100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Mike Trinh - 93.4
2. Jason Langellier - 93.1
3. Manny Lozoya - 92.8
4. Clovis Hancock - 92.3
5. Derek Campos - 91.9
6. Jeremy Mahon - 91.8
7. Emmanuel Sanchez - 91.5
8. Isaac Villanueva - 90.9
9. Linton Vassell - 90.8
10. Joe Angel Zamora - 90.8
Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie
Location: Houston, Texas
Elevation: 43'
-Fight of the Night-
Mike Trinh vs. Joe Angel Zamora
Fighters & Matches 87.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 89.9
(Guillotine Choke)
     Lozoya came out throwing heat, backing Norsworthy up against the fence with his punches. He dropped him with a leg kick early as well. Lozoya worked his clinch, and battered Norsworthy with some knees. He rocked him with a massive right hand as well. Lozoya shot in for a takedown halfway through the round, Norsworthy tried to hold him off with a loose guillotine, and Lozoya grabbed a guillotine of his own, lifted Norsworthy off the ground with it, and finished the fight via submission, just over the halfway point of the first round. That was an awesome debut for Manny Lozoya. I'll be keeping an eye on this guy for sure.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Esparsa started this fight by throwing some heavy punches & knees, which caused Hancock to pull guard, and slap on a Kimura almost immediately. He did a good job cranking it for a minute or so, but Esparsa broke free, and started to work some ground & pound. Hancock is clearly the ground guy, so Esparsa's corner was screaming at him to let Hancock up, so he let him stand up. Hancock then tried to throw him with a hip toss, but Esparsa just grabbed his back, took him down, and then stood back up. Esparsa continued to beat on Hancock, knocking him down, and then Hancock slapped on a triangle choke, but he couldn't get it tight, so Esparsa stood back up, and Hancock went for a leg lock, but Esparsa escaped that as well. Esparsa slammed him, and then Hancock slapped on another triangle choke, this one was a little tighter, but Esparsa powered out of it. This was a close round, due to Hancock's multiple submission attempts, but Esparsa stayed in control the entire time, and beat up Hancock a bit, so I gave the round just slightly to Esparsa. Hancock took this fight on short notice, and looked exhausted coming out for the second round. His mouth was wide open, and he was taking some of the deepest breaths I've ever seen. Esparsa looked kind of tired too, but he continued to come forward, throwing some basic strikes, and he took Hancock to the ground as well. On the ground, Esparsa opened up a DEEP cut above Hancock's right eye, which caused blood to flow out like water. Hancock kept looking for armbars and stuff, but his blood was making it hard to find traction. They stood up, and Hancock started throwing wild spinning kicks, swiping at air, clearly blinded by his own blood, and he ended up falling down, and Esparsa landed in his guard again. I'll be shocked if the doctor doesn't stop this fight due to that cut at some point. Both guys were 100% gassed by the end of the second round. The final round started, Esparsa shot in for a sloppy, tired takedown, and Hancock gave it all he had, twisting around, grabbing Esparsa's back. He punched the side of Esparsa's head several times, he flattened him out, locked on a rear-naked choke, and mounted one of the biggest comebacks I've seen in a long time, finishing the fight via submission around the 90 second mark of round 3. That fight was fucking insane!!! Great fight by both guys, even though they both clearly need to work on their cardio.
      These guys looked funny, bouncing around at the start of the fight, they both kind of looked like old men. Zamora poked Trinh in the eye, and the fight was paused for a few seconds. When the fight started again, Zamora threw a kick, Trinh caught it and took him down, secured full mount, locked on an armbar, and Zamora looked like he was in trouble. They both went for leg locks, and they both cranked the shit out of each other's legs, both grimacing, and Trinh put his foot on Zamora's nuts, and pressed hard, for leverage. That had to suck for Zamora, but yeah, they eventually gave up the leg locks, and Trinh ended up back on top again in half guard. They rolled around a little bit, there was a wild scramble, it looked like Trinh might look for an Anaconda choke, but Zamora slipped out, and tried to secure a single leg takedown, while Trinh pounded on his ribs with big elbows. Trinh hopped over his back, slapped on another armbar, and this time cranked it hard, Zamora was stuck, and he was forced to tap, but the referee couldn't see his hand tapping, so he had to verbally submit. That was a crazy ass fight, with both guys looking scrappy as hell, but yeah, Mike Trinh wins via first round submission. Awesome night of fights so far!
