100% Reviewed
Top 10 Best Fighters (22 Total):
1. B.J. Penn - 96.4
2. Wanderlei Silva - 96.2
3. Rousimar Palhares - 94.7
4. Yoshiyuki Yoshida - 94.0
5. Lyoto Machida - 94.0
6. Thiago Silva - 91.8
7. Sean Sherk - 91.5
8. Dong Hyun Kim - 91.3
9. Goran Reljic - 90.8
10. Tito Ortiz - 90.5
UFC 84: Ill Will
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Elevation: 2,001'
-Fight of the Night-
Wanderlei Silva vs. Keith Jardine
Fighters & Matches 90.5
Top 10 Fighters 93.1
TOTAL 91.8
     In this undercard fight, both guys came out looking stiff... Speaking of stiff guys, Shane Carwin (making his UFC debut) threw a stiff right cross to the chin of Wellisch, forcing Wellisch to collapse like a tower of man beef... Shane Carwin wins by knockout!!! Shane Carwin wins by knockout!!!
      Wow... That fight was fuckin' crazy... Dong Hyun Kim (Korean) made his UFC debut against the UK fighter, Jason Tan, and COMPLETELY dominated Tan the entire fight... The first round consisted of Dong outstriking Tan, so Tan tried to take him to the ground, and Dong threw 5,000,000 spiked elbows to the side of Tan's face, painting Kim's elbow red... The rest of the round consisted of Kim beating the shit out of Tan from full mount... The second round consisted of a brilliant Judo throw by Kim, followed by a dominating wrestling display, where Kim totally controlled Tan on the ground... The third round only lasted 25 seconds, and it started with another brilliant Judo throw, and then Kim rained down 5,000 elbows in under 20 seconds, forcing the referee to stop the fight before Tan was forced to die... AMAZING fight, and Dong Hyun Kim is the shit... The only problem is, Tan isn't very good in the first place, so I'm curious to see how Kim handles himself against other top welterweights... I'd like to see Dong Hyun Kim vs. Karo Parisyan (2 Judo Blackbelts)...
Technical Submission
(Anaconda Choke)
      This fight was pretty fuckin' awesome, and marked another GREAT debut for a guy new to the UFC, Yoshiyuki Yoshida... I've never been a fan of Koppenhaver, and he was dealt with in under a minute... Koppenhaver came out swinging wild, sloppy punches, and Yoshida didn't seem to have any trouble avoiding them... Koppenhaver then tried to clinch with Yoshida, but was thrown to the ground with tremendous ferocity, via Yoshida's excellent judo skills... Once they were on the ground, Yoshida locked on a bad ass anaconda choke, which literally put Koppenhaver to sleep... Since Koppenhaver's head was tucked into Yoshida's stomach, nobody knew he was unconscious until the referee felt his arm, and then immediately asked Yoshida to break the hold, leaving Koppenhaver unconscious on the ground... This Yoshiyuki Yoshida guy is a bad ass, and I can't wait to see him fight again soon!!!
      Rich Clementi is the new Clay Guida! I dig Rich, he fights well, he has skills, and he always BRINGS IT! BUT, he's starting to get into that bad habit of winning all of his fights via decision, not being able to finish any of his opponents... This time around, it was no different... The first round goes to Terry Etim for his striking skills while standing... The last 2 rounds go to Clementi due to his ground control & takedown ability... And that about sums up this fight... Rich clementi wins by unanimous decision...
(Leg Injury)
      So far, I still have this giant question mark above my head whenever I see Sokoudjou fight... In Pride, he was unstoppable, and then he fought Machida in his UFC debut, and looked like dog shit... Well, in his second UFC fight, he's here to fight Kazuhiro Nakamura (Pride Guy), and he basically beat him up during the entire first round, and finished it off with some vicious ground & pound... Nakamura was sort of saved by the bell, but they decided he couldn't continue, so Sokoudjou wins via TKO at the end of round one...
      Rousimar Palhares is fucking amazing... I'm having a hard time remembering what happened in this fight, because Palhares is so amazing, that he blew my mind... Ivan Salaverry tried to throw a punch, Palhares grabbed Salaverry, took him to the ground, got full mount (fasted mount I've EVER seen), Palhares wrapped around to Salaverry's back using some sort of Brazilian magic trick, and then he went for the rear-naked choke, Salaverry did a good job defending it, and Palhares seamlessly transitioned from the rear-naked choke, into an armbar, finishing Salaverry instantly... Rousimar Palhares is fucking amazing... Possibly the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills I've ever seen...
