100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (26 Total):
1. Kyoji Horiguchi - 92.9
2. Nikita Krylov - 92.5
3. Gunnar Nelson - 92.4
4. Yuta Sasaki - 92.0
5. Alistair Overeem - 91.9
6. Magnus Cedenblad - 91.8
7. Karolina Kowalkiewicz - 91.8
8. Rustam Khabilov - 91.8
9. Germaine de Randamie - 91.2
10. Leon Edwards - 91.0
UFC Fight Night 87: Overeem vs. Arlovski
Location: South Holland, Netherlands
Elevation: 1,059'
-Fight of the Night-
Kyoji Horiguchi vs. Neil Seery
Fighters & Matches 88.9
Top 10 Fighters 91.9
TOTAL 90.4
(Rear-Naked Choke)
     They traded a few wild strikes, and then Sasaki shot in for a takedown. Gates stuffed it for a few seconds, but Sasaki drove through, eventually putting Gates on his back in the center of the cage. Gates scrambled his way back to his feet, but Sasaki took his back in the process, with a tight clinch. Sasaki was digging for wild takedowns, until he was able to drag Gates to the ground again. Gates scrambled back to his feet again, and this time turned Sasaki against the cage. They broke apart, and Gates blasted Sasaki with some big punches, before Sasaki clinched again. Gates broke free with a big knee to Sasaki's head, and they spent the final 30 seconds trading strikes, while Sasaki continued to dig for takedowns unsuccessfully. Solid round, with Gates winning with the striking exchanges, and Sasaki controlling most of the round with his grappling, so I'm assuming round one goes to Sasaki based on his pressure & control.
     Gates beat up Sasaki a little bit for 30 seconds on the feet, and then Sasaki shot for another takedown in the second round. Gates scrambled back to his feet, and they continued to clinch against the cage. Sasaki dumped Gates to the ground again. Sasaki beat up Gates on the ground with some short punches, and then locked on a rear-naked choke, but Gates was fighting to defend against it. He held on for a few seconds, but Sasaki eventually put him away with the submission, winning around the halfway mark of the second round. Nice win for the late replacement Yuta Sasaki in his Flyweight debut.
      Dominic Waters was trying to look fancy on the feet without really throwing anything, and then he clinched and took Edwards to the ground. Edwards popped right back up and took Waters down. Waters tried to grab the arm of Edwards in a weird lock, but Edwards was able to shake him off. Waters shot in for another takedown, and Edwards soccer kicked Waters on the way in, nearly decapitating him, which allowed Edwards to easily stuff the shot. Edwards slowly wrestled his way around to take the back of Waters, which ended with Edwards in full mount. Edwards landed a few decent strikes, and then tried to rip Waters's right arm off. Round one goes to Leon Edwards.
     The second round started with a wild scramble from the clinch, with Edwards taking down Waters again, this time landing in half mount. Edwards moved to side control, while beating up Waters with short strikes. This referee is pissing me off though, constantly warning for action, as Edwards is doing a great job passing guard, and landing shots on the ground. The referee stood them back up. Fuck this referee. Edwards landed a flying knee, and then dropped Waters with a right hand, but he let him stand back up and reset. Waters then shot for a takedown, mostly working with a back clinch, but Edwards did a good job staying on his feet. Waters tried to suplex him, Edwards stopped him with an awkward guillotine, and then Waters SLAMMED Edwards, but didn't really do anything on the ground. I have Edwards ahead 2-0 going into the final round, but that slam was pretty outstanding, so some judges might give that round to Waters.
     Edwards started the final round with a brutal kick to the body. Waters threw a big punch, and followed it up with a takedown. Edwards got back to his feet with 3 minutes left in the round. Edwards kicked Waters in the face, and Waters looked exhausted, as he kept checking the clock. They clinched, as Waters was grinding for a takedown, but Edwards was doing a good job staying on his feet. Edwards dropped Waters with another knee. Edwards sprawled, and then beat up Waters with some big elbows & punches to finish out the round. I have Edwards winning this fight 30-27, and all 3 judges agreed, giving Edwards the hard fought unanimous decision victory.
