100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. Demian Maia - 95.2
2. Michael Bisping - 94.2
3. Mac Danzig - 93.6
4. Georges St. Pierre - 93.3
5. Jason MacDonald - 92.5
6. Cain Velasquez - 92.1
7. Jason Day - 91.8
8. Rich Franklin - 91.5
9. Joe Doerksen - 90.7
10. Mark Bocek - 90.6
UFC 83: Serra vs. St. Pierre 2
Location: Quebec, Canada
Elevation: 322'
-Fight of the Night-
Demian Maia vs. Ed Herman
Fighters & Matches 89.8
Top 10 Fighters 92.6
TOTAL 91.2
     This was a solid undercard fight that they played at the end of the PPV... Jonathan Goulet usually has a glass chin, so I expected him to lose, simply because he looks terrible whenever I see him fight in the UFC... BUT, this time around, it was a little bit different... Goulet's striking looked pretty awesome, and he was beating the crap out of Hironaka for most of the first round, but Hironaka came back at the end of the round by throwing a left hook at Goulet's glass chin, almost knocking him out, but Goulet was saved by the bell... The second round consisted of some more solid striking on the feet, and eventually, Goulet was able to knock Hironaka the fuck out... Good fight, with an awesome finish...
TKO Punches)
      Finally! I've been hearing a lot of good things about Cain Velasquez, so I'm excited that he's finally made his way into the UFC (even though he's on the undercard)... But yeah, he lived up to expectations I guess... He pretty much came out, punched Morris, took him to the ground, grappled with him for a few minutes, punched him a lot, unleashed some pretty solid ground & pound, nothing too far out of the ordinary, but still impressive... In the end, Velasquez wins by TKO in the first round due to strikes...
      This was a pretty decent fight... Rich Clementi started the fight by taking Sam Stout to the ground, and then he completely dominated him with an excellent display of ground control using his Jiu-Jitsu skills, completely smothering Sam Stout on the ground, up against the cage... The first round EASILY went to Rich Clementi... The second round was mostly a standup fight, Sam Stout gettiing the better half of most exchanges, and at the end of the round, Sam Stout shot for the takedown just to secure a couple of extra points, so the second round goes to Sam Stout... The third round was pretty close, once again, Clementi took Stout to the ground & controlled him, but Stout escaped and then controlled the rest of the fight on the feet... It was a close fight, and I feel it deserved the split-decision that it got, and Rich Clementi walked away with the victory via the judges...
Technical Submission
(Triangle Choke)
      Demian Maia is such a bad ass... He's probably the best Jiu-Jitsu fighter I've ever seen... The first round consisted of Demian Maia taking Herman to the ground, and then unloading exactly 1,756,433 submission attempts on Herman (I counted), and Herman somehow was able to escape them all, but just barely... Herman basically got schooled on the ground during the first round... The second round, they both came out looking kind of tired, but it was still more of the same, Maia pulled guard, they went to the ground, Maia locked on a triangle choke, Herman tried to roll out of it, and Maia ended up in the full mount (while still holding the triangle choke), Herman passed out, Maia punched him in the face a couple of times to wish him goodnight, and the referee stopped the fight due to the fact that Herman was literally unconscious... GREAT fight for Maia, and I can't wait to see how far he can go in the middleweight division...
      This undercard fight was AWESOME... I've never seen Jason Day before, so it was fun watching him beat Belcher's ass in Day's hometown... Basically, Belcher took Day to the ground, he got side mount, it looked like Belcher was planning on working his ground game, but he got caught in Day's guard, and Day started throwing elbows & punches & all kinds of shit while he had Belcher in his guard... Belcher eventually escaped and decided to stand back up, so once they stood up, the fight looked a lot like Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz, where Jason Day pinned Belcher in the corner, and blasted away with huge hooks until the referee stopped the fight while both fighters were on their feet (but Belcher wasn't really defending himself)... AWESOME UFC debut for Jason Day...
      This fight was freakin' AWESOME!!! I dug this fight... The fight started with Joe Doerksen shooting for a takedown, and Jason MacDonald caught him in a TIGHT guillotine choke... They went to the ground, wrestled around for a couple of minutes, and MacDonald kept ahold of that Guillotine for the entire first half of the first round... Suddenly, Doerksen escaped, and reversed the situation by getting side mount, and then he locked on a TIGHT kimura armlock, almost ripping MacDonald's arm off at the shoulder... The round ended, and I was excited... I gave the first round to MacDonald, but just slightly... The second round started, and MacDonald eventually got the fight to the floor, got on top of Doerksen, and unleashed some heavy elbows to the side of Doerksen's head, and I THINK he basically knocked him out, either way, the referee stopped the fight, Doerksen's eye was bloody, and MacDonald wins the fight... GREAT war by both fighters...
