100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Scott Askham - 92.8
2. Teemu Packalen - 92.6
3. Makwan Amirkhani - 92.5
4. Rustam Khabilov - 92.4
5. Davey Grant - 92.3
6. David Teymur - 91.5
7. Michael Bisping - 91.0
8. Mike Wilkinson - 91.0
9. Norman Parke - 91.0
10. Anderson Silva - 90.9
UFC Fight Night 84: Silva vs. Bisping
Location: Greater London, England
Elevation: 115'
-Fight of the Night-
Michael Bisping vs. Anderson Silva
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.3
     The first 3 minutes of the opening round had Teymur picking apart Svensson on the feet with his superior striking, landing a lot of hard punches & kicks. Svensson finally shot in and grabbed Teymur's back in the clinch, but Teymur was able to break free. Teymur continued to pick him apart, and then secured a takedown at the end of the round. The second round started, Teymur continued to pick apart Svensson, and then he eventually knocked him out with some big punches, finishing him on the ground with a couple of hammerfists before the referee was able to stop the fight. Really solid one-sided performance by David Teymur in his UFC debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      This fight started, Packalen landed a massive right uppercut, knocking Gouti to the ground. He jumped on him, grabbed his back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and the completely overwhelmed Thibault Gouti was forced to submit in under 30 seconds of the first round. Outstanding performance by Teemu Packalen in his second UFC, earning his first UFC victory.
Technical Decision
      Here we have a couple of massive, very thick, heavyweights. Danho was picking apart Omielanczuk in the opening round with some solid boxing, blasting Omielanczuk with some massive punches. Danho clinched against the cage, and when they broke apart, Omielanczuk rocked him with some heavy punches & some knees, but Danho was able to get him back under control with some punches, and then another clinch against the cage. Danho backed out and landed a series of heavy punches, before clinching again. The referee separated them, and Omielanczuk shot in for a takedown attempt, but Danho stuffed it, and pressed him against the cage again. Danho wins round one.
     The second round was all about Omielanczuk charging an exhausted Danho, beating him up with punches, rocking him at one point, even knocking him down, but then he landed an illegal knee while Danho had a hand on the ground, so it gave him a minute to recover, but he still clearly lost that round. I have the score all tied up going into the final round. Danho seemed to lose his killer instinct after that first round.
      The third round was another round for Omielanczuk until the fight was paused, when Danho went down, claiming a groin shot. They showed the replay, and it really didn't look like a groin shot to me, but it was apparently enough to stop the fight. I'm so confused... I guess the fight goes to the scorecards, and since I had Omielanczuk winning that final round, then I think this is a very clear 29-28 fight for Omielanczuk. I've seen guys take groin shots WAY worse than that, and continue fighting, so Danho clearly just wanted out of this fight due to exhaustion. If he wins this, I'll be pissed. One judge called the fight a draw, and the other two judges gave it to Omielanczuk. That was a terrible heavyweight fight.
      The first round started kind of slow, with Parke waiting to counter, and Khabilov throwing a few single strikes. Khabilov eventually rushed him, grabbed a waist lock, and slammed Parke to the ground, and then they stood back up. Parke started moving forward more once they stood back up, and landed a few shots, but Khabilov hammered his face with some big punch combinations. Khabilov's punches looked deadly, as he continued to pick apart Parke on the feet, and then he rushed him again, catching Parke's leg, and he forced him to the ground, and grabbed his back to finish out the round. Round one very clearly goes to Khabilov.
