100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (20 Total):
1. Anderson Silva - 97.4
2. Josh Koscheck - 93.5
3. Dan Henderson - 92.7
4. Dustin Hazelett - 91.9
5. Diego Sanchez - 90.9
6. Heath Herring - 90.6
7. Chris Leben - 90.3
8. Cheick Kongo - 90.3
9. Jorge Gurgel - 89.7
10. Jon Fitch - 89.1
UFC 82: Pride of a Champion
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Elevation: 902'
-Fight of the Night-
Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.6
TOTAL 90.3
     And here we are with another DECISION victory for Jorge Gurgel... Will he ever finish anybody? I have no idea... He's supposed to have great Jiu-Jitsu skills, but he never uses them, so I doubt he'll ever submit anybody... And he seems to like striking with people, but he just doesn't seem to have any power behind his punches & kicks, so I doubt he'll knock anybody out either... Gurgel is a good fight, but I don't really like watching him fight, because his fights seem to go on forever... John Halverson on the other hand, did a pretty good job, and I wouldn't mind seeing him fight again, but eh, whatever... This was a fairly close fight, but Jorge Gurgel got the unanimous decision victory (which I'm fine with...) I'm just glad it's over...
      It's weird seeing Diego Sanchez on the undercard (they didn't air this fight at all on the live show)... This fight featured 2 Jiu-Jitsu experts, and Sanchez proved that he's the more versatile fighter, by taking Bielkheden to the ground immediately at the start of the fight, he passed his guard, worked his ground game for a few minutes, and eventually got the full mounted, and punched Bielkheden in the face several times, until eventually Bielkheden tapped out due to strikes... It's not often that you see a guy tap out in the first round, due to getting punched in the face... I question the heart of Bielkheden, but Diego Sanchez looks like he's back & aggressive like he used to be... I hope he stays in the UFC for a while...
(Head Kick & Punches)
      Wow... This was an amazing undercard fight... Dustin Hazelett pretty much owned the first round, showing excellent striking on the feet, great knees & kicks & punches... Near the end of the first round, Koscheck unleashed a brilliant takedown, shooting across the octagon, and running through Hazelett like a train, but Hazelett was able to sink in the triangle choke immediately once they hit the floor, and that's how the first round ended, Koscheck was saved by the bell... The second round looked like it'd be more of the same, but Koscheck was able to land a huge left high kick, which nearly knocked out Hazelett, and he followed that up with some ground & pound, forcing the referee to stop the fight... Josh Koscheck pulls out another impressive victory against a game opponent in Dustin Hazelett...
      This fight was ok, but kind of boring... Basically, Luigi Fioravanti took Cummo to the ground repeatedly, a few slams, a few takedowns, a few this & that, etc... And once the fight went to the ground, Luigi tried to pound on him, but it wasn't anything super special or anything... In the end, after 3 rounds of taking Luke Cummo to the ground at will, Luigi Fioravanti walks away with the unanimous decision victory... I'm glad they didn't show this fight on the main card...
      At first I was pissed that they didn't show this fight on the main card, but after watching it, I'm glad they didn't... It's Andrei Arlovski's last fight on his current UFC contract, and he didn't do much to go out with a bang... Jake O'Brien is back after not fighting for a year due to a neck injury, and he seems to be the exact same Jake O'Brien that he's always been... The ONLY move in his arsenal, is the double leg takedown, and he could barely execute it at all against Andrei Arlovski... The entire first round had O'Brien shooting for the takedown, Arlovski would sprawl, and they would basically just sit there & wait for each other to move, and they'd stand back up, and repeat... The second round was more of the same, until Arlovski eventually took O'Brien to the ground, got the full mount, and then started punching him in the face (with VERY gentle punches), and O'Brien just sat there covering his face, so Arlovski looked at the referee, but the referee had fallen asleep due to the boring fight, so I'd like to thank God for stopping this fight... Arlovski wins by TKO...
      This fight was alright, but nothing special... During the first round, I was impressed by Chris Wilson making his debut, his striking was pretty decent, and his takedown defense was pretty great as well, especially against a wrestler as good as Fitch... But the 2nd & 3rd rounds both easily went to Fitch, because he spent both rounds taking Wilson to the ground, and sort of pounding on him for the entire round... Neither guy came close to finishing the fight, but Jon Fitch controlled most of it, so he walked away with the unanimous decision victory...
      This fight was boring... Yushin Okami's fights are always boring though, so it's sort of what I expected... The first round was boring, Evan Tanner looked awkward while trying to strike with Okami, and I gave the first round to Okami for getting the better half of the striking... During the second round, Tanner still didn't look good, and Okami eventually got him in the clinch, threw a knee at the chin of Tanner, and knocked him out... Okami wins, but I still don't think he deserves a title shot yet, and I'm not sure why Evan Tanner even came back to be honest... He looked way too uncomfortable in there, even before the fight started...
      This fight was pretty exciting, and it didn't last very long, but I was a little bit disappointed by the ending... Both guys basically came out swinging with big punch combinations, Chris Leben brawling, Alessio Sakara boxing, and in the end, Sakara BASICALLY got knocked out... Once he was knocked down, Leben followed up with a few punches on the ground, the referee stopped the fight, Sakara said it was stopped early, but Leben still walks away with the victory... Leben looked aggressive though, and his strikes were solid, so props to Chris Leben for a good fight... I hope Sakara decides to stay at 185 though, I think this will be a good weight class for him...
      Well, this was a surprisingly good fight... Heath Herring was 100x's more aggressive compared to what he's been doing it most of his fights lately, and Cheick Kongo's ground game was 100x's better than I've ever seen it... Herring was explosive, Kongo's ground game was fairly legit, and what was supposed to be a striking fight, turned into a competitive wrestling match, and at the end of 3 rounds, Heath Herring wins by split-decision... Good fight overall by both fighters, and I'm left REALLY missing the "knees to the head" being legal in Pride & Japan... PLEASE BRING BACK KNEES TO THE HEAD TO THE DOWNED OPPONENT!!! WE NEED THOSE BACK PLEASE!!! Thanks...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight was AWESOME!!! I love Anderson Silva, quite possibly my favorite fighter at this point, and easily the best fighter in the world at the moment... He has already dominated all of the top guys at 185 pounds, and now he has destroyed the Pride Middleweight Champion (Dan Henderson)... Henderson looked good in the first round, taking Silva to the ground, and controlling him for the most part, but the entire second round had Silva destroying Henderson on the feet with kicks, punches & knees (as usual), and once he got Henderson to the ground, he was able to get on his back, beat him up for a while, and then finished the fight with the rear-naked choke... GREAT fight for Anderson Silva, and Dan Henderson loses his second Pride title to another UFC fighter... Where does Henderson go from here? I have no idea... And who is next for Anderson Silva? Other than Matt Lindland, I have no idea... And even Lindland would probably get destroyed by Silva, so I'm lost... GREAT fight though...