100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. David Rickels - 93.2
2. Henry Lindsay - 92.8
3. Chris Harris - 92.7
4. Gregory Babene - 92.6
5. Andre Fialho - 92.0
6. Kendall Grove - 91.9
7. Julian Marquez - 91.9
8. Bobby Cooper - 91.5
9. Rebecca Ruth - 91.3
10. Thai Clark - 90.9
Bellator 150: Kongo vs. Spartan
Location: Mulvane, Kansas
Elevation: 1,234'
-Fight of the Night-
David Rickels vs. Bobby Cooper
Fighters & Matches 88.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.1
TOTAL 90.5
     These guys both started out by trading some decent punches & kicks, not really showing great accuracy, but both of them were moving forward, running into each other. Clark ended up accidentally kicking Carlis in the dick. Once the fight started back up, they continued to attack each other with sloppy strikes, with both of them looking very tense. Clark eventually secured a takedown about halfway through the first round, and Carlis tried to tie him up with a guillotine choke, which he used to flip him over and get back to his feet. They clinched, and Carlis hit Clark in the dick with a short knee. When the fight started back up, they both started landing some solid shots, Carlis looked gassed already, and then Clark hit him with something, Carlis TRIED to call timeout for another low blow, but the referee told them to keep fighting, so Clark beat him up for the rest of the round, taking him down and grabbing his back at one point, and then nearly finishing him in the final seconds of the round. Carlis complained about ANOTHER low blow as the bell sounded.
     The second round started, Clark blasted Carlis with a knee to the chin, Carlis was rocked, and Clark tried to take him down, but Carlis recovered and got back to his feet. Clark continued to beat the shit out of him with punches against the cage, followed by another takedown. Clark moved into full mount, grabbed Carlis's back, and punched him in the side of the head a few times before standing back up. Carlis blasted Clark with some heavy punches, before getting taken down again. They were both breathing VERY heavy halfway through the second round, but that didn't stop either of them from throwing bombs. I have Clark up, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The final round was a grueling round, between two exhausted guys, this time with Carlis in control. Carlis was able to get Clark to the ground, he grabbed his back, had his opportunity to finish the fight, and he let it slip away, and Clark flipped him over, and ended up on top in his guard. They stood back up, and kept throwing single punches at each other, both waiting for the other guy to fall asleep. This fight was a weird action packed, yet slow paced fight. Congrats to Clark for the 29-28 unanimous decision victory in his Bellator debut.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      These guys spent the first 90 seconds kicking each other, testing the distance, until Babene shot in for a takedown, driving Farran across the cage and to the ground. Babene landed a few punches, before passing the guard into side control, and then quickly hopped over into full mount. Farran gave up his back, and Babene continued to pound on Farran's head with short punches. Babene opened up and blasted Farran with some heavy punches, and then locked on a rear-naked choke for the submission victory near the end of the first round. Solid Bellator debut for Gregory Babene.
      These guys touched gloves, threw a couple of punches, and then Fialho blasted Meraz in the chin with a massive right hand, knocked him on his ass, and then he finished him off with a series of punches on the ground. GREAT Bellator debut for Andre Fialho, finishing his opponent in under 30 seconds of the first round via brutal punches.
      These guys both came out, boxing the shit out of each other, both throwing massive punches. Marquez appeared to be more powerful, and Harris had the speed on his side. Marquez's punches looked like a tank firing from distance, and Harris's punches came in fast combinations. That opening round was a wild brawl that in my opinion, could have gone either way. Both guys look awesome so far. If I HAD to pick a winner after that first round, I'd probably lean just slightly in favor of Chris Harris.
     The second round was another wild round of brawling, with Marquez continuing to land those power shots, and Harris continued to outwork him with combinations. Harris also started working more kicks into his combinations in the second round. They started to slow down late in the second round, but considering the amount of action they were delivering, I can't really blame either of them. I think I have Harris ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     They hugged to start the final round, and then continued to beat the shit out of each other with hard kicks & punches. Both of these guys showed insane chins, hard striking, a lot of heart, and some solid technical striking skills. I'm kind of shocked that neither guy fell down at all in this fight. I'm going to score the fight 29-28 in favor of Harris. I'm not really sure what round I'm giving Marquez, but I feel like he fought hard enough that he deserves to at least win one round. Great fight overall, and I look forward to seeing both of these guys fight again in the future.