     Parke opened up a little more in the second round, busting open a cut above Khabilov's right eye. He was picking hm apart for a couple of minutes, but Khabilov was far more aggressive in the last half of the round, clearly trying to catch back up on the scorecards for the round, blasting Park with some hard punches and leg kicks. Parke shot for a takedown with 90 seconds left in the round, but Khabilov had no problem staying on his feet. Khabilov then shot in for a takedown, and brought Parke to the ground with ease. In my opinion, Khabilov is ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The final round started, and Parke finally secured his first takedown, grabbing Khabilov's back in the first minute of the round. Parke was struggling to secure a rear-naked choke, but Khabilov escaped exactly halfway through the round, and then he took Parke to the ground, ending up in Parke's guard. Parke postured up, and landed some decent punches, but he wasn't landing with a ton of force. With one minute left in the fight, Khabilov was riding Parke's back against the fence, while punching him in the side of the head. Khabilov then suplexed Parke with 20 seconds left in the fight. In my opinion, this fight was a pretty clear win for Khabilov, AT LEAST 29-28, if not 30-27, but I have a bad feeling Khabilov is going to get screwed by the judges. BUT! The judges got this one right, so that makes me feel pretty good. Congrats to Khabilov for a hard fought victory, after a year away from the Octagon.
      The first round had Scott moving forward, pressuring Jotko's back against the cage, while Scott tried to tee off on him with big punches. Jotko was more selective about his strikes, and landed a few decent shots, but Scott had him rocked a little bit at the end of the round, so I gave the opening round to Scott.
      The second round was the same story, with Jotko's back against the cage, and Scott was trying to blast him with big punches. Jotko seemed to have the cleaner striking, but since he was constantly moving backward, I feel like Scott is ahead 2-0 going into the final round. Jotko was landing some pretty clean shots though, so this fight could really be anybody's fight at this point.
      Jotko looked loose in the final round, as he was landing some nice punch & kick combinations, while moving around the cage more. Scott landed some decent leg kicks in that final round, but Jotko took him down with a minute left in the fight. I'm ASSUMING Jotko will win this fight, 29-28. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Jotko.
      Meza had a hard time getting inside the range of Allen in the first round, and Allen picked him apart a little bit on the feet. Meza stalled by clinching a little bit, and then Allen secured a takedown at some point, but nothing happened on the ground. Allen wins the first round. The second round had Meza trying to get inside still, and then he fell down, and Allen pinned him against the cage, but nothing happened. They stood back up, and Allen tripped him, but decided not to follow him to the ground. Allen continued to pick apart Meza for the rest of the round. Meza started the final round shooting for a single leg, but Allen did a great job staying on his feet. Meza wasted the entire final round, struggling for a takedown. After clearly losing two rounds, you would think he'd be throwing for a Hail Mary knockout instead or something. They went to the ground at one point, with Allen back on top. So yeah, in the end, this fight was a clear 30-27 victory for Arnold Allen. Really not a very exciting fight at all. WAIT! WHAT!?! Arnold Allen knocked out Meza in THE final second of the fight, with a barrage of punches. So... That was exciting I guess... 14:59 of boredom, and then an explosive knockout being delivered by Allen. The final KO punch was JUST BARELY after the bell though, so the fight still goes to a decision. That's ridiculous, since Meza couldn't even stand for several minutes after the fight ended. Either way, nice attempt there for a finish at the very end by Arnold Allen.
(Head Kick)
      Askham landed some decent strikes in the opening seconds of the round, but Dempsey then took him to the ground, planting him against the cage. Askham went for an armbar from the guard, which allowed him to spin around in an interesting little scramble for a few seconds, ending with Askham on top. Dempsey was looking for a guillotine, but Askham was able to get back to his feet. Dempsey immediately dropped to the ground, looking for another deep double leg, but Askham spread his legs, allowing him to stay standing. Dempsey looked like he was in control, grinding in boring fashion for a takedown, but Askham unloaded an explosive throw, dumping Dempsey on his head, but Dempsey got right back up, and continued to look for that double leg. They separated, Askham rocked Dempsey with a left hand, Dempsey was wobbling like a rabid chicken, and then Askham knocked him the fuck out with a massive left head kick. Awesome first round KO victory for Scott Askham.
