100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Kenny Florian - 94.4
2. Nate Diaz - 93.4
3. Anthony Johnson - 93.2
4. Kurt Pellegrino - 93.0
5. George Sotiropoulos - 92.4
6. Marcus Aurelio - 92.3
7. Josh Neer - 92.1
8. Joe Lauzon - 92.0
9. Din Thomas - 90.7
10. Manny Gamburyan - 90.5
UFC Fight Night 13: Florian vs. Lauzon
Location: Broomfield, Colorado
Elevation: 5,344'
-Fight of the Night-
Kenny Florian vs. Joe Lauzon
Fighters & Matches 88.6
Top 10 Fighters 92.4
TOTAL 90.5
     Awwww... I feel bad for Tommy Speer... He just got absolute man-handled & destroyed by Anthony The Rumble Rock Johnson or whatever his name is... Anthony Johnson is the fuckin' MAN... The first time I saw him fight, he was AMAZING... And then I saw him get beat up in his last fight, but I guess that's because he only had a week's notice before that fight... This time, he came out and quickly dismantled Tommy Speer... He basically knocked him out, and Speer fell asleep while standing, so Johnson punched him a lot, and Speer eventually collapsed against the cage... WOW... Fun fight... Not sure if this really does anything though for either fighter... I wouldn't mind seeing Anthony Johnson fight a Top 12 Welterweight or something at this point, see if he's actually as legit as he seems... I've got confidence in him though, he reminds me of a 170 pound Anderson Silva, and that's a good thing...
      This fight was pretty awesome... George Sotiropoulos went out there and put on a Jiu-Jitsu clinic, making Mitichyan look pretty foolish... Mitichyan started the fight by trying to throw some high kicks, but George kept catching them, and eventually got annoyed, so he caught Mitichyan's kick and pressed upwards, forcing Mitichyan to fall to the ground... At that point, George got on his back, and pretty much road him around for the entire first round, transitioning between about 50 different submissions, from armbars to chokes, back to armbars, etc... George easily won the first round, maybe even 10-8... The second round pretty much started the same way, but this time George decided to go with the ground & pound instead, and he just beat the shit out of Mitichyan's face until the referee was forced to stop the fight... Great show by Sotiropoulos, and I'm about ready to call him a Top 10 Welterweight, but I'd like to see him fight someone legit first... Mitichyan on the other hand, didn't look like anything special AT ALL in this fight...
      Man, I love Clay Guida, and he finally finished a fight, so that's cool, but this wasn't THAT great of a fight really... It started with both guys standing with each other, and Schiavo seemed to have the slight advantage on the feet, but once Guida took Schiavo to the ground, Clay's wrestling took over the fight, and he pretty much smothered Schiavo, eventually ending the fight with some hard punches to the head of Schiavo that forced the referee to stop the fight... Decent fight I guess...
(Guillotine Choke)
      This fight was alright... I've been a huge fan of Manny Gamburyan ever since seeing him on The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show or whatever, but he got kind of screwed in the finals by injuring his arm against Nate Diaz... Well, he's back & he's looked really solid in his last couple of fights, so I'm about ready to watch those 2 have a rematch in the near future... For now, he had to take out Jeff Cox, which really wasn't much of a challenge... Manny unleashed a great Judo throw on Cox to get him to the ground, and then locked on a crushing guillotine choke forcing Cox to submit instantly... That's about all that happened here, quick fight, ending in under 2 minutes...
      This fight was awesome... Marcus Aurelio completely overwhelmed Ryan Roberts in Ryan's UFC debut, by attacking him at the start of the fight with some punches, he knocked Roberts to the ground, started throwing some hammerfists, and then literally locked on the slickest, most beautiful armbar that I've ever seen in my entire life... SO fucking good... What a great display of Jiu-Jitsu by Marcus Aurelio... Aurelio wins via armbar in 16 seconds...
      This fight went the distance, so it's understandable that they didn't put it on the live show, but MAN was it a great fight or what? I've been a huge fan of Josh Neer for a long time, and I've missed him over the past 20 months or so, but he's finally back in the UFC where he belongs, and I hope they keep him around for a while, because he's a great fighter... He usually fights at 170, but this time around, he dropped down to 155, and completely dominated a competent fighter in Din Thomas... Josh Neer took him to the ground multiple times, including a couple of slams, he kicked the shit out of Thomas while they were standing, he smashed Din's face with heavy elbows the entire time they were on the ground, and he pretty much just overwhelmed Din Thomas for the entire 15 minute fight... In the end, Josh Neer walks away with the unanimous decision victory...
