100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Alan Jouban - 93.2
2. Neil Magny - 92.9
3. Dan Hooker - 92.8
4. Leslie Smith - 92.3
5. Jake Matthews - 92.3
6. Steve Bosse - 92.1
7. Bec Rawlings - 91.9
8. Daniel Kelly - 91.7
9. Seo Hee Ham - 91.7
10. Ross Pearson - 91.5
UFC Fight Night 85: Hunt vs. Mir
Location: Queensland, Australia
Elevation: 930'
-Fight of the Night-
Neil Magny vs. Hector Lombard
Fighters & Matches 89.9
Top 10 Fighters 92.2
TOTAL 91.1
     Alan Patrick rushed Brown early, throwing a few punches before taking him to the ground against the cage. Brown stood back up, and Patrick slapped on a tight guillotine choke, flipping Brown back to the ground. Brown escaped, but Patrick was still basically mounted on top of Brown. They stood back up, Patrick slapped on another guillotine, they fell to the ground, and Brown landed in side control, so Patrick had to let him go. From there, Brown beat the shit out of Patrick for a few seconds, and the crowd went wild. Brown continued to wrestle the shit out of Patrick for the rest of the round, and Patrick had to hold onto the fence with a few blatant fence grabs, which the referee warned him about, but at least he was able to get back to his feet with no penalty. They went back to the ground, with Patrick on top, and Brown slapped on a Kimura from half guard. Patrick broke free, and continued to grind on Brown until the round ended. Very competitive round, but I'm assuming it's going to be scored in favor of Patrick, but it COULD go either way, especially with Brown's hometown judges. I'm personally going to score that round a draw, maybe even slightly leaning in favor of Brown, based on Patrick's blatant fence grabs.
     Patrick took Brown down again in the second round, and Brown practically ran head first into a D'Arce choke. Patrick went to side control, and Brown tried to grab an arm lock, but failed. Brown blasted Patrick with some hard elbows from half guard. Patrick continued to beat up Patrick from top position for most of the round, until the final 15 seconds, when Brown went for another arm lock, and then a leg lock. Patrick won that round, but you have to give Brown credit for trying this hard, on short notice, in his UFC debut.
     Brown started the final round with a head kick, Patrick ducked under it and shot for a takedown, landing inside a triangle choke, which he slipped out of easily, ending up in side control. Brown consistently was looking for submission openings, but Patrick's top control was too good. Patrick wasn't really doing much damage, but he was clearly in control. Brown fought his way back to his feet with 90 seconds left in the fight. Brown was clearly trying to knock Patrick's head off at this point, as Patrick continued to shoot for takedowns, working his lay & pray to full effect. Patrick clearly won this fight, but I don't like watching him fight at all. Brown on the other hand, I'm very interested in seeing what he can do with a full camp.
      The opening round was basically a kickboxing match, with both guys landing some head kicks, some hard leg kicks, and a few decent punches. Pearson destroyed Chad's lead leg though, especially the inner thigh, which looked like a bloody mess by the end of the first round. I'm giving the first round to Pearson, based on that damage to Chad's leg.
     The second round was another wild kickboxing match, with both guys landing some great strikes. Pearson continued to beat up that lead leg of Laprise, and he landed some hard punches as well. Laprise on the other hand, was trying to knock Pearson's head off with head kicks, and he landed some hard leg kicks as well. I REALLY have no idea who is winning this fight, so I'm going to give the first round to Pearson, and the second round to Laprise. The fight comes down to what happens in the third round in my opinion.
     The continued the kickboxing strategy all the way through the final round, with both guys landing a lot of great shots. Pearson appeared to be slightly more aggressive in that final round, going into psycho warrior mode for the final 30 seconds or so. That fight could potentially go either way, but I have it scored as a strong 29-28 in favor of Ross Pearson. The judges were all over the place, with one judge scoring it 30-28 for Laprise, one judge gave it to Pearson, 30-27, and the other one gave it to Pearson, 29-28, for the split-decision victory. Really solid fight overall.
      These guys both came out brawling, with Walsh looking like the sloppier fighter of the two, slipping & falling at one point. Andrade ended up taking him down halfway through the round, but he mostly just laid inside his guard, not doing much of anything. The referee got bored and stood them up with a minute left in the round. They both clipped each other with some heavy punches, but Walsh had his chin high up in the air, so he definitely looked like the more hittable target. I'm scoring the first round in favor of Andrade.