      Horiguchi is super fast, and he started this fight like lightning, blasting Seery with some big punches, rocking him early, and knocking him on his ass. Horiguchi blasted him with some heavy punches on the ground, before Seery was able to stand back up. Horiguchi sort of took down Seery again, while Seery sort of pulled guard. Seery went for an armbar, and Horiguchi slipped out of it. They traded some fast strikes on the feet, both landing with some heavy punches, and then Horiguchi knocked down Seery again. They stood back up, Horiguchi blasted Seery with some more punches, and then took him down again. Horiguchi scrambled his way into side control, tried to move to mount, but stood up instead. Horiguchi continued to show off his fast footwork, while picking apart Seery with punches and a big kick to the body. Round one goes to Horiguchi.
     Horiguchi came out like a ball of fire in the second round, blasting Seery with some massive punches, before taking him down from the clinch again. They stood back up, and Seery's face was a bloody mess. Every time Horiguchi lands with a punch or a kick, it makes me want to cry. That shit looks like it fucking HURTS, but Seery is tough as nails. Horiguchi continued to maul Seery on the feet, destroying him with punches & kicks, and then Horiguchi secured one last takedown in the final 30 seconds. Horiguchi is running away with this fight, 2-0, going into the final round.
     Horiguchi continued to maul Seery for the duration of the third round, with Seery landing some decent punches, but for the most part, Horiguchi is just on another level. Horiguchi scored a couple of takedowns in the final round, but Seery did a good job getting back to his feet, but to be honest, I think his only advantage is off his back, so he probably should have tried to stay on the ground for longer periods of time. The final minute of the round turned into a brawl, and I thought Seery was landing the better shots, but Horiguchi dropped Seery, so... Clearly Horiguchi won this fight, 30-27, if not 30-26. All 3 judges agreed, with one scoring 30-26, all for the winner via unanimous decision, Kyoji Horiguchi. He's the #1 Flyweight in the world other than Mighty Mouse in my opinion.
      This fight started with a lot of grueling clinch battling, with neither fighter showing a clear advantage early in the first round. Cabral took down Madadi late in the round, mounted him, grabbed his back, and started working for a rear-naked choke in the final minute of the round. Madadi got back to his feet with 10 seconds left. Round one goes to Cabral.
     The second round started with Cabral trying to touch gloves, Madadi said no, the crowd didn't like that, so Madadi gave him a high five, the crowd cheered, and then Madadi tried to hug, Cabral didn't want to, but they hugged anyway, and the crowd cheered some more. The rest of the round was basically a clinch fest. I guess I would give that round to Madadi for control? I don't know. I guess the fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     Madadi blasted Cabral with some big punches early in the third round, knocking him off balance. Cabral is clearly exhausted, but Madadi doesn't exactly look like a tank full of gas either. Cabral hit Madadi with a big knee, and then shot for a takedown. Madadi stuffed the takedown, broke apart, blasted Cabral with some big punches, and Cabral was basically out on his feet, forcing the referee to step in to save him. Solid finish for Reza Madadi.
      Emmett is making his UFC debut here on short notice. His footwork reminds me of Uriah Faber, as he's another Team Alpha Male product. Every punch & kick that Emmett throws, looks like it could kill a heavyweight. Emmett's striking is deadly, and he's super aggressive too. Tuck on the other hand, looks like a terrified little kid in there, getting bullied by the much thicker Emmett. I have no idea what Tuck has to do to win this fight, other than throwing some flying knees or some shit. Round one goes to Emmett.
     Emmett threw some big punches to start the second round, and Tuck clipped him with a flying knee. MORE OF THOSE TUCK. Emmett has MUCH better footwork than Tuck, and he's using that to pretty much destroy him on the feet. Tuck did a good job in the second round working his counter strikes, but... Emmett is clearly ahead 2-0 going into the final round. To be honest, I'm not sure why Emmett doesn't just go in for the kill, it LOOKS like he could easily put Tuck away, but he's sticking to 2 shot combos instead of unloading on him.