      Justin Wren spent most of the first round of this fight, pressing Torres up against the cage in the clinch. He landed a few decent punches, but for the most part, it was a boring round. With 30 seconds left in the round, Torres ducked his head down, and Wren grabbed him in the clinch, and blasted him with some hard knees, but all it did was show that Torres has a solid chin. So... Wren kicked him in the dick, and the fight was paused... During the pause, Torres was talking to the ref, laughing, saying that Wren is a legend, and he'll be there one day, and then he went back into the fight with more energy than I ever would have expected from his chubby body. Torres seemed like the more damage he took, he more excited he was to beat someone's ass. The second round started, and Torres was talking all kinds of shit, and throwing some heavy punches. I can't tell if he's just built that way or what, but Torres's left ankle looks insanely swollen, possibly broken or something. It's the worst cankle I've ever seen. Torres was landing more strikes, but Wren controlled him against the cage for most of the round, so... Who won that round? I'm giving it to Torres, because at least he tried to do some damage. So I have the score all tied up going into the final round. After that round ended, Torres yelled at Wren, "HEY! I WANT A SHIRT!" Torres is insane... I feel bad mentioning the left ankle of Torres, because now I'm thinking it might be scar tissue from a previous surgery or something, since nobody else seems to have noticed it. So maybe he didn't hurt it in this fight at all. The third round was basically just a couple of massive heavyweights, standing in front of each other, throwing a punch or two every 20 seconds. Boring fight overall, and I kind of wanted Torres to win the fight, JUST based on his personality, he reminds me of a Nick Diaz on ecstasy or something. But yeah, Wren controlled the pace of the fight for the most part, so in the end, I scored it 29-28 for Wren, and all 3 judges gave him all 3 rounds. Wren might be the most boring heavyweight I've seen in a long time, but he wins, and he's a good person, so that has to count for something.
(Anaconda Choke)
      Langellier tried to take Ivy's head off with a kick, Ivy clinched and tried to take him down, and Langellier whipped him around, throwing him to the ground, with Langellier ending up on top, in a loose half guard. Langellier moved into full mount, Ivy tried to sit up to escape, Langellier locked on an anaconda choke, and finished the fight via submission, just two minutes into the first round. That was a BRUTAL looking choke the way he cranked it, nearly ripping Ivy's head off. Awesome Bellator debut for Jason Langellier.
      This was another one of those fights that starts with one guy (Yanez) throwing a kick, and the other guy (Hollis) catches it, and takes him down immediately. Once on the ground, Yanez just tied him up, as he looked like he was hoping for a referee standup. Hollis eventually pulled his arms free, and landed some heavy elbows on the ground. Yanez got back to his feet pretty quickly after that. Yanez then secured a trip takedown, ending up inside Hollis's guard. He eventually stood back up, and Hollis stayed on the ground, trying to kick Yanez's legs, but he just backed out and told him to stand up. Once he stood up, Hollis kept falling back down to his ass, clearly wanting to keep the fight on the ground. Hollis shot in for a takedown in the final 30 seconds of the round, ending up inside Yanez's guard. I guess I would score that round for Hollis? Yanez was able to open up with his boxing a little bit in the second round, and eventually took Hollis down, landing in full mount, but Hollis escaped by spinning around for a leg lock. Hollis looks like a 135 pound Semmy Schilt. Yanez held onto various top positions for the rest of the round, as he pounded away at Hollis with some punches on the ground. Good fight so far, and I have the score all tied up going into the final round. The third round had Yanez pressuring Hollis, and securing another takedown, just one minute into the round. Once they hit the ground, Yanez stood above Hollis in his guard, and blasted him with big punches from the sky. Yanez continued to pound on him for the rest of the fight. In the end, I scored the fight 29-28 for Yanez, and all 3 judges agreed. Solid fight overall.
      Mahon was throwing punches in bunches, and throwing some decent leg kicks. Sylvester was returning fire with single strikes. Mahon eventually threw a kick, Sylvester caught it, and took Mahon to the ground, ending up in half guard. Sylvester switched to full guard. After throwing a few strikes on the ground, Sylvester eventually decided to stand up. From there, Mahon beat him up inside the clinch. Mahon went for a takedown, and Sylvester slapped on a guillotine choke. It looked like it could potentially be tight, but Mahon didn't seem to mind much. I don't think either fighter necessarily won that first round. The second round started with Mahon throwing a few punches, and then shooting for another takedown, this time ending up in the full mount. Sylvester slipped out to the side, and Mahon tried to catch him with an armbar, but Sylvester avoided that, and ended up in top position. Mahon swept him, and ended up on top again, dropping short elbows on the jaw of Sylvester. He postured up a little bit, and unloaded a hundred or so punches to the side of Sylvester's body, forcing the referee to stop the fight due to PUNCHES TO THE SIDE. That was a pretty great Bellator debut for Jeremy Mahon.