     Walsh came out far more aggressive in the second round, rocking Andrade in the first minute, knocking him on his ass. Walsh got on top of him, and continued to slaughter him with big punches. They stood back up, Andrade shot for a takedown, Walsh popped right back up, and they clinched against the cage. Walsh continued to beat up Andrade for most of that round, but he got sloppy with some kicks, and Andrade took him to the ground with a minute left in the round. It looked like maybe Andrade might look for a D'Arce choke or something, and he finally wrapped him up in a D'Arce Choke with 15 seconds left in the round, but Walsh was able to hang on until the bell saved him. I was going to score that round for Walsh, but that choke was tight. I guess I'm scoring it as a draw?
     Andrade took Walsh back down against the cage to start the final round. Andrade slapped on another D'Arce choke, but he really wasn't sinking it in very tight. Walsh slipped out of that, but Andrade was able to lay on top of him for the rest of the round, turning it into a pretty boring final round. I'm scoring that round in favor of Andrade, so overall, I have this fight 30-28 in favor of Andrade, even though I'd rather see Walsh steal this one. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Andrade, 29-28.
      The first round went as expected. Leslie Smith punched the fuck out of Nakai's face, with a hundred or so punches. Nakai spent most of the round trying to get inside on Smith, looking for takedowns, and not really accomplishing much, except for a single takedown in the final 2 seconds of the round. Round one goes to Leslie Smith.
     Smith beat up Nakai for the first minute of the second round, continuing with those punches, until Nakai was able to drag her to the ground. Shit got kind of crazy, with Nakai locking on an arm-triangle choke, but after a minute or so battle, Smith was able to escape, and then she beat the shit out of Nakai on the feet with some punches and heavy kicks. Nakai took her down again at the end of the round. I'm assuming that round goes to Nakai, but Smith's striking kept that shit competitive.
     Leslie Smith beat the shit out of Nakai on the feet in the final round, while Nakai continued to try to drag her to the ground. I'm really hoping the judges give this fight to Smith, based on damage, and stuff like that. Wrestling fans might give the fight to Nakai, but other than that choke attempt in the second round, I didn't really feel like she made much happen, other than a couple of takedowns, and some clinch control. I have this fight 29-28 in favor of Leslie Smith. FUCK... YES!!! All 3 judges gave the fight to Leslie Smith. That decision just made my night.
(Guillotine Choke)
      That was fun. Hooker came out swinging, Eddiva grabbed his leg and tried to take him down, Hooker locked on a BRUTAL guillotine choke, flipped over, ending up in full mount, but never let go of the choke, and a few seconds later, Eddiva was forced to submit. Really nice submission victory for Daniel Hooker.
(Punches & Elbows)
      Jouban came out, landed a few decent shots early, they clinched, Jouban landed some nice knees to the body, and then O'Reilly threw him to the ground. Once they hit the ground, O'Reilly grabbed his back, and I was nervous for a second, but Jouban did a good job standing back up. Once they got back to their feet, Jouban unloaded on O'Reilly, blasting him with massive punches, and elbows, and knees, and all kinds of hardcore shit, knocking O'Reilly on his ass against the fence. Jouban punched him 5-6 more times, and the referee stopped the fight. Another AWESOME showing for Alan Jouban, getting the quick first round TKO.
      The first round was a wild brawl, with both fighters moving forward, trying to knock each other's heads off. It was a close competitive round, but I scored it slightly for Rawlings. The second round was another wild round of brawling, until Rawlings took Ham to the ground, and went for a rear-naked choke. She then transitioned to an armbar, Ham punched her a few times, and they stood back up. The third round was another wild brawl, Rawlings took Ham to the ground, but Rawlings was exhausted. Ham locked on a tight triangle choke, and SOMEHOW, Rawlings escaped, stood back up, and then controlled Ham from the clinch for the rest of the round. This fight could potentially go either way, but I'm scoring it for Rawlings, 29-28, and since we're in Australia, I'll be shocked if the judges score it for Ham. Ham's performances are pretty fucking wild though. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Rawlings. The two judges that gave all 3 rounds to Rawlings though, were smoking crack.