     Honestly? Tuck looks like he's never been in a fight before. He looks terrified in there. I have no idea what his problem is. Emmett on the other hand looks like he belongs in the UFC, and if this was a TUF tournament, I don't think we would ever see Tuck again after this performance. Emmett's left ring finger was clearly broken in the final round at some point, but Tuck didn't really do much to capitalize on it. In the final 30 seconds of the fight, Tuck finally went crazy, and mauled Emmett. That really sucks, because if Tuck would have fought like that for more of the fight, he would he been able to finish Emmett I think. Apparently Tuck broke Emmett's finger with a spinning wheel kick. So yeah, 29-28 victory for Emmett in his short notice UFC debut, and a very disappointing first 13 minutes or so for Jon Tuck. OH SHIT, one judge gave the fight to Tuck, so that's interesting, but yeah, Emmett still wins via split-decision. And uh... his left ring finger was nearly removed, it's a compound fracture with his bone sticking out. That's fucked up. His finger was LITERALLY almost hanging off.
(Head Kick & Punches)
      This fight started with both fighters trading a few strikes. McLellan threw a leg kick, Cedenblad caught it and knocked McLellan down with a big punch counter. McLellan took an eye poke, but the fight continued shortly after. Cedenblad blasted him with a few more solid punches. That was a sloppy round overall, but I think Cedenblad pretty clearly won that round based on the few hard strikes that he landed. He also controlled the center of the cage.
     Cedenblad blasted McLellan with a big right head kick in the second round, and McLellan looked like he had been hit by a truck, so he kind of turtled up against the cage, and Cedenblad unloaded on him with big uppercuts, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight to save McLellan's life. Really decent return for Cedenblad after 19+ months out of action due to a knee injury. The first round was a bit slow, but that finish was really nice for Cedenblad.
      The first round was a grueling round full of clinching, and hard short punches being thrown both ways, but the final 90 seconds or so had Khabilov taking Wade down, and bullying him on the ground, so I scored that round for Khabilov. Wade blasted Khabilov with a flying head kick early in the second round, knocking him on his ass, but Khabilov recovered, and took down Wade. Wade wrestled his way into top position, and Khabilov slapped on a triangle choke. Wade fought his way back to his feet, and then Khabilov took him down again. I have Khabilov ahead, 2-0, going into the final round.
     Wade looked tired coming out for the final round, and Khabilov was still aggressive, picking apart Wade on the feet with his boxing. Khabilov shot in, grabbed Wade's back, and threw him to the ground against the cage. Khabilov wrapped himself around Wade, looking for a rear-naked choke 90 seconds into the final round. Khabilov gave that up, and started working some heavy ground & pound, but the referee had to warn him multiple times to avoid hitting Wade in the back of the head. To be fair though, Wade was blocking those shots with the back of his head, Khabilov clearly wasn't targeting dirty shots. Wade tried to work his way back to his feet, and Khabilov slammed him again. Really solid performance by Khabilov, ending the 6-Fight winning streak of Wade (4 inside the UFC). I'm pretty pumped that Khabilov got this win, even though he couldn't find the finish.
      The first round was basically a wild brawl, with both fighters throwing some serious shit, but I feel like Kowalkiewicz really pulled ahead late in the round, as she battered Clark with some nice combinations, both with punches & kicks. Round one goes to Kowalkiewicz. The second round was another round full of Kowalkiewicz picking apart Clark with TONS of punches, while Clark was looking for a clinch takedown, but Kowalkiewicz stayed on her feet, while blasting Clark with elbows from the clinch. There was a wild scramble late in the round, Kowalkiewicz grabbed Clark's back, and then slapped on an armbar, but Clark was saved by the bell. I have Kowalkiewicz ahead 2-0 going into the final round. The final round was another round for Kowalkiewicz in my opinion, as she beat the shit out of Clark on the feet with her strikes, throwing FAR more strikes than Clark. Clark still controlled a decent bit of the round with some clinching, but she didn't do any damage from the clinch, and she couldn't take Kowalkiewicz to the ground. So... Yeah... Clear 30-27 win for Kowalkiewicz, MAYBE 29-28, but I gave her all 3 rounds. All 3 judges agreed, giving Kowalkiewicz the hard fought unanimous decision.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Krylov started the fight with a big front kick to the body, and followed that up with some wild punches, forcing Barroso to clinch. Krylov controlled the clinch for the first half of the round. They broke apart, traded some strikes, Barroso landed a big punch, and shot for a body lock takedown, but Krylov did a really good job staying on his feet. They broke apart, and Krylov blasted Barroso with a series of big right hands. They clinched some more, and then Krylov unloaded on Barroso in the final 5 seconds. Round one goes to Krylov.