      Knepp looked scared, he backed up, threw an inside leg kick, and then Villanueva landed a series of punches. He eventually backed off a little bit, and then unloaded on him, finishing Knepp with a barrage of punches, just 42 seconds into the first round, causing Knepp to collapse against the cage, covering his face. Solid quick victory for Isaac Villanueva. I'm not sure if it really says much about his skills though, since Knepp didn't seem to have any skills at all.
      They both came out trading punches, and then Pineda shot in for a takedown. They rolled around a little bit, trading positions, and then eventually stood back up. Pineda secured another takedown, they rolled around, traded positions again, and Sanchez stood up, leaving Pineda on the ground. Pineda slapped on a calf slicer, and Sanchez escaped. That was a competitive round, but Pineda won on my scorecard. Pineda landed a few decent strikes in the second round, and then Sanchez opened up on him with a series of head kicks, eventually knocking Pineda to the ground. Sanchez got on top, in half guard, and beat up Pineda a little bit on the ground. Sanchez stood up to rain down some big punches, and Pineda went for another leg lock, so Sanchez got out of there. They stood back up, and Sanchez blasted Pineda with some knees from the clinch, before Pineda secured another takedown. Pineda spent some time in Sanchez's guard, and Sanchez was throwing short elbows up at him. The referee eventually stood them back up, Pineda threw a ridiculous cartwheel kick, and Sanchez took him to the ground, ala Sage Northcutt. Sanchez was back on top, dropping punches on Pineda, and Pineda went for another leg lock, so Sanchez got out of there. Pineda secured another takedown at the end of the round. Pineda secured several takedowns in that round, but he didn't do anything with them, so I gave the round to Sanchez, based on his striking & his offense when they were on the ground. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round, but I wouldn't be surprised if the judges have it 2-0 for Pineda, based on takedowns alone.
     Before the third round started, the doctor checked out Pineda's foot, which was apparently broken, but he played it off well enough to continue. Pineda shot for another takedown to start the final round, and Sanchez flipped him over and ended up on top. From there, Sanchez blasted him in the face with a lot of punches. Pineda tried to get up, and sort of shot for another takedown, and Sanchez stopped him with a front headlock. Sanchez continued to drop punches on the face of Pineda. Sanchez grabbed his back, and Pineda rolled for a kneebar, and Sanchez saw it coming, so skipped out of it, and continued to punch Pineda in the head. They stood up, and Sanchez nearly finished Pineda on the feet with a series of punches, but Pineda was able to clinch to buy himself some time. Pineda grabbed Sanchez's back, there was a wild scrambling roll, and Sanchez ended up on top again. Pineda went for that calf slicer again, and Sanchez rolled out of it, and continued to pound on Pineda's head with punches. Sanchez grabbed his back, cranked his neck, and Pineda fought his way back to his feet. Pineda's right eye was all fucked up, and he threw a blind flying spinning wheel kick thing, and Sanchez took him down again. That was a pretty awesome fight, and a pretty clear 29-28 victory for Emmanuel Sanchez in my opinion. One judge disagreed, giving the fight to Pineda, but two judges gave the fight to Sanchez, so yeah... We're all good here... Another solid decision victory for Emmanuel Sanchez.