(Superman Punch)
      James Irvin punched Houston Alexander in the face... The referee (Steve Mazagatti) jumped in and stopped the fight, claiming Houston was knocked out... BIZARRE fight... At a glance, I might believe that Houston was out... HONESTLY, after watching the replay about 50 times, I have no idea... Maybe it was a good call? Maybe it was a terrible call? Either way, it made Houston look worthless, and it wasn't all that impressive of a showing by Irvin either... This fight ended up being pointless, and I don't think it'll do anything to advance either of their careers... On the bright side, James Irvin tied the UFC record for fastest knockout (8 seconds)...
(Triangle Choke)
      Fuck yeah brotha!!! I called this shit... (basically)... Kurt Pellegrino went into this fight, sort of being the "big dog" in the fight, and Nate Diaz was trying to climb up the ladder by taking out Pellegrino, and the upset happened just as I said it would... Kurt Pellegrino basically beat the shit out of Nate Diaz for the entire first round, bloodying up his face, and absolutely schooling him with his superior wrestling skills... Nate Diaz was not looking in good shape by the end of the first round... The second round started with more of the same, Pellegrino taking Diaz to the ground, but after grappling around for a couple of minutes, Pellegrino picked up Diaz for the big slam, but tripped & fell, and Diaz locked on the triangle choke once they hit the ground, and Pellegrino was forced to submit... Nate Diaz is awesome, and he wins again via submission...
      Man, are you kidding me? I really don't like Matt Hamill... I'm a huge fan of Tim "The Bloody Body Beater Barbarian from Azghard" Boetsch or whatever (after the way he beat down David Heath)... But yeah, basically, the first round consisted of Hamill taking Boetsch to the ground, and holding him there until the referee stood them back up... Boetsch then started throwing HUGE sloppy bombs, nothing really connecting, but boy did they look like bombs!!! He landed one knee that busted up Hamill's lip pretty badly, but that's about it... By the time the second round started, they were both winded & out of shape, and Boetsch basically laid down in the corner to take a nap, and Hamill punched him in the face a few times until the referee stopped the fight... Did I mention I don't like Hamill? He still won though...
(Knee & Punches)
      OH MY FUCKING GOD... THEY FUCKING DID IT AGAIN!?! GOD DAMN IT MAZAGATTI!!! WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?! So yeah, anyways... The first round was boring, so I won't comment on that... The second round started, Alves threw a knee which knocked Parisyan to the ground, he followed that up with a couple of big punches, and the referee stopped it quickly... As soon as the ref pulled Thiago Alves off Parisyan, Parisyan jumped up and was like "What the fuck bro!?!" And then I jumped up and said "What the fuck bro!?!" And then the fight was over... That was some bullshit... Ever since Mazagatti shaved that fuckin' mustache off, he's been ridiculous... Not sure what that says about the mustache I guess... FUCK THIS FIGHT...
      Well, this was a pretty solid fight... Both guys are great wrestlers, both guys are pretty solid strikers, both guys are excellent fighters overall, and I was cheering for Gray Maynard... With that being said, it was a very close fight, it went all 3 rounds, and there was a lot of back & forth action, but Gray Maynard for the most part, dominated the wrestling game, and that's what most of the fight consisted of, so I gave the fight to Gray Maynard by decision... The judges agreed, and Gray Maynard walks away with an important victory, and Franky Edgar earns the first loss of his career...
(Punches & Elbows)
      This was a hell of a main event fight! FUCK YEAH!!! Basically, Lauzon took Florian to the ground, Florian unleashed some spike style elbows to the top of Lauzon's head, the referee said they were to the back of the head, so he warned Florian for the illegal strikes, and stood them back up... After that, it was pretty much all Florian for the rest of the fight, lots of back & forth action, Lauzon almost locked on a couple of leg locks & heel hooks, etc... But for the most part, it was all about Florian getting on top of Lauzon & raining down elbows & punches... The fight was stopped in the second round, due to Kenny Florian's non-stop ground & pound attack... Great fight for both fighters, but Kenny Florian was fuckin' IMPRESSIVE... Great fight...