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      That's my dude!!! This was a really good fight... The first round was kind of close, with Mark Bocek taking Danzig down a couple of times with his slightly more aggressive wrestling skills, but Danzig did a hell of a job defending against the wrestling for the most part... I was going to give the first round to Bocek easily, but Danzig made a comeback near the end of the first round, making it a slightly closer fight... The second round easily went to Danzig, he pretty much dominated Bocek with some HUGE knees to the jaw of Bocek, along with some solid grappling both offensive & defensive from Danzig... The third round was more of the same, with Danzig pretty much destroying Bocek's face, causing him to bleed very badly, and then Danzig was able to get on Bocek's back, and he secured the rear-naked choke for the submission victory... Great show by Danzig, and Bocek proved that he's a pretty tough guy too... Awesome way to start the PPV...
(Arm Injury)
      YEAH!!! That's another one of my dudes!!! Ha... Michael Bisping is the fuckin' MAN, especially at 185 pounds... He pretty much handed the cake-eating Charles McCarthy his ass... I really dislike Charles McCarthy, so I've been looking forward to this fight for quite a while... Michael Bisping came out looking like Flash, throwing really fast punches & knees, and McCarthy did an OK job defending against them, but he kept talking shit & making stupid faces like "You can't hurt me! Nanny Nanny Boo Boo!!!" And McCarthy was even able to lock on an armbar, but Bisping escaped without TOO much trouble... Once they got back to their feet, Bisping unleashed tons of fast & heavy knees, and apparently he broke McCarthy's forearm with the knees? I'm not 100% sure about that... All I know is McCarthy was basically saved by the bell, but then he told the referee that he couldn't continue, so Bisping wins by TKO after the first round... GREAT fight for Bisping, and I can't wait to see how far he can go in the 185 pound division...
      Um... What? I fell asleep in the middle of the second round of this fight... (literally)... So I had to hit the rewind button to try to see what I missed, but apparently I missed nothing... Nate Quarry ran (he was SPRINTING) towards Kalib Starnes for all 3 rounds, throwing crazy bombs & punch combos, and Starnes kept running away from him as fast as he could... This fight was retarded... The best part of the fight, was that one of the judges scored the fight "30 - 24" which is something I've NEVER heard of in my entire life... That was fuckin' great... But uh, yeah... Starnes sucks, and I can't imagine the UFC will bring him back anytime soon... Quarry looked solid, but he just wasn't able to catch up with the Starnes as Starnes was running away at full speed... So... Yeah... Did I mention that Starnes sucks? Quarry wins by decision...
      Well, Rich Franklin was easily the favorite in this fight, and I tried to call an upset here, by saying that Lutter would take him to the ground & submit him... Well, that BASICALLY happened, kind of... Travis Lutter started the fight by taking down Franklin, dominating him with his wrestling, and then Lutter almost choked him out, almost broke Franklin's arm with a TIGHT armbar (but Franklin magically escaped that, I have no idea how)... But I gave the first round to Travis Lutter... At that point, I was thinking if Lutter doesn't win by submission, he might win by decision... But uh, nope... Lutter was out of gas after the first round, so the second round consisted of Franklin punching him randomly, until the referee finally stopped the fight... It honestly looked like Lutter was sleeping during the entire second round... So yeah, Franklin deserved to win this fight I guess, and he did... The problem now is, where does Franklin go from here? I don't think anybody wants to see him fight Anderson Silva again, and Franklin has already basically beaten everybody else in the 185 division... So I don't know... I was hoping Lutter would beat Franklin & get a rematch against Anderson Silva, but I guess that won't be happening... Either way, good solid fight, pretty exciting, and kudos to Rich Franklin for the excellent win...
(Knees to the Body)
      Well, the first time they fought, Matt Serra was the 10-1 underdog, and nobody gave him a shot... He pretty much DESTROYED GSP during the first fight, which was a CRAZY upset... This time around, Matt Serra was still the underdog, but I decided to pick him before the fight... Well, like the Franklin-Lutter fight, I failed... Georges St. Pierre pretty much killed Matt Serra during this fight... He took him down multiple times without any trouble at all... Serra's guard was pretty solid while on the ground, and he had pretty good defense overall on the ground, but I don't think that Serra even attempted any offensive moves in this fight... When the fight went to the feet, it looked somewhat even, but GSP dominated on the ground, and eventually forced Serra into the turtle position, and St. Pierre threw a series of hard knees on the ground to the ribs of Serra, which forced the referee to stop the fight... I think that's the first time I've ever seen a referee stop a fight due to shots to the body, but I can't really complain since Serra wasn't putting up any real fight at all... Solid fight I guess... GSP is the new Welterweight Champion (again)...