      They traded kicks early, and Newton kicked Vassell in the dick. Once the fight started back up, Vassell shot for a takedown, and pinned Newton against the cage, but Newton was back to his feet a few seconds later. Vassell maintained the clinch, and tripped Newton to the ground again. Vassell looked like he might go for an arm-triangle choke, but the cage was blocking his movement, so he just held the full mount. Newton rolled over onto his stomach, and Vassell stayed tight on his back, while looking to sink his arms in for a choke. Vassell threw some punches to the side of Newton's head, so Newton kept rolling around, but Vassell refused to let go of the mount. It was actually kind of amazing how every time Newton would roll in a different direction, Vassell would just wrap around him like a snake, constantly holding that mount, but Newton got back to his feet with about a minute left in the round. They continued to grapple on their feet, and Newton slammed Vassell at the end of the round. Newton took Vassell down to start the second round, but Vassell popped back up without much of an issue. Newton threw some more kicks, and clipped Vassell in the Jimmy again. The fight started back up, and Newton kept throwing kicks, and Vassell was trying to counter with punches. Newton shot for another takedown, and tripped Vassell to the ground. Vassell got back up, but Newton kept ahold of him, and slammed him to the ground again. Newton sort of moved toward an arm-triangle choke, but Vassell popped out of that. They stood back up, and Newton slammed Vassell again. They stood back up, and they locked horns like two bulls, they clinched for a minute or so, and then Newton threw a knee that clipped Vassell in the dick again. This time, Vassell stayed curled up on the ground for a long time. The referee took a point away from Newton for the low blows. Once the fight started back up, Newton continued to blast away at Vassell with big kicks from a variety of directions. Newton clearly won that round, but since he lost a point, then Vassell is still ahead by one, going into the final round. Newton threw some kicks to start the final round, and then shot in for a single leg, and slammed Vassell again. They continued to clinch for a while, and Vassell finally secured another takedown of his own with 90 seconds left in the fight. He mounted Newton, and from there, he just hugged the shit out of him, while dropping short elbows & punches in the final 15 seconds. Decent fight I guess, and a solid victory for Linton Vassell. This marks 3 losses in a row for Newton, against top guys, but still... I don't really know where he goes from here. I'd almost like to see him go to the WSOF or something.
      Guillard came out looking to kill Campos, throwing bombs, but Campos rocked him early, and then took him to the ground. Campos spent the next couple of minutes smothering Guillard, throwing a few decent punches, before Guillard was able to get back to his feet. Once on his feet, they both continued to throw bombs at each other, looking to knock heads off. Campos won the first round. The second round started, and Campos destroyed Guillard, punishing him with nonstop punches to the face, coming from a variety of angles, until Guillard fell flat on his face. Awesome KO victory for Derek Campos, and another disappointing loss for Guillard, especially after he dedicated this fight to Kevin Randleman.
      They both came out, threw a punch, Dada 5000 rushed Kimbo, and Kimbo ducked under him, and took him to the ground. Kimbo moved into full mount. Dada was holding on for dear life, refusing to let Kimbo posture up. Dada tried to spin out of it, and eventually got back to his feet. They clinched for a while, and the referee broke them up because it was boring. Kimbo looked like he was ready to fall asleep after the first 3 minutes of the fight. Dada plowed into him, they both threw a few bombs, and Dada initiated the clinch. They both looked tired as fuck, and extremely out of shape. I guess Kimbo wins that round based on the mount? It was a shitty round either way, and based on the amount of energy they had at the end of the round, I wouldn't be shocked if the next 10 minutes are the worst 10 minutes of my life. The second round started, they threw some punches, and then Kimbo secured another takedown by the cage. Kimbo let Dada get back up, punched him a few times with some really slow punches, and then secured another takedown. The referee stood them up, and Kimbo landed some solid punches, rocked Dada, and then they both just gassed, and hugged for a while. Kimbo secured another takedown, and wobbled his body into full mount. These guys have to be some of the most out of shape motherfuckers I've ever seen. The referee stood them up again, and Dada could barely get up off the ground he was so tired. They both threw some big, SUPER SLOW punches, and they both almost passed out due to exhaustion. Kimbo won that round too I guess? They both needed help off the stools going into the third round, they came out, threw some watered down punches, and then hugged again. Kimbo landed a few more halfway decent punches, and Dada walked forward, in zombie mode, clearly unconscious, sleep walking across the cage, until he eventually turned away from Kimbo, walked in the other direction, and knocked himself out by falling flat on his face. THIS MIGHT BE THE WORST FIGHT I'VE EVER SEEN. WHY THE FUCK DID THIS FIGHT JUST HAPPEN!?!
(Knee & Punches)
      Soooo... Royce Gracie wanted to grapple, so he didn't even let them wrap his hands before this fight (meaning he basically couldn't throw punches in this fight). So Gracie came out, and threw a lot of weak little leg kicks, mostly just to keep the distance, and Shamrock just kept circling around him. Eventually they clinched, Gracie landed a few knees to the body of Shamrock, including one that landed on Shamrock's cup, Gracie followed it up with a knee to Shamrock's head, he grabbed him, slammed him to the ground, and finished him off with a series of punches to the head. At first I was like "FUCK YEAH! DO YO' THANG ROYCE!!!" But after they showed a few replays, they finally found where the low blow was, so Shamrock arguing with the referee after the fight was stopped, actually made some sense. So... Yeah... Controversial ending, but congrats to Royce for another solid win over Ken Shamrock. I REALLY hope these guys hang it up at this point though. They both look so frail.