      Te Huna was a huge favorite in this fight, considering how Bosse got blown out of the water in his UFC debut, but I was shocked that Te Huna was still a big favorite, considering he was finished in his last 3 fights in a row, and hasn't fought in almost 2 years. With that being said, these guys both went out, traded big punches, didn't really seem to care for their own well-being at all, and Bosse knocked Te Huna the fuck out with a massive right hand. Really nice first UFC win for Steve Bosse. Now maybe he won't be such a big underdog next time. Te Huna on the other hand, should 100% retire. Watching him fight makes me uncomfortable at this point.
      The first round had Shoe Face taking Kelly to the ground, he grabbed his back almost immediately, locked on the body triangle, SHOULD have finished the fight with a rear-naked choke, and instead, he just held on until the end of the round. Shoe Face went for a slick armbar transition in the final 10 seconds, but Kelly did a good job defending. Round one goes to Shoe Face, but I'm disappointed in his performance, for not finishing that choke.
     Kelly did a good job picking apart Shoe Face in the second round, Shoe Face shot for a takedown, Kelly sprawled, and then beat up Carlos on the ground, even taking his back for a few seconds. They stood back up, and Carlos somehow took Kelly's back with 90 seconds left in the round. They stood back up, Carlos rolled his ankle or SOMETHING weird, he fell to his ass, and Kelly just told him to stand back up. I gave that round to Kelly, and have the fight all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round started, and Kelly almost threw Carlos to the ground. Carlos sort of fell down, Kelly grabbed his back, and beat the fuck out of Carlos, brutally beating him with punches on the ground. BRUTALLY BEATING THE FUCK OUT OF HIM. Carlos really should have finished Kelly in the first round. Since he didn't, he let Kelly make a comeback, and that was a terrible mistake. Daniel Kelly is pretty legit man. He's tough as fuck.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Matthews started strong, picking apart Case on the feet with some excellent boxing combinations, and a few decent kicks. Halfway through the round, Matthews shot in for a takedown, Case stuffed it, and threw some elbows, and they stood back up a few seconds later. The rest of the round was filled with Matthews beating the shit out of Case on the feet, and almost making him look foolish. Case landed a solid punch at the end of the round, but it wasn't nearly enough to steal the round for Matthews.
     Matthews continued to pick apart Case in the second round, until there was a wild scramble, resulting in Case on top, and Matthews had him tied up in a loose triangle. Case beat up Matthews a little bit on the ground, and then they stood back up. Matthews kept beating up Case on the feet, and then they went back to the ground, Matthews tried for a guillotine, and Case ended the round in side control. Decent fight so far. I have Matthews ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     Matthews continued to grind the shit out of Case in the final round, overpowering him in the clinch, beating him up on the feet, and then he took him down against the cage. Matthews locked on a tight rear-naked choke, eventually had to give it up. He got on top of Case, locked on another rear-naked choke, and finished the fight late in the final round via submission. That was an AWESOME performance by Jake Matthews.
      The first round was pretty wild, with Lombard blasting Magny early, dropping him, and then brutally punishing him with ground & pound for the first half of the round. Magny somehow got back to his feet, and was bouncing around like a fresh fighter. Magny's cardio is insane. I just hope that Lombard didn't gas after the first half of the first round. Round one definitely goes to Lombard though, and it would have been a 10-8 round in my opinion, if he hadn't slowed down at the end.
     The second round had a winded Lombard getting dominated by a fresh Magny. Magny was working submissions, solid wrestling, decent striking, and then by the end of the round, he had the full mount, and absolutely slaughtered Lombard, turning it into a 10-8 round for Magny. The fight REALLY should have been stopped, but that referee gave Lombard EVERY ounce of leeway he possibly could, until Lombard was saved by the bell. The final round started, Magny took Lombard down again, got the mounted triangle, and continued to slaughter Lombard with strikes on the ground, until the referee was forced to stop the fight. Magny ALMOST got screwed here, but yeah, amazing comeback performance for Magny.
      Sooooo... Hunt looks like he's "sort of" in decent shape. Mir looks pretty fat. Both of these guys look washed up. They circled around each other, threw a couple of strikes here & there, but not a lot was happening. Hunt eventually punched Mir in the side of the head, with a super slowmoan punch, and Mir just kind of sat down out of boredom, and then laid down, and then the referee was like... "Hey bro, I'm bored... THIS FIGHT IS OVER..." And then everyone went home and took a nap. This fight sucked. The entire heavyweight division kind of sucks right now. That was a depressingly poor performance for Mir, and even though Hunt got the first round KO, it was a pretty shitty performance for Hunt as well. That was the most boring-ass first round KO that I've ever seen.