     Krylov nearly ripped off Barroso's head with big punches & kicks to start the second round, but Barroso quickly clinched again. Barroso secured a takedown, but Krylov was able to sweep him. Krylov blasted Barroso with some big punches & elbows, Barroso blasted him with a MASSIVE upkick, but Krylov was ok, and he continued to beat up Barroso. Krylov then threw a headbutt to Barroso's chest, which the referee called him out on, but in my opinion that shouldn't be a foul. A headbutt to the chest? Who gives a shit? Krylov continued to beat up Barroso on the ground with short punches, Barroso tried for a leg lock, Krylov continued to pound on him, Barroso almost locked on a triangle choke, Krylov escaped, grabbed Barroso's back, locked on a rear-naked choke, and finished the fight halfway through the second round. Really solid performance by Krylov, but his lack of concern on the ground was making me pretty nervous with a few of those scrambles.
(Knee to the Body)
      Randamie has an INSANE reach advantage in this fight, as she looks like Stefan Struve in there, against the much shorter Elmose. Elmose is making her UFC debut, and did a good job pressuring Randamie against the cage in the opening couple of minutes, but once Randamie broke apart, she was able to use her reach to pick apart Elmose on the feet. They clinched again, Randamie threw some brutal knees to Elmose's body, and eventually caused her to collapse in pain. Solid win for Randamie in her home country, but I mean... That wasn't really much of a fight to be honest. This was only Elmose's fourth professional fight, so considering the circumstances, she performed "ok", but I can't help but feel like she would be better suited for 115. Randamie looked like a shredded giant, and Elmose looked a little soft.
(Neck Crank)
      Wow... This fight is intense... Tumenov landed the better strikes on the feet. Nelson landed some decent shots, but Tumenov nearly broke Nelson in half with a big kick to the body, and he also clipped him with a lot of hard punches. Around the halfway mark, Nelson shot in for a body lock takedown, mounted Tumenov, and beat his ass with some big elbows on the ground. Tumenov got back up with 30 seconds left, and landed some hard shots, but the first round definitely goes to Nelson. His top control is ridiculous.
     Tumenov blasted Nelson with some hard shots in the second round, cutting open Nelson's left eye, but Nelson shot for another takedown, and mounted Tumenov again. Tumenov tried to roll out of that, and Nelson took his back. Tumenov tried to fight him off, but Nelson locked on a tight rear-naked choke, sort of a neck crank, and forced Tumenov to submit. This was a huge victory for Gunnar Nelson, as he ends the 5-Fight winning streak of Albert Tumenov.
(Knee & Elbows)
      Bigfoot has a new haircut. He shot in for a takedown, apparently Struve caught him with a knee to the body? Silva continued to drive for the takedown, Struve hit him with countless elbows to the side of the head, and the fight was stopped. Bigfoot Silva really sucks. RETIRE. PLEASE. IT'S OVER. YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS FIGHTING ANYMORE. SERIOUSLY. Struve on the other hand, I guess looked ok? Bigfoot is single handedly ruining the heavyweight division. Even when people finish him quickly, it still doesn't come across as impressive at all. Congrats to Struve for the hometown victory, but I mean... PLEASE Bigfoot. RETIRE... for fuck's sake.
(Front Kick & Punches)
      Arlovski started the first round with a huge combination, as he was clearly blowing his wad trying to get Overeem out of there. Overeem covered his head, and just weathered the storm. The rest of the round was kind of slow paced, with Overeem picking apart Arlovski with kicks, and then he took him down late in the round. I scored the first round for Overeem, but Arlovski's opening combination was nice.
      The second round started with Overeem blasting Arlovski with some big shots. His body kicks looked brutal, and he landed some heavy punches as well. He eventually knocked down Arlovski with a big kick to the chin, followed by a massive left hand, Arlovski collapsed, and Overeem punched him in the head repeatedly until the referee finally stepped in to stop the fight. Solid win for Alistair Overeem.