      Grant looked good at the start of this fight, landing some solid punches, rocking Vera early against the cage. They started grappling, with Vera looking for leg locks, and Grant was blasting Vera with kicks to the legs while Vera was laying on his back. Vera finally got Grant to the ground, and grabbed his back for a few seconds, looking for a rear-naked choke, but Grant was able to spin around, ending up on top in Vera's guard, blasting him with punches & elbows, securing the round for Davey Grant.
     Grant came out for the second round and was picking apart Vera with some fantastic punches & knees, rocking Vera at one point, nearly finishing the fight, but Vera was able to pull guard to slow down the pace of the fight. Grant is a "submission fighter", but he makes me nervous when he goes to the ground with Vera. Once they hit the ground this time, Grant was blasting Vera with some heavy elbows, while blood was pouring out of the forehead of Grant, dripping down on the face of Vera. Vera was warned earlier in the fight for grabbing Grant's glove. He was looking for a submission, and grabbed Grant's glove again, so the referee stood them back up and gave Vera a stern warning for digging his fingers inside Grant's glove. Once the fight started back up, Grant landed some solid punches, before securing another takedown. Grant moved into side control with 30 seconds left in the round, and was working toward a full mount, while he continued to pound on Vera's head with short elbows.
     The final round started, both guys were throwing some hard punches, there was an awkward clinch, Vera tried to throw Grant, and they went to the ground, with Grant keeping top position. Grant was grinding all over a bloody Vera, and Vera went for a triangle, but Grant just stood up out of it, and then dove back into guard with a big punch. Vera grabbed Grant's glove again, and the referee took a point away from Vera. The referee ended up standing them back up, and Grant continued to beat the shit out of Vera on the feet, rocking him with a nice combination. Vera threw a flying knee, missed, and Grant pressed him up against the cage again. Really nice UFC return for Davey Grant, after being away from the cage for the past 27 months. Clear cut 30-26 unanimous decision victory for Davey Grant. It was awkward though, because Vera was holding his hands up at the end of the fight like he thought he legitimately won this fight.
      Wilkinson was circling away from Amirkhani's power leg to start this fight, and then a minute into the fight, Amirkhani shot in for a slick takedown, ending up in side control. Wilkinson worked toward regaining his guard, while Amirkhani continued to pin him down, while dropping some random elbows. Amirkhani moved into full mount with 2 minutes left in the round, and dropped some heavy punches, but Wilkinson was able to regain his guard. Amirkhani hopped back over into side control again, where he continued to pound on Wilkinson with some heavy elbows. Wilkinson locked on a Frank Mir style inside shoulder lock from the guard, but Amirkhani was magically able to escape, and then he continued to beat up Wilkinson on the ground until the round ended.
     Makwan started the second round with a flying knee, and then shot in for another slick takedown, landing back in side control again, and then moved into a mounted crucifix. Wilkinson was able to get back to his feet somehow. Wilkinson slapped on a mounted guillotine choke, which looked like the kind of choke that would have finished most guys, but Amirkhani somehow escaped it, ending up back on top in Wilkinson's guard, and then he moved back into side control again. Amirkhani slipped back into full mount with 90 seconds left in the round, so he started unloading punches, but Wilkinson was able to regain half guard, and then full guard. Wilkinson threw some nice elbows from his guard, and Amirkhani punched him a few times. Another nice round for Makwan Amirkhani.
     Amirkhani shot for another takedown to start the final round, Wilkinson defended nicely for a few seconds, but Amirkhani was able to drive forward, getting Wilkinson's back down to the mat again. They scrambled, Wilkinson stood back up, Amirkhani shot in for another takedown, and Wilkinson locked on another tight guillotine. Amirkhani was able to slip out of it again though, and ended up back on top in Wilkinson's guard again. There was a wild scramble, Amirkhani slipped, fell to his back, and Wilkinson ended up grabbing top position. Wilkinson started to move into full mount with about 90 seconds left in the fight, and he was blasting him with some heavy shots from above. Amirkhani powered his way back into top position with a minute left in the fight. Amirkhani moved into full mount, and he landed some short elbows to finish out the round. In my opinion, this was a clear 30-27 decision for Makwan Amirkhani, in his only fight so far in the UFC to leave the first two minutes. All 3 judges agreed, with two judges scoring it 29-28. Nice win for Amirkhani.
