100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (24 Total):
1. Ronaldo Souza - 92.9
2. Stipe Miocic - 92.7
3. John Lineker - 92.3
4. Cris Cyborg - 92.2
5. Demian Maia - 92.2
6. Francisco Trinaldo - 92.0
7. Thiago Santos - 91.8
8. Bryan Barberena - 91.2
9. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira - 90.5
10. Mauricio Rua - 90.5
UFC 198: Werdum vs. Miocic
Location: Parana, Brazil
Elevation: 2,000'
-Fight of the Night-
Stipe Miocic vs. Fabricio Werdum
Fighters & Matches 89.6
Top 10 Fighters 91.8
TOTAL 90.7
     They traded some strikes in the first round, with Carneiro mostly throwing kicks, and Tukhugov was teeing off on him with big punch combinations. There was a lot of dead space in between attacks though. Tukhugov eventually knocked down Carneiro, and then he jumped inside his guard, which is exactly where Carneiro wanted him. Carneiro was working a high rubber guard, but Tukhugov broke out of that and hammered Carneiro with a few elbows. There was a wild scramble, Carneiro almost grabbed Tukhugov's back, he blasted him with an elbow, and Tukhugov scrambled his way back to his feet. Very close first round.
     They traded some more strikes in the second round, and Carneiro kicked Tukhugov right square in the dick, but the referee told him to keep fighting. That's the second time Carneiro landed a groin strike in this fight, and the referee ignored both of them. The rest of the round basically had Tukhugov outboxing Carneiro, landing punches that were clearly heavier than what Carneiro was throwing. I gave the second round to Tukhugov, and the first round was close, but since this is Brazil, I'm going to assume the fight is all tied up going into the final round.
     Tukhugov started the final round by throwing Carneiro to the ground, he punched him, and then stood back up. Smart move for Tukhugov. Tukhugov continued to eat up Carneiro on the feet, busting up his left eye, leaving a trail of blood on his cheek. The doctors checked Carneiro's cut, and the fight continued. Tukhugov came out swinging when the fight started back up, he took Carneiro down again, and stood back up. The rest of the round was fairly even on the feet, Tukhugov shot for a final takedown with 30 seconds left, but Carneiro stuffed it. Really close fight, but I personally scored this fight 29-28 for Tukhugov. He slowed down way too much near the end of the fight though, and he let Carneiro walk him down a little too often, even though Carneiro wasn't really landing with that much offense. One judge agreed with me, and the other two gave the fight to Carneiro. Not a great fight, but solid win for Carneiro I guess.
      Chagas is making his UFC debut here on 2 weeks notice, and he came out swinging with big bombs, backing up Moraes against the fence. Chagas was throwing some heavy kicks as well, which were mostly blocked by Moraes's arms, but that shit still has to hurt. Chagas's inside leg kicks are brutal, but he's not throwing very many of them. Chagas blasted Moraes with a massive left head kick, knocking Moraes to the ground, and causing his right eye to swell, but Chagas let him stand back up. That's a smart gameplan against Moraes. Chagas then knocked down Moraes with a combination of punches, and he let him stand back up again. Round one clearly goes to Chagas. Great first impression in his UFC debut.
     Moraes came out with a lot more aggression in the second round, hammering Chagas with some big punches. Chagas did a good job countering with combinations though. Chagas is clearly starting to run out of gas, but he's still doing a good job keeping this fight competitive. Halfway through the round, Moraes randomly walked up and pulled guard with a tight guillotine choke, but Chagas broke free. The referee stood them back up with one minute left in the round. There was a wild scramble, and Chagas took Moraes's back, but Moraes was able to shake him off, ending up on top inside Chagas's guard. Good round, but I'm scoring that one for Moraes. I have it all tied up going into the final round.
     Moraes took down Chagas early in the final round, and Chagas tied him up in his guard. Moraes stood up, and he looked pretty tired at this point too. Moraes just slowly laid back down inside Chagas's guard. Moraes slowly worked his way into half mount, and then side control. Chagas tried to scramble out of it, and Moraes took his back. Chagas rolled for a kneebar, but Moraes scrambled out of it. It looked like Moraes was looking for a twister for a second, Chagas tried to stand up, and Moraes grabbed his back again, but was WAY too high, so Chagas just bent over, waiting for Moraes to slide off. With 30 seconds left in the fight though, Chagas really needed a finish at this point. Chagas landed a few big punchs at the end of the round, but I don't think it was enough to win the round. I scored this fight 29-28 for Sergio Moraes. OH SHIT... Each fighter had one judge give them the decision, and the final judge scored it a draw, so... I guess it's a draw? We don't do draws here though, so I'm giving the victory points to Moraes.
      Cummins landed some decent kicks in the first round, but he looked scared to be in Brazil. Nogueira rocked him around the halfway mark, Cummins shot for a takedown, and Nogueira stuffed it without much of a problem. Nogueira started to chew him up on the feet with big punch combinations, he rocked the shit out of Cummins, nearly knocked him unconscious, Cummins clearly had no idea where he was, Nogueira continued to pound on him, and the referee stopped the fight with less than 10 seconds remaining in the opening round. Solid win for Nogueira, but I'm really thinking Cummins would be better suited for a place like Bellator or WSOF at this point.