      Thiago Silva was definitely the fan favorite in this fight, making Antonio Mendes the underdog... Well, Mendes almost launched a huge upset, startingt he fight with a great big kick to the head of Silva, almost knocking him out... Mendes jumped on Silva (once Silva hit the ground), but couldn't finish the fight... Eventually, Silva got on top of Mendes, grabbed the full mount, and then just held Mendes down using his legs, while launching missle-like left hand punches to the chin of Mendes, until eventually Mendes was forced to tap out, giving Thiago Silva the submission victory (due to strikes) in the first round...
      For Tito's last fight in the UFC, this was a pretty terrible performance... The entire first round consisted of Lyoto Machida throwing leg kicks, and Tito tried to fight back, but he couldn't connect, because Lyoto is really good at dodging strikes... The first round ended with Lyoto taking Tito to the ground, and he punished Tito for the last 15 seconds... The second round also went to Machida for the same basic reasons... The third round was again, more of the same, until Machida threw a knee to the stomach of Ortiz, knocking him to the ground, and it looked like Machida was going to finish him with some ground & pound, but Ortiz locked on a triangle / armbar combo, and almost won the fight in the final 20 seconds of the third round, but Machida escaped, and ended up winning the fight via unanimous decision... GREAT fight for Machida, probably the best showing I've seen so far from him, and Tito looked like shit, so I'm sure Dana White is happy about that... Terrible way to retire eh?
      This was weird... Goran Reljic made his UFC debut in this fight, and he started the fight by throwing exactly 1,000,000 kicks to the head of Gouveia in the first round, OBVIOUSLY getting a lot of his training from Cro-Cop... Wilson Gouveia eventually turned up the heat, and tried to make a comeback, but in the second round, Reljic clipped Gouveia's temple, and sort of knocked him a little bit loopy, leaving Gouveia on his back, and Reljic on top of him, throwing UGLY punch combinations down towards the face of Gouveia, eventually forcing the referee to stop the fight... Good fight overall, but Reljic is both POWERFUL & SLOPPY, which I guess means that he'll fit right in at 205...
      HOLY SHIT!!! Wanderlei Silva is BACK... Keith Jardine started the fight by throwing a huge overhand right, and I thought maybe he might pick apart Wanderlei from the outside, but he got too close, and Silva was able to unleash an oldschool ass whoopin', throwing his incredible inside hook combo super punches, knocking Jardine to the ground, and Silva followed up by attacking him like a rabid wolf, and he ate Jardine alive... Once the referee stopped the fight, it honestly looked like Jardine's soul was sucked out of him, his eyes were open like he had just been shot in the head by a sniper rifle... JARDINE GOT FUCKED UP... Wanderlei Silva is such a bad ass, and I'm glad that he finally locked in a solid win in the UFC... I can't wait to see this guy fight again... And, I hope Jardine is ok...
(Knee & Punches)
      Man, this was one of the most anticipated fights of all time for me, and it was kind of disappointing... I've been a huge fan of Sean Sherk ever since Pride Bushido 2, and after he got stripped of the title from the steroids scandle, it's been downhill for him... BJ Penn snuck in, beat up Joe Stevenson & became the UFC Interim Lightweight Champion... THAT WAS SHERK'S BELT MAN!!! But yeah, sort of pointless to argue that now, since BJ Penn just beat his ass... All 3 rounds consisted of both guys throwing jabs & hooks... BJ Penn landed a million jabs, and Sherk's arms were too short to land the hooks, and in the end, Sherk was forced up against the cage, BJ Penn unleashed a flying knee which connected with Sherk's chin, Sherk went to the floor, BJ Penn threw a bunch of punches at Sherk's face (and knocked him out), and then he was sort of saved by the bell... Well, Sherk never really got back up after that, and the referee decided to stop the fight (good call)... But yeah, I'm mostly disappointed because Sherk didn't really put up much a fight, and he never really went for any takedowns... BJ Penn is the man though, and now that he's beaten Sean Sherk, it's obvious that BJ Penn is the #1 Lightweight Fighter in the world right now...