      The first round of this fight felt a bit clunky, with both guys landing some solid shots, and Rivera rocked Pickett multiple times. There were maybe 3-4 times where I thought Rivera was going to knockout Pickett, but he just kept coming, but yeah, really solid round for Francisco Rivera. It has to make Pickett fans nervous whenever he gets punched, because his head seems to vibrate in a very "rocked" sort of way. Rivera absorbed some decent punches too though, so nice competitive fight so far after the first round.
     Rivera spent the first two minutes of the second round beating up Pickett on the feet, but he got sloppy, and Pickett was able to grab a leg and take Rivera to the ground. Rivera did a good job throwing him off and getting back to his feet just 30 seconds later. They continued to trade single shots, and then Rivera took Pickett to the ground in the final 30 seconds, but they both decided to stand back up. With 10 seconds left in the round, Rivera took a punch to the dick, and went down. The fight started back up, and they traded some wild strikes for the fnal 10 seconds. Good close round, but I'm still leaning slightly toward Rivera after that round as well. I THINK he's ahead 2-0, but that round could have gone either way, MAYBE. In between rounds, Rivera told his corner "My fuckin' legs are done..." So, we'll see how that plays out in the final round.
     The second round started, Rivera threw a couple of leg kicks, and Pickett took him to the ground. Rivera caught him in a guillotine, but Pickett moved into side control, with a Von Flue choke ripe for the pickin'. Rivera finally gave up his head lock, and Pickett was working to get past half guard. The referee eventually got bored and stood them back up, with half the round remaining. They traded some low kicks, and then Rivera caught a kick, and punched Pickett in the face a few times, eventually securing another takedown. Pickett rolled back and got back to his feet though. Rivera blasted him in the face with a punch, and Pickett scooped up Rivera, and threw him to the ground. Pickett MIGHT be able to steal the fight with this final round. I still scored the fight in favor of Rivera, 29-28, but I won't be shocked if the London judges give the fight to Pickett. Especially since a loss here will mark a 4-Fight losing streak for Pickett, and possibly the end of his UFC career. Two of the judges ended up giving the fight to Pickett, probably saving his career.
      Nakamura was the biggest underdog on this card. He started the fight by clinching, and then he took Breese to the ground, got full mount, Breese went for a leg lock, and they stood back up. Breese landed some solid punches, and Nakamura countered with some punches, as they clinched against the cage. Breese used his range to pick apart Nakamura a bit, but I still felt Nakamura was landing the cleaner shots for the most part. Nakamura shot in for another takedown late in the first round, but Breese had no trouble stuffing it. That round could have gone either way, but I'm leaning slightly toward Nakamura.
     The second round started, and Breese took the fight to the ground, ending up in half mount. He spent a couple of minutes trying shake his leg loose to pass Nakamura's guard. Breese beat up with Nakamura for a little while, but Nakamura used an Omoplata to grab Breese's back. He then was able to grind Breese's head into the mat, while reaching around for something, but he wasn't able to actually secure any submissions or anything. Great start for Breese in that round, great finish for Nakamura.
     The final round started slow, with Nakamura shooting for a takedown 90 seconds into the round, but he just pressed Breese against the cage, as he was having trouble completing the takedown. Nakamura finally completed the takedown, ending up in Breese's half guard. Breese lifted Nakamura up in the air with one leg, showing some serious leg strength, and he used to that sort of get on the back of Breese, but Nakamura was still holding onto one of his legs. Breese then locked on an inverted triangle choke from back mount, or something along those lines. That choke might have been enough for Breese to steal the round, but up until that point, I had Nakamura winning the round. In the end, I really HOPE Nakamura wins this fight, as a MASSIVE underdog, but... Considering we're in London, and Breese probably deserves to win two of the rounds anyway, then I'm going to assume Breese will walk away with the decision. All 3 judges gave the fight to Breese, after the first decision of his entire career.
      Leites started this fight immediately working the clinch for a takedown, and it looked like he sort of pulled guard, but Mousasi ended up mounting him, so they both hopped right back up. They sort of traded strikes for a few minutes, with Mousasi landing more punches, and then they clinched again, and Leites did that ridiculous "pull mount" thing again. They stood back up, and traded slow punches for the final minute of the round. I'm assuming Mousasi won that round.
     The second round had both guys trading, with Mousasi delivering more damage, picking Leites apart with his range. Leites shot in for a few takedowns, but they were all really shitty attempts. I don't know what happened to the killer that came out a few fights ago, named Thales Leites, but the version of him that comes to the U.K., is pretty fucking pitiful. Mousasi is ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     Leites came out aggressive to start the final round, landing a few nice punches, and then he shot in for a takedown, and pulled guard. They stayed there for a few seconds, and then stood up. Leites started to come back halfway through the round, with some of the best punch combinations of the fight, but he got tired, and just gave up on that, and let Mousasi take him to the ground. Mousasi just laid on top of him, stalling out the clock. Leites started to work toward an Omoplata, and then instead of finishing it, he just laid there and took a nap. Thales Leites sucks. Mousasi did a good job winning this fight, but his performance sucked too. This entire card so far has been pretty fucking boring. WAY too much fucking decisions so far. The main event had better be explosive as fuck.
      Hmmm... The first round was kind of slow paced, but it looked like Bisping rocked Silva at the very end of the round, so even though I had Silva winning slightly up until that point, I think Bisping stole the round in the final seconds. The second round was a pretty close fight, I was leaning a LITTLE BIT in favor of Silva, but Bisping rocked him again late in the round, Silva ended up on his back, and Bisping blasted him with some heavy shots. Bisping is ahead 2-0 going into the third round.
      Anderson Silva picked up the pace some in the third round, beat up Bisping, it was a competitive round, but Silva really started the lay it on heavy at the very end of the round, and he knocked out Bisping in the final seconds, but the referee didn't stop the fight, so... shit got really confusing... Silva spent his minute in between rounds, celebrating, climbing the cage, praying, doing all sorts of things, Bisping claerly sat on the floor like he knew he lost the fight. Really crazy bizarre end to that round, but it was DEFINITELY a round for Silva, that's the only thing I'm sure about.
      The fourth round started kind of slow, and Silva might have clipped Bisping with a low kick, so Bisping was given some time to recover. Bad move by Silva. At this point, I'm assuming Bisping has completely recovered from that potential knockout at the end of the third round. Bisping ended up poking Silva in the eye, so they brought the doctor in, and took a minute or so to give Silva time to recover. I thought Bisping was winning the round for the most part, but Silva started stalking him in the final 30 seconds or so, he hurt him, and then he finished the round with a massive superman punch that bounced Bisping's head off the cage. I have the fight all tied up going into the final round.
      The final round was a hell of an ass beating, being delivered by Anderson Silva. Bisping looked like he had been face fucked by a chainsaw by the end of the fight. In the end, this fight could potentially go either way, especially considering the fact that we're in Bisping's hometown, but if you compare the damage delivered by Bisping, to the control of Bisping in earlier rounds, I FEEL like Anderson REALLY deserves to win this fight, 48-47. All 3 judges scored it 48-47 in favor of Bisping though, so... There you have it... The biggest win of Bisping's career, in a fight that really could have slipped through his fingers there. After the fight he went out and hugged his family, and I think his mom asked him if he's the champion. Clearly they don't realize Silva wasn't the champion. Still, congrats to Bisping for a huge win. At this point, I really don't think I want to see Silva fight again, unless it's against Chuck Liddell or some shit.