      The first round had Font trying to use his reach by keeping Lineker at distance, but Lineker did a great job, especially late in the round, flying in with big bombs, he rocked Font a few times, knocked him down once, and he clearly had control of the center of the cage. Round one goes to Lineker and his hands of stone. The second round was a repeat of the first, with Lineker holding the center of the cage, while backing Font up against the cage with big punch combinations, and some heavy leg kicks. Both fighters shot for a single takedown, and both attempts were stuffed. I have Lineker ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     The final round was another round full of Lineker throwing bombs at Font, backing him up, and he took him down a couple of times, landing some heavy punches & elbows on the ground. With 30 seconds left in the fight, Lineker called on the crowd for power, they Brazilian fans went crazy, and Lineker absolutely slaughtered Font in the final 30 seconds, knocking him down, destroying him on the ground, he sort of went for a guillotine choke, and then just decided to pound on him for the final seconds of the round. Outstanding 15 minute performance by John Lineker, easily winning all 3 rounds, and handing Font his first loss since 2012.
      The first round started with a lengthy clinch battle, with not a lot of action. The last minute or so though, had Trinaldo blasting Medeiros with big punches, he rocked the shit out of him, and nearly finished him. Trinaldo also landed some heavy kicks throughout the round. If this fight would have gone on another 20 seconds or so, Trinaldo would have finished Medeiros. He was able to survive until the bell though. Round one clearly goes to Trinaldo.
     The second round was another round for Trinaldo, for the most part, as he rocked Medeiros a few times, and he controlled him on the ground for a few seconds, but at the very end of the round, with 15 seconds left, Medeiros rocked the shit out of him, dropped him, and Trinaldo was barely able to recover enough to last until the bell. Trinaldo is looking tired, and that round could have gone either way, so I'm assuming it might be all tied up going into the final round.
     The final round was all about Trinaldo beating the living shit out of a lifeless Medeiros. He rocked him HARD, almost knocked him out on the feet, landed countless heavy punches, a flying knee, he dropped him, he smashed the shit out of him on the ground, he grappled the shit out of him, Trinaldo absolutely dominated Medeiros in that final round. With 45 seconds left, Medeiros somehow climbed into top position. He landed a few short body shots, but that wasn't nearly enough to make up for several minutes of Medeiros getting slaughtered by Trinaldo. I honestly thought this fight was going to be stopped. HARDCORE fight, great performance by both fighters, even though they both clearly gassed in that third round, and I scored this fight 29-28 for Trinaldo. If Medeiros wouldn't have ended up on top at the end, that final round would have been a 10-8 round for Trinaldo. All 3 judges agreed, giving the fight to Trinaldo via a hard fought unanimous decision.
(Body Kick & Punches)
      Santos looks like a dangerous combination of length & power. He throws his strikes from far away, but when they land they explode. He beat up Marquardt for the duration of the first round, blasting him with crisp strikes, knocking him down once, and then he let him back up. The next time he knocked him down, it was the end of the fight, as Santos put him to sleep with a kick to the body, followed by a series of punches that caused Marquardt to collapse face first. That was a solid win for Santos, over a decent name, but Marquardt is clearly on the downside of his career at this point, going 3-6 in the past 5 years.
(Rear-Naked Choke)
      Maia took down Brown early, and grabbed his back, and spent the entire first round looking for a rear-naked choke, but Brown did an outstanding job defending against Maia's Jiu-Jitsu, and he even ended the round on top inside Maia's guard. Great round for Maia, but he's limping back to his corner. Brown on the other hand, impressed the hell out of me with his grappling defense. Brown really needs to keep this fight standing if he wants to win though.
     Brown stuffed a couple of takedowns to start the second round, but Maia still grabbed his back within the first minute of the round. The rest of the round had Brown defending against the rear-naked choke again. Probably 9 minutes so far of this fight, has been Brown defending against the rear-naked choke. Maia is looking tired, but Brown is getting dominated.
     Brown stuffed several takedowns in the third round, hit Maia with a kick, and then punched him in the head, knocking Maia down for a second, and Brown jumped on him, which was a bad move, because Maia eventually turned that into a takedown against the cage. Maia grabbed Brown's back again, and spent the rest of the round looking for a rear-naked choke. In the final minute of the round, Maia FINALLY got his arm under Brown's throat, and forced the submission. Really impressive win for Demian Maia, but it was kind of boring once you got over the initial excitement of Maia taking Brown's back. 13+ minutes of riding some dude's back without finishing him, gets old kind of quick. Still, I really thought Brown was going to be able to tough it out, so it's impressive that Maia finished this fight.
      Alves started this fight with a body kick, some punches, he swarmed Barberena, and then locked on a guillotine choke near the cage, and he cranked the shit out of it, but Barberena gave a thumbs up, before breaking his head free. From there, Barberena kept Alves pressed against the cage. They separated, and Alves slaughtered Barberena with some additional heavy punches. Everything Alves throws looks like a fight ending shot. Barberena started to land some decent strikes near the end of the round, but the first round clearly goes to Alves.
