100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (10 Total):
1. Alessio Sakara - 91.8
2. Daniele Scatizzi - 90.8
3. A.J. McKee - 90.5
4. Anastasia Yankova - 90.3
5. Patricky Freire - 90.3
6. Brian Rogers - 89.4
7. Edimilson Souza - 87.9
8. Daniele Miceli - 86.0
9. Danilo Belluardo - 85.9
10. Anjela Pink - 84.6
Bellator 152: Freire vs. Souza
Location: Torino, Italy
Elevation: 784'
-Fight of the Night-
Alessio Sakara vs. Brian Rogers
Fighters & Matches 87.3
Top 10 Fighters 88.8
TOTAL 88.1
     Scatizzi threw some big punches, Miceli ducked under them, and grabbed his back, but Scatizzi was able to get to the front, pressing Miceli against the cage in the clinch. Scatizzi ducked down, and scooped Miceli into a deep double leg takedown. Scatizzi mounted him, Miceli rolled over and gave up his back, and Scatizzi unloaded on him with some big punches while riding Miceli's back. Scatizzi was basically riding Miceli like a bronco, while punching him whenever Miceli stopped moving. Eventually, Big John had seen enough, and he stopped the fight, declaring Scatizzi the win via TKO with around 90 seconds left in the opening round.
      Yankova came out, threw some strikes, bullied Pink to the ground, looking like a giant compared to Pink. Yankova mounted her, slapped on an armbar, and finished the fight via submission in under two minutes. Pretty decent performance by Yankova, but I have a hard time believing that Pink has any business fighting anywhere above 115. I'm curious to see where Yankova goes from here though. Personally, I would like to see her fight some of the other Flyweights in Invicta, but I don't mind Bellator trying to build something out of their own Flyweight division. I just wish they had more women to compete on their roster. It's also worth noting that Pink looked WAY too happy to lose this fight. It was almost like she didn't even try at all, and she was just here to collect a paycheck. She was smiling awfully big for someone that just lost in 90 seconds.
      Belluardo threw some leg kicks to start this fight, McKee countered with some punches, and knocked Belluardo down. He got back up, and McKee clinched with him against the cage. They broke apart and traded some random strikes at a decent pace. McKee then got clipped in the dick with a kick. When the fight started back up, McKee attacked Belluardo at a high rate, landing a lot of punches, he basically chopped down Belluardo and ran right through him with punches until the referee stopped the fight. Belluardo looked like he was just ready to take a nap or something, and wanted out of the fight. It didn't look like he got that hurt, but after the fight was stopped, Belluardo stayed down for quite a while, holding his ribs. I guess he's fine though? Another nice finish for A.J. McKee, as he continues his trend of first round stoppages inside the Bellator cage.
      These guys spent the first two minutes trading punches & kicks, at a moderate pace. It seemed like an even matchup on the feet, so Rogers took Sakara down, and beat him up a little bit from inside his guard. It wasn't a very exciting opening round, but I'll give that round to Rogers based on top control. The referee stood them up with 30 seconds left in the round, and Sakara landed some of the best punches of the fight at that point, but I'm assuming Rogers still won that round.
     When the second round started, Sakara came out swinging. They clinched for a second, Rogers complained that Sakara was grabbing his hair, so Rogers wanted a timeout, but the referee told them to keep fighting. Sakara continued to unload on Rogers, beating him up with punch combinations. Rogers tried to clinch some more, Sakara pushed him away, and continued to tee off on him. Rogers landed some solid punches, they worked some back & forth dirty boxing, and then broke apart again. Halfway through the round, Sakara blasted Rogers with a massive right hand, he was rocked, Sakara followed it up with another punch, and knocked Rogers the fuck out. That was a pretty huge win for Alessio Sakara.
      Souza spent the first round circling around Pitbull while picking him apart with punches. Pitbull took him down with 2 minutes left in the round. Pitbull landed some decent punches on the ground, but it wasn't a very exciting opening round. I guess Pitbull probably won that round with the takedown? Souza continued to circle around Pitbull in the second round, while Pitbull was beating up his lead leg with kicks. Big John eventually stepped in and told them they need to start fighting, because this shit is fucking boring. Pitbull shot in for another takedown halfway through the round, and pinned Souza against the cage. They stood back up, and went back to the "not doing anything at all" bullshit in the center of the cage. I guess Pitbull is probably ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but this fight sucks so far. The final round was more of the same, with Pitbull finally attacking a little more in the final 2 minutes. In the end, I would probably score this fight at least 29-28 in favor of Pitbull, if not 30-27, but regardless of who wins, this fight sucked. All 3 judges gave the fight to Pitbull, 30-27.