      Lindsay came out swinging, knocking Navarro back against the cage, and then he went in for the kill, swinging wild bombs, but Navarro was able to weather the storm, moving back out to the center of the cage. Lindsay continued to blast Navarro with heavy punches, and even threw a couple of consecutive head kicks, one from each leg. Navarro eventually fired back around the halfway mark of the first round, it looked like he rocked Lindsay, and then Lindsay blasted him in the face with a clean left hook, that knocked Navarro the fuck out, causing him to go diving into the wall of the cage, face first. Awesome Bellator debut by a very aggressive Henry Lindsay.
      Here we have a couple of massive heavyweights, they started the fight with a clinch, and Noblitt pulled Hammons to the ground, pinned him down, and punched him in the head repeatedly until the referee stopped the fight. I would say that was an exciting first round finish, but really, neither guy seemed to show much skill, it was mostly just a couple of big guys, giving it all they had for a few seconds, and then the fight ended. Nice Bellator debut for Kyle Noblitt I guess. I'm not entirely convinced that I want to see these guys fight again at any point in the near future though.
      The first round started with a lot of clinching, with Ruth pushing forward, trying to bully Lena, and Lena was scoring some points by throwing some knees from the clinch. Lena eventually threw Ruth to the ground, but Ruth was able to power her way into sort of a side control position, where she beat up Lena with some knees on the ground, while never letting up on the constant pressure. They broke apart with 30 seconds left in the round, and started teeing off on each other, with Ruth staying in control for the most part. The first round goes to Rebecca Ruth.
     The second round started with Ruth slipping, and Lena jumped on her, landing some decent punches on the ground. Once Ruth got back up though, the entire second round consisted of Ruth overpowering Lena again, bullying her around, and plowing forward with blind punches. Lena landed some decent knees from the clinch, but for the most part, she was getting beat up by Ruth, who looked significantly bigger. The round ended with Lena on top, inside Ruth's guard, as Ruth was looking for an armbar. Lena was saved by the bell.
     Lena looked good coming out for the third round, landing some crisp punches, but Ruth just plowed her back down to the ground again, landing in side control, and continued to grind the shit out of her. Ruth spent a good portion of the round clinching with Lena's back on the ground, and she even picked her up and slammed her at one point. Ruth was grinding her forearm into the jaw of Lena on the ground, which looked painful, but Lena was able to get back to her feet with 30 seconds left in the fight. Lena was throwing some violent punches there in the final seconds of the fight, but Ruth clearly won this fight, 30-27 on all scorecards.
      Willis started this fight working a tight clinch against the cage, trying to take away Reyno's ability to strike from range. Willis eventually pressured Reyno backwards, until he fell to the ground, with Willis on top. They stood back up, and Willis continued to try to work that tight clinch against the cage. Reyno tripped him down, but Chuka popped right back up, but now Reyno finally had some distance to work from. Reyno landed some solid kicks, and then Willis took him down, but Reyno wrapped him up in a guillotine choke. Willis pulled his head out, passed guard, grabbed Reyno's back, and immediately started looking for the rear-naked choke. He cranked it in the final second of the round, but that just wasn't enough time to get the tap. I still think Willis did enough to steal the round there at the end though.
     The second round started, and Willis BLASTED Reyno with some ferocious punches, knocking him on his ass, and then he smashed his face in against the cage, as Reyno was trying to stand back up. Willis landed some knees from the clinch, and then threw Reyno back to the ground again. They wasted a decent amount of time clinching in the second round, with Willis in control, but not a lot of damage was being delivered by either fighter. I have Willis ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     The final round was another round full of Willis grinding Reyno up against the cage, taking him down a few times, and working toward taking his back so he could go for a rear-naked choke. Willis is a decent grappler, but he could really benefit from a wider variety of finishing moves, considering it seems the only thing he had in his arsenal to finish the fight, was the same rear-naked choke. Reyno jumped up for a desperate guillotine in the final 10 seconds, and was hanging from Willis's neck, but Willis was able to hang on until the bell rang. In the end I thought this was a pretty clear 30-27 unanimous decision victory for Chuka Willis.
      Grove was doing a good job in the opening round, picking apart France with punches, mostly jabs, while France was beating up Grove's lead leg with big kicks. Grove landed some decent knees from the clinch, and worked some foot stomps, but I have to admit, I was more afraid of France's overhand right, than I was of anything Grove was throwing. With that being said, I still think Grove MIGHT have won that round, but it could have gone either way.
     The second round started, France landed another hard leg kick that caused Grove to spin around, and then Grove knocked him the fuck out with some big punch combinations against the cage. I couldn't be more nervous about Grove's chin at this point, but I have to admit, when he knocks people out, it's pretty fun to watch. That was fucking awesome. Congrats to Kendall Grove for another highlight reel style KO victory against a pretty tough opponent.
      That was a pretty badass fight. Rickels is the hometown favorite, and after getting knocked out in his last fight, he really needed a good showing here. Cooper spent almost the entire first round, beating the shit out of Rickels on the feet, outboxing him, rocking him several times, and blasting him with a LOT of big heavy punches. Rickels ended up catching him with a knee though, and from there, Cooper was forced to go into defensive mode, where Rickels just slaughtered him with another knee, and some massive punches & elbows on the ground, after mounting Cooper's back, he pretty much destroyed the guy. Cooper tried to hang in there, but Rickels was too much for him tonight, and Rickels is now the first person to ever finish Super Duper Bobby Cooper.
      The first round was a VERY slow paced round. Queiroz spent the first half of the round stalking Kongo, walking him down, and throwing (and missing) a decent number of jabs. Kongo blasted him with some really hard leg kicks, and clinched a little bit, Queiroz took him to the ground, and they stood back up for the final minute of the round. Queiroz sort of landed a spinning backfist near the end of the round. That round could go either way, but I'm leaning toward Queiroz so far, based on the small takedown, and his forward movement. Kongo's leg kicks MIGHT have been enough to steal the round for him though.
      Kongo DESTROYED Queiroz's lead leg to start the second round, with nonstop leg kicks. Queiroz got him to back off with some punches though. Two minutes into the second round, and I'm thinking it's a pretty safe bet that Kongo is going to finish this fight with those leg kicks. Those kicks are fucking brutal. Queiroz threw a nice spinning back fist, but Kongo blocked it. Queiroz then took him down with a nice trip, with 2 minutes left in the round. Kongo just tried to tie up Queiroz on the ground to avoid taking damage, and Queiroz was struggling to try to pass Kongo's half guard. So this round comes down to a takedown & top control for Queiroz vs. some brutal leg kicks delivered by Kongo. I'm ASSUMING Kongo is ahead, 2-0 going into the final round, but this fight COULD be all tied up, depending on what kind of judges we have here tonight.
      Queiroz landed some decent punches to start the final round, Kongo landed a couple of leg kicks, and then Queiroz dove forward, putting Kongo on his back again. Queiroz was once again stuck in half guard though. Queiroz pinned Kongo against the cage, and hit him a few times, but Kongo just used the cage to stand back up. Kongo threw a few punches, and then rushed forward for a takedown of his own, but Queiroz stayed standing, so they just clinched against the cage. The referee broke them up due to inactivity, and Queiroz blasted Kongo in the mouth, knocking him to the ground, and then he jumped on him, but once again was caught in his half guard. In the end, I feel like this fight has split-decision written all over it. Queiroz pretty clearly won that final round, and the other two rounds could have MAYBE gone either way, but PROBABLY go to Kongo, so... What do the judges have to say about it? One judge gave Kongo all 3 rounds which is ridiculous, since that last round was 100% Queiroz's round. The other two judges split the decision, 29-28 going either way, so Kongo wins this one via a hard fought split-decision victory. I have to admit, I'm still wondering what happened to the Top 10 Contender version of Cheick Kongo. He used to be a beast, and he showed some of that in the second round of this fight, but he seems a little too comfortable going to decisions as of late.