     Alves continued to pick apart Barberena with strikes, especially some heavy kicks to the body. Alves is clearly slowing down, but he's still winning this fight halfway through the second round. Barbarena on the other hand, was still walking forward in terminator mode, taking a lot of shots, and landing a few decent punches of his own. Honestly, by the end of the round, I thought Barberena was winning this fight, so I'm going to call it all tied up going into the final round. Alves is probably ahead 2-0, but this shit is pretty close, as Alves is slowing down significantly.
     Barberena spent the final round chipping away at Alves with short elbows from the clinch, and some crisp boxing that was slipping past the arms of Alves. Alves continued to throw some decent shots, but in my opinion, that last round pretty clearly went to Barberena. Realistically, I think this fight should be scored 29-28 for Alves, but I won't be surprised by a split-decision, in which case, Alves should win since this is Brazil. This was supposed to be a squash match though, where Alves should have ran right through Barberena, so... GREAT show of heart by Barberena in this fight. OH SHIT! All 3 judges gave the fight to Barberena, 29-28. That's a huge win, as he ended the 10-0 undefeated record of Alves, and Barberena was the second biggest underdog on this card.
      The first round was pretty close, with both guys trading some decent shots, with Anderson maybe controlling most of the round, but in the final 10 seconds, Shogun put Anderson on his ass with a barrage of strikes, and he nearly finished him with some heavy ground & pound, but Anderson was saved by the bell. Great way to finish the round for Shogun Rua.
     The second round started with a bit of a brawl, and then Anderson finally took down Shogun one minute into the round. Shogun was able to scramble back to his feet, but Anderson continued to press him against the cage, looking for another takedown. They broke apart, traded a few strikes, and then Anderson eventually secured another takedown with 90 seconds left, but Shogun immediately popped right back up to his feet. Anderson was clearly winning the round, but Shogun dropped Anderson in the final 10 seconds again, landed some big punches, and Anderson was saved by the bell again. Technically I think this fight is all tied up going into the final round, but this is Brazil, and Shogun knocked down Anderson at the end of both rounds, so I wouldn't be surprised if Shogun is ahead 2-0 going into the final round.
     They traded a few strikes in the final round, and then Anderson took Shogun slowly to the ground, one minute into the round. Shogun stood back up with 2 minutes left in the fight. Anderson is doing his best to smother Shogun, but he's not really doing any damage. Anderson secured another takedown, and Shogun stood back up against the cage. Anderson probably just bored his way to another decision victory, but... PERSONALLY? I hope Shogun wins this fight, because he actually tried to finish this fight a couple of times, and Anderson did ZERO on the ground, even though he took Shogun down repeatedly. Two of the judges agreed with me, giving the fight to Shogun Rua by split-decision.
      Meh... That was an ugly fight. Smith threw a few punches, but for the most part, she just kind of stood there while Cyborg beat her up, eventually knocking her down. Cyborg then punched Smith on the ground a lot, Smith sort of flopped around, clearly a little confused about where she was, and the referee stopped the fight. It's cool to see Cyborg in the UFC finally, but I was really hoping Smith would be able to make this more of a fight. To be honest, I still don't know if Cyborg can make 135 for a title shot, and if she does, I think Miesha Tate might actually have a decent shot at beating her with her wrestling. But yeah, this fight didn't last long, so congrats to Cyborg for winning her UFC debut against a tough chick in Leslie Smith.
      Jacare landed some hard kicks in the first round, Vitor threw a flying knee, Jacare tried to take the fight to the ground, Belfort stuffed it a couple of times, and then finally Jacare took him down 2 minutes into the first round. From there, Jacare beat up Belfort with short elbows, and big punches. Belfort's eyes are already covered with blood. The doctor checked Belfort's cuts, said he was fine, so the fight continued back on the ground with Jacare on top. Belfort scrambled out of that, Jacare went for an armbar, and Belfort got back to his feet, but Jacare immediately pressed him against the cage, looking for another takedown. Belfort sort of pulled guard, threw some heavy upkicks, and Jacare continued to pound on him with massive punches. Jacare moved into full mount, and dropped a lot of massive punches & elbows to the head of the bloodied Belfort. The fight was stopped late in the first round due to Jacare's ground & pound. That was a pretty big win for Jacare, as he continues to show some ridiculous top control and ground & pound.
      Werdum was picking apart Miocic for the most part with some nice kicks and stuff like that, but eventually, he got a little crazy, rushing forward, trying to kill Miocic, but he was way too far away when he was throwing, so it was pretty easy for Miocic to back up, he landed one perfectly placed right hand, Werdum collapsed like a sack of potatoes, 100% unconscious, and the fight was stopped. Stipe Miocic is the NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion of the world. That couldn't possibly have gone any worse for Werdum. He looked a little bit like an idiot the way he was running at Miocic, sort of reminding me of Ronda Rousey's desperate attempt to knock Holly Holm's head off. So yeah, really poor performance by Werdum, and the biggest win of Miocic's career, for sure.