watch it live, but I thought they'd play a different fight instead... Well, the show started off with the Tyson Griffin fight, YEAH!!! The problem is, it was probably the least exciting Tyson Griffin I've ever seen... And Gleison Tibau dropped down a weight class, which was insane, since he looked like he was twice Griffin's size... In the end, I gave Tyson more points for his improved striking & his heart, and I gave Gleison Tibau more points for takedowns & controlling the fight... In the end, it was close, but I gave the fight to Gleison Tibau... All 3 judges disagreed, and gave the fight to Tyson Griffin... (And then the crowd went boooooooo)... So whatever...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well that was fun! I've heard of Ricardo Almeida, but I haven't ever seen him fight... So I've heard he has some "sick Jiu-Jitsu skills", but I wasn't really sure how much that meant, since a lot of guys CLAIM to have those skills, and then don't actually use them... Well, this fight started, it looked like Yundt was going to try to keep the fight standing, but Almeida shot an explosive takedown, quickly locked on a guillotine choke, Yundt somehow did a front flip to try to escape, smashing the back of Almeida's head against the mat, but he still held on, and Rob Yundt was forced to submit to Almeida's guillotine, in just over one minute of the first round... Great display by Almeida... As for Rob Yundt, WHO!?!
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well, I thought this fight would suck... I WAS WRONG!!! During the first round, Nate Marquardt started it off by taking Horn to the ground, and then beating the shit out of him with some HEAVY punches... Jeremy Horn eventually regained his composure, and started breaking out all kinds of bad ass Jiu-Jitsu submission attempts & transitions, etc... At one point, I thought Horn was going to pull off a gogoplata, but Marquardt was able to escape, and was eventually saved by the bell... The second round started, they went back to the ground, and Marquardt was able to lock on a guillotine choke that LOOKED like he was literally going to rip Horn's head off... So yeah, of course he tapped, and the fight was over at the start of the second round... Good show by both guys, ESPECIALLY considering the fact I thought this would be a slow boring fight...
      FUCK YEAH! This fight was a blast... The debut of Brock Lesnar... I had 2 predictions for this fight beforehand... Either Brock Lesnar would take Mir the ground immediately, and destroy him with the ground & pound attack... OR... Frank Mir would figure out a way to lock on a leg lock or ankle lock... The first minute of the fight consisted of Brock Lesnar taking Mir to the ground QUICKLY, and then he absolutely destroyed Mir's head with heavy hammerfists, and a couple of elbows, etc... The referee then stopped the fight, and took a point away from Lesnar, because he punched Mir in the back of the head by accident... (bad stoppage, BUT, I guess I understand)... Anyways...
      The fight continued, and Lesnar almost knocked out Mir with a punch to the face after they were standing again, and Lesnar chased him to the ground, but Mir locked on a kneebar for the submission victory in only a minute & a half... I PRETTY MUCH called that shit, EXACTLY how it happened... I even said it would end in under 2 minutes... I'M THE MAN!!! But Brock Lesnar is even more of a man than I am, and I STILL think he has the potential of being one of the top heavyweights in the UFC, especially if he learns how to defend against the leg submissions... Frank Mir still pulled through, didn't look as IMPRESSIVE as Brock Lesnar, but he still pulled off the slick submission, forcing Brock to tap... GREAT fight, and I'm excited for the future of Brock Lesnar...
(Guillotine Choke)
      Well then... This was a historical fight, because Nogueira at one point was the Pride Heavyweight Champion, and now he's the (interim) UFC Heavyweight Champion... So that's the first time that has ever happened, so it's pretty cool I guess... Tim Sylvia started out the fight with a couple of rounds worth of beating up Nogueira on the feet... The third round looked like it might be more of the same, but Nogueira was able to pull guard, and then sweep Sylvia, and then he went for an armlock, Sylvia escaped, and then Nogueira locked on a ridiculously tight guillotine choke for the submission victory... Nogueira is the man, even though he hasn't looked that great lately, but he looked solid tonight, so I GUESS I'm ready to see Nogueira vs. Mir? I wouldn't mind also seeing Brock Lesnar vs. Tim Sylvia now as well I guess... So yeah, good night for